Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapon of War: Photos and Data Emerge

Division gang raped a 14 year old Iraqi girl and murdered her and her family —including a 5 year old child. An additional soldier was involved in the cover-up.

One of the killers, Steven Green, was found guilty on May 07, 2009 in the US District Court of Paducah and is now awaiting sentencing.

The leaked Public Affairs Guidance put the 101st media team into a “passive posture” — withholding information where possible. It conceals presence of both child victims, and describes the rape victim, who had just turned 14, as “a young woman”.

The US Army’s Criminal Investigation Division did not begin its investigation until three and a half months after the crime, news reports at that time commented.

This is not the only grim picture coming out of Iraq U.S. forces being accused of using rape as a war weapon.

The release, by CBS News, of the photographs showing the heinous sexual abuse and torture of Iraqi POW’s at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison opened a Pandora’s Box for the Bush regime wrote Ernesto Cienfuegos in La Voz de Aztlan on May 2, 2004.

Journalist Cienfuegos further states “Apparently, the suspended US commander of the prison where the worst abuses took place, Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, has refused to take the fall by herself and has implicated the CIA, Military Intelligence and private US government contractors in the torturing of POW’s and in the raping of Iraqi women detainees as well.”

Brigadier General Karpinski, who commanded the 800th Military Police Brigade, described a high-pressure Military Intelligence and CIA command that prized successful interrogations. A month before the alleged abuses and rapes occurred, she said, a team of CIA, Military Intelligence officers and private consultants under the employ of the US government came to Abu Ghraib. “Their main and specific mission was to give the interrogators new techniques to get more information from detainees,” she said.

At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee.

Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube.

Another apparently shows a female prisoner having her clothing forcibly removed to expose her breasts.

Detail of the content emerged from Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer who conducted an inquiry into the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.

Allegations of rape and abuse were included in his 2004 report but the fact there were photographs was never revealed. He later confirmed their existence in an interview with the Daily Telegraph in May 2009.

The London newspaper further noted “graphic nature of some of the images may explain the US President Obama’s attempts to block the release of an estimated 2,000 photographs from prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan despite an earlier promise to allow them to be published.”

Maj. Gen. Taguba, who retired in January 2007, said he supported the President’s decision, adding: “These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency.

“The mere description of these pictures is horrendous enough, take my word for it.”

In April, Mr. Obama’s administration said the photographs would be released and it would be “pointless to appeal” against a court judgment in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

But after lobbying from senior military figures, Mr. Obama changed his mind saying they could put the safety of troops at risk.

In May, he said: “The most direct consequence of releasing them, I believe, would be to inflame anti-American public opinion and to put our troops in greater danger.”

In April 2004, new photographs were sent to La Voz de Aztlan from confidential sources depicting the shocking rapes of two Iraqi women by what are purported to be US Military Intelligence personnel and private US mercenaries in military fatigues. It is now known, Cienfuegos wrote in May 2004, that hundreds of these photographs had been in circulation among the troops in Iraq. The graphic photos were being swapped between the soldiers like baseball cards.

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  • God

    “One of the killers, Steven Green, was found guilty on May 07, 2009 in the US District Court of Paducah and is now awaiting sentencing.”

    He has already been sentanced to life in prison.


  • TangoKilo

    Well rape have been part of war for thousands of years, the difference is that it isn’t socially acceptable anymore, and with the technology comes a way that we can find images video’s and such on the internet. What soviets and most of the soldiers of ww2 there where gruesome torture and rape of enemies and civilians.

    This doesn’t surprise me, but that people don’t understand how the world works. I’m not saying that it is in any way right to do these kinds of things(rape an torture) I’m just saying that you shouldn’t be surprised when they happen. Overall war have become a much more pleasant thing to be part of now than before. It’s still bad. but look at history how much worse it have been, think of the sailors in the 1600’s that got arms splintered by cannonball splinters, and then had the arm sawed off with rum as the only way of re-leaving pain.

    • Smithesque

      I think I understand how the world works and you can’t compare something from the 1600’s to now. You are saying that it used to be much worse so buck up little buckeroo and accept the inevitable. Sorry but I don’t think you understand how the world works today. You rape or kill then you pay for that, it’s not just a part of war and I am still very surprised and ashamed when this kind of thing happens. I don’t think these photos should be released because it enrages me, an American, and makes me humiliated for the military and yes very angry and I don’t doubt for a second that it would put more military lives at risk. These animals are giving the military a horrendous reputation. Live in prison? Not good enough.

    • who

      yes rape have been a part of savage and disturbed people in war, and Americans today try to justify everything by saying it always have been like that, but no….the savagest and most brutal people of history they are, and so systematicly..

    • Jacob Houmølle

      To TangoKilo heip me understand. Do any of today victims get any “rum as the only way of re-leaving pain” as in old “much worse” days. Now as you say war have become much more plesant… I think not for the victims
      1600 vs 2013 rape and kill is the same
      and never socially acceptable by normal persons

      Maby you dont understand how the world works Think about it

    • KiloTango

      TangoKilo Your a Queer

    • Jeff Morgan

      Since such a large number of soldiers rape their own comrades, especially women from the same unit, it’s hard to have much concern for their well-being. Since learning of these atrocities I have taken the ‘support our troops’ ribbon off my car and the poppy off my lapel. When I think of soldiers deriving pleasure from the torture of innocent people, my conclusion is that when they die for their country they’ve paid their debt.

    • cris

      Think in your mother, sister ou daughter being raped many times for big guys with weapons and tools and you will understand what it means.

      nothing can explain such brutal and evil act!!

      they are satanic

      • Tmay

        Why would you wish that on his female relatives?! They didn’t have anything to do with his disgusting comment! If you were trying to defeat a mindset that said rape is acceptable or inevitable you failed terribly. Your comment is just as bad as his. Perhaps the belief that raping the women adequately punishes the men might be the given explanation. Pig.

  • trine

    All crimes done by a state that has gone to war for allegedly to liberation and promote peace and democracy should be exposed. All though we all know this is not true. To free a people by bombing their land and raping both their women and men is so disgusting, and to not release only to keep future brainwashed soldiers out of danger, yes brainwashed, because no person in their right mind would go into this war if he/she knew the full truth, is very sad. how about making sure your “liberators” is healthy humans with a educated mind on empathy and a bigger political knowledge of what is really going on. The US has overstayed, over raped, over killed, and still wants the world to see them as heroes. i can do without raping killing brainwashed heroes thank you very much.

  • Rick Williamson

    This is disgusting and why I can’t respect soldiers (of any nation). Their job isn’t about protecting people, it’s about killing people. If there weren’t any soldiers to fight wars, wars wouldn’t exist. To say that this is ‘normal’ is a closed-minded assumption influenced by your respect for military forces.

    Bottom line is that our military should be making both themselves and the enemy the ‘bad guys’ in order to give the public the ability to make an informed decision. This and the spying done by the NSA are the biggest violations of human rights in modern times.


  • Rob Fungalbut

    These pictures are bogus. Those uniforms aren’t US issue. Also, no prison guards would be wearing camo face paint. I don’t doubt that rape was used, but these pictures are baloney.

  • rshmonica

    It is unacceptable that the face of this young woman is very recognizable while the faces of the soldiers are blurred. What about her life and her prospects for relationships not immediately colored by these horrible moments? Everyone in her life certainly recognizes her in this top photo and this photo is likely etched into the minds of many people who could potentially recognize her in the future. I think it is possible to both show these images and protect her. And this is the responsibility of the media!

    • Inga

      It’s said she has been murdered.

  • John Whent

    These pictures are from a Russian pornographic movie. Is this supposed to be a serious ‘news’ website?


  • Truth Sayer

    This article is full of garbage… the Images are from an obscure Russian pornography that was made several years ago. If the article writer had done his actual research he would have known this.

    Way to be an idiot.

    Sources: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2004/05/14/a_series_of_errors_on_lewd_images/



    • Amina

      It does not change the fact that US soldiers raped and murdered a 14 year old girl and her family. I’m glad these pictures are fake as I don’t think I could stomach them if they were true.

      The world is sick and is only getting sicker. No soldier from any nation especially the US gets any respect from me. They are not fighting for justice, they are not the soldiers from WW1 OR WW2 who were fighting invaders, a true enemy’, they are fighting a war that their government waged on a nation for their natural resources and God knows what else. Signing up to the army in this day and age is a wet dream for a racist red neck to rape and kill ‘Allah worshiping, camel jocking, sand niggers’. Fact.

      • What???

        Fact? Really? Signing up “in this day and age is a wet dream for a racist red neck to rape and kill ‘Allah worshiping, camel jocking, sand niggers’.”

        You need to check your facts!

        The majority of people joining the army do so because they come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are offered either money for college (or other education) or a “sign-on” bonus.

        What makes this sad is people who generalize (much like the people you complain about) label all soldiers as “racist red necks” etc. And it’s these disadvantaged individuals who pay with their lives, limbs, or mental health for such prejudice.

        People need to learn prejudice and generalization aren’t right…period. So please do not include ALL SOLDIERS in the same category as these sick fu@cks who choose to rape and murder men, women, and children.

  • Makelovenotwar

    This is disgusting.
    The army as well as the government should be ashamed to let this carry on go under the radar. If it wasn’t for the internet nobody would know.

    I have never agreed with war and i never will, these soldiers are protecting no one, they don’t deserve to be called human or kept alive.

    Shame on them.
    Disgusting filthy creatures.

  • Obviously its an american so that doesn’t matter right?
    Fuck all of you dirty americans who call arabs terrorist
    Raping 14 year old kids?
    Are you crazy , if i could choose what to do to these guys
    I will cut of his balls hands and leggs
    Then kill him and these other guys and their family too , since they killed her family?
    Fuck you hope you get cancer and die seriously fuck you

  • This shows that the USA must be stopped. They the Whiet Americans have had their shot. It is time wealth is re distributed and the White people all around the world are put into trains crammed in if need and sent back to Europe where they belong. We need a new world order run by coloured poeople who don’t lack culture, racial tolerance and peace. A new order that does things by God and not the Gun. My God help us all in that new journey.

  • amataratsu006 .


  • Moeed Siddiqui


  • Ma L Isa

    just DIE u bast*rds **shole

    • Patrick Joseph Klocek

      Why? The pictures are stills form a Dutch porno movie. The actual soldiers from the Mahmudiya Incident are all in the US Military Prison at Fort Leavenworth.

    • Via Media

      thanks for the correct word u used

      • Ma L Isa

        wht did u mean?

  • eva njeri

    This is the saddest scene I have seen in a while. How growm men American men who should know better, in the armed forces instead of protecting women subject them to this kind of pain and suffering while they seem completely unaware or unconcerned about their behaviour. Self gratification at the expense of their own dignity. SHAME ON THESE MEN they should be punished severely.

    • Patrick Klocek

      1. The men in the picture are not Americans. They are Europeans.
      2. The men in the picture are not soldiers. They are “actors”, thought probably not very good ones.
      3. The victim in the picture was not a victim at all. She was another “actress.”
      4. The men discussed in the story were indeed punished. All received long prison sentences.

      • Divi

        All Americans and Europeans are same even same breed whites

        • Patrick Klocek

          And South Americans, Australians and Brazilians, too?

          • Dr Shafiq

            what a shame!how can u say with such conviction that these are not Americans, U call the girl a porn actress!!! U should be ashamed of ur self.

          • Patrick Klocek

            DUDE! WAKE UP! The still frames shots are from a porno film. Those are not US soldiers!!! Look at the cammo pattern!!!!

          • Sherry Awan

            The Mahmudiyah killings were the gang-rape and killing of 14-year-old Iraqi girl Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi by United States Army soldiers on March 12, 2006, and the murder of her family, in a house to the southwest of Yusufiyah, a village to the west of the town of Al-Mahmudiyah, Iraq. Charged with the crimes were five U.S. Army soldiers of the 502nd Infantry Regiment
            consisting of (I) SGT Paul E. Cortez, (II) SPC James P. Barker, (III)
            PFC Jesse V. Spielman, (IV) PFC Brian L. Howard, and (V) PFC Steven D.
            Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi was raped and murdered after her family
            consisting of her 34-year-old mother Fakhriyah Taha Muhsin, 45-year-old
            father Qasim Hamza Raheem, and six-year-old sister Hadeel Qasim Hamza
            were killed

          • Guest

            OK, where is that movie?

          • Kannan Vivekananda

            stop watching more BDSM porno movies… !!!

          • stjohnofthevatican

            I thought you said that they are now punished and in imprisoned? What is it really soldier?

          • Patrick Klocek

            They are. They were all given long sentences. I don’t know if any are due to be released yet or not. The crimes were committed almost a decade ago.

          • FREE PALESTINE

            I would like to know how that movie is named,?
            You are just showing your fucking views.
            you’re striping down the findings of several world organisations,and you’re trying to be clever ?

          • Will

            You wasted your time with these monkey brains. Nice try though.

      • eva njeri

        Long prison sentences do squat for the pain and suffering as well as the death of this young child. They should have received the death sentence. Kill and be killed. We need to go back to basics. I guess in your view this is just a bad movie. I wonder about you as well, these are mzungus doing what they always do in their depraved sexual bestiality. Sadly the victim is an innocent child but of course she too must be a very good actress at below 14 right? Europeans, Americans, same root same DNA.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Most Western countries do not have a death penalty.
          Rapes happen pretty much everywhere. They are punished in Western countries. I know of no Western countries where rape is encouraged. Women actually have rights in the West.

          • michael

            they not only rape. they was killed a family

          • Patrick Klocek

            The issue is that the photographs shown in the article are fake. Because the soldiers were all found guilty of rape and murder, that is not in question.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            is it because they are soldiers from US abusing women made these gruesome pictures fake? But if the woman being rape is an American that make the pictures authentic. Its not double standard right?

          • Patrick Klocek

            I have given evidence of the photos being fraudulent all up and down this thread. I am tired of repeating myself. Please read my earlier comments.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            Man it is not just about the pictures. Did you actually read the article? It is about facts about what American did in Iraq.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Yes, I did. The pictures ARE the issue.

            The title of the article was “new pictures emerge …” NO PICTURES EMERGED. They were fake. Now, I never claimed there were no crimes committed at Mahmudiyya. There were. The article also notes — and I hope you read — that the soldiers involved were sentenced to long prison sentences as per UCMJ.

            For the most part, the Western armies in Iraq and Afghanistan are the best behaved forces in the history of warfare. Or perhaps you are partial to Caliph Ibrahim and his ISIS militants and their penchant for crucifying people and telling Iraqi and Syrian Christians to convert or die. Is that your style?

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

            That’s right, point to horrendous sins on the part of others, to justify your own – I mean, the sins of American combat soldiers.
            Distraction! What a repugnant liar and fool you are!

          • Patrick Klocek

            The few rapes and murders that Americans committed in Iraq and Afghanistan were punished. The article states that the soldiers involved in the Mahmudiyya killings all served long prison sentences.

          • deb

            yeah, i’m sorry but that just looks like still from a bad porn movie

          • Patrick Klocek

            I have seen some promotional still for this film. It’s Dutch, I think, and supposedly takes place in Afghanistan. It’s absurd and stupid. But these images were carefully picked because they have the least amount of details that clearly demonstrate that it was actually shot somewhere in the Netherlands. It is amazing how many people simply see what they want to see.

          • Asl34

            You are without a doubt one of the biggest idiots I’ve seen. Sad that you’re this old. Actually trying to justify rape, making this as an individualistic issue “hey not all americans are like that”.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I am curious; were you born stupid or did you receive some sort of head trauma along the way? When did I justify rape? NEVER! What I am taking issue with here is the use of still images from a European porno-movie and claiming that they are “recently discovered images” that show abuse by US soldiers. That’s simply not true The images that accompany these article do not portray American soldiers. Anyone with an open mind and 10 seconds of analysis can deduce that. But if you are simply looking to feed your biases … you will see whatever you want to see.

          • theblindman

            so what there is a hardcore porno out there where the men just so happened to be dressed as american soldiers and are gangraping her? dude, the woman doesn’t look like she was hired to do this, it looks pretty against her will.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I was watching this movie the other night where a women murders her husband. I know it was a movie and all but it looked pretty real. Do you think I should call the police?

          • gertrude van voorden

            I think you better call a shrink and have your mind checked for psychopathy.

          • ayubsir

            ok.. dear ..! brother.. listen..! everything almighty creator is watching.. each and every microseconds happening records are with him..! if they have done mistake.. done rape & killed innocent sister than.. along with those army soldier of america will be put into HELL forever burning & burning.. along with them their parents wives, daughters,.. coz killing one innocent person though as killing the whole humanity.. they killed themself there families as if..!if not they face accordng to there deeds..! on the day of judjement” every person shall see his single good deeds or bad deeds..! verily every soul shall taste the death..!

          • ash u.k

            Your style is rape you dirty low fuck down even take it dwn that route and try to cover it up wiv that excuse

          • ash u.k

            You never ever hear of muslims as pidos rapists its always white men who abuse kids sexully in the u.k 42% of all white dads have shaged their own kids some time in thier life most of them never say a word only a hand full blow the wistle on thiers pido white dads you look up the facts white men make up 97% of all child sex offence rape and homosexuals fucking pervered bastards im more than proud to me a muslim than thoose 3 i just named ill minded bastards.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Muslims just “marry” their children so they don’t consider it to be rape.

          • Akays

            Where did you learn that? In the sewer?

          • Patrick Klocek

            I lived in the land of Rasul’ullah for a couple years. So, I learned all about Islam from the source, the True Islam, fii al balad al haramain.

          • ayubsir

            Then, Allah says,

            “0 angels! Take him away to torture him. Severe is My wrath on those who are not shy from Me.” This is

            shown in Allah’s Book Exalted be He:

            {On the Day when their tongue, their hands, and their feet will bear witness against them as to their

            actions.} (AINur: 24).”

          • Patrick Konshents Brown

            So do the Christians of the BIBLE. Read the text 14 was good enough age to have kids.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I don’t doubt that that is somewhere in the Old Testament. But you must know that Christians aren’t obliged to live by the Old Testament but only the New Testament. That’s why no Christian ever worried about putting mayonnaise on their ham sandwiches. The demarcation between the two Books is stark and obvious.

          • angelique adrianus

            not true!!

            Matthew 5:17-18

            Don’t misunderstand why I(Jesus) have come. I did not come to abolish
            the law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No, I came to
            accomplish their purpose.

            I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not even the
            smallest detail of God’s law will disappear until its purpose is

          • gertrude van voorden

            Wife of Isaac was 3 years old and google the Talmud regarding rape of 3 year old girls whenever a man feels the sexual need.

          • gertrude van voorden

            Isaac in the bible married Rebecca when she was 3 years old and consummated the marriage according to judaic law. British royals are seen on many paintings marrying 8 year old girls. Then there are the horrific statistics of incest and the amount of disappeared children is unbelievably high especially in the USA. Rape can also happen within marriages. And yes in some islamic cultures childmarriage is real and disgusting, but so is the increasingly sexualisations of 4 year olds and older in western countries. 4 year old girls have been kidnapped in the Netherlands raped for 1 1/2 hours and then dumped in the street. A male nurseryworker molested and/or raped at least 86 children the youngest 19 days. Porn on the dark net is so horrific is shocks hardened policemen whose work it is to find the criminals.

          • gertrude van voorden

            In several of those prisons warlords raped the boys. Sexual relations with minor boys common practice in Afghanistan.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Please, could reply to my posts in English next time.

          • Patrick Konshents Brown

            ISIS. Israelite Secret Intelligence Service…Yeah ISIS militants is what the world should worry about just like the US Armed forces. Well behaved forces??? LMAO if this is well behaved I hate to see not well behaved… America torture and kill more people than any other. We killed over 300,000 people in Iraq 70% were civilians. Same in Afghanistan. And the way we kill Muslims we are on the same page. You just accused the man if being Muslim like it was something wrong with that. But thats you bias opinion. KKK, White Slave Owners,the mutha fuckas that came over and murdered 3 million of my kin that you call Indians but really are Americans, and the FUCKING cops that gun my people down every 28 hours are all Christians. So the Christians are just as bad if not worse than the muslims.

          • Patrick Klocek

            That post was filled with so many inaccuracies, I apologize for not having the time to respond to all of your errors, misconceptions, and straight-up racism.

          • angelique adrianus

            so well said!

          • Asami

            Very well said, Patrick! And so true that your kin is the real owner of america lands

          • Sai

            at least they’re blunt about it and don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are – a bloodthirsty gang out to terrorize the entire middle east. oh, wait, i thought we were talking about the US Army?

          • sota

            soldiers are just young guys … young guys do stupid things all over the world. There are news of police/soldiers raping/killing girls/women in pretty much the entire world. Normally associated to the news about their prosecution/conviction.
            So what turns this news any different other than your favorite word AMERIKA being in it???

          • SayNotoViolence

            @ Sota, ISIS and other extremists groups are also recruiting ‘young’ guys, who do ‘stupid’ things like killing people, I am sure you would want to normalize that too, right!!!??? The first and foremost question for all the ‘amerika’ lovers is, ‘one twin tower attack and the president went up and down talking about attack on the country, and here, the same country invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libia, supporting zionists like Israel (forget about the war crimes of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia which people are still trying to come out from) and you don’t even have the basic minimum level of empathy to understand that USA IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST PERPETRATOR IN THE WORLD. Please do not think that I am supporting those who attacked on twin towers, or those religious extremists who are also killing people. But that does not absolve USA from the blatant violations that they have been committing since more than 50 years around the world. And if I add the people who are killed because of the way USA policies sells poverty and hunger to other parts of the world, the number would be enormous. high time that the people of USA realise that they live on the same planet, and they do not have more right than I do, to live peacefully on this earth!

