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Two teenagers helped save a 5-year-old girl who was abducted while playing in her yard by chasing the abductor’s car for 15 minutes on their bikes.

Temar Boggs and his friend recognized Jocelyn Rojas in the backseat of a car after she was reported missing by her mother. The pair gave chase on their bikes for 15 minutes, according to the Daily Mail. The car eventually stopped and the girl was let out. Investigators are seeking the suspect, who sped off.

The girl reportedly ran into Boggs’ arms and said, “I need to see my mommy.”

“She didn’t want to leave me because she thought they were going to do something to her. I said, ‘No, it’s OK,’ ” Boggs told Lancaster Online.

The teens had joined the search party with police after Rojas was reported missing two hours earlier.

“I had the gut feeling that I was going to find the little girl,” Boggs said.

Turns out, he was right.

Lancaster Township fire Chief Ron Comfort says the girl was scared, but had no obvious physical injuries.

Meanwhile, Boggs is being hailed a hero, and deservedly so. The teen displayed modesty when asked about his heroic action.

“It was like fate, it was like meant for me and Chris to be there. If we wouldn’t have left (to look for the girl) who knows what would have happened to the little girl,” he said.

Boggs said it was a “blessing” that he found the girl and possibly saved her life.

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