Narendra Modi is not communal, Anna Hazare says

INDORE: Anti-graft crusader and veteran social worker Anna Hazare on Wednesday said that there is no evidence of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi being communal. However, he said that he cannot support the BJP leader because he is associated with a political party.

Addressing media persons, here on Wednesday, he said, “The purpose of his ‘Jantantra yatra’ is to bring back democracy in its true spirit and force the government to introduce the Lokpal Bill”.

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Referring to the large number of scams involving the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, he said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has no right to continue in his post, and he should resign on moral grounds. “When the multi-crore coal scam took place, he (PM) was also holding the additional charge of the coal ministry,” said Hazare.

Castigating the political parties, he said the Parliament is full of “corrupt people and criminals”. He said Prime Minister should be elected directly by the people stating that people must elect only independent candidates.

Earlier talking to the media in Ujjain, he said our constitution states that people are the owners and government and public representatives play the role of servants, in practice the actual situation is reverse with people (voters) becoming servants and the elected representatives the masters.

He said corruption is the biggest menace and only a powerful Jan Lokpal Act could address it.

Recalling his earlier years, Hazare said he had decided to devote his whole life to serving society when he was just 26 and even refrained from marriage. I am able to pick up fights with the government as I lead an honest life, he said.

Former chief of the army staff general V K Singh who was accompanying Anna asked the people whether they have the enthusiasm to bring changes in country’s system.

Earlier, Hazare visited the Mahakal temple and offered puja.

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  • Devan Nayar

    Good for you Anna. Now keep the BJP government on their toes. India needs gadflys like you.

  • Karthik Siddhun

    Is there any one still to listen you ? Mr.Anna?

  • joshi

    Thanking you Anna now poor become more poor and rich become more richer

    • basavaraj hiremath


    • Bheja Dry

      And idiots like you will remain fools and happy ever after.



  • pram

    Mr Annaji … good morning app jaag gaye suprabhat…. Modiji election jeet gaye hain aapke certificate ki zaroorat nahi hai….Aapne aisa certificate Rahulji ko bhi diya tha….ab aap chup chap paise gineye jaise..keju kar raha hai

  • ashootosh

    who anna ?

  • ashootosh

    fooled by bjp th. bedi,ramdev,and vk singh now stands alone but enjoying govt. ride

  • A kumar

    Only focus corruption in engineering deptt. Through RTI about expenditures done for a work.every thing will change if development fund is really spent on work and not on inflated bills

  • Yogeshwar C Mehta

    Annaji at last come to the truth. Sometime I wonder if he is clever enough to lead the peoples against corruption. He still does not think clearly and live in dreams. He should realise only united and single party with suitable majority can rule India than all independent politician like a third front everyone is prime minister candidate and everyone has his own axe to grind (agenda) and will fight among themselves than rule India.

  • SAK

    Yaa Buda Pagal Hogia, hee need to be sect to sharam bapus asharam.

  • Ravi

    Anna ab to ho jao hoshiyar, aa gayi hai modi sarkar

  • vk gupta

    Your certificate would have some meaning if you have not patronized people like Kejriwal and company who robbed you off your whole capital of innocence you are not capable of saving yourself from the claws of people with whom you associated without caring for your personal image.However million dollar question is that what has prompted you to praise the same politician of yesteryear’s and present time to whom you had been openly condemning and abusing openly in the name of cleansing the society? You even try to take side of Ms Mamata banarjee but it seems she also could not make you happy. Better for you to keep mm and continue your movement quietly till you regain a considerable ground in the public eyes.

  • Vilas Kulkarni

    It is well known to Muslims, hence they voted Narendra and BJP but secular champions like congress sp ssp bsp yet to know especially soniya mayavati lalu mullayam and kejari

  • bhaskar

    Only Soniaji, Rahulji n Modiji are communal and rest all r social.