          • C.

            I can’t believe how many, let’s say, “americans” can be in favor of the death penalty. Are you aware that, in Europe or in Canada for exemple, the death penalty doesn’t exist and that the crime rates are not higher than in the US? That is a violation of Human’s rights.
            I would not wish to seek retribution against someone by killing him, nor would I ask the justice system to kill him for me. But to spend his/her life remembering everything he/she has done? Yes. Trying to become a better human should be a goal that everybody shall try to keep in a corner of his mind.

          • C.

            Sorry, that was supposed to be an answer for the comment below, not this one… I apologize.

          • Patrick Konshents Brown

            Its not okay to give a convicted criminal the death penalty. But it’s okay to kill a country of people and invade them and kill innocent people indiscriminately. Please tell me what it means every time we say America needs to go to war….The death penalty for many.

          • Patrick Klocek

            So, don’t get yourself in a position where the Americans feel compelled to bomb your country! Somehow Canada has avoided American wrath for 200 uninterrupted years and its right next door! Japan and the US have been best of friends since 1945 — and fewer than 1 in 100 Japanese would have it any other way. No American drones buzz overhead in Brazil. Mongolians have never had a quarrel with the US. So, why is it that every single drone strike, every bombing, and every invasion since 1991 has been against Muslims and Muslim countries. Maybe it is time to start asking not “what’s wrong with the Americans?” but rather, “what’s wrong with the Muslims?”

          • Masemesling

            Wow, im so surprised to read all of your comments! They are all so foolish!

            First of all, saying that muslims is the problem is generalising billions of muslims into one group. So asking the question “whats wrong with the muslims” when looking at why the US is in war with only muslim countries just blew my mind… Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh are all muslim countries and not in war, in fact, women are continuously getting better life conditions, and theese countries are experiencing positive progress.

            Second of all, “I lived in the land of Rasul’ullah for a couple years. So, I learned all about Islam from the source, the True Islam, fii al balad al haramain.” – Patrick Klocek

            Wtf dude… this doesn’t make you an imam …!! You may learn a lot about islam but because of your lack of insight in the religion i assume you learnt based on the culture from a particular country, and as you may or may not know, different countries interpret Islam differently. Besides I have needier heard about a country who claims to be “the true source of Islman” … C’mon dude…

            Third of all, american soldiers put into war zones, killing and raping innocent people or non innocent people should be discussed, wether it happens moderately or not! People should be aware of these kind of incidents!

          • Patrick Klocek

            I shall raise your claim of my foolishness with a charge that your comments are banal and platitudinous. But it’s a basis to start a serious discussion.
            1. Generalizations: Live with it. You get no Progressive Brownie-points for noting the obvious. Yes, I generalize. If I don’t do it, I am limited to discussing only people I have met. The only concession I will make here is that I USUALLY confine my comments to “Islam” rather than Muslims since there is a profound difference. And there are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.
            2. I don’t claim to be an imam but living in Saudi for two years did give me an course in Shariah since bearded dudes in man-dresses walked around enforcing it on me. Also, since I was single back then, I used to make friends with the locals (males only). My information comes from the primary sources … its not a platitude like “Islam is peaceful” according Rachel Maddow who has no first hand experience.

          • gertrude van voorden

            You are really ignorant, i almost said dumb. Saud Arabia known for its Wahhabi islam, founded by Wahhab a jew who faked his entire genealogy. Wahhabi islam infiltrated Indonesia and many non muslim countries also by waving free oildollars to build mosques for free, sending their dogmatic, fanatic imams along to indoctrinate islamic youth. Later forbidden by law in the Netherlands, but most likely it then went underground, In the Quran it is forbidden to form islamic sects. I have personally read what that wahhabi imam proposed and i have listened to an older sermon by a Wahhabi imam on YouTube and what they say has no correlation with islamic history or the Quran. Just their views of women alone. Countless times it is mentioned in the Quran that women are equal to men. And historically very strong women, some warriors would only convert to islam is that equality was agreed, which it was. They fought next to the men in islamic wars. As for Mecca some even contest that that was its original place. Just like Ashraf Ezzat wrote a book proving israelites never were in Egypt, the exodus never happened. but they were an arabic tribe in Yemen with a name similar to israelites. You live by a fabricated book written by the jew Joseph of arimethea Flavius for Caesar Flavius aka God,as all caesars before him and his son aka Jesus, who indeed demolished the temple. To understand islam you not only need to be a muslim and practice it, you also need to speak, read arabic, read the many hadiths and learn from historians as well as islamic scholars as a word in arabic can have several meanings and each surah has much more to it then the words in the Quran. So you better wake up, Read some testimonies of soldiers who were to iraq and Afghanistan and have either made documentaries or have posted on YouTube or published their testimonies.

          • nigzy

            Are you for real or what?
            You dont make any sense at all!
            These crimes did happen and still is but the media just doesnt show that side of the story cause its america!
            What punnishment are you all going on about for gods sake be a bit more realistic !
            They are having the time of their life in prison while they have raped and murdered the 14 yr old girl and her family including a five yr old!
            Would you be thinking and talking in the same manor if that was one of your family?
            No you would be seeking justice and that would have been an eye for an eye to which would be the death penalty right!

          • Steve

            Bunch of double standard cunts, commiting crimes in the name of democracy and pleasuring yourselves with authority over young girls. You invade countries to exploit natural resources whilst trying to be police of the world, hate does not start for no reason. Your country lacks in education and therefore you all share the same values killing the innocent.

          • Angrybirds2014

            So it’s ok to rape and murder the endangered people and use it as a war weapon because “their just young guys, and young guys do stupid things yeah” you stupid bitch open your eyes and be human! How would you like it if the tables were turned and it was your 14 year old daughter getting barbarically raped by these animals…maybe it should happen to you then you won’t be saying stupid comments like that.

          • Nabaali

            I am misunderstanding the whole issue, I think everybody is not justifying the gruesome behavior of the soldiers, but those accusing the press for the release of the images should also tell to the world the intent of the press and what they aim to achieve if the images are fake.

          • Patrick Klocek

            The intention is to create some anti-American hatred — which is easy since hatred and jealousy overlap nicely.

            Rape was never an American “weapon of war.” I was a soldier and our law code (UCMJ) forbids raping women and if we do, we are punished. Civilians are protected under the code too. The US’ UCMJ is similar to that of the UK and Germany and France. There was no systemic and authorized rape by soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. As I said, I was a soldier and many of my friends were there. If there was some sort of rape- culture; I would have heard about it.

            The pictures and the story are designed to draw people to the website and thus scoring hits. This allows the “World Observer On-line” to make a little extra money selling banners and adds. Being anti-American is easy. People want to hate the rich and powerful. It’s more fun. There is little joy and less money in hating the Sudan.

          • Colleen

            Friends of mine from Europe say differently from the WWII. They said the Americans were very beastly. The Germans treated the women well. At least, that was the experience of a friend who was and still is a beautiful woman. And, she lives in the USA, respects this country not its politics, and loves this country, not its politics.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            For starters — we are talking about WW II which raged 70 years ago. None of the soldiers currently in the US Army served in World War II. I am quite confident of that. but secondly, it is nice to see credit given where credit is due. The German Army was indeed a very polite and respectful Army as long as we are talking about the German Army that was posted in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Baltic States, or certain parts of Belgium. On the other hand, the German Army posted to Poland, Russia, Yugoslavia, and much of France was quite horrific. So, this isn’t just “apples and oranges,” it’s “apples and a slice of pepperoni pizza.”

          • Colleen

            Hmm, these were French women. LOL, maybe they were hot, lol.

          • Dipak Bose

            Then how can you explain the rapes of American female soldiers by the male counterparts? There are too many and the US Army tries to protect the culprit. Also the rape of Japanese girls by American soldiers in Okinawa?

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            I need to pay better attention to the news. I had no idea that the US was at war with Australia and that the two were fighting in Tokyo!!! Thanks for alerting me to this hitherto unknown conflict!

            Please, try to differentiate between an actual tactic employed by a military in war time (the mass rapes of infidel women and the enslavement by ISIS fighters) and the criminal acts of individual men who just happen to be soldiers. I don’t know anything about your Japanese case but I know that any commander’s life would be a lot easier without one of his soldiers ending up in a Japanese prison.

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX


          • Patrick Klocek

            Rape is a MALE problem not limited to soldiers. ISIS Jihadis have raped their way across Iraq even enslaving young girls. Iraqi soldiers engaged in copious rapes in Kuwait in 1990. As armies go, the US Army is one of the best behaved armies ever … after the Swiss Guards.

          • foljs

            Jeloushy of what? Rapers, indaders, Bush-voters?

          • Patrick Klocek

            Have you ever been out there? I have been on the Iraqi border — Hafr al-Batin, but didn’t go in. It was a dump. And Hafr al-Batin was much nicer than Iraq. So, I know why they are jealous of us.

          • Amjed Ibne Khaliq

            jealous?, oh yes lm jealous of 2.5 million prisoners in US jails, and the highest murder rate in america and rape….ofcourse lm so jealous of your deficit 17.8 trillion and counting, your fucking wars in the middle east to save your fucking democratic bullshit so called israhell, listen you silly prick, l want all US soldiers back in america safe and sound…except the rapists and murderers., ofcourse you should go to the mountains of afghanistan….and marvel at the situation your president has created, obama is just a bastard extension of bush and cheney.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Yes, JEALOUS of our low infant mortality. Jealous of our high literacy rates and long life expectancy. The Muslims are jealous of our productivity and generally peaceful societies (47% of all murders are committed by and against African-Americans — so if, you’re white or Asian, the US is little different from Canada or Australia). So yes, Muslims are jealous of our prosperity.

            Sure, I could go to Afghanistan. I volunteered with my old National Guard unit but a medical issue kept me from deploying. So, a lot of my friends went there. And do you know what, the mountains of Afghanistan look the same now as they did in 2001 and in turn they look the same as they did in 1981 and probably about the same as they did in 1951. Must of the Islamic world has not really advanced at all over the last thousand years except with the help and labor of infidels.

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

            But not thanks to YOUR help, I dare say. A matter of intelligence quotient.

          • יוסף אלכסנדר מנטאלבו

            oh, you forgot.. America is the richest most powerful country IN THE HISTORY OF MAN!

          • Aston Carter

            When america can just print money from thin air?…of course its the richest nation on earth, take away the petro dollar and the federal reserve bank?…and what do you have?, a very bad deficit., just keep printing yourselves out of danger….l wonder if you have enough paper lol

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

            Please, Yossef (unless you’re just another name for Patrick), don’t encourage this rabid schmuck. Bad enough we have to depend on idiots like his kind.

          • Le Boss

            Your fucking moron…you have been to none of this place you are just a cockroach that need to be stomped on !

          • Patrick Klocek

            It is you who is the little bug who does not know the difference between the “you genitive” and the contraction for “you are.” How is the view from your parents’ basement? You can respond to me if you are able to stop abusing yourself long enough to type a reply.

          • Amjed Ibne Khaliq

            oh ofcourse , if you havent heard of rape in the US armed forces?….it cannot be true right?, who the fuck gave this patrick man a brain?, oops. l know is your last name greenburg? l do not hate the rich or america, l infact love the people, but not the govt, who are just puppets of america, when the americans wake up and realise you are all gentiles?, and no better than animals according to the tahlmud?…and the elders of zion….remember fox news and cnn is there to serve israel not america.

          • יוסף אלכסנדר מנטאלבו

            ali baba, just shut the fuck up already.. you sound more foolish than your name .

          • Aston Carter

            Have you created another settlement lately?…little pussies like you act all hard, when behind a screen, l wonder how well you would fare…in a real situation, l think of you in twirly locks with a big black hat and a white stained shirt, with white froth at the sides of your dirty mouth.

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

            Aston, shut your filthy mouth. You haven’t a clue about who and what you’re speaking of. Your anti-Semitism reveals the inferiority of your inner spirit.

            There are bad and good everywhere.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I encourage you to stop doing drugs and clean up your life.

          • Guru

            Patrick… you need to stop responding to idiots who have never served in uniform and don’t know the values we imbibe or live for. Not their fault if the media only sings about a few defaulters and leaves out the tales of the countless unsung heroes and the little wars that go unreported. Just Chill, Brother! They have only been shown one side of the coin and they don’t have what it takes to wear a uniform and see the other side.

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

            Amjed, you’re lowering yourself beneath this Patrick idiot now. Israel is not the enemy, but superstitious simple-minded conspiracy theorists like you and most of the Muslim world.

            What matters is our shared humanity! That is, for those deserving the name.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Does it hurt being so stupid?

          • Mariel Thomson

            Yeah, that code worked so well at My Lai. Testimony was given of rapes as well the wholesale murders.

          • Patrick Klocek

            According to my calendar, My Lai was 45 years ago. In deed, sensitivity to this sort of thing is what caused the Americans to abandon conscript armies in the aftermath of Vietnam. The Army that went to war in Iraq in 2003 and 1991 was a far, far more professional army than the one that left South Vietnam in 1973.

          • fas

            they ran with their pents wet from behind

          • sota

            ALL american/coalition forces that missbehaved were given due punishment. Not one time have I heard about a jihadist being punishhhed for missbehavingg … ohh … right”

          • anObserver

            You seem to be a die hard ‘Euro-American’ Mr Patrick. US soldiers exchange photographs that show rapes & ill treatment of women. Hence I dare say that you do have a culture problem in your so called ‘defense’ services. I am not saying that the armies of other countries are any better .. However, you guys are too arrogant. This time it is US soldiers – some of them I hope will be punished by the American system for which I have some respect. US forms partnerships with tyrant dictators in the world & encourages these folks to do the ‘bidding’ for the US – through violence that involves acts against women. If you guys just stop exporting arms to other countries (e.g. Pakistan), the world will be a much safer place to live.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I have seen many pictures circulated by friends – unpublished of course — from Iraq and Afghanistan. None involved torture and rape. I do not deny that those things exist. It happens. And when it is found out by superior officers, it is usually punished. Even things like the desecration of the Koran was punished though I don’t believe it should have been. The English-Speaking armies have shown themselves much less inclined to rape than armies like ISIS which take entire villages to rape-centers for prolonged rape-sessions. The Red Army, in 1944-1945, raped every female they found in Germany between the ages of 8 and 80. Rape was NEVER an authorized weapon of war for any Western army. Even the Wehrmacht banned the raping of Russian women, though that was more for the hysterical racial fear “contamination.”

            As for weapons and Pakistan, they are not the Americans’ best customer. The Pakistanis buy much more from the Chinese.

          • MIR AHMED ALI

            Your statement is clearly biased you do not want to face the facts US has eyes on oil,minerals and other strategies to wage war on in the world specially oil and mineral rich Muslim countries.recent history proves US and Allies the biggest killers and rapers of HUMANITY,For instance destruction of Hiroshima &Nagsaki cities and million killed in WW1 & WW2,millions killed in Afria,Latin America,Veitnam, Bosnia,Iraq, Afghanistan. Presently most active in this regard is US its Allies and Israhel.
            Attacking Iraq and Afghanistan with lame excuses only to get oil,minerals and to other resources and strategic positions Transporting oil from Central Asean countries tHrough Gawadar port but failed See your own media report titled,”Ex-CIA Pilot Gives
            Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers”

            9, 2014 7:44 PM COMMENTS OFFVIEWS: 940946

          • Patrick Klocek

            The US has serious interests in Central Asia. Its oil reserves are minimal. Afghan natural gas reserves are less than what we have in states like New York and Ohio. The US has been partnering with India in that region. India will take over much of the Americans’ role in the Indian Ocean and Central Asia. You future bosses will be Hindus. I hope then you will get past your own biases.

          • ayubsir

            If he arrogantly says,

            ” I never did so” Then the tongue witnesses by saying, ‘I produced an unlawful utterance.’ The hand also says,

            ‘I touched unlawful things.’ The eyes says’ I looked to the unlawful.’ The legs say:’ To the unlawful objects

            did I walk’ Finally, the genital says, ‘I applied. ‘ As for the guardian angels, he says, ‘I heard, and another

            says,’I wrote’ eventually, Allah says, “I knew but concealed him.

            Then, Allah says,

            “0 angels! Take him away to torture him. Severe is My wrath on those who are not shy from Me.” This is

            shown in Allah’s Book Exalted be He:

            {On the Day when their tongue, their hands, and their feet will bear witness against them as to their

            actions.} Quran – surah (AINur: 24).”

          • ayubsir

            “Whoever touches a woman, who is not lawful to him, because of lust, he will be resurrected with his hand

            tied to his neck on the Day of Judgment. In case of kissing, his lips will be nipped in the fire. Eventually, if

            he fell in adultery, his thighs will witness against him, on the Day of Judgment by saying, “I lied on an

            unlawful” Then, Allah looks to him out of wrath. Thus, his face’s flesh fells down.

            be aware of adultery. It entails six consequences: Three in this world and the others in the

            next. As for the worldly consequences, they are a pale face, short life and long poverty. The consequences

            in the Hereafter are: The wrath of Allah, a severe reckoning and torture in Fire.”

          • SayNotoViolence

            @Patrick, go and see most code of conduct for soldiers across the world, and you will find the same rant of ‘duty to protect people’, and yet the GBV as weapon of war in conflict situations, and as a tool of subordination within households is used. For your information in fact rape was first only identified as a weapon of war until Vienna Convention. And phuuhhlllleeezzz, come out of this day dreaming that the US soldiers are made of some golden soil! As a soldier you may not have done it, or witnessed it, but that does not mean it does not exist. And come out of another dream that more money means more joy, and more happiness, and more ‘power’. Oh but yes, in the race for money and going to the war that justifies some rich, arrogant populace, you may have actually missed out on seeing the actual power of togetherness, love, solidarity; what a pity!

          • Patrick Klocek

            I have had the great misfortune to have already spent two years in the middle east. I will probably be going back February. There is no love or solidarity there. It is a black hole of hate. If it were up to me, I would quarantine the whole region as if it had Ebola — because, in a way, they have something there that is even more dangerous than Ebola. The Mistake that Americans and Westerners make in that region is in thinking that we can help them. We can’t. They have a disease that no medicine can cure.

          • faisal

            who the fuck are to go around the world blasting out every thing and then saying we are helping them why dont u help your selves you probably dont even know who banged your mother when you poped out it might be your uncle … these people dont need help u do.

          • Patrick Klocek

            You need our help. You need us to help bring you to Christ and to take up the Cross. Only once you abandon Islam can you live without all the hate you have pent up inside.

          • Lord Alfonso

            I don’t want from you yanks, stick your god ya bible basher, you yanks are pathetic, killing our british squaddies with friendly fire because you’s were tanked up full of drugs, you’s will never finish fighting other countries until you’s are king of the castle, but the castle was never yours in the first place as you’s were created by us brits, parasites the lot of you’s yank scum

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

            Your denial of US rape of Iraqi women, rings extra false since all evidence points to a culture of rape and sexual abuse directed at American female soldiers beginning in basic training.

            Of your male recruits too, just far less frequently. You keep your head buried in the sand, Patrick! OF just keep on outright lying.

            Your denial is too extreme. What a coward, afraid to look for fear of what you might discover!

          • Patrick Klocek

            You really are thick, aren’t you. I never denied the rape. How could I? The soldiers who committed it were all found guilty and have been in a military prison. What I have proved to you all here again and again is that the photos are forgeries.

          • Jorge Sacio

            The other intention is to get people to click on the link because, as you probably don´t know, the more clicks the more money they make (simplistic explanantion). A sensationalist headline (photos of sex) will get immediate attention

          • Fuk yu

            Where is the evidence? I only seen you stating that these people on the pictures are actors? Where is your evidence that these pictures are fake?

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            Good lord!!! I explained to you that the soldiers’ uniforms and haircuts are not consistent with the uniforms of soldiers on active duty in the US army circa 2003 to 2006 when the Mahmudiyya event took place. Furthermore, the uniforms’ coloration are not all identical in color. Some appear to be brighter green than others. This is what we used to called “cooked whites” in the army. It meant the BDUs were old and worn out from having been washed too many times. Soldiers who deploy are given new equipment. They will not deploy wearing the same BDUs they had in basic training.

            Do you have pay-pal? I would like to send you a dollar so you can go out and buy a clue.

          • Patrick Klocek

            … and please identify the unit patches … oh, wait! There are none.


          • Amjed Ibne Khaliq

            patrick is the same guy who actually believes the reason we went into iraq was reasonable, he also believes the script, but not the photo’s, he also believes that this is just all lies, listen to john lear, the son of bill lear, who just said , there were no planes that hit the twin towers, every time someone says something opposite to what your govt says?, its just lies, but our govt’s never lie do they?, listen you jumped up stupid moron, just keep giving the israelis more money and allow them to kill children in your name, you comedian. and ofcourse this dutch porno, l would like you to get a slap , and then have it denied , see how you feel.

          • Patrick Klocek

            All of those films we saw — often released by live news crews that showed planes flying into the WTC are just Jewish fabrications.

            Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound with your weird anti-Semitic rantings?

          • Ciudadana Activa

            Sheeps will be sheeps

          • ASdga

            hahahahaaha, you are a parody.

          • hashim hassan

            GUYS!!! listen to him he says the video is fake bcz this video has his mom playing the actress so accept his facts

          • Patrick Klocek

            If you approached the topic impartially and looked at the evidence, you would be forced to agree with me. But since you are only interest in validating your own biases — you will believe ANYTHING that you already want to believe.

          • faisal

            since you are so well informed jackass can u throw some light on who usama bin ladin was really…. an american agent..? and who is funding all that is happening now like isis etc the united fucking state of war crazy people.

          • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

            “Evidence”?? Asserting and denying is NOT evidence.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I will respond to all of your comments here: Firstly, the men in the picture have no unit patches. The absence of unit patches means that the men are not actually soldiers in a war zone — i.e., not in Iraq. Outside of basic training, every uniform I wore bore a unit patch and a rank. These “soldiers” are displaying no rank or units — therefore, they are not soldiers.

            Next, a keen eyed observer elsewhere in this threat noted a “gun” on a table in on of the photographs. He identified the weapon accurately as a airsoft gun, in other words, NOT A MILITARY FIREARM. It was a prop gun. I know the weapons issued to American soldiers in 2005 because I last drilled with my unit in 2005 also. We had M-16s, M-4s, and some were issued M-9s. Specialized soldiers may be issued M-249s (SAWs) or M-14s. I used all of those (except the M-4), and what was on that table was none of the above.

            Lastly, the soldiers are not wearing desert-pattern BDUs or the more recent ACUs. By 2005, the US Army in Iraq was wearing UNIFORMLY the desert-pattern BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) but was in the process of shifting to the digital print ACUs (Advanced Combat Uniform). ACUs came in as I was going out and so I remember seeing them and noting that I would never be issued those. The soldiers in the picture were wearing the woodland print cammo BDUs common since the mid 1980s until around 2005 when the ACUs came in.

            So, in closing, no unit patches or rank, a prop-gun, and mis-matched uniforms are all evidence that the people in the photos are ACTORS (porno-actors but “actors” nonetheless). You can stop attacking me now — Allah does not give you extra girls in heaven for attacking infidels who happen to be smarter and more observant than you.

          • Le Boss

            You are so detailed observant, yet you couldn’t even
            rationalize or have any common sense with existing building engineering knowledge that the Twin Towers can be brought down by mere Planes accident…where are the plane debris by the way you expert of expert !!!!

          • Patrick Klocek

            The WTC centers were not brought down by the plane impacts.
            They were brought down by the fire caused by 10,000 gallons of Jet-A being ignited in the middle of the structure.

            As for the aircraft wreckage, the NTSB gathered it up. There was plenty of it.


          • shamom

            Sorry what evidence? Bayou merely stating it’s fake means it’s just a comment not evidence. Your assumptions are not fact or proof either

          • Patrick Klocek

            Do you research! Open your mind! You will look less foolish. Here:
            1. The uniforms are not the type issued by the US Army in 2005. The uniforms in the picture are woodland pattern as opposed to desert pattern as issued in 2005.
            2. The “cammo face paint” is the jungle scheme — not the sort used in a desert environment. It is highly unlikely any soldiers in Iraq would have had this.
            3. On a table near the soldiers there is a non-military issue weapon that appears to be an air-soft gun of some sort. The only hand gun issued by the US Army in 2005 was the M-9 personal sidearm.
            4. Several of the soldiers featured haircuts that were outside of Army regulations as per AR 670-1. Also, several soldier do are not wearing the standard issue brown tee-shirt under their BDUs. Another sign the photos are NOT US soldiers.
            5. One of the soldiers is wearing a uniform that appears to have been bleached. Such a uniformed would be declared “unserviceable” by any unit and was most likely found in an army surplus store.
            Do a little research before you run your mouth. Don’t take everything you read on faith. Don’t be lazy.

          • Amjed Ibne Khaliq

            patrick, l would like to send you in that situation , have your family raped , and then call it a dutch fucking film, you dumb zionist loving bastard.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I do not doubt at all that you would like to put me in that position. That’s why I much prefer the Zionists over al-Qaida lovers like you. Tell me, did you shout Allahu Akbar while watching Nicholas Foley’s head getting chopped off? I am sorry that you can’t see that the men in the photo are just “adult actors”. Maybe you need to unplug yourself from all of those Jihadi websites and learn to visually identify the uniforms of Western militaries. It’s not that hard.

          • faisal

            yes they are actors paid by your govt so that they can present a reason to the world that your are doing the right thing. even though your high tech weapons and soldiers are geting thier asses kicked by a bunch of cave men lolz so much for the great american army the american army is full of punks and dont we know how you recruit. every one does

          • Patrick Klocek

            Who is kicking our butts right now? I am sure. Is it all those guys up in Kobane living underneath the B-1s and the F-15s? Are they kicking out butts? I hadn’t noticed.

          • Tom Lacovara

            So…..what you were saying earlier…..’that it didn’t happen……what you meant to say before everyone took you to task was that they used some generic porno pic to describe an actual event ….. Dude…… never mind.

          • Patrick Klocek

            You SERIOUSLY need to work on your basic reading comprehension. I never said the Mahmudiyya rape/murders never occurred. They did. The pictures that accompanied the article are still from a porno movie. And nobody took me to task for anything. Nobody had evidence. Like you, they just had emotional responses like “tell that to the family,” or “I bet that was your mother in the picture,” or “you’re just brain-washed.” I offered many pieces of evidence as to why the photos were inauthentic: mis-matched uniforms, jungle camo face-paint, out-of-regs haircuts, lack of unit insignias and rank, and of course woodland pattern uniforms which were not issued to soldiers in Iraq in 2005!!!

            Are you going to refute any of those points, Tom Lacovara?

          • 1- I am a Constitutional and Historical Scholar and revisionist. I have been hired by Judicial Watch to write speeches. So responding point by point should be fun because you reached too far.
            2- The evidence IS the story as it was written and produced utilizing the original court transcripts.
            3- The entire POINT of the film was to invoke an emotional response…..to all of those who beat the drums of war….and shout GO USA as if it were a football game and winning and losing the only consequence.
            4- IT WAS A DRAMATIZATION OF THE ACTUAL EVENT YOU SMACKED ASS……WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR POINT ABOUT RIDICULOUS inconsistencies about such trivial things…..hey ….the guy that really raped her for real…..this whole thing is fake,,….the actors penis was a full 3 inches longer…..what the hell is your problem ? You are a whiner….. and rather pathetic to think that my opinion differing from yours gives you the idea that you can insult my intelligence and level of “comprehension”…..When you see me in the next Stone film….think back to this convo…… Ill be continuing my work…..and you will still be here commenting

          • faisal

            you seem to be very much aware of their tactics how to disguise you must have been like them when ever you were in the field.

          • Real Secular world democracy

            well!!! Patrick you have some mental issues..
            rape was just one injury other is killing the all

          • Patrick Klocek

            I alluded to the murder as well. You may think I am insane but I think you demonstrate a 4th grade level of reading comprehension.

            I am not supporting the soldiers who disgraced their uniforms, I am attacking “World Observer Online” for posting photos of a Dutch porno movie and saying they were evidence of a rape.

          • hashim hassan

            you seem to know the movie too well is that your mom acting in it

          • Patrick Klocek

            I saw some other stills on a website that has since been taken down. The other pictures were far more absurd. The ones featured in the article are the closest ones to authentic. But if you were educated, internationally-experienced, and observant; you too would see to clues that demonstrate that the pictures are not from either Iraq or Afghanistan.

          • unknown

            ha ha haa. wt a joke MR. Patrick, do u know accordig to world statistic where rape were going more, USA is d 1st place. st try 2 know wt is fact, dont try to be an opaque on facts

          • Elle

            ‘Reported’ rapes. They aren’t reported as much in the middle east. Don’t rely on statistics. Suffice it to say that perverts with no self control exist everywhere.

          • Norah

            I’m from one of Middle East countries and it’s very rare to hear about rape in Saudi Arabia while the rape can happened in university campuses , I lived in Saint Louis MO and every month I heared that someone raped ( I’m talking about news btw not statistics)
            Btw the US army’s crimes in Iraq can tell you the difference between the people there and here , in Middle East you can’t be never solider if you have any kind of crime while US hired people with very dirty criminal record such as rape

          • stjohnofthevatican

            So this give these soldiers right to abuse non-western women?

          • Patrick Klocek

            This was a particularly stupid comment.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            stupid comment? I think its necessary for your response. Look what actually happened. What was the issue here? About how those soldiers prayed?

          • Patrick Klocek

            How they prayed? The only time most Western soldiers pray is when they are being shot at. I don’t recall ever praying while I was in Army — but I also never saw action. You sound like a Muslim.

          • bukerah

            Patrick stop being arrogant……. the mare fact that they raped and killed a young girl that makes it a serious crime.

          • Patrick Klocek

            And they were all punished for their roles in the rape/murders. It is only the photos that accompany this story that are fake. The murders were real and the soldiers were imprisoned. What’s your point?

          • sota

            iraq is “western” … so there goes your theory.

          • Tom Lacovara

            Rape is encouraged …..by allowing psychopaths to take us into WAR. WAR is a RACKET – Maj.Gen. Smedley Butler

          • SayNotoViolence

            IGNORANCE IS BLISS, isn’t it Mr Patrick…. Or is it a cover up to the past and present wrong doings of the self-obsessed and biggest human rights abusers of the world, what you lovingly call – ‘The West’!!!???? And, one more piece of information, may be you would find it useful – I am not a Muslim, and I am not a fanatic like you…

          • usdfssdsdf

            Mr. Patrick when your child is raped then you will feel what the penalty should be. Don’t try to be the wise guy

          • Patrick Klocek

            In the West, our justice systems place punishment squarely in the hands of the state and remove it from the victims. This means that punishment is NEVER a matter of vengeance. This contrasts with the Islamic system in which the victims and their kin still hold considerable, even most, of the latitude in deciding punishments. Vengeance has no place in our system.

          • faisal

            its all about vengeance for these people and you will have your share very soon

          • Patrick Klocek

            Really? From DAISH!?!? Sunnis and Shiites will never stop slitting each others’ throats long enough to create a solid alliance against the West. All they will do is sneak into Western countries and occasionally stab people. It’s ridiculous and petty. That is why Islamic Civilization is a total joke and has been since 1258.

          • James

            In the the countries of true muslins and those who follow Islam correctly not the extremists but the true muslims who live in peace, rape is UNHEARD of. Compared to the west where prostitution and rape occur everyday. Is that the rights girls should be taught huh? The right that she can sell herself.

          • Patrick Klocek

            And which countries would those be? I have lived in and travelled in many more Muslim countries over the years. I am curious. Mind you, in many Muslim countries a girl could be raped but if an insufficient number of men WITNESS the rape, the girl can be charged with ZINA which is unlawful sex and punished by death. So, is rape “unheard of” because Muslimat are unwilling at say they have been raped because it could result in THEM being prosecuted for zina?

            As for prostitution — I don’t care. I am a free-market capitalist. If the girl is a wiling seller and the man is a willing buyer — it’s not my business to tell a woman she can’t be a prostitute. That is the law in many Western countries and in the government regulated brothels in the US State of Nevada.

        • wordscanhelp

          Not only mzungus, check closer to home — Congo, Zimbabwe, So. Africa’s rape, disembowelling murder of Anane Boysen, not to mention young Kenyan girls being raped and thrwon down wells – instead of trying to blame while absolving those at home, you are politicizing it – the real culprit is patriarchy and male entitlement – why not fight a useful battle and fight that – but it is much harder than just posting here

          • stjohnofthevatican

            so those examples that you sighted gave these soldiers a good reason to the same? Aren’t they to protect the US?

        • USMC71

          Every human shares that DNA, slick: Romans 3;23.

      • Clara

        I can’t even believe what you’re saying… As if you were totally delusional. Wake up from your world of fantasy

        • Patrick Klocek

          It is common knowledge that the men who committed the murders in Mahmudiya were all sent to prison in accordance with US law.

          The people in the pictures are not victims or criminals but actors in a porno movie. Those aren’t soldiers — anyone with eyes can look see that instantly. Their hair is wrong. Their uniforms are wrong. The face-paint is wrong. It’s a joke that people would actually think those pictures are real.

          • Sherry Awan

            The Haditha incident (also called the Haditha killings or the Haditha massacre) refers to the incident in which 24 unarmed Iraqi men, women and children, all civilians, were killed by a group of United States Marines on November 19, 2005 in Haditha, a city in the western Iraqi province of Al Anbar. The dead included several children and elderly people, who were shot multiple times at close range while unarmed.The court martial
            of Wuterich, the only defendant to stand trial for the Haditha
            killings, took place in January 2012. During the trial Sgt. Sanick Dela
            Cruz testified that he urinated on the skull of one of the dead Iraqis.
            He also testified, after describing how Wuterich shot the passengers of
            the car himself from close range, “Sergeant Wuterich approached me and
            told me if anyone asks, the Iraqis were running away from the car and
            the Iraqi army shot them”. In a plea deal, Wuterich pled guilty to dereliction of duty, while charges of assault and manslaughter were dropped.He was convicted of a single count of negligent dereliction of duty on
            January 24, 2012, receiving a rank reduction and pay cut but avoiding
            jail time

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            That is a different incident from the one in the story. The Haditha incident has been investigated. What makes Haditha different is the fact that Iraqis detonated a IED under a convoy of Marines moving through Haditha killing one US Marine and seriously wounding several others. Since the large IED required that the road be excavated beneath the road, all of the people in that area KNEW about the insurgents and did nothing to stop them or obstruct them from killing the Americans. As such, those civilians collaborated with the insurgents removing a lot of their Geneva Convention protections.

            I will not argue that the Haditha killings were justified. But I will also not say that the murders were without provocation or that they were “cold blooded murders.” The people in Haditha were allowing insurgents to operate in their midst. Those Marines had been attacked. Their response was disproportional and excessive. But, no IED = no Haditha killings. The Iraqis ultimately bare responsibility for that atrocity. This is different from Mahmudiya which was a pre-meditated plan to get some revenge on random Iraqis.

          • KT

            The civilians are NOT required too choose a side in a war (or civil war, call it whatever). Thus are not required to collaborate neither with us soldiers, neither with the guerillas. Thats why they are called civilians (because they DONT choose a side). If they would have told about the planted mines what guarantee would they have had that the guerillas wouldn’t have retaliated in revenge? It doesnt even take the Geneva convention to realise that, just common sense and a bit of humanity, something you apparently lack.
            I seriously hope that you are something called a troll, because if not your a perfect explanation why these war crimes are being commited (due to complete ignorace and apathy of the public).

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            I was a soldier. I know UCMJ and the Geneva Conventions concerning land warfare. “Civilians” who engage in partisan actions or who aid partisans are themselves “rebels” and are not actually protected by the Geneva Conventions. While these soldiers seemed to have gone a bit over-board; the so-called “civilians” in that town were suspected rebels. They should have exercised a bit more caution in deciding who was a rebel and who was a bystander but know that region (I spent two years in the Gulf, though not in Iraq), I would say 80% of the males between 15-70 y/o knew about the IED and either actively or passively assisted the insurgents … thus, making them legitimate targets.

          • Bronx

            This is what happen if people spent too much of their time reading “Mein Kampf”. That is the same legitimation that Mr.H used for his war some 70 years ago. You are such a prick

          • Patrick Klocek

            I am sorry for your ignorance. There seems to be no way to educate you out of being such.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            So anyone who knows the opposite from what you want us to believe is ignorant and you are not?

          • Patrick Klocek

            It is tough being right all the time … I have to try hard to maintain my humility.

          • Amara

            You have explained how these pictures could be or are fakes. If they are, so be it. The people responsible for the actual crime of this atrocity are incarcerated. You say that you do not deny the rape yet you do not confirm it. The fact that these pictures are possibly fake angers you but the act does not. This happens all over the world but you uphold your views on America being in the right. That America is the most educated, most civilized. And you justify the cruelty of it’s army commits because it is the result of “lesser” people but chaos runs rampant when a living being is thought of less than what they are. Human. You wish for only you and your voice to be heard because it is your right as an American. What about the people who are not American. Those who cannot speak in fear of prosecution and violence. The humans in this world who are being subjected to torture, rape, and death because a man like yourself says that something is wrong and will not hear of anything else other than the words that come out of your own mouth. I do not claim to know you or your intentions but from what I see on the thread is hatred for a religion that has been manipulated for the use of people who wish to cause strife in the world. Does that mean that the peaceful peoples of this world should be subjected to their wrath? That millions should be affected? Or do they deserve to have a moment of calm? A calm that the peoples of Earth will never experience simultaneously because of men like you. A man who defends his point to the death inspite of all the damage he has done to defend it. I am an American woman who is in this moment ashamed to be American because of the horrors that are being taken place and because of you who sees the fault in others and not himself.

          • KK

            I’m going to throw it out there: I see you have a son in that photo – imagine him in place of the girl, not in the photos in the article, but in the actual scene which would have looked like that. Then tell me in your calm manner the bull with which you seem to obviously be defending even the more outrageous crimes at the hand of US soldiers. I’m from the UK, but if I were American I’d be very ashamed if this was my army.

          • Diazene

            so if 80% of the people supported the IED, shouldn’t the US NOT fight them?, they say they’re supporting “democracy” after all

          • Patrick Klocek

            I would say that close to 80% of the Iraqis supported the Americans — maybe 70%, there were many proper polls done. You see, Kurds in the North supported the Americans and the Shia in the South were indifferent. It was only the Sunni Tribes — the remnants of the old ruling class — that resisted the US.
            I hope in the future, you will endeavor to educate yourself.

          • Diazene

            The majority of iraqis are sunnis

            you said “I would say 80% of the males between 15-70 y/o knew about the IED and either actively or passively assisted the insurgents … thus, making them legitimate targets.”

            so you’re just contradicting yourself

          • Aytunc

            Don’t be so naive. The moment America had an interest in the oil of Iraq, somehow the Kurds, Sunnis and Shias suddenly became enemies of each other! Country started to collapse. Are you really thinking 80% of the Iraqis are supporting American plans on Iraq? What you beleive as “supporting” is really a groups supporting US soldiers for being their “enemies” enemy. Definetly NOT because America is their friend. Hypoteticaly, if Iraqi soldiers came to “liberate” USA, would you not become on of the “Civilians who engage in partisan actions” as you have mentioned before and described eligable for getting killed and being raped. Above all, how can you KNOW that “all of the people in that area KNEW about the insurgents and did nothing to stop them”? are you SERIOUS? uncover your EYES soldier.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            Being a partisan is a dangerous game. It means you are a combatant without Geneva Convention protection. It is better to join your nation’s accepted military force. Oh, wait, Iraq’s government and accepted military was working with the Americans but the people in Mahmudiyya reject both the Iraqi Army and the US Army because both were infidels — one a collection of shia dogs and the other an assortment of mishrikun and kufaar of Jewish, Christian, and even atheist backgrounds.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            This is a preposterous post that demonstrates and deep and profound ignorance of history, religion, and the internationally accept rules of warfare. I strongly encourage you to read some books, spend a couple years living in the middle east, learn to read write and speak some Arabic and complete graduate level study in the history and international relations in that area — as I have done. Then you may be competent enough in the area to tell whether or not MY EYES are open or not.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            Where did you get that information soldier? Is that what you were made to believe?

          • stjohnofthevatican

            So what lies do you have for us since you are a soldier? Are you using this site to deny what you have done?

          • KK

            Patrick, on that note, we are all legitimate targets for terrorism, because terrorism is a poor man’s weapon, and on your basis, we ALL passively at least participate in the destruction of many countries in many regions of the world. I don’t like your undisguised coldness in usage of phrases like ”a bit”. You say a bit overboard when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have a go at your spouse for something minor, not when you kill someone’s family members when they are most likely bystanders. Do you think telling them that those soldiers should probably have taken more steps to discriminate between bystander and so-called ‘rebel’ is going to make any difference? I think your defence of such actions, especially the ease with which you do it, does more to defame the US army than those photos if indeed they are fake photos.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            The people in that village knew about the IED attacks. They supported the insurgents and gave them shelter. The villagers also refrained from telling the either the Iraqi or American authorities of the bomb. Now, to be sure, most of the roadside IEDs over there are remotely detonated. They are set off by a local observer doing so as soon as the Americans are within range. They are not set off by pressure plates or trip wires. Doing that would cause the bombs to blow up on unsuspecting locals. So, that means that when the roadside IED detonates, there is indeed an insurgent within line-of-sight of the device. What would you have the American soldiers do then? Get out of their smoldering vehicles and politely ask everyone if that was their IED? Or perhaps they should just smile and say “ahhhh, you guys got us!” and let them go back to the barracks are write a letter of complaint to the village mayor about his IED problem!?!?! Because that’s what it sounds like to me. Personally, I think you cheered every insurgent success. But I was a soldier and friends of mine are still soldiers. If so much as one of my soldiers were wounded by an IED in one of those villages, I would have had no problem leveling the entire town. Alas, our soldiers had orders to avoid unnecessary killings and that’s legitimate. Orders need to be followed.

