Do Germs Make You Sick? Some Researchers Say No

July 6, 2013 4:51 pm 0 comments Views: 132

A group of researchers is challenging the traditional paradigm of germ-based illnesses and offering a holistic approach to preventing illness.


A group called “Nature of Reality” has been causing a great deal of controversy with their ideas about preventing illness.

You may be aware of the dire prediction by the medical establishment that the likelihood of developing cancer is rising to 1 in every 2 people; that is to say that either you or your partner will have cancer in your lifetime.

However, this appalling rise in the incidence of cancer, as well as heart disease, strokes and many other devastating illnesses, is due to misinformation about health promulgated by an incorrectly-trained medical establishment and disseminated by an uncritical media.

Does this scare you?

It should.

You have probably been taught that ‘illness’ is caused by ‘germs’ of one sort or another and that your only recourse for a remedy is to the medical establishment and their drugs, whether prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter.

Although most people believe this idea is correct, including the majority of the medical establishment, there is no sound scientific proof for this fundamental principle upon which the whole of modern medicine is based.

Are you shocked?

You should be.

As a consequence of being seriously misinformed, you are almost certainly on the road to deteriorating health and a premature death, because you have been subjected to a slow and continuous poisoning since the day you were born, much of it by an unwitting medical establishment.

Are you outraged?

You ought to be.

However, the situation does not have to continue this way; there is something you can do about it.

Despite what the mainstream establishment believes, illness is not an inevitable consequence of life and true health is not brought about through the use of pharmaceutical products.

On Saturdays Bob Tuskin Show representatives of Nature of Reality will join us at 6pm Eastern Standard Time to discuss the aforementioned issue and lay out their opinions on the topic in an exclusive and candid interview.

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