  • Guest

    These people here dishin out comments, alludin ha aanna ji has woken up after the BJP in…should rather check the date of an aricle before startin to blabber…it was way before elections..!
    GOSH…be a grain more observnt..!

  • Keshav Toshniwal

    These people here dishin out comments, alludin that aanna-ji has woken up after the BJP win…should rather check the date of an aricle before startin to blabber…it was way before elections..!
    GOSH…be a grain more observant..!

  • Mohamed Bilal

    anna is the henchman of bjp ,where he got orders to do protest against corruption on the time of upa government……but arvind is entirely different he is accompanying with anna at the time honestly with his whole heart

    • Bheja Dry

      Anna was made to be slapped.

  • MMS

    Annaji was the BJP agent and supporter of RSS. He played perfect roll to support BJP in election .After 2014 election his silence of not saying/comments about any MP means all are particularly BJP MP’s are honest and not corrupt.Even BJP MP’s are fueling communal tension but Modi is not communal. Now why he is silence?

    • Bheja Dry

      Congress was sent from heaven and is a party with ministers who have secured permanent seats in paradise.

  • sadiq

    What rubbish ! Anna Ji ….the Gujarat riots are a story quite forgotten…..the Modi Government did preside over the ruthless massacre, and left no clue against him, so that he could go scott free……I admit, and have the intuition that Mr Narendra Modi will turn out to be a good, able PM….but we cannot shy away from truth. He doesn’t poke his nose, nor douses the communal fire with a heavy hand. His most trusted aide, Mr Amit Shah, is his proxy, who instigated communal carnage in Muzzafarnagar, recently, and Mr Modi didn’t stop him, well, may be, that was the job, he was assigned. Let us see what he has in store as BJP chief. Mr Hazare ! you must be joking !

  • prathap

    Why this Hazare begging for alms from a person who did not appoint a lok pal in Gujarat

    • gopal2achari


      • prathap

        I stand by what I said. Is annhazare the person to decide who is communal or not??? On advancement of age he is loosing his senses like what he said about AAP and Arvind kejriwal.
        Who is abpatriot?? Like Ved Prathap Vaidik who met the terrorist Hafees sayeed.

        • Bheja Dry

          So you will decide who is communal and who is not? The party has been voted to power and without any alliances. Curse yourself for not being on the right side of election results.

  • Dr Sheo Nandan Pandey

    Now a leader unto himself, Anna Hazare, Kishan Baburao Hazare of the yesteryears as an ex-army person deserves pity. His creation Arvind Kezriwal left him behind in the political race. With his primary school education, it is hard to think that he could know the finer points much less understand what was ‘communal’ and / or un-communal. The term secular was outright beyond his understanding. The merit of his so called apolitical movement termed as crusade in certain section can be understood from the fact that the country has paid it in the performance of the economy to the chagrin of all of us. A look back to this hard reality will speak for itself for his contribution to India. With the world economy in its best ever shape, the GDP of the country was lifted up from US$423 billion in 1998 to US$617 billion in 2004. It meant net addition US$194 billion to the national kitty during NDA rule. It reached US$ 1.88 trillion in 2010-11. With his antics, the slow down mauled the nation. The steam of growth was lost, and it hovered around this figure until recently. We are now an economy of US$2.3 trillion. It meant an addition of 1583 billion during the much haunted and decried UPA I and UPA II rein despite scores of road blocks. In a way, the national coffer recorded an addition of US$158.3 billion per annum. But for the great contribution of our Rev Kishan Baburao Hazare to maligning the nation, it must have crossed US$ 5 trillion. This is all in terms of nominal GDP. We are since stuck at 10th position in GDP. With a GDP of US$5.3 trillion in PPP, we are the third largest economy after the USA and the PRC. This is not the first time that the Indian nation has suffered at the hands of self styled puritans with little understanding of real dynamics at work.

  • Ahmed Elias Raheal

    Don’t malign him. It is he who started movement for Jan Lok Pal and dynamic, honest leader like Kejriwal was brought on national political stage and he as backrground.