          • Fiona1933

            sounds exactly like My Lai. Sounds exactly like the same excuses given for killing civilians then that Charlie Company had lost a lot of buddies to booby traps and were angry that the civilians civilians were supporting the Viet Cong without even slightly taking into account the situation of the people.There Afghans have to live there after the Americans have gone and the people there, unlike Americans, have long memories and they bear grudges. If they go telling on the insurgents, what could happen later? and lets not forget something. The USA is the invading force here. There is no reason why they should want to co-operate with you especially given the way US soldiers strut around calling people rag-heads and towel-heads and sand-niggers and thinking that the US is just so wonderful you can all behave as you want.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            It sound similar to My Lai. I will only go that far. The professional US forces in Iraq were far better behaved than the conscripts in Vietnam. My Lai saw actually targeting of OBVIOUS non-combatants. The Leavenworth-10 were not even close to targeting non-combatants. They were simply too indiscriminate in their targeting after coming under fire. My Lai was a revenge-killing. And Mahmudiyya was a revenge killing but it was isolated to about five soldiers all of whom were severely punished for the rape and murders they committed.

            The Red Army in Germany (1944-45) and the Ottoman armies in the Balkans were giant, rolling rape machines.

          • Mariel Thomson

            I had an ancestor who was a Minuteman at Concord. By your rules the British should have killed his family and neighbors.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Nice try but, “no.” The colonial militias all wore specific clothing and hats in order distinguish themselves from the British. Those are long standing rules of war among Europeans that were eventually codified into the Geneva Conventions on Land Warfare. I hope you will take this opportunity to educate yourself both on modern military history and our nation’s colonial history.

          • Mariel Thomson

            It’s clear he’s a troll.

          • Prakash

            You mean women and children allowed insurgents to operate freely and did nothing to stop them? Come on, how do helpless civilians stop armed persons when they are themselves victims?

          • Patrick Klocek

            The supported the insurgents with shelter, and probably food and money too. They operated from inside of their village and, I suspect, with the full knowledge of the locals.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            Are these women resposible for that detonation to be punished and raped?

          • KK

            Patrick, you must be delusional to think that civilians can even effectively stop or prevent insurgents – armed insurgents – that not even these soldiers who were ambushed were able to stop. What are you thinking!? To therefore claim their Geneva Convention protections were negated as If they actually took up arms themselves, or that it therefore isn’t ”cold-blooded”, or that it was provoked is shameful. Nothing changes the fact they had their family members taken away from them. You, as a former soldier, know that you make an INFORMED DECISION to volunteer for the army. You make that choice, and you are told during your briefings each and every time of the real threats and the possibility that you may not all return. You are told that. Those civilians and their family members don’t have that freedom of choice.
            Wrt this article though, the article describes how a large number of photos were presented to officials in court. Surely they can’t all be fake photos too. I know your issue is that these particular photos in this very article are allegedly fake, but the point is that even the comments Obama is allegedly supposed to have made allude to not only a large number of such photos, but the very graphic and grotesque nature of those acts being carried out and depicted in those photos. So, whether it is precisely the photos in this article or not, the point is that THOSE very images are actually in existence, of real acts carried out by real soldiers during operations on real Iraqi civilians. So whether it is these actual photos or not (I know it is unethical if indeed they are fake) is a mere detail of little significance when it comes to weighing up the severity of those crimes and the shocking nature, not just of those crimes, but the state of the US army if these things actually happen. Surely if there are so many photos – unless all that is wrong too in the article – it would have occurred on more than just a few civilians. Even if it were just one – that doesn’t matter to the victim nor their family. Moreover, you say that it is quite well-known that those soldiers were sentenced. Apparently they sought the death penalty (which, to me, they deserved!!), but they instead got life sentences (multiple ones). But that all means that these things DID happen, and which photos we are looking at is therefore of little relevance; they DID happen, and there ARE such photos in existence, and they WERE passed around, and so, whilst it’s unethical to depict fake photos (if that is what they are – you would have to actually proof that, and I just see assertions of them being fake in your comments, but not actual real evidence, unless you know the name of the source material from where these originate), the real issue is that this is how it would have looked. I mean, we are nonetheless looking at a mock-up of the scenes at best, or the actual thing at worst. Can you imagine picturing a loved one in place of a scene like that, especially a woman, especially one underage – this is wrong on so many levels. We all complain about mistreatment of women in other cultures, and look at our own people going over there and bringing that to them, and then we have the nerve of calling on Amnesty International when it is their people mistreating their women. Hypocrites!
            Lastly, it doesn’t reflect well on you, nor the army if you indeed were a soldier serving in the army, if your prime concern is the misrepresentation of photos in an article that describes such horrid crimes against an underage civilian girl, which certainly is not fictional (even if we are to disregard the photos). You must be pretty cold-hearted to be more concerned about a case of defamation, because even if these photos are wrong, the army certainly deserves to be defamed for its personnel committing these acts. If I know the army correctly, they pride themselves on absolutely every aspect of perfection that is expected of each and every member of the army. So even if this is just a minority case, the fact something so huge can slip past the radar is very worrying and a huge lapse of professionalism, which should rightfully be punished and defamed for that.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Nothing slipped by the Army. You are blinded by your emotions. The soldiers in the Mahmudiyya incident WERE ALL IMPRISONED. The only reason you know about it is because the Army DID NOT cover it up. So, I don’t know what you are talking about here.

            Now, the case of the IED attack. I believe a number of those soldiers involved were indeed imprisoned afterwards. I believe this refers to a group now known as the Leavenworth-10. I believe those men were unjustly imprisoned for their roles in some killings in Iraq. Insurgents operate in areas ONLY with the tacit approval of the civilians. Why did those civilians not alert the Iraqi authorities to the IED? Why did they not alert the Americans to the IED? Those civilians made themselves combatants. Most of them probably shouldn’t have been killed but insurgents also do not have Geneva Convention protections. They are considered rebels. IED planting is not something that happens without anybody noticing it.

          • KK

            You describe everything so matter-of-factly as though it were simple for civilians to turn on insurgents. These insurgents kill even their own if need be, so how can you describe informing the authorities as something that is child’s play? These civilians don’t want to be caught up in war – it is foreign governments that bring war to them and insurgents that engage in that war around them. They are simply caught up in the middle. If they inform the authorities in a place where there is NO authority – what place in the middle of a war has any legitimate and reliable authority left? – then they get killed by those insurgents. If they don’t inform authorities, they get targeted as ‘rebels’. Your assertion that they willingly helped is simply disgusting. If anything, they would have kept quiet out of fear or coercion. Do you honestly think they want a war on their doorstep. Even if they do help, how easy is It for insurgents to manipulate them into trusting that the insurgents are there to protect them and the foreign troops are invaders – after all, that IS what foreign troop are (spare me the ‘we are liberators’ bullsh*t). So they are bound to either not inform the authorities, or maybe even indirectly help the insurgents, but hardly out of a real choice. Whatever they do they are doomed. To therefore class them as equal evils as insurgents is wrong. It doesn’t make a war crime less of a war crime just because people like you interpret the Geneva convention as anyone who fails to oppose their insurgency – like they have THAT much control over armed people…people even the 21st Century US army struggled to fight in a guerrilla war – is therefore also an insurgent or target. It’s sickening, and the matter-of-fact tone of yours is just as sick. Let’s leave it at this. I know your view, and you know my view, and we’ll never agree, but that’s ok, because nothing that you or I say here is going to change anything anywhere, right? We at least agree on that, don’t we. So it’s pointless.

          • margo sullivan

            Patrick Klocek is paid by the *you know who* and is a troll. He just make up stories and arguments and the BS. He is one of hundreds of paid trolls based in *you know where*. His real name is *well we don’t want to be called anti-*****ic*.

          • Sherry Awan

            You are sick person blaming common people for the crime they hv not done

          • Patrick Klocek

            They did commit the crime. That town encouraged the insurgents to into the town, supported them, and stood aside while those men engaged in the time-consuming activity of digging up Main Street to plant a bomb that probably had to be carried in by a truck. The soldiers should have been more careful in their targeting but the people in that town were supporting insurrection.

          • JAZ

            But, the basic question stays, Who authorized you to invade other countries and get your ASS fucked and then cry and revenge? Nothing would have happened if you don’t enter others land. America is the only nation in the world who makes a room for its leg to enter in every matter of the world. One can very well analyze the facts by looking on the statistics of mass murders and massacres in the world in the last century.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Actually, there was a little thing called UN Resolution 1441.

            And the world is better off with the Anglo-American alliance. Would you care to paint a picture of the world without such an alliance acting as international police force. I would see a lot of slaughtering and rapine in the world without us.

          • unknown

            it may b fact may not b, but if u hav any proof pls den only post it as its is fales r fake pics otherwise pls dont.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            You just said in your previous post that these are not Americans. Why put someone in American jail? Oh you mean imprisoned the raped women and children?

          • Fiona1933

            But they may well be photos staged from descriptions or viewings of real photos…according to the article they existed and the ACLU wanted them released. These are likely to be reconstructions which is not quite the same as entirely fake.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            And what evidence do you have that these were faithful re-enactments? And who is doing the re-enacting and why? And don’t you think the re-enactors might have made an effort to get the uniforms and haircuts of US soldiers right!?!?!

      • Joe

        Mr. Patrick one thing for sure, Rape is bad!

        The information we find online can be classified as fact or fiction! Whats so ever, How can you prove the 4 points mentioned above are solid facts?!

        People may lie but pictures don’t especially ones that are graphically incorrect and plain wrong! You call it porn, I call it rape! Yes, there’s a difference. You know it and I know it.

        The Americans: Obama?!
        “Their main and specific mission was to give the interrogators new techniques to get more information from detainees”

        If this was a Porno according to you Mr. Patrick, your information is incomplete and ignorant (Typical American Logic). Your mind is corrupted by too much TV! If what you believe and accept is True on TV and the Internet, you are lost within that world.

        And I quote, ‘Wake up’ Mr. Klocek, your living in a delusion of mis-information balanced with ignorance and pride!

        I’m not saying your a bad person just somebody way worse!

        • Bibliophile

          Pictures CAN certainly lie & Obama wasn’t in charge — Bush was, the rounding up of civilians with no legal recourse nor contact with family, all Bush & company. Obama was smart not to release pics like these —- only in court, I’m sure —- because our military, those who were actually (victims as well) fighting to free Iraq (though that wasn’t Bush’s motivation) would be targeted. As far as I know, the Abu Graib creeps were prosecuted severely…..

          • stjohnofthevatican

            Free Iraq? That’s new.

          • How new is it……its what Bush said he was there to do……of course before we destroyed it to reduce it back to a true third world status…..so we could come in and control the oil….. destabilizing a nation rips the oil right from the hands of its people…..

          • Mariel Thomson

            Lower level people took the fall, as usual.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Can you actually offer any evidence, as I did elsewhere in this thread, for your claims? Or, are you just too biased by your anti-American feelings.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            Is it because the pictures being shown are American soldiers that any comment posted against it is considered anti-American? Are you trying to bully or threaten us here? Should we say yeah, these soldiers are doing well. This isn’t true. These never happened?

          • faisal

            i will send you a video clip if you r man enough then you put your gun to your head and bang because a girl ageing exactlly what you are holding in ur arms is being raped in that video by american soldiers and u should be ashamed of that as you r one of them.

      • Indian

        And that actress is your mother and probably you are the one who was filming it. Patrick, you are nothing but a big Fat-trick…..

      • Koba

        were you there when they shoot that scene? or were you the director?

        • Patrick Klocek

          Yes, I was — sort of. I was in the US Army at that time. Those are neither our uniforms nor our haircuts. So, therefore, NOT REAL.

          • US Cowards

            Patrick ur such a worst inhuman bastard…shame on u….u might be happy if these coward US soldiers wud rape ur wife, daughter & mother

          • Patrick Klocek

            You seem to be a bit of a moron. The claim of the article is that “pictures of rape emerge” but the pictures aren’t real. Why does that make you upset? Pointing out that the pictures were false does not mean I support rape. How could you be so dense, and strange, as to make that connection. I care about truth and the pictures were false. You, on the other hand, must be so committed to your anti-Americanism that any push-back on your hatred is a seen by you as a attack on women and children. It’s very odd …

          • stjohnofthevatican

            Morons are those who believe on what they are told (like you), and not those who thinks on their own based on what they can see.

          • Patrick Klocek

            And what have you seen with your own eyes?

          • KK

            Patrick, but the point is the extent to which you go to argue over something pointless, because the defamation of these photos (if fake) is still deserved, because it nevertheless is true that it WAS US soldiers, and it DID happen, and it is little consolation to anyone that these aren’t the real images though. To go on and on and defend your view that you are only pointing out these images are fake, when there is really a greater issue at hand is wrong. I mean, you out of all people, being a soldier, would want to protect the image of the US army that you were proud to serve in, and therefore ought to be shocked to see what – most likely – you would not have expected of the majority of your fellow soldiers. You ought to be sickened that they let you and their fellow soldiers and the US army and US people down, if not having any sympathy for the victims. But you go on and on about how you are just stating those are fake photos. Who cares if they are fake; the crime is real. In fact, if the photos are fake and those particular scenes pictured in the article are just acted out and simulated, it only makes the REAL crime even worse than depicted in those photos, because there was no mercy and no stopping for the real girl concerned. So imagine how that must have appeared! The point is that US soldiers did this to a civilian girl – gang rape…this isn’t your Friday night porno that you put on wit ha bunch of guys when you’re drunk: this is a real person who wasn’t able to stop at the end of the scene when all the filming is done. But you people are so excessively indulged in that kind of behaviour, you can no longer differentiate between when it happens on a screen and for real. The US army deserves all kind of hate for failing to ensure these things don’t happen at the hands of their soldiers. They deserve all kinds of hate for such a lapse in professionalism that allowed these people to commit that. So much so, that the authenticity of these photos ought to be your least concern. How can you be concerned about the lesser evil of misrepresentation of photos when the real evil is the crime described in the written article – crimes that we know soldiers have been sentenced for, which confirms they happened.

          • Patrick Klocek

            The odd bit here is that this crime happened almost 10 years ago — right as was doing my final discharge from the Army. The men who committed he crime were punished. They are in prison at Fort Leavenworth right now (though one died, I believe). Since that time, Oliver Stone even released a ridiculously biased film about the incident (which I turned off half way through) and the Army has indeed done some breast-beating over the decade-old incident. It is a stain on the Army’s record of professionalism. But it was also a crime that has been punished. Most people who are commenting above are simply anti-American and hatred the US Army, a body in which members of my family have served sporadically since 1917 without raping or even killing anyone. This particular crime has been investigated, punished, and measures taken to avoid repeats. The World Observer On-line published phony pictures of the rape, claiming “new images come to light” when none did, simply to re-hash and old story and upset people who were particularly alert in 2005-2008 when the crimes happened and when the soldiers involved were tried and convicted.

          • KK

            See, that is interesting, because with your and your family’s long experience as serving in the US army you are of course bound to view things differently. With that I mean (and you can’t deny it) you will have been ‘hardened’ to certain things where you will put your hand up and say ‘ok that happened, but it was dealt with, move on’. For people in the army, especially those with a long history in the army, that may be the most normal thing to do, because if they don’t they would probably not survive in the army or even after it, given all the bad things may have been experienced on a personal level. So it may become an instinctive survival mechanism. But for the vast majority here, especially people of Arab origin, who now more than ever are being outraged by the latest atrocities they see on TV, it’ll seem like the stereotypical American that they inevitably – after years of injustice to them – will have gotten used to. They won’t understand of think why someone on the other side of the world can be so calm about it. And with all that fury inside them they’ll rightly be outraged. I swear, if this was my child I would murder the people. Who wouldn’t? I would genuinely respect a person who would be able to have mercy on those soldiers who did that (or question that person’s sanity – either one). But the point is, people have lost their patience. They have a right to have lost their patience. You are able to sweep this aside because you are conditioned to view things from a perspective that these readers don’t have. But similarly, you don’t have their perspective. In the US and the UK we rarely get oppressed to such an extent. Certainly not for such long periods of years and decades and decades. So they too are condition to respond with pure hatred when they read that an American, especially a former soldier, speaks so distantly over a crime that you’d think would connect any human, no matter where on the earth they’re sat typing away, right? Also, ultimately, shouldn’t you be more p*ssed off at World Observer Online if these images are phony? Forget what people on here type, shouldn’t their editor be the one who you’re ought to be frustrated with, given that – if these are fake photos – they would have acted unprofessionally and unethically?

          • stjohnofthevatican

            now clearly speaks why you are so guilty.

          • Patrick Klocek

            You really are stupid … or perhaps just a 12 year old boy. Anyway, you are really not worthy of a response.

          • KK

            Patrick, but don’t you understand? The point is more that this DID happen though, to a little girl – maybe not that much older than your boy in that photo (or whoever that little boy is). Do you have no heart? If you can argue over whether these particular photos are real or fake and let that overshadow what ought to be ANY decent human’s first and predominant reaction, i.e. disgust and concern that such acts happened at the hand of US soldiers on a civilian girl, then there is something wrong in your head. I can understand you saying once or twice that this online publisher nevertheless is unethical by posting fake images and passing them off as scenes of the act (if indeed they are fake), but to keep posting comment after comment focussing on that when there is a much greater issue at hand, and to also be so indifferent to the massacre that was talked about in some of the posts on here is really worrying. It tells me, if even normal soldiers can be this indifferent, or more concerned over the authenticity of such photos than the fact these crimes nonetheless happened as described in the article on such a young victim by so many soldiers, then imagine how sick and cruel a soldier of their kind can be. I think it then quickly becomes unsurprising that they were able to commit something like that.

          • Patrick Klocek

            What worries me about your “outrage” is that this crime is nearly 10 years old and all of those involved have since been imprisoned. I am not pleased with the behavior of those soldiers that night in 2005. But I also know that that is not indicative of the other 449,995 men and women of the US Army. Should I continue to hold the British Army in contempt because of the events on that one day in Amritsar in 1919?

          • KK

            I just think we shouldn’t be so quick to pass a blind eye or say, ok, punished, done, move on. I think, particularly if someone is professional enough, and especially if this is a stain on one’s organisation (or the army in this case), all the more ought to be done to hold it in contempt so that this sort of thing never ever happens again. As an invading force, this is the last thing that one should do, because you’re already not very popular by virtue of being the invaders or occupiers, rather than ‘liberators’. See, that’s the difference, if someone did something so immoral, unethical, illegal…unprofessional, I CERTAINLY would hold them in contempt for the rest of my life. You’re different, of course, so you don’t do that. But that’s different strokes. I certainly don’t think that just because they are sentenced, that it makes things ok. They chose to do what they did, but that victim didn’t choose for this to happen, and so even if the same were done to them, it would still not be the ‘same’, if you know how I mean, because they get that punishment following their decision to act against humanity and even their own Army’s code of conduct. That person never chose anything – that person was just there one day and gone the next, in a very undignified way – a child, a girl. Come on, it wasn’t even done to a man, but a girl. It’s just sick. As for the photos, I really think, if you are serious, you ought to complain to the editor.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            As I said before — the Mahmudiyya killings were wrong. They were a crime. They were a violation of UCMJ, the Army’s Code of Conduct, Iraqi law, and the basic principles of civilization. The events surrounding Mahmudiyya are a blight on our record. The events surrounding the “Leavenworth-10” are more ambiguous.

            Now, like it or not, there was a war in Iraq. The American soldiers were both liberators and occupiers — depending on who you were talking too. In Iraq, the Americans had very good relations with Kurds. The relations were MOSTLY reasonable with the Shiites of the South. It was the Sunnis of the central region who reject the Americans — they represented about 25% of the population. That’s where the Mahmudiyya attacks happened. Friends of mine posted to the south reported general calm much of the time — until the Iranians started funding and arming militias. And in the north, friends reported many rounds of tea with Kurdish locals. The fact is, in the Sunni triangle, we were invaders who robbed the Sunni tribes of their dominant position in society and handed authority to the hated Shi MAJORITY. Mahmudiyya and the Leavenworth-10’s action happened in the “Sunni-Triangle” where the population was solidly hostile to the Americans. Hostility breeds hostility. You will find few cases like those in Shiite or Kurdish areas. Partisans and insurgents ONLY operate when and where they have to co-operation of the local population. I am not absolving the Army of misconduct, but I am also not granting the Iraqi civilians the status of innocent victims.

            I have long considered Joe Biden to be a raging idiot, but his only good idea was to partition Iraq. Iraq was three Ottoman provinces with broad autonomy within the Empire. After World War I (one hundred years ago this week), the territory passed to the British and French who attempted to create modern Western style nation-states. That experiment was a mistake.

      • FukYou

        You’re truly the biggest moron I’ve seen in my life. The truth is in front of you, yet you still deny it.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Then you are willfully ignorant. There is nothing worse then a fool who, when confronted with the facts, still refuses to accept them. You are indeed this sort of fool. I feel sorry for you. You are, no doubt, a mindless lemming with little education and even less common sense. I am sure you are led around by the nose by people with more intelligence than you and probably just a modicum of scruples. You are a pawn to more powerful people. You are what Lenin called, “a useful idiot.” I am sure glad that my eyes are open and I see the world for what it is. Good luck to you!

