UEFA give outgoing United chief Gill power to punish City and co if they fall foul of financial fair play

June 18, 2013 5:57 pm 7 comments Views: 7177

Former Manchester United chief executive David Gill has been handed power by UEFA to recommend bans on clubs such as rivals Manchester City and Chelsea, who may find themselves in breach of new European Financial Fair Play rules.

Having stepped down from his post at Old Trafford at the end of last season to become a UEFA executive member, Gill has now been appointed chairman of the governing body’s extremely influential Club Licensing Committee.

The committee essentially decides which clubs are entitled to licences to play Champions League and Europa League football. This will become increasingly important as UEFA’s FFP rules shape the landscape of European football in the coming years.


Influential: Chelsea and Manchester City could potentially suffer at the hands of David Gill

Gill is a known advocate of FFP and one of four Barclays Premier League chiefs who proposed similar rules be implemented in English domestic football back in January. 

He said 18 months ago that the new European system would only work if ‘appropriate sanctions’ were imposed on those who missed the targets. Sanctions already discussed by UEFA president Michel Platini have included fines and, for severe offences, competition bans.

Gill’s appointment will certainly raise eyebrows at clubs such as City and Chelsea who are currently striving to ensure their losses are no greater than the 845million (£38m) limit allowed by FFP across last and next season.

Long allegiance: Gill spent 10 years alongside Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester UnitedLong allegiance: Gill spent 10 years alongside Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United

Sheikh Mansour
Roman Abramovich

Money men: Sheikh Mansour and Roman Abramovich have funded much of Manchester City’s and Chelsea’s success

Both clubs have been used to viewing Gill as a rival in recent years and it will not have escaped their attention that the 55-year-old is to remain a United director and board member, despite handing over the chief executive baton to Ed Woodward.

On Monday night, a UEFA spokeswoman confirmed that Gill’s committee will have an influence over whether clubs’ finances entitle them to play in major European competition.

This is despite that fact that the Club Financial Control Body will go through individual clubs’ finances initially to see if they meet the targets set by FFP. Gill will play no role in this part of the process.


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