Over 20 SEALs Who “Killed Osama Bin Laden” Now Dead

Over 20 navy seals are now dead. Who killed bin laden? Was it,  a coincidence?

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– US Navy Commander who killed Bin Laden, commits suicide (The Siasat Daily, Dec 25, 2012):

Hyderabad – SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price commit suicide. He was best known for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.

Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, died Saturday, Dec. 22, of a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

Suicide of the Officer of this grade raises many questions among the media, as the team was best known for killing Osama Bin Laden that assaulted his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011.

Military officials are looking into the death of Cmdr. Job W. Price as a possible suicide, but that his death remains under investigation.

Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pa., was in charge of coordinating all Team 4 missions.

Price was in Afghanistan supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province. He was assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit based in Virginia Beach, Va.

SEAL Team 4 is among eight SEAL team deployments. SEAL Team 6 is best known among them for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.


– US Navy Seal’s ‘apparent suicide’ in Afghanistan under investigation (Guardian, Dec 25, 2012):

US military officials are investigating the apparent suicide of a Navy Seal commander in Afghanistan.

Navy Seal Commander Job W Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, died on Saturday from a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan

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  • drbhelthi

    Osama bin Laden died on 19 December 2001, of collapse of his renal system, after two years on dialysis. None of these SEAL could have killed him. All of them knew that they did not kill Osama bin Laden. Some of them had begun to leak the truth, as one, non-participant SEAL admitted. Thus, all of them were “neutralized.” Neither could be subpoened to provide testimony. The C.O. of SEAL Team 4 may have been given a choice of either death to family members, or to himself. Any military investigation of Price´s death is a superficial farce. Any serious investigator would shortly also become a suicide.

    • Michel Pells

      Rant of Raaaand Ka Aulaad. hahahah

  • Arshi Khan

    The secrets of deaths of navy SEALS might be known to MOSSAD and pro-zionist elements in Langley.

  • yankee phil

    Who cares who killed ben laden,I want to know if the seals themselves are investigating this murder/suicide through their own JAG offices to protect their own 6’s.

  • Michel Pells

    World Cock Observer Online.

  • Saint Dracula

    You just mentioned two but your story says over twenty. Please dont lie to us.

  • Ozonato

    But why are we lying to people about this man? Misery, mutilation, destruction, terror, starvation and death characterize the process of war and form a principal part of the product.

  • Roberto

    20 SEALs which participated of that operation now are dead. The fact that there isn’t real investigation of this fact are very meaning.