          • Kannan Vivekananda

            Most ppl do not watch as much porno you watch.. The News is true and the pictures even though fake are depicting the harshness and brutality shown to the 14-year-old girl; and you are too much worried about the authenticity of the photos??? Are you so much a PERFECT MAN?? IF SO HATS OFF TO YOU; AND IF NOT, A MID-FINGER UP!~

          • Patrick Klocek

            Yes, I am one of those silly people who cares about THE TRUTH.

            1. The rape was real.

            2. The soldiers were punished under UCMJ

            3. The photos were stills from a porno not, as the headline stated, “Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapon of War: Photos and Data Emerge.” There are NO PHOTOS. This article was meant specifically to enrage people who are not able to think properly for themselves.

          • no name or shame US citixen

            i will like to watch the porno can you provide its link

          • stjohnofthevatican

            so much for the rhetoric soldier. Stop pretending.

          • KK

            With regards to these photos, it may even turn out they are not legitimate. It wouldn’t be the first time that sick people simulate such scenes. Also, I too remember that the desert pattern in Iraq was a lighter straw-coloured(?) pattern etc. But in the article they claim there were over thousands of photos that even Obama specifically commented on for their explicit nature. So are you denying that too, or is your point more that THESE particular ones are not legitimate? Also, it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is what had been done, and for me, a prison sentence doesn’t do it. If the people prosecuting had any self-respect, they should have nailed those people with a death sentence to make very clear that the rest of the US does not stand by this kind of mistreatment.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            thre could be no such thing as willfully ignorant soldier. Ignorant dont make decisions. They make stupid choice.

          • KK

            You wouldn’t see the world for what it is if it smacked you right between the eyes.

      • Guest

        [citation needed] [screw you, rape apologist]

        • Patrick Klocek

          Is it difficult to get through life with your sub-normal IQ?

          • stjohnofthevatican

            most soldiers are I guess?

          • Patrick Klocek

            Yes, obviously, that’s why Western armies — including Israel — are so much more proficient at the art of war than Islamic armies which are only good at killing unarmed civilians. HAMAS has to hide behind its civilians to avoid being totally wiped out by the Israelis.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            You wrote: “Islamic armies which are only good at killing unarmed civilian?” How many civilians are now dead in Gaza, Patrick? Now on your sophisticated weapons.. who made them and for what? For peace again?

          • Patrick Klocek

            I see Israel’s actions as entirely defensive. Look at the weapons used. Israel is using precision guided weapons which minimize collateral damage. HAMAS uses unguided weapons where are fall randomly inside of Israel with the hope of killing anybody. HAMAS started this war and HAMAS’ actions have been indefensible. HAMAS is motivated purely by religious hatred of Jews.

          • KK

            Patrick, you really must be a troll after that comment. So you claim the ”precision-guided weapons” cause civilian deaths that amount to up to 70% of the so far 1700+ killed on the Gazan side, whilst the so-called ”unguided weapons” of Hamas killed a less than a handful of civilians and several tenths of soldiers (soldiers engaging in ground operations I may add, and therefore are in the Gazan territory engaging in fighting). If you ask me, either you can’t count, or your definition of collateral damage is very poor (which I don’t believe for a second, especially if you’re an ex-soldier!). Collateral damage is what you would call more than half of all the victims from your bombings being civilians – women, children etc. – and non-military targets such as UN shelters, schools, hospitals etc.
            Hamas started it? Again, you’re pathetic. If your memory is a few weeks old, then perhaps Hamas started it. But that is just it, isn’t it? You choose where you want to draw the starting line in all of this. But in fact, the start goes WAY back – back before you and I were even born! So, what happens. We conveniently forget half the history of this conflict, wait for a little quiet, and then, from then on, whoever breaks a so-called ‘ceasefire’ or silence is the one who started it? Realise this, for as long as you’re being occupied on your own land, things have NEVER stopped, and so these people that suddenly launch attacks on Israel, purpoted to be Hamas or whatever group, are in fact still in an on-going battle that has never stopped – NEVER – from the moment the Arabs on that land were given a disproportionate are of land from what was originally theirs in the first place, and from the moment the European Jews were imposed on them on their land from Europe. It was Christian Europe that persecuted the Jews in the most horrific crime of all time in Europe, and yet it was the Arabs who had to pay for it. If I were to move into your house, you’d kick me out on day 1. If you couldn’t manage that, and days and weeks went by, and you’re growing frustration drove you to attack me one day, would I have any grounds for claiming you started it, just because it seemed my occupation had now been accepted? Or do I deserve it, and you have the right to fight for what is yours, seeing that it is me who is in the wrong from the day I stepped foot in your house? I think the answer doesn’t even have to come out of your mouth – you know it deep down.
            Lastly, religious hatred may have developed over time on top of all the other negative feelings that some Arabs and some Israelis have towards each other, but it isn’t a religious thing through and through. It is a territorial and geopolitical thing. Although this was Arab land ruled by Muslims for centuries, there were actually Muslim, Christian and Jewish people living together on that Arab land. Even today, amongst the Palestinians there are Muslims and a minority Christians. Furthermore, even among the so-called Muslims, not all are practising Muslims, and amongst the Muslims over there, many are virtually just people with Muslim names but otherwise don’t practise their religion or belief in a way that you may perceive as being ‘Muslim’. Many of them practice Western customs these days. So, to say it is PURELY a religious hatred is wrong. If even Israeli Jews took to the streets to protest with Israeli Arabs (among them Muslims), then it can’t just be that simple as just a ‘religious hatred’. This is the US and Israeli-backed propaganda and rhetoric that has been nailed deep into the conscience of many US soldiers, or even Americans in general, so I’m not surprised you want to believe that.

          • KK

            Again, it’s clear your the Islamophobe here, and that is why you are less concerned with the crimes than the photos. Firstly, Israel’s IDF is NOT proficient: if 70% of all their victims are civilians, that would make them one of the most inefficient and ineffective forces you can imagine. Unless, of course, they were aiming to kill civilians, in which case they are just guilty of war crimes. Secondly, their military and artillery might is only due to the vast US funding, whilst US citizens suffer socioeconomic problems due to the huge budget deficit. In regards to other Western armies: how can they not be proficient, well, or at least have military and artillery might, when they can develop (and for the US even deploy) nuclear weapons and engage in widely-publicised arms races (e.g. cold war), and the Middle Eastern nations are all forbidden to do so or they become targets of war (e.g. Iraq, who, it turned out, were not developing nuclear weapons at all as confirmed by UN). Is it any surprise our Western nations have better equipped armies when we can develop and deploy anything we desire, but anyone even funding such systems in the Middle East are ‘terrorists’.

            Moving on, you must be one hell of a blind and brain-dead idiots on the face of this earth right now, because everyone – EVERYONE – (even critics of Muslims and the Middle East) have just been outraged over the last few weeks at Israel’s IDF killing 70% of around 1700 Gazans, and yet you claim it is ‘Islamic armies’ that kill unarmed civilians. I mean, on a page that describes the gang rape and murder of a civilian girl by US soldiers, you have the audacity to claim ‘Islamic armies’ kill unarmed civilians? It’s clear you US soldiers go in to war with preconceptions about nations you invade, and then come out with even bigger ones, even hate. Oh, also, saying Islamic in a sentence describing the murder of unarmed civilians is mutually exclusive. It’s like saying the round square, or the murderous pacifist. There is nothing Islamic about killing innocents. I know you find it hard to believe, but guess what: many Muslims or so-called Muslims don’t follow or interpret everything the way it is laid out for Muslims, and so you get many doing things that are wrong. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it is Islamic just because they do it and they are ‘Muslim’ by name or ethnic origin. In Islamic times you couldn’t even chop down a tree on the battle field or strike at an animal, let alone innocent civilians. In contrast, you would call killing hundreds of innocent civilians ‘collateral damage’.

            Lastly, in regards to ‘human shields’: here is a good answer from someone who addressed this issue very adeptly:

            “when you launch an unbridled, indiscriminate attack from warships, fighter jets, tanks, artillery and helicopters on a CIVILIAN AREA – what do you expect to find there – breakdancing hobbits? When you attack civilian areas, you kill civilians. It’s not Advanced Chinese Mathematics.

            Gaza is the most densley populated place on earth. It’s an open air prison. So when Israel fires into these areas it is going to kill and maim people every time.

            Secondly, according to the Israeli Human Rights group, Beit Selem which tracks both Israel and Palestinian deaths, dozens of children as young as 4 years old were killed with gunshot wounds to the HEAD AND CHEST. Not to mention the videos coming through showing snipers killing rescuers. Bombing ambulances and hospitals also has to be the most cowardly thing a military could do. So I’m afraid this “doesn’t target civilians” statement doesn’t hold up the facts.”

          • Patrick Klocek

            I have not seen these reports of Palestinian children dying as a result of direct fire. I know that many have died as a result of indirect fire weapons — that’s how most people in war have died since 1914. I hold HAMAS responsible because it was HAMAS who launched “unbridled, indiscriminate” attacks on Israeli civilians for no other reason than religious hatred. And HAMAS had the callousness to launch attacks from there geographically indefensible position. Does Monaco attack France? Does Spain fire rockets at Morocco from Cueta? HAMAS is either outrageously stupid or their entire battle strategy hinges on forcing the Israelis to inadvertently kill children as a public relations ploy to win sympathy from weak-minded people.

          • KK

            When you can count civilian deaths on the Israeli side (not that even a single death should be ignored either side!) on one hand, and even the death toll of IDF soldiers – not civilians – who are operating as ground forces in the Gazan territory amount to several tenths, whilst Gazan deaths reach 1700+ (and counting), with up to 70% civilian deaths (hundreds amongst those defenceless children), then you really do sound stupid or ignorant, or both, when you continue to go on about Hamas’ crimes against Israel, but at the same time ignore the multi-fold death toll of the Gazans.
            With the US-funded defence systems that the Israelis have (a reason why a few 1000s of the rockets allegedly fired by Hamas’ military wing killed not even 10% of the Gazan death toll), it is really difficult to make a case for Netanyahu and the IDF claiming to be the victims. Make no mistake, if you’re the occupying force on someone else’s land (now I don’t mean the so so-called State of Israel which is itself illegitimate given it is on Arab land and given to the Israelis by the Brits with no legal basis, but just the tiny specs of land that are Gaza and the West Bank), and then you launch ground operations with Air, Naval and Ground forces, and with the Gazans unable to escape anywhere due to the geographic location that either means physical borders such as sea either side, or political borders with Egypt and Israel itself, and the only shelters like UN facilities themselves being bombed, then WHERE on earth should they go, and HOW on earth can you claim it is Israel defending itself. You need to be occupied and attacked in order to need to defend yourself. The rocket attacks by Gaza do not even scratch beyond the surface of the Israeli defence system, so that is bullsh*t as a reason to launch a war of such a large scale against such defenceless people, particularly the civilians. Unless, of course, their target was legitimately Hamas, but then it really must be an awfully ineffective force, the IDF, to have such an atrocious miss rate, wouldn’t you say? And you claimed they are proficient?

      • شؤون تشبيحية

        you are right she is a latina girl in a porn movie playing the role of an iraqi girl raped by americans.

      • Indian

        she must be your sister….

      • Mohamed Mansour

        How could you be so sure?!! If it was the other way round with photos showing Arab soldiers rapping a western girl you would’ve thought different.. Personally it’s 50/50 with tendency to be true as Abu Ghareeb prison incidents still there in my memory and the photos look very similar to Abu Ghareeb!!

        • Patrick Klocek

          They do not look anything like Abu Ghrareeb.
          I was a soldier in the US Army at the time that these supposed photos were taken. I even worked supply with a guy from Abu Ghareeb — he was transferred back to the US after the craziness there.
          1. The soldiers are wearing some sort of “woodland pattern” BDU (the uniforms at the time) and soldiers in Iraq wore the “desert pattern.”
          2. One of the soldiers has on jungle-cammo face paint. This is absurd. There are no jungles in Iraq. The soldiers wouldn’t even be issued those colors.
          3. There is too much variety in the soldiers’ haircuts. The army tends to keep to the “high-and-tight” hair style during deployments. It’s easier to maintain. The soldiers in the picture had strangely long hair.
          I apply the same standards of criticism to all sources. I suspect you see American soldiers raping an Iraqi girl because you WANT TO SEE THAT as a way of validating the outrageous behavior of Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait or of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria today. Me, on the other hand, I just want accuracy in reporting. The pictures are fake.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            Patrick, it is not just about the picture. It is about more on the article. The picture could just be a portrayal but does not make the issue irrelevant. This worth knowing what the US soldiers did. The “fake” pictures does not make the story untrue.

          • KK

            But you wouldn’t for a moment deny that a 14-year old girl was gang-raped by 5 US soldiers, and then murdered, following the murder of her parents and younger sister, would you? I mean, they have all been sentenced, and so it obviously can’t be false. Also, photos DO nonetheless exist of such a nature. And yet, your foremost concern on here is to decipher or refute the accuracy of reporting? WTF! Get your priorities right. So, when these people complain, it is because – irrespective of whether this is the actual scene or not – they see what DID happen nevertheless, in their minds, even if not the photos, and then it becomes very irrelevant whether it is this or that photo, because the fact is that it DID happen, and would have looked just the same.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I never claimed that a crime DID NOT happen in Mahmudiyya in 2005. But I wonder why you never questioned the authenticity of the CLEARLY fraudulent photos? Why publish them? What is the intention? What’s the purpose almost ten years out from the initial crime? Could it be simply that the US Army HAS NOT committed any gang-rapes of Iraqis or Afghans since then and it is important to always stoke anti-American hatred at all times!?!?! Is that why you are suddenly outraged over something that happened in 2005?!?!

          • KK

            No, it’s because I’ve only just come across this particular article and those photos. As with the reason why they published it: you’ll have to ask the editor of the World Observers Online. But even if it is to incite some kind of hatred, I’m sure the editors and the World Observers Online team are not Iraqi or Arabs, so even if it is anti-American sentiments that are being fuelled here, then it’s caused by people (those publishing the article) who are most likely Westerners themselves. Why? They are finally fed up of the hypocrisies of US and IDF forces in their treatment of civilians, or perhaps to boost their online traffic. I’m not in the press business, so I wouldn’t know. Oh, lastly, a little distinction is needed with regards to your assertion that there haven’t been such cases since: there may not be any new KNOWN cases (yet!), but whether that means there are NO cases remains to be seen and is anyone’s guess. Signing off…laterz Patrick!

      • Saad Asghar

        Do u have even a single proof of what u just said to defend rapist just because she is Iraqi. Shame on ur pathetic thinking.

        • Patrick Klocek

          I have offered evidence again and again and many people, particularly Muslims, seem to uniformly reject it either out of ethnic-solidarity and anti-Western bias.
          The soldiers in the photos are not wearing the uniforms issued to US soldiers in Iraq during the same time frame. The soldiers’ haircuts out “out-of-regs” and too long. Some are wearing ridiculous jungle camo face paint.
          I was a soldier in the US Army during the time in question. Any of my colleagues would immediate recognize the men in the picture as NOT being fellow soldiers. I am sorry. They simply are not. I know you want to create a narrative of American soldiers, mostly infidels, raping and pillaging Iraq as a way to justify the abhorrent behavior of Iraqi soldiers in the past (especially in Kuwait) but it’s not true. American and British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have — on the whole — been incredibly well behaved and possibly the best behaved invaders Mesopotamia has ever seen.

          • KK

            Please just stop embarrassing yourself Patrick. Your use of ‘best behaved invaders’ is almost like saying best behaved rapists – when using a term with a negative connotation, e.g. invaders (I’m surprised you admit that btw), the preceding descriptors do very little to minimise that negative undertone. Also, why band together all these people that are furious with you on this page under their religion, e.g. ”Muslims”. To be honest, you could band them as ‘humans’, because any human, any humane person, would be outraged, both by those crimes, as well as increasingly by your relentless focus on the authenticity of the photos when it is nonetheless clear the crimes happened, and it is those crimes that should receive focus – at least that is what it would seem to any humane person. Also, you could band them together as maybe ‘Arabs’, or ‘Iraqis’, or, if we are less presumptuous, ‘non-Westerners’, ‘Middle Easterners’, or ‘non-Americans’…but you go straight for Muslim, just like any stupid ordinary uneducated American would do – not someone you’d think is quite educated giving that he served in the US army and had a tour in Iraq etc. If Americans, Brits, Westerners, or, generally, white people complained here, would you also band them together as Christians or by their faith or culture? I don’t think being Muslim is the prerequisite to be furious with someone like you in the context of this article and your overzealous attempts to focus more on the authenticity of the photos. I think ANY person, irrespective of their race, ethnic background, religion or beliefs would be furious. If they don’t speak English as their native language that doesn’t mean they are therefore Muslim, nor does it mean just because they are outraged by this, or that they are furious with US soldiers, that they are Muslims – Arab Christians and Jews would just as well be outraged by an act like that. Even if they are Muslims, that ought not be the focus, but the fact that people in general, on here, are pissed off with your comments, regardless of their origins or beliefs.

      • stjohnofthevatican

        Seems your no.4 contradicts your 1 to 3. What is it really? Better come up with a better excuse. And could you explaint why as I quote from the
        article “The London newspaper further noted “graphic nature of some of the images may explain the US President Obama’s attempts to block the release of an estimated 2,000 photographs from prisons in Iraq and
        Afghanistan despite an earlier promise to allow them to be published.”?

        • Patrick Klocek

          NO! Number 4 does not contradict points 1-3. Please, brush up on your English reading skills.

          1. There was indeed a rape and murder at Mahudiyya in 2005. That is true. The men involved were punished and sentenced to long prison terms.

          2. The men in the photograph shown above WERE NOT the men from the Mahmudiyya incident. They are not even members of the US or any other Western military.

          3. I can’t speak to unreleased photographs. But if I had to guess, I would suspect they show a lot of beatings, a little torture, and some desecration of dead bodies. I am not excusing it. I am simply interested in the truth and honesty.

          • stjohnofthevatican

            What the point here is not actually the picture but what it is depicting on what really happened. Telling us on what is 1-3 is an attempt to divert from the truth. What have happened is even worst than what is shown and they are crimes made by someone from… who else? So where is the truth and honesty with your rhetoric?

          • Patrick Klocek

            Sorry — I don’t actually even understand this comment.

      • vazntme

        shut up you son of a bitch…..

        • Patrick Klocek

          Tell me; is it hard to go through life contingently stupid? Were you born that way or did you receive some sort of head trauma?

      • Abdulkarim Qureshi

        americans always facing the natural disaster …why why?????? this is the justice of god …. if you hurt innocent people … god never forget you… ……. america will totally destroyed one daye

        • Patrick Klocek

          Are you suggesting that Muslim countries don’t face disasters? Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the rapidly sinking Maldives Islands are all Muslim countries. They have many disasters that kill many more people than all the American disasters put together. And your own Saudi Arabia (Quresh was the tribe of al-Rasul) has not received proper rainfall in 50,000 — it’s a desert except for Abha.

          Natural disasters strike infidel and Muslim equally. But Muslims have one special thing that the Christian-inspire West has very little off — MAN-MADE disasters. If you are a Muslim in a Muslim country, your chances of living in a war-zone are much, much higher than if you live in a Christian or Western country; Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Waziristan (Pakistan), Mindinao (Philippines) or southern Thailand. Wherever Muslims live, they bring war with them. I would rather live with Earthquakes and floods, and tornados than live with neighbors who can’t stop killing each other.

          • KK

            Most of the wars you are alluding to where caused by the ceaseless re-drawing of maps and borders, land-grabbing for control over natural resources, geopolitical influences, and, ultimately, the effect that has on the nations living in those regions whos land, people and government had been disrupted many times over. At the end of that, leaving these regions in such states, leaving vacuums etc….are you even surprised there is endless war, civil war or otherwise? The fact these regions also happen to be those of ethnic backgrounds of Muslim origin is because the Middle East, which is the main region affected (especially if we go back to WWI) is simply because that is a predominant Muslim region. However, if you were to interfere with any other region to such extents, ceaselessly, at the hands of the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union, the US etc., you’d have troubled people there too, IRRESPECTIVE of their race, ethnic background or religious or cultural beliefs. The fact is just that the majority of European and Western nations have since WWII banded together via the same political systems such as capitalism and democracy, which is why they are less likely to fall out (not to mention the arms race that means they are equally capable of retaliation against acts of war). Otherwise, any region in the world – I don’t care what their belief – would be as plagued if their land was constantly shared among the world powers, their borders drawn and re-drawn, their land taken and redistributed to immigrants from outside, and their political influence in their own regions crippled. Of course you’ll get sh*t like today happening. That’s not to do with their religion. You ARE right about one thing though: it is man-made, but unfortunately, those men were predominantly Western men who imposed themselves throughout the first and second world wars, and the run up to the first world war in the late 19th Century on those regions. So if anything, it is man-made by the Western Empires and governments.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I am a little concerned about your grasp of early 20th Century history. The borders of the Middle East were redrawn ONCE (for the most part) right after World War I. Those borders have stuck since then. There has been some tweaking of the borders of Somaliland and Libya — and Israel is an exception here — but almost all of the borders have been constant and fixed since the Ottoman Collapse in the treaty of Sèvres.

