Top 10 Woman Hollywood smiles

June 14, 2013 5:21 pm 0 comments Views: 2100

They say that the smile is the best accessory. That the teeth of a woman must shine like pearl necklace. And that friendly smile can get to your heart. It’s all true!
Did you find yourself walking down the street in bad mood, gazing look in the crown when suddenly a stranger smiles at you? We all did, and that instantly lifts your spirits for no reason. You will never meet that person again but you will remember that smile in the future.
We all watch movies- some for the plot, others for the art, third just for relaxation. Onto the screen we see drama, love, happiness, sadness but we see many uplifting and gorgeous smiles too.
Here is our list with top 10 beautiful Hollywood smiles that bring good emotions and warm the heart.

10. Jessica Alba

9. Bridget Moynahan

8. Gisele Bundchen

7. Scarlet Johansonn

6. Rebecca Gayheart

5. Kate Beckinsale

4. Katherine Heigl

3. Jennifer Garner

2. Emma Roberts

1. Megan Fox

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