            I don’t know what “immigrants” you are talking about above. Europeans haven’t had much interest in settling in Muslim lands since the Crusades and only the French made an effort to re-settle in such lands since then when the colonized Algeria in 1830 and then departed en masse in 1962. Large scale Jewish settlement in “Palestine” was only briefly encouraged by the British in the 1920s and then dramatically curtailed in the late 1930s. The great influx of European Jews happened after 1948 and the departure of the British who were actually obstructing Jewish immigration.

      • j

        Right. This person’s got all the answers somehow.

        • Patrick Klocek

          You would be surprised what a little education can do for you …

      • pikock

        fuck you mother fucker that was ur mother i think asshole

      • Beeg Noyz

        BLOODY PIGS AMERICANAS. …..THESE FELLOWS SHOULD BE CASTRATED….War is brutal …..I hate MUSLIM mentalities AND THEIR JEHADI terrorism ……. But Isreal bombing the way they are bombing now …..or theses pictures …Bloody ……where is human civilisation ???>

      • Klaus

        Patrick…how do you know they are actors ? It´s just something you say ? Because we all know Abu-Ghraib wasn´t “european actors” and the US military has provenly rape and murdered several girls.

        • Patrick Joseph Klocek

          I had friends at Abu Ghraib. I got the story about what happened there from them. But what I have explained numerous times throughout this thread is that the uniforms worn by these particular “soldiers” were not consistent with the uniforms issued to soldiers at any time during OIF. In fact, by the differing shades of green — I would say that they got those uniforms at an army surplus store because some appear to have been washed a hundred times already. While National Guardsmen may occasionally show up to drill with “cooked whites” like those, the regular army does not deploy with them. THEREFORE — these photos WERE NOT take in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      • David Jones

        Patrick, you just can’t be that stupid. You are a regular zombie and a dumb one at that.

        • Patrick Klocek

          BEHOLD! Another idiotic Obama-voter!

      • foljs

        Sounds like “la la la” hands in the ears denial.

        • Patrick Klocek

          I am sure it does look like denial to an ignoramus who lacks real world and regional experience. It must be hard being unable to analyze original and secondary source material in order to create a sound and original judgment. It must be unpleasant having to rely on other people to do your thinking for you.

          • foljs

            I guess you don’t see the irony in saying “it must be unpleasant having to rely on other people to do your thinking for you”, given that soldiers are only allowed to think as much as their superiors (who do their thinking for them) allow, and otherwise are to merely obey instructions.

            In any case, isn’t it obvious that the last person to trust when a particular group is accused of wrongdoing is a member of that group?

      • hashim hassan

        you mean like the holocaust pictures and stories

        • Patrick Klocek

          So, you think those pictures are real and you also believe that angels dictated the Koran to Mohammed complete with inaccuracies, errors, and confusing comments basic scientific facts well known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. I guess you believe absolutely everything you read. I am sure glad I am not so gullible — at least I haven’t been since I was 12 years old.

      • Tom Lacovara

        So, you mean to have me, an avid proponent of vets, and who stupidly allowed my sense of “Patriotism” to support this war initially, that although this ENTIRE STORY is fake….”according to you”, the soldiers were still punished, and all received LONG prison sentences…… YA ….OK……well …..thanks for that….. say ….. you wouldn’t happen to be an agent of dis-info, working for that wretched refuse of a CIA we have would you ? Sometimes truth hurts…..frankly the “flag” worn by these men matters little……they were under U.S. Command ! Well if you idiots want to use this disinfo to absolve yourselves for any responsibility you have as I do also for ever backing this war…..I personally will NEVER EVER trust another Federal Politician who beats the drums of war ….EVER AGAIN……NEVER AGAIN…..must be our rallying cry for these psychopaths who take us to war, to become TERRORISTS in our own right …… The truth sometimes is a hard and tough pill to swallow…..but if we appease ourselves, the blood of the innocent is on our hands.

      • truthseeker

        Hi everybody
        Sorry i’m not an expert in rapes, (many in this thread apparently are)
        but i do know something about guns, and photographs.
        photos shown are so enlarged that it is hard to tell what they actually
        show. If you reduce them to 4:1 it is quite clear that the gun in
        picture #3 is not a military weapon. It’s grip is ergonomic and sofar i need to find an army issued gun with an ergonomic grip. Not in the US at least.
        It looks like an airgun made by GAMO in the mid 70’s…..
        Anyway – expect for the nasty content of the pictures, it is also interesting to pay attention to the fact that the female is lying on a blanket on the floor. And that the trousers on the furniture in the behind is lacking one important thing, A belt. There is also a lack of other equipment. And one thing I do know is that a fronline soldier never leaves his equipment to far away.

        So a question – where does the pictures originate from. Leaked from a mysterious inside govermental source that can not be revealed ……

        I Believe that mr. Patrick has a valid point. The pictures are probably reconstructions of what happened.

        I do not believe that the US soldies sentenced did not do the crime – I
        do not advocate rape, I do not say that US forces can not commit rapes,
        but i do say pictures can shape an opinion in a given context.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Well spotted, I never noticed the airsoft gun on the table. I was focusing on the soldiers uniforms, haircuts, and lack of unit insignia. Once again, speaking as a former soldier, I can say that the US army does not issue airsoft guns to its soldiers. Indeed, everyone gets the same weapons so that there are always plenty of parts and ammunition present. The standard infantry weapon at this time was the 5.55mm M-4, the sidearm issued was the 9mm M-9. Some soldiers might have been issued old M-14s to function in a sniper role. And there is the 5.56 M-249 squad automatic weapon (SAW). That black lump of plastic on the counter is none of those weapons. Again, well spotted.

      • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

        You want to believe this. You want it very much.
        What proof do you have, other than your fervent denial?
        PS It’s pretty hard to get actors and actresses to “act” as if penetration is occurring – what has apparently been blurred out.

        Why are American soldiers exempt from immoral behavior just because they share your nationality? Do you have a son who served in Iraq? How about a heart to heart about what he experienced, did and observed?

        My observation is those most apt to resist such diabolic temptations are those who are not afraid to face the bitter truths of what they have been invited to do and seen their comrades doing. NOT those who just point blank deny what they can’t stand thinking about.

        Let’s hope your family members are more courageous in this regard than you.

      • kiomi ida

        You fucking Idiot, liar, fuck u American

        • Patrick Klocek

          WOW — powerful retort. You must have done really well in university to have put together such an extensive and well thought-out response.

      • Ephemeral.code

        Patrick is one of the specialist rapist deployed to combat zone. He knows exactly what to wear and how to pose so one cant be recognized. He was sent on a mission to train soldiers how to rape women and use women as weapon. After 2 years of serial rape in IRAQ he is sat here on official duty to cover up for his other rapist buddies. I wish ISIS get their hands on you and I’m sure we all will take pride in watching the complete beheading of you by any Jihadist while having one of your buddy soldier raping your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Thank you for informing us of the TRUE MUSLIM and ISIS position on rape: deploying rape battalions (ask the Yezidis) and then spent time on the net making excuses for it and covering it up.

          I was in the Army at the time of the actual Mahmudiyya rapes/murders. It gravely upset soldiers and the chain of command. We were subjected to endless classes in the Geneva Conventions and UCMJ.

          But you, “Ephemeral Code” you are allies with the greatest mass rapists since the Red Army rolled into Germany in 1945. You will not have the pleasure of cutting off my head, but you and you Jihadi friends will get to go see Allah a lot sooner than you expected. I am afraid there will be no virgins for you though — where you and your Jihadi buddies are going doesn’t actually have virgins.

      • Shadow

        What a Pathetic crap Patrick… it seems your not only nation of rapists, but also a nation of liars like you’ve always been known to be.. Americans are true filth of humanity besides Nazi Israil..

      • faisal

        i would like to see you holding the pieces of the child in your arms bloodied and raped then i will see what you have to say abt this.

      • enchodus .

        this shit is documented , don’t try to make it sound like a hoax!

        • Patrick Klocek

          DUDE! Try to get your reading comprehension level up to that of a 4th Grader! I said the pictures are forgeries. The incident is indeed well documented.

      • MrBadExample

        TY. these are from a porn film released before the Iraq invasion called ‘Baghdad Babes’. Anybody who’s been around the US military knows that we didn’t/don’t use jungle camo paint and uniforms in Iraq, and nobody in the US has worn black boots in the Persian Gulf since 91.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Good luck explaining this to people. Most will call you a racist and a bigot for NOT saying that Americans are genocidal child-rapists.
          As for the black boots — guys in Europe, Korea, and in National Guard units had them as late 2005. But nobody who deployed the box or the rocks with the old uniforms.

      • disgusted american

        And you are not a real human being. You are a piece of slime.
        And your mother should have kept her legs shut.

        • Patrick Klocek

          And you can’t see that these are simply stills from a porno movie, you are stupid. You are so stupid, in fact, that you should be sterilized to make sure that your genes are never passed to another human being and that they are removed from the gene pool altogether. When idiots like you begin to think about international politics, we are all doomed since you have the intellect of a small child. People like you are actually dangerous. Do yourself a favor and lock yourself in a small padded room and never go outside again.

    • Guest

      seems no.4 contradicts your 1 to 3. What is it really? Better come up
      with a better excuse. And could you explaint why as I quote from the
      article “The London newspaper further noted “graphic nature of some of
      the images may explain the US President Obama’s attempts to block the
      release of an estimated 2,000 photographs from prisons in Iraq and
      Afghanistan despite an earlier promise to allow them to be published.”?

    • Moron

      ‘captain obvious’ has spoken !

    • CrosbyTee

      You are an idiot for believing this propaganda.

    • Gerry

      Its a hoax. Get over yourself.

    • Daniel Younker

      Those women who aided and abetted the people killing the troops?

  • Ming the Merciless

    Fake muslim bullshit…these are not american uniforms…no wonder, Muhamad the pedophile preached rape and murder…basically, Islam is the razziah, a mafia of raping bandits.

    • Guest

      Typical muslims cannibals in Ramallah, Israel…Joos need to deport all muslim sewer rats!

    • A Friend

      Please do not talk about a religion without knowing about it.

      • Patrick Klocek

        Was Aisha not 9 years old when Mohammad consummated his marriage to her? Was she not 6 years old when he took her from Abu Bakr, his good friend? Does Islam not encourage its members to “lay siege” to the mishrikun (infidels) wherever they are found? (surah 9:1-5) Is the punishment for men who renounce Islam not DEATH?
        Just wondering ….

        • Samar

          So you’re saying that it’s okay to rape? Is that what you’re saying? what if something like this happens to your sister or your mother or your wife, will you give the same reason?

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            Good lord, NO. Where the heck did I say that!?!? I oppose “reporters” putting fake pictures into a story simply to inflame inattentive people. The story is legitimate. And those who committed the crimes in Mahmudiya that day have all been sentenced to prison terms — rightly so. They broke military law (UCMJ) which treats those crimes as capital offenses.

          • Vladimir

            Grow up people, this is how your masters treat and have treated the ones who oppose their power or just happens to be on the way of the process of gaining what they want. Primitive minds and souls to do the job will always be found. The system is producing them in abundance.Getting a few of those “bad apples” sentenced is just a damage control. The evil that stand behind this is so great and arrogant and so well camouflaged behind the so called “democracy” and “western values” and “freedom” that your enslaved consumer minds are not able to comprehend. It has always been the loving and affectionate people against the damaged and psychopaths.Using race, religion, nationality and any other way of dividing and getting us to fight each other is their great proficiency. Divided we fall.

          • father

            How do western people differentiate pornstars from prostitutes, how about christianity-does it consider the both right by neglecting the laws brought by Moses, rape is a crime 100% according to every country’s law and religion. But what about according to papacy which always change keep on changing the law. I hope the pope will not change his mind for this time by saying U.S can rape anyone if it is required for them to make peace. Whoever follow’s these people are really stupid. I also hope Patrick is one of them and defending their ideas by diverting thetopic with illogical comments.

          • Patrick Klocek

            You are obviously a Muslim by the way you TOTALLY do not understand the papacy, Christianity, or Western views of sexuality.
            1. Most Americans are Protestants and not Catholics and hence not under the authority of the Pope anyway.
            2. Prostitution while always considered sinful and pornography is a form of it. However, rape has always been considered a much greater offense. Prostitution is legal in many Western countries.
            3. Rape is a great offense that the pope WILL NEVER legalize.

        • Dawud

          same old b.s, you have zero knowledge on Islam. 1,400 years ago it was the norm in every country to consumate marriage once the female has hit puberty, so there is nothing wrong with that. The quranic verse that says kill the mushrikeen is talking about when in war, and the next verse says basically, but if they surrender then show them mercy, this is better.
          And the reason the death penalty is given for apostacy is cos islam isnt just a religion but a society, a way of life, governing system and just as you americans give death penalty for treason, we muslims give it for the same thing, treason against Allah and his messenger and all the muslim ummah.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            Firstly, I used to live in al-balad al-haramain and it was there that I studied Islam. So, while I am proudly kufr and najis, I do know a thing or two about Islam that I learned while in the birth place of al-rasu’ullah.

            Now, NO. In ancient and medieval Europe (starting with the Greeks and Romans) there was always an understand that a girl may not marry until at least the age of 15 — not puberty. This may have been accepted in Islam but it never was accepted in the West. Indeed, women often delayed marriage because couples couldn’t wed until the man was ready to leave his father’s home. This meant marriage was often postponed until the 20s.

            I know that Muslims are told to encourage the surrender of the Miskrukun. However, I personally would never surrender if I had to look forward to the Peace of Omar in which I would be reduced 2nd Class citizenship — sure, a member of Ahl al-Kitab but below a Muslim and above a Hindu. NO THANKS! Again, I don’t know of any Western countries that have 2nd or 3rd classes of citizenship anymore. You are a citizen or you are not. I would never be a citizen under the Khalifat because I will never submit to Islam.

            Thank you for the explanation of why apostasy in Islam is REASONABLY punishable by death. You have also fully convinced me, 100%, that Muslims can now never be integrated into Western nations because loyalty is primarily to Islam and not the state in which the Muslim resides. My loyalty to the Pope has never cause a problem for me in non-Catholic Christian countries (UK, USA, Sweden) because we have a term called “non-overlapping magisterial” which means the religion, science, and the state are totally separate spheres. Islam combines them all — I get this from you — and therefore, Muslims can never be trusted fully in the West.

            As for treason in the US — so far as I know, only 3 people have been executed for this in 225 years. I know of one guy in prison for it — a Muslim called John Walker Lindh (I don’t know his Muslim name). But our definition of treason is not simply renouncing the US — it is actively taking up arms (weapons) and fighting against the US. That’s treason. However, a person can avoid this fate by formally renouncing their citizenship first. Lots of people renounce one citizenship and take another. At that point — treason is impossible.

          • mir

            As far as their is right to religion (a fundamental right of every citizen) in democratic states it means that being loyal to one own religion is being loyal the state. But if the ruler is against any religious practise of a particular religion and do not give freedom to the citizens based on his personal faith and beleifs than raising against this ruler is who just rule for 5 yrs or 10 yrs does not mean the people are terrorist. People may acting wrongly according to the ruling party only, but not in general.

          • Patrick Joseph Klocek

            So, if the religion happens to reject the legitimacy of the secular authorities and call for its over-throw; is practicing that religion still an act of loyalty to the state?

          • mir

            Secularism does not mean to design a law for every citizen based on the ruler’s adopted religion. Ruler or ruling party come under the law of transparency in their works. And if ruler is obeying this law everyone in his state must keep obeying the law of the state because implication of law is not for the citizens but authorities also come under law. Legitimacy of secularism does not mean opacity and taking away legal rights from people by any mean. Re elections are good example for change of gov., one can use this right but for an equal proportion. Their must be no conspiracy no oppression from the side of authorities.

          • Yeba

            Hi, Dawud, at least you realize you are 1400 years back because you still keep the practice. Indeed, it’s nothing wrong with that except the fact that you mix with somewhat “later” people. The same with the islam story, Christianity used to be a way of life (of course, with slighter penalties most of the time even in those times) only hundreds of years ago, so we can understand you. The point is that you cannot claim to have opinions about and all the benefits of a world to which you have no contribution because it is simply 10 generations-distant “future” for you.

          • Rose Munro

            And 9 is puberty? Most nine year old don’t even have boobs yet, let alone periods. That is not puberty, that’s child rape!

  • Guest

    Typical muslims cannibals in Ramallah, Israel…Joos need to deport all muslim sewer rats!

    See the muslim street in the umma…

  • reshma

    mother fuckers idiots ******************* dog

  • valerie

    they should receive the same treatment by aids infected prison mates

    • Patrick Klocek

      They have been in prison since the crime was committed. I think they have been in prison since around 2007.

      • father

        Why are they still alive? Where is the law of Moses in which adulterer must be stoned to death. Murderer must be executed this how U.S.A and Europe uprooting the law of their adopted religion.

        • Patrick Klocek

          The Law of Moses — the 613 different laws — is not followed by Christians. That’s only for Jews. Christians dropped 603 of them and focus on the 10 Commandments which do not include specific punishments for any crimes. Most of those 603 laws related to what sort of food we could eat or what kinds of cloths to wear. That’s was all nonsense to the Hellenistic early Christians. Under Christian laws, adultery is still very bad but no specific punishments are suggested and in most countries, it is not even illegal but it is grounds for divorce.

  • colltamp

    so who is the terrorist? Muslim? If your answer is yes, we – human – do believe that you are insane.

    • Patrick Klocek

      And you are uninformed. The people in the pictures are actors in a porno film. And the soldiers who did indeed rape and kill a young Iraqi girl and her family were all sent to a military prison many years ago.

      • Via Media

        I don’t know your actual parental identity. even I do not know wther u blong to “bush” family who could not yet proved to the world that american army found so called and fabricated saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. why two u s prez one after others has no courage to reweal to their americans as well world the said 2000 popular pictures of their worst war criminal army men if u say that every thing in the said pictures are wrong, I think u simply passed comment without research.

      • Via Media

        perhaps you are right for example if your daughter, wife or mother has made porno film it is not necessary your neighbors could recognize your women , even knowing your family is indulged in it. because they may be simple and in good profession, and their mind could not be reaching to such a neighbor like you

  • Raheel

    American and European are the real Terrorist…….American and French research unveiled through facts and figures (videos are on youtube) that incident of 9/11 was planned and executed by American Government (US Govt runs through Americans taxes) but to start war against Muslims and declared them as TERRORIST. It was first time when term TERRORIST for Muslims was invented and strongly adopted……After this Drame (Fake 9/11) they destroyed Two Muslim Countries Afghanistan and Iraq and killed Millions of innocent Peoples…..As per fact…..keeeping in view the 9/11 incident real responsibility …..American Govt was responsible they themselves destroyed Twin Towers using American peoples tax money and now they are the REAL TERRORIST…….They must be punished…….

    • Patrick Klocek

      Yessss … YouTube is such a great source information.

    • Vamp

      You’re absolutely right, but let me tell you something… many countries like India, Arabia, Iraq all those countries, their laws are totally inhumans. Whatever it is, they’re just like them or even worse.

      • Divyank

        What you know about India India is much democratic country then US we not naked foreigners only for security issues you Americans are most hated people in the world who always interfere in other’s internal affairs

        • Pablo Brown

          India have had plenty of bad press of late. The daily rape and murder of young women is a appalling.

          • bharath hyd

            is your country a rape free zone? go and check you country statistics on rape?, Rape is worst then any other crime, don’t say it happens everywhere in India. This crime has no country no religion, any body who commits this crime, must be hanged. As an Indian this is what i think.

    • Pablo Brown

      Do you really believe that Raheel? If you do then you’ve either been brainwashed or just deluded. The soldiers involved in the Mahmudiyah killings are no better than the Taliban and the Boko Haram,and I hope they rot in hell.I have daughter slightly younger than the girl who was raped and murdered,and I couldn’t live with myself if I wasn’t there to protect her from evil fûckers like these.

  • Raheel

    America and NATO forces destroyed the Iraq with the fake information by their own agencies that IRAQ has biological Weapons……..After killing of Millions of Iraqi Childrens, mens and womens America stated that their agencies report was wrong and there was no biological weapons in IRAQ…. Peoples of America and NATO Countries are equally responsible of act of their governments as they give taxes to their governments and their governments used these taxes to kill Million of Childrens, Mens and Womens. …….Who is the Terrorist????

    • Patrick Klocek

      NATO had nothing to do with Iraq.

      • anonymous

        You need to grow up dude 🙂 I hope you are good father to your son but what about those children who die from nato and american forces operations, stop supporting which is wrong at-least accept what is wrong so your child can proud of you one day. I know it hurts when you saw something against your home country or the things that supposed to be own by you but accept the truth, money , oil, religion all are below than the humanity … and every religion condemn killing humanity..

        • Patrick Klocek

          Islam does not condemn killing people — it encourages killing people when they have not “submitted” to Muslims.

          There are no US forces in Iraq. Iraqis are killing each other by the truckload again because Sunnis and Shiites simply enjoy doing that. I want my son to have nothing to do with that. That is why we are not Muslims.

          US and NATO forces are leaving Afghanistan in the next two years. That is not soon enough for my tastes. The Afghans will then concentrate on killing each other as is there tradition.

          • shazwagon

            Islam says killing of one human is killing of humanity. No wonder you don’t know that being a indoctrinated robot.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Islam says killing one “innocent” person is like killing all of humanity. “Innocent” people can only be Muslims. Infidels like me don’t count.

          • mir

            Salaam un alaikum my brother, please do not call him indoctrinated one. As he is a christian quran call him (ahl kitab) it mean he has a book(a heavenly revelations). But if he is not following it or do not living according to the doctrines he believe’s in, he is a sinner or a criminal according to that law which is not of our area of interest. He will be accountable of his deeds before Allah(swt) on day of judgement. By calling him indoctrinated you do not talk against verses of quran. I agree with you in a way that whatever mr.Patrick said above and elsewhere about Islam is not true. His idea’s reagarding Islam is subjective, underinfluence of his religion. So for us we should remember what Quran majeed taught us that” do not abuse any one’s God, because if he abuses your God (Allah) who is the real God that abusement of Allah(swt) will be considered as your sin”. So please don’t forget my brother abusing someone’s God and his doctrines is condemn by Quran. And also remember surah kafiroon where Allah(swt) said “lakum deenukumwaliyadeen” for their is their religion for
            us is ours. But their is no appreciation for all from Allah(swt) that is for only musliheen (who bring peace for all human undoubtly it is Muslims) wa salaam.

          • mir

            Islam had always condenm killing it never encourage killing or murdering. Islam is the religion which discourage killing by giving death penalty to the murderer, this is the highest degreeof discouraging murders and killing. A Muslim can not kill anyone according to the law of Islam. But always Muslims were victims, Islam encourage Muslims for self defense and encourages them to fight against those who fight them and offcourse Islam encourages Muslims to kill only those people present in the arena. Do not encourage to initiate a civil war never neverever. And regarding Al qaeda and other such groups their is no fatwa by any muslim scholar appreciating them neither shiite nor sunni. Everyone condenm them and do not regard their actions as Islamic, but I really don’t know why people like you call them Muslim. Their exist no resemblance between Muslims and Al qaeda or such groups then who are you to call them Muslim. Eitheir these groups are kafir(pagans) or munafiqeen(hypocrites) according to Quran majeed. We do not need any classification for these people from your side.

            And here I assure you that how much you try to explain your son the concept of trinity he cannot understand it how hard you wash his brain you wash it, if you baptize him for a thousand times
            still his nature will oppose it. Christianity which
            was designated in the council of niceae by an
            emperor in order to save his interests, can not
            rule the minds of people.

            You cannot hide the crimes committed by the church (Rome) throughout the history in each and every land they approached. They killed people in every possible way under different titles, how many times they (Romans) waged wars against humanity and church always gave them green signals. What Jesus (peace be upon him,)
            taught to people had undergone manupilation by this church, needn’t any explanation. Christians also knew it. Christianity is not monotheism it is tritheism which is not the teaching of Jesus(peace be upon him) he teaches monotheism.
            Mr.Patrick if you are a good father to your son then teach him Islam, save him from hellfire I also call you to accept Islam save yourself too and your family. Who are this Al qaeda or such groups we Muslims don’t care so I request you that you also stop thinking in a wrong way. Islam is above all such ridicules. Stop relating them to Muslims.
            Islam is not equal to humanity but more than just humanity, humanity is a part of Islam while Islam is a whole, a part cannot exist cannot survive apart from its whole. Humanity falls into Islam, humanity for some extent makes you selfish but Islam teaches you sacrifices for others by overcoming humanity’s limits. For you and all mankind Islam is the only solution and salvation could be gain only through Islam.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I appreciate you taking the time to write such extensive comments.

          • mir

            I must be thankful to you for not just reading my comment but also for admitting that christianity is not purely monotheistic religion, but I would be glad if you not only look on the extension of my comment but for the facts too.
            Let me clarify here that none of those groups like al-qaeda …etc is consider as Muslim by any Muslim scholar and people. It is you people mainly christians and westerners who want to attack Islam and Islam countries respectively., just for their own welfares. Now Islam is spreading everywhere rapidly as it is a promise of Allah(swt) and no one can stop it, which is coming true. And now I am to some extent clear that people who can change their beleives for compromising with the kings at some past times which is still followed after 1800years generation after generations,if they want to call kafiroon(pagans) and munafiqoon(hypocrites) as Muslims then what the surprise in it? If you call al-qaeeda and such groups as Muslim that is because you have left with no option to remain a christian instead of accepting Islam.
            If you really have faith in what Jesus (peace be upon him) said in chapter John(the baptise) about the coming of a councellor who is undoubtedly Muhammed(p.b.uh.p.p) which is also mentioned in Quran majeed in chapter 61 (as saff) you would have been a Muslim long ago, I am here surprised that a person who is taking such a deep and serious insights in history what prevent him from being sincere to his own doctrines. If it is the behavior of Muslims especially Jihad than you will left with no ground to stand on in the old testament it is said that many prophets like Elijah, David,Solomon …, ( p.b.u all of them) fought with others and also with their people (Israelites) Elijah killed 400 false prophets. DavidAnd Solomon also killed and ordered to kill many.
            If you are honest and sincerely reading all the
            doctrines then tell honestly why you are not a Muslim yet? If you are considering killing or punishing is cruelty, here you must change your attitude i.e., killing unjustly and torturing is cruel. Don’t ignore what Europeans did to Muslims during so called crusades, thousands of innocent and poor Muslims were slaughtered. Crusades were your religious battle but what Turks did in Balkan states were not religious battle their were no treatise. How do you support English language which is an Indo-Europeon language but now is an universal. What do you think of it how it spread aound the world.
            Hellfire is a promise to all those disobedient who disobey the laws of Allah(swt) whether Jews,Muslims,christians,Hindus,Buddhist and Atheist and all other religions.You fear it or not but no one have a choice of his own. Allah(swt) is the name of God of Adam,Noah, abraham,Moses,David,Solomon,Jesus,John and Muhammed ( peace be upon all of them). Islam is the pre-existing religion before Muhammed(p.b.u.h.h.p.p) read chapter 6 Anaam in Quran majeed. Where it says to Muslims that say–we are on the path and religion of Abraham………., which is purely monotheist and our worship our sayings our life and our death is for Allah(swt) who is the lord of universe………, please read it once in Quran majeed.

            What you want to say about the that all happened in Europe in past 3-4 centuries in France England Prussia Italy Russia and Germany among christians and Jews .why christians were fighting with each other and why they do not tolerate Jews existence in Europe. What happened in Trier before Napolean reign to the Jews. why in the last century a christian named Adolf Hitler was butchering and burning and hanging the Jews. (Their is no doubt about Hitler’s religion that is obviously christianity.)
            From the picture you posted it seems your son is about 3-4years old now may Allah(swt) protect him against all evils, may he grow up healthy and smart for now he need your guidance your teaching which should no way be a partial. Before putting him in to critics you study Islam honestly and teach him then let him choose what he want. I once again remind you Islam is against all kinds of terror. For a better understanding let me clear here for you that Islam-Muslim are not single diety. Islam is the religion the law and Muslim is the one who follow it. Not every action of a Muslim is appreciated by Islam, if so then their will be no law for any Muslim. Islam punishes an Adulterer by beheading him, 100 whips for an un married one and this same law is not implied by Muslims on non-Muslims if they did such insincere acts among themselves they will be punish by their laws. But you look what Britishers did in India they made a law for all Indians whether Hindus Muslims or any other non-christian person cannot inherit the property of his/her parents if they were not married according to christian law.what a big crime? A real oppression against all non-christian Indians. On the other side Muslim were ruling major part of India for about 900 years they never do such unkindly things. Muslims fought with Hindus but remain moderate do not oppress them if Muslims were doing so there were no Muslim remain in India which is the largest or second largest Muslim population in world. And still many converting to Islam and those who are Muslims struggling against all toughest circumstances to remain Muslim. You are just talking baselessly.
            Revive your studies regret and restrain from confusion. I want you to go to Paradise and also your family and all mankind. But only they themselves reach their. I invite you to Islam accept it for you betterment. Their is no other better way or their is no way for mankind’s salvation but Islam.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Firstly, I live in India and you will find very few Hindus

          • mir

            Differences in views and opinions exists in each and every single individual. As for many philosophers- no two persons are similar completely, somehow they are different from each other in views and opinions.

            Hitler was a christian their may be doubt whether he was catholic, orthodox,methodist or protestant. His hatress towards Jews was purely because of Christianity. As christians believe that Jews were the enemies of Jesus(peace be upon him) and were responsible for all the troubles Jesus(pbuh) faced in his days.

            And about Hindus in India they are many different kinds whom you talked with? Indians only dislike some not all Mughal kings. In India Hindus and Muslims are good freinds living peacefully and each of their festivals are celebrated very well non of the Islamic customs are banned by the Hindus , they respect each other. It was some Christians trying to create mutiny between them (divide and rule policy) which they think can work still these days.
            Britishers were the most cruel people for Indians and their policies were always a bad weapon not only during 18th 19th and 20th centuries but also now.
            It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not in the existence of hellfire one day you will surely see it. I mean whether you will go into that or passes over by it to reach paradise incase you became Muslim,that’s a purely futuristic thing, I pray that you and all Human beings will all become muslim and save yourselves from hellfire.
            I was for sometime surprised that you ‘an American’ had standstill for so long. But you proved that you are American by escaping from your ownself saying that you just read religion as history. Do you know why it happen’s because you have to keep on jumping from your religion to politics to society, all which are incomplete., that can not provide you any perfect ground and shelter. So take a good advice stop jumping and running from one side toanother to another, accept Islam and move always forward on ‘sirat ul mustaqeem’ and enter the paradise.

            My self interest is not only to save myself from hellfirebut to you also and to everyone. But only one can safe his/her ownself.

          • Patrick Klocek

            The historical research on Hitler is pretty clear and conclusive. He was born a Catholic as most Austrians were. At an early age, he rejected Catholicism. In his 20s, he became attracted to racist ideas about Nordic supremacy put forth by numerous people like the composer Wagner and the then-mayor of Vienna named Luger. This was around the year 1900. It is well known.

            I work in India now. I would not say that Muslims and Hindus have an peaceful relationship. Just go and google “Modi – Gujarat – riots- Muslims – 2001” to see how well they get on. The entire Sikh religion was formed with the purpose of fighting Muslims.

            I do not worry about hellfire. I consider it a myth. It is a creation of clerics and religious leaders to scare people into obedience. If there is a god, I don’t know if there is a god or not, but if there is; I am sure He doesn’t care how I cut my hair, if I wear a sunnah beard, who I marry, or whether or not I even pray to Him or not. If there is a god, I think He would be about as interested in my sex-life as I am interested in the sex lives of worms or fish. I can’t imagine God carrying about any of those things much less telling some ancient Hijazi caravan trader all of His secrets. That’s just absurd.

            And I must also ask, if Islam is a perfect governmental, social, religious system; why is almost every Islamic country a totally unpleasant place to live? I have either workedin or travelled through five different Arab countries and none of them were nice. Even the rich Gulf States were unpleasant because of their Hanbali Fiqh Islam. Muslim countries, from Algeria to Zanzibar, are just horrible places to live. Why? I believe that there is something about Islam that makes life worse, not better.

  • Shame

    It is like in f*ckin middle age…..human’s behavior havent’t changed that much. SAD

  • a human

    down with USA

    • Patrick Klocek

      Up with Boko Haram?!?!

      • shazwagon

        Two totally different things. One a terrorist faction and one a government doing legalised, sanctioned killing.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Perhaps you prefer the Taliban, or HAMAS, or even Al-Shabaab. All of those groups are the same, they are Hanbali or Salifi inspired groups. You can’t claim “they are not real Muslims” because they would say the same about you. And if you told them, “you do not have the real Islam”, they would probably kill you. I have heard that threat leveled many time against Sufis, Shias, and Ismaeli Muslims.

  • ice

    bastards.. thats y they hate u assholes. May ur women be raped over and over again and u burn in hell.

    • Patrick Joseph Klocek

      This post is a sign that Islam makes people sick in the head. Did any Western women participate in this attack? NO! Yet under your primitive legal system, they are collectively guilty of the crimes of their men because? Because? Why? Because women are property of men, in Islam. That makes Islam sick.

      • mir

        And how does it make Islam sick? But the reason behind all this scene is not only U.S but the religion so called Christianity (Paulism in truth) which provide license to every one ” keep faith in Jesus and do anything you will be saved still because Jesus had already died for your sins” and here is how Islam differsfrom Paulism Islam says “when their is some crime happens if you could stop it by your hands stop it, if by tongue speak against it , if you couldn’t do both or non of it then keep hatress in your hearts.

      • Diazene

        stupid logic

        • Patrick Klocek

          Nonsensical response

          • Diazene

            Actually, it makes sense, much more than yours

          • shazwagon

            Nonsensical, why? Because you have no answer?

      • Via Media

        no comments after your non intellectual rubbish comment. besides daily earning try to read good books to have some knowledge to be in public for debate like I do

  • kk

    i think there is a reason for this kind of behaviour, it’s called porn and promotes that kind of treatment to the opposite sex(women)

  • Unknow

    If all of you try to learn things from each others, try to listen to each others, think of what they are going to do, the war would never happen in this earth. Muslims is a religion like Christians. Everyone do follow his own religion, I would call terrorist people who attack the others without any reason. Sadam Hussein and Ben Laden were two terrorist. America attacked Iraq for petrole too.
    No one is good in this earth anymore, Wish religions hadn’t existed, racism too.
    People who posted this picture are making troubles to create war, this is the bullshit.
    Wake up all, stop writting useless post, union make the strong, strong can defead evil.

    • cristian

      well said dude… theres nothing wrong in the religion… its the people it self… im christian, if i do bad thing it doesn’t mean christians are bad, if a muslim guy do bad, it doesn’t mean muslim is bad… hey guys wake up, instead of arguing who is right or better, why we don’t help each other agains does people who’s doing terrorist…

  • Sherry Awan

    The US drones killed 175 kids in my country still they call us Terrorists while they are the worst of them

    • Via Media

      terrorist word is the easy arm for americans to use this for the bloodshed of others because they are word less. let world come together to declare the American thinking and policies as terrorist one

  • ex38

    Since the put so much effort in creating a ”rape” they could at least have done the proper haircut to the ”marines”. Marines doesn’t have that kind of hair…

    • Patrick Joseph Klocek

      Wrong uniforms too! But maybe the soldiers or Marines have to sets of uniforms; one for combat and one for special rapes.

  • Kristiany andalas


    • Patrick Klocek

      The shocked NOBODY because they are not real. They are stills from a Dutch rape-fetish porno film. Why do you think CNN and BBC and Deutsche Welle never had the story?

      • drbhelthi

        The men in the fotos have no military markings on their shirts, and the fotos were probably staged. The fotos have no place in this article.
        Similarly, the United States military had no place in Iraq or anywhere in the Middle East, as none of the countries had attacked the USA.

        • Patrick Klocek

          I will grant you that. I was fine with removing Saddam Hussein from power but the occupation should have ended within months, not years.
          On the woodland pattern BDUs, circa 2005, there would have been a unit patch on one shoulder and the US flag on the other. If they had combat prior combat experience, unit patches would be on both shoulders. These guys had no unit patches. Rank would have been on their collars but the image quality was poor enough to make that hard to see.

          • drbhelthi

            Since you can grant me nothing, I assume you agree with my general observation of the fotos. Experienced soldier-types immeditely discern the uniform farce, and the details rarely interest non-soldier types.
            The George H. W. Bush entourage had no constitutional grounds for attacking Iraq, nor any of the current nations occupied by US forces. Thus, the USMilitary should not have been in the area and still should not be.

          • Patrick Klocek

            I was agreeing with you about the uniforms. This discussion board is littered with my comments not just on the uniforms but also the haircuts which don’t conform AR 670-1. Those guys were waaaay out of regs. Of course, being a rapist is also out-of-regs but these guys were no soldiers. Of course, most people are vested in the narrative that the Americans are war-criminals and so reject the evidence.

            Now, I think you will be relived that large combat units are indeed all gone from Iraq. The new ISIS thing is different. All of our combat forces have been gone since 2011.

            As for attacking Iraq’s legality: the president is Commander-in-Chief. I would prefer US Presidents accept the War Powers Act of 1973. But GW Bush did have both a congressional use of force resolution and some UN nonsense to go along with it. If we want to maintain the fiction that there is a such thing of a “legal invasion”, I would have to conclude that the Iraq invasion was as legal as the US invasion of North Africa in 1942 and Germany in 1945. You can’t declare it “illegal” just because you don’t like. You can, however, declare it something that you oppose. I supported the invasion — I opposed the occupation. I felt the soldiers should have been removed by the end of the 2003. I have had a lot of contact with that part of the world. I knew the locals would turn on us no matter how polite we were. Iraqis are not Germans, Japanese, Panamanians, or Koreans.

          • drbhelthi

            Thanks for the response.
            As to the idea of large combat units gone from Iraq.
            An acquaintance on the scene explained the change of names of the units, which supported the farce of withdrawal. Also explained was that mission was not altered.

          • Patrick Klocek

            It is obvious that there are US soldiers still on the ground in Iraq. Those bombs don’t find target by themselves. Modern aircraft still have very short flying times so they need a target quickly and return to re-fuel. Those are picked by somebody on the ground. What’s changed are the types of units. I would say that there are no infantry or armored units there now … the sort that fight other large units. Those are gone

          • drbhelthi

            You can say anything you are told to say.
            However, foot soldiers on the ground say a different story. Even if some of the armament was lined out and turned over to local governments, or muslim organizations, US infantry types continue to be on the ground.

  • Laura

    I really hope this is a “joke” here, but it happens. Rape is the worst imperialist weapon, it tears your soul. Shame on these “human” beings.

  • Priyabrata Chowdhury

    Goddamned animals in uniform!!! Outrageously grotesque and criminal these pics. Hang ’em all

    • Patrick Klocek

      Those are stills from a Dutch porno film. I saw the add for it on some website (but can’t find it again). There is a lot of rape-fetish porn out there. I don’t watch it. But those are clearly NOT American soldiers.


    The irony of people in foreign countries who routinely do the same to women, and girls as young as four. Talking out of their asses about one incident among their own millions! The actual men were punished, this is a porno film morons.


    Perhaps all you big mouthed Indians who want us out of India so bad will still feel the same when our companies pull out and take their jobs with them? Like I really believe the chick on the other end with no concept of my language is “Michelle”. Stupids.

    • bharath hyd

      i don’t understand whats your problem with India, every thing in this world runs in a cycle, no body can stop it, if your company’s are offering jobs here in India, then they are not doing any charity work. With out a knowledge and capability no body will get job, By hiring people from India company’s are earning money.

  • Observer

    This is what sick Americans do anywhere they go. They spread their savage mentality and traits.

  • Pablo Brown

    If these pictures are from a porno,then the people who watch them need to have their head checked. The sick bàstards who made this movie need locking up.

  • Jad

    Don’t be idiots, this is obviously actors playing around to appeal to the general retarded public

  • disqus_7vqw0z9JJy

    Its unforgivable crime.
    Destiny will judge it.

  • Sumi Lee

    so disgusting and painful. i’m speechless.

  • im christian

    theres nothing wrong in the religion… its the people it self… im christian, if i do bad thing it doesn’t mean christians are bad, if a muslim guy do bad, it doesn’t mean muslim is bad… hey guys wake up, instead of arguing who is right or better, why we don’t help each other against does people terrorist…
    respect others, respect their belief, and they will respect you too…

  • Rajeev Maheshwari

    This is really inhumans and they called best democracy in the world and provide right opportunity to all.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    These pictures don’t look real to me.

    • EDDIE.B

      Its only real enough If its an actual video. Otherwise, its difficult to say its FAKE or REAL. To put salt to wound, the article mentioned the great CIA involvement.

  • Jeffrey Zoo

    the free and the brave. free to do to others whatever they want ,brave enough to rape and kill a child. the only people who think the usa are still the good guy`s are americans. the rest of the world knows better.

  • jellybean

    I know I’m a little late to post but reading this has made me so angry. Not one person deserves this. I can’t imagine how helpless these people felt. I hope those who did this suffer as their victim’s have suffered. No words can suffice.

  • For Shame

    Words fail me. Human vermin at it’s lowest. Shame on them and anyone posting in here preferring to argue about religion instead of condemning these atrocities out of face. What’s wrong with you for heavens sake.Whatever your thoughts are on another religion nothing justifies this, NOTHING!

  • Rt

    This is fake..blond hair. Mismatched uni’s, her shoes are wrong. NoNoNo….I’ve been there…

  • Real Secular World Democrcy

    This cant be true and if it is true it only reveal one other side of western hypocrisy.
    I think 9/11 was justified..if this is what they like..well thing is you reap what you sow..
    and at this juncture moral lecture is hardly an option. These American are getting savage and world better know what should be done if a dog get mad..

  • sofi

    It’s war against Islam

  • tina

    It is disgusting what went in iraq killing young girls children specially raping them then kill all the family shame on the soliders

    • Patrick Klocek

      They are all in a military prison now.

      • Sarfaraz Abbasi

        They should be hanged till death or shot down – if Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi can be hanged and shot; why are they still left to breath in this world?

  • Nidhi

    America sucks !!!!! They 1st interfere in other countries matter showing as a well wisher, Trojan set a war, destroy people and their culture. And top of it even get their war expectancies reimburse from the poor nations. Why they just don’t mind their business and let other take hold of their own problems

  • salim

    This is a shame, how would feel to see their sister or mother go through that type of brutal , shameless behaviour, you trying to show them how a democratic society lives, take advantage over the weak, then you kill and abduct them like you did to Dr Aafia and say that she tried to shoot a soldier with his own gun, then you don’t have men in those uniformes.

  • salim

    Please show me which religon,race, country that encourages men to rape women, that is a sick comment,you are probally one of those who enjoys causing causing harm to women. you are just as bad as those sick men

    • Patrick Klocek

      Islam permits men to have sexual relations with women whom his “right hand possesses”, in other words; SLAVES. That would be the definition of RAPE and it is permitted by Allah. That’s why I am not a Muslim.

      • salim

        Please don’t be selective in your reading, your are picking out a phrase from a document, there are conditions before you engage into those practices, i suggest you read the complete doc and the discussion document, there is always a risk of misinterpretations, on the issue of not being a Muslim, it is important to read ,as you read the BIBLE, get a copy of the NOBLE QURAN, you will be surprised. Islam is a religon for humanity not only for muslim and islam is a way of life.
        kind regards

        • Patrick Klocek

          It may surprise you but I can read and write Arabic (I am not great with the language but I have the basics). I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for two years. We trained the Saudi soldiers in aviation skills. It was there that I grew to dislike Islam. It was there that I saw Islam being deeply cruel to people. Women were barred from leaving their houses without their husband’s/father’s/brother’s consent. Slavery was still practiced, though often by devious means. But the most striking thing to me was the anger and hostility to the kufar and mishrikun (like me). Saudis would sometime step back from me when they learned I was a mishruk — I was najis to them and they didn’t want me to touch them.

          Now, contrast the Slaves of Allah with the Friends of Christ. Jesus asked his followers to be his friends — not his slaves. There is no concept of “halal” or “najis”. A person, no matter their religion, cannot be “najis.” Only thoughts and deeds can be “najis.” And we place no premium on dying in war or on killing ANYBODY. Believe it or not; Christians do not like war, killing or dying — we are very good at it because we don’t like it. Islam does not encourage gentility — at least I never saw it anywhere in my travels between Dubai and Amman.

          • Sarfaraz Abbasi

            Patrick, did you also see women in Dubai and Amman disallowed to go out without seeking company of their father/brother/ etc.?

            “Halal” is religious thing, there is no argument on it; try arguing ‘Kosher’ foods with Jews.

            “Nijis” has got to do with cleanliness of the body after relieving yourself from watery and fluid waste, (it all creates smell, diseases and skin-diseases).

            But unfortunately Christian majority regions have held two great wars called ‘World War I and World War II’ – they also dropped nuclear on farthest region (from Christian majority continent ‘Europe’) onto Japan. They have brought wars to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. They sent European migrant Jews to Palestine (having massacred six million Jews in Christian-majority Europe). The Bosnian Muslims genocide in Christian-majority country is considered second biggest since holocaust (not to forget genocide in Christian Uganda, and other massacres in South America). Still you want us to believe “Christians do not like war”

  • Melina


  • Albert Tomasura

    This is a faked video, that is not any uniform used by US Forces at that time, also their uniforms bare no patches or insignia. We stopped using blotch camo and we wouldn’t wear jungle camouflage and face paint (face paint? really?) in the desert.

    I do not deny such cases could exist in an already disgusting situation that a war zone creates, but why would anyone record it only to risk self-incrimination?

    This is nothing more than rape porn. Hope all you religious realize that you just looked at pornography.

  • Brandon

    @patrickklocek:disqus These people seems incredibly dense and unable to understand your argument or common logic. While I to find the pictures suspicious, providing a link/film name/etc to support your claim about it being a ‘porno’ would be beneficial to your argument. Although, I would imagine that even when faced with the actual facts, the posters here would ignorantly refute the claims or simply ignore them. I suspect many of the posters here are the same person on dummy-accounts too, apart from the 12 year old posting with ‘mobile shorthand’ (badly, i’ll add). That being said, the actual crime being referenced is horrible and beyond ‘excessive’. To continue, I would imagine that locals in an area were aware of these IED. What I am not certain of is whether or not locals were unable to act against the terrorists, afraid to ask the military for help, or were terrorists themselves. In any case, the rape/torture of an entire family/village is pretty awful in and of itself.

  • Sailor

    They keep saying our troops in Iraq …support our troops ..and show us pictures for the father solders hugging their little fucking kids … And they rape our children…. I hope you all burn in hill and feel the pain you give for this little girl ….Fucking Assholes

  • Mohinder Singh

    So….. it is a myth that as an advanced and developed country, Americans are civilized. From this report, they are worst kind of the animals.

  • hunt

    I just cant see why it is ok to justify murder but rape is vilified. Both are the same. Both are negative and should be unacceptable. Apparently the women that post did not read the part that claimed it to not be limited to women but includes men being raped as well. Limited perspectives only encourage the destruction of humanity. Good luck to you all.

  • prince1992

    Very sad scene .
    America is all Sick country, who has jobless people in his country but spending millions of dollars to stop peace to prevail in other countries.

  • sarah

    This makes me sick – I wish they have a horrible death and rot in he’ll with Obama

  • disgusted

    American bastards showing their true colors in Iraq. Real sickos.

  • stephiejay

    why did you have to release these photos? havnt these women undergone enough abuse without you having to spread it around the world? you blank out the men’s dicks as if this respects some decency, but the womans face is clear. how dare you perperuate this abuse.

  • maan khan

    SHAMEFUL act from US army , how can ppl of state stay safe with rapist

  • Beeg Noyz

    BLOODY PIGS AMERICANAS. …..THESE FELLOWS SHOULD BE CASTRATED….War is brutal …..I hate MUSLIM mentalities AND THEIR JEHADI terrorism ……. But Isreal bombing the way they are bombing now …..or theses pictures …Bloody where is human civilisation ???>

  • peace


  • peace

    Wish ALLAH SWT torment them soon,,,

  • TJLeeWilliams

    What did the insensitive pickle say to the rape victim? Give up? “Dill with it.”


    hmmm.. Let’s see if I got this correct…. In a rape + wholesale slaughter which involved the globally infamous master of subterfuge, disguises and we-dont-care-the-method-only-results-that-we-want-matters C.I.A., former-soldier – Mr. Patrick Klocek says this news is a mock-up/make belief with the following evidence… so far:-
    1. the dresscode is (i.e. cammo don’t look right) wrong.
    2. The men in the picture are not Americans. They are Europeans.
    3. The men in the picture are not soldiers. They are “actors”, thought probably not very good ones.
    4. The victim in the picture was not a victim at all. She was another “actress.”
    5. The men discussed in the story were indeed punished. All received long prison sentences.
    6. Most Western countries do not have a death penalty.
    7. Rapes happen pretty much everywhere. They are punished in Western countries. I know of no Western countries where rape is encouraged. Women actually have rights in the West.
    8. How they prayed? The only time most Western soldiers pray is when they are being shot at. I don’t recall ever praying while I was in Army — but I also never saw action.
    9. You sound like a Muslim.
    10. I alluded to the murder as well. You may think I am insane but I think you demonstrate a 4th grade level of reading comprehension.
    11. I am not supporting the soldiers who disgraced their uniforms, I am attacking “World Observer Online” for posting photos of a Dutch porno movie and saying they were evidence of a rape.
    12. The issue is that the photographs shown in the article are fake. Because the soldiers were all found guilty of rape and murder, that is not in question.
    13. I have given evidence of the photos being fraudulent all up and down this thread. I am tired of repeating myself. Please read my earlier comments.

    Item [1]: It sure does imply to me that Patrick Klocek is more of either a CIA agent or a hardcore CIA supporter, to deflect and tone down CIA global infamy. If we minus out CIA from the ‘picture’, maybe.. just maybe… the ‘glorifying activities in the picture’ were merely actors+actresses.

    Item [2]: Gee, I didn’t know a picture could speak sound. Did anyone ‘hear’ the pictures ‘speak european’?

    Item [3]: Still implies to me Patrick being more and more suspected of in-cohort with CIA. They pay good sum, don’t they?

    Item [4]: uh..huh… so Patrick Klocek was there too, I take it. Neat escape trick you got there. everyone got sentenced… but you. Sorry, I forgot, CIA protections are top-notch.

    Item [5]: Short of prison records and videos of the actual ‘fine troopers’ receiving long prison sentences, for all we know, they came in from the FRONT of the prison… then left from a concealed exit in darkness cover.

    Item [6]: can’t see the co-relation as evidence.. Trolling. Next.

    Item [7]: can’t see the co-relation as evidence… Trolling. Next.

    Item [8]: can’t see the co-relation as evidence…Troliing. Next.

    Item [9]: Wow Patrick Klocek Eistein. You must be GOD himself… or just another one of those American dodos who are totally clueless about Muslims. Try living in a Muslim governed country for a change and communicating with them in a civilised manner – you do know HOW to communicate in person, don’t you? If the attitude “I see one bad person who’s claim to have embraced Islam, therefore all who embrace Islam are the same” – is JUSTIFIED, no wonder globally, everyone LOVES nailing AMERICANS on their own cross. Pull that head out of yer ar*e will ya.

    Item [10]: Did I just get the feeling Mr. delusional-CIA-related-ex-soldier-Patrick Klocek imply something? can’t see the co-relation as his evidence though. Next.

    Item [11]: Patrick’s got a thing for DUTCH PORN. Patrick Klocek, others have asked and you’ve YET to NAME the DUTCH PORN you claimed. Even porn has titles, directors names, producing company, etc. Patrick has yet to provide the details for audit and counter-verifications. The Devil’s in the details, and Patrick might not actually have it afterall.

    Item [12]: Yup, Patrick must be GOD himself. It’s fake because he said so.

    Item [13]: …evidence… seriously, I guess everyone else except Patrick Klocek, is BLIND, DEAF and DUMB all at the same time. WOW! NOT. I still don’t see the DETAILS. Did anyone read Patrick Klocek provided details of evidence.. well, except for his abstract claims, innuendos, deflections, topic changing, avoiding questions, etc.

    now that I think about it more – Patrick Klocek may not even be a possible mere delusional, CIA-related warrior of the warfront – he sounds very much like a POLITICIAN. Oops, sorry for that bad word there.

  • Amit

    An American comment… 1) WMD of Iraq is true.. But this picture fake..! 2) American Democracy is great and rest all .. god knows.. 3) American have birth right to meddle in others affair .. others ..who cares.. 4 ) AM have birth right to test any weapon on this planet and Rest of world are its testing ground..!

    • Amit

      Yes this Picture could be fake .. fake as story as Iraq Nuclear Program..! fake as Russian Downing MH17.. fake as syria chemical program.. fake as American portraying them self as captain America and destroying the world orders..

  • soplastic

    Once again the real “Terrorists” are revealed.

  • Abdul2014

    Some of the members of the US armed forces are criminals who torture, rape and murder innocent and defenseless innocent and defenseless women and men in cold blood in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. For example, the Haditha massacre during which
    24 unarmed Iraqi men, women and children, all civilians, were killed by a group of United States Marines on November 19, 2005 in Haditha, a city in the western Iraqi province of Al Anbar. The dead included several children and elderly people, who were shot multiple times at close range while unarmed.

    The US soldiers even rape female US soldiers with impunity in the US, Iraq etc.

  • krish

    The problem in the world starts from american soil. Bush was a bastard and moreover a private contractor who took contract of creating hatred and setting up market for US defence companies.The US government either has to take some serious stands against its violations of international laws or it will somehow loose its sheen on international community.

  • TiminKSA

    Explain to me how you know these pictures are of US Army? I see no emblem on any of them. Please explain why they are all so blurry that you can make out no details.
    This is totally a fake.

    • faranginkorat

      They are frames from a porno flick. Their use here, asserting that they are actual photos of a crime, is a journalistic scam.

  • Jesus

    For the Iraquis that suffer through these violations, their families, relatives and neighbors where we really liberators?

    It is the biggest travesty, irony and hipocrisi when in order to win a war we become the same monsters as our enemies. Iam glad that at least for now we are an open society where we are still able to reflect on our mistakes, bring them to the open, learn our lessons and demand justice even for those who were our enemies.

  • faranginkorat

    I saw this article a couple months ago, surprised it is still up.
    If you scroll down far enough you can find a link to an ad for a Dutch porno film.
    I checked it out back then.
    The photos are just a fraud to get some people excited.

  • dstudie

    This article is pretty much lies and garbage. It is propaganda by this rag mag.

  • David Jones

    The united states is no longer America, the united states died a long time ago. How far we’ve fallen.

  • Salvador Aspuria

    Its hard to believe ! ! !

  • Knowledge

    OH…I’m sorry… i’m a perfect human being… I’m American
    Those things are not possible… we are perfect to the world.
    How to tell the world we do have also disgusting troops who abuse whom we call our enemies????
    OH, i know… Those images are fake and manipulated by photoshop or something….
    Pfff…..you can stay here 10 years creating answers and stupid facts about american troops… HEELLLOOOOOOO!!!!!????
    You made SH*T and instead of recognize, apologize and change these bad behaviour, what you do???
    OHHHH it wasn’t American guys they were Europeans!!
    For things like this among others we Europeans don’t have the best idea of you americans.
    “Your” reactions most of times show you don’t know how to think outside the box.
    Don’t take this comment as if my main intention was to bash Americans. It is a Wake up call. Learn to accept your faults and correct them…

  • us forces = criminals !!!

    now the are at there homs in usa …and are considered hereos…

  • Slayzen

    The obtaining of power by a pathetically immature source, be it an individual or a nation, can be nothing more than a recipe for disaster based on a complete corrosion of moral, ethical and humanitarian values

  • sierra torres

    I don’t know who is trying to pass this off as American soldiers this wasn’t our uniform in 2004

  • drbhelthi

    The inhuman abuse of the indigenous of Iraq and the ME, that was revealed by PFC Bradley Manning, provides an inside view of the abuse of power by the USArmy. Enlisted soldiers in a specially prepared, airborne gunship, requested permission from their C.O. to murder a group of innocent civilians in their homeland. This was simply a continuation of the Christopher Columbus, european-style abuse of superior armament that was used to inflict genocide on the indigenous of what is now the American Continents. Too many patriots overlook the fact that George H. W. Bush was conducting a weapons deal with the bin Laden family in D.C. during the events of 9-11-2001. Yet, the GHWBush entourage tries to blame the bin Laden family for the 9-11 subterfuge.
    The current CIA/MOSSAD disinformation program, blaming the kenyan alien, illegal incumbent of the POTUS slot, with the 50 years of slick subterfuge >they< conducted for the NAZI Bush entourage, is working, only partially. The millions of patriotic insiders are fed up with the NAZI-Bush-CIA disinformation program, and the abuse of the US military.

  • hashim hassan

    Patrick Klocek.you sound Jewish……your denial of facts and liar attitude is very typical jewish. misinforming and confident and yet with the evilness to cause shudders. you are the kind of person to be put in acid and watched.

  • Vladimir Malkavian

    I’m just here for the comments!

  • Zoot

    The only person on this thread who makes any sense and knows what he is talking about is Patrick. Everyone else is full of shit.

  • Don Mob

    the war on terror is the biggest Joke on history .. the most criminal mad army ever fighting terrorists yeah right , all this war against terror crap is just to revive the weapons Market , and to satisfy the need of there sadistic war criminal solders .

  • יוסף אלכסנדר מנטאלבו

    are you people really that stupid?

    these pictures are from a well known site (eastern european) that made rape porn for the masses.


    okay, the seabees wore the pants, .

    did you people even bother to look at the pics? are those the grooming standards of any of our services? even the chair force has tighter standards than that.

    use your fucking heads and please stop slandering our men and women in uniform. They do a tough job for shitty pay and very little thanks.

    • Jack meoff


  • Lisa Cotton

    It does not matter what religion you are. Do not kill or rape! Simply as……

  • Sadi

    these r worst then wild animals.

  • disqus_9K7Pl9V1kX

    I particularly question those who simply deny this fact considering that American female soldiers almost all suffer sexual abuse at the hands of their “comrades”. And you think they would spare young Iraqis?

    (Speaking as someone who is friends with a 15 year old Baghdadi teen who has already told me she would kill herself before submitting to ISIS if they over0run Baghdad. How disgusting soldiers are on all sides! It’s as if rape were part of their salary – and most of all for the greatest losers among them.)

  • Sabyasachi

    Are Iraqis not humans?So now what happens to the so called guardians of world’s democracy and human rights.I have not yet heard of any one being punished?

  • kiomi ida

    Many girls in Iraq were raped by the USA soldiers,

  • Jerry Crus

    probably fake, no patches

  • arinze

    the photos are scenes from a porn movie..

  • Saleem Mohammad

    The most sad and horrific scenes of USA Forces showing actions inflicting disgrace upon unarmed civilians and that too on women will be remember for a long time to come. The Americans Forces landed in Iraq to save that Nation from Saddam Hussain and to introduce Democracy to them. After occupying Iraq, the American Forces not only humiliated the women and children rather mutilated the corpses of Iraqis. Americans from their actions and bevaiour showed the whole World the ethical values & War Lessons taught to them. Americans soldiers are a savage creature on this planet. NATO & America will harvest in Afghanistan what they sowed in Middle East & Iraq.
    Muslims will never forget the atrocities committed on their unarmed and innocent women by Americans Beasts. I am confident that one day they have to pay for their heinous crimes in this World as well.
    America is no more a Super Power, American as a Nation is on its downfall due to its constant habit of looking down upon Poor Nations of the World.

  • enchodus .

    …..and the world wonders why extremist Muslim groups like ISIS and others in the future emerge…it was also not long ago Muslim women were being gang raped in Shiiate Iraqi prisons and a little farther back in Christian Serb raping camps! Wake up world to the grim realities of your sick actions, siko world ….

  • Ryan

    Patrick you’re so brainwashed you would go so far as to find ways to act like photos are fake and come up with grand conspiracies. Then you attempted to bully people by saying “I was there,” because you were on the boarder of Iraq and never saw combat… Patrick I was there. I was a marine infantryman in Ramadi, Iraq in 2005. I saw countless instances of murder and torture. Countless. Just because you never saw these atrocities from you safe bunker on the boarder, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

  • Arab guy

    imagine reading this on fox news….hahahahah

  • No

    So why hasn’t anyone killed them yet?

  • Manny Singh

    you american soldiers are sick if your country stands for peace liberty and justice then why are these people not charged with war crimes shame on you i have never felt so disgusted raping children prove to the world that you will bring justice were is all the good american people shame on you shame shame

  • Martin Linderoth

    Don’t generalize, this is one incidence, and they were put to trial.

  • JL76

    Ok hold on… these action are repulsive….yes and these men NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM deserve more than just jail time…and yes I am an AMERICAN but to sit there and say oh cause its Americans etc bullshit… that’s bullshit cause there are murders, rapes, and all of the above HAPPENING ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!!! AS OF RIGHT NOW NEED I MENTION ISIS!!!…so stop pointing fingers and throwing ignorance especially when ignorance is in your backyard…no matter where the hell you live.. grow up and see for what it is… not by country… because the shit is getting old as hell

  • vaibhav agarwal

    Now who’s the terrorist I think resident obama should himself ask for apology after this if he stands for whatever he speaks and says america believes.

  • J

    May God curse them & their families, may their children become orphans, and your women widows and prostitutes, may they all suffer in life and after, may they have the most violent deaths!

    Fuck all AmeriKKKan & British Soldiers! I smile when I see your filthy corpses and your families cry, I love seeing them Homeless these fucking pawns!
    I cannot wait until I have a Hand in taking their damned Life!

  • Richard Zickler

    The phuckers need their dicks cut off…hung upside down and torched and THIS MARINE would do the cutting and light the match!

  • Ifra

    its disgusting a rape of 14yr old ….:(
    and what is revolting at the same time is that you showing her helplessness by contributing to share her picture with world…. at least have some decency and try to hide the figure and face of the girl …..

  • Enlightened

    Bullshit its pictures from por site I’ve seen em like many year ago in high resolution fake news get your facts right. Just google porn soldiers you might see real pornsite

  • Badrudin

    pictures are morphed to incite violence ! Not an iota of truth in the above morphed photos!

  • Operation Agatha

    Why the hell don’t they black out her face? They block the guys dick but not her face? WTF????

    This puts her in danger of being ostracized or worse by extremist Islamists in her culture!

    Fuck the concert of Valor, it should be called the concert of cowards and sell outs!

    For those of you that say, hey it’s just a few bad apples I would agree if there were only a few thousand victims here and there but we murder literally millions around the world by thousands of troops so the math doesn’t add up! Almost everyone of those troops are cowards and only a few are worthy of serving this country!




  • danato

    I just read that these are images of a hungarian porn movie

  • Fatma

    Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi was raped and murdered after her family consisting of her 34-year-old mother Fakhriyah Taha Muhsin, 45-year-old father Qasim Hamza Raheem, and six-year-old sister Hadeel Qasim Hamza were killed. Abeer was just 14years old …

  • Gerry

    This is a hoax. Those are well used BDU uniforms that were no longer in service by the time of this incident (2004) and not issued to troops going to Iraq or Afghan. Also, there is no rank or insignia on the uniforms. That is also inconsistant with US military.

  • Zenobia L Silas-Carson

    Fraudulent photos or not, someone or a lot of someones have reported the attacks as real! Why is it that in our country as soon as someone who is presumed to be a hero or a whole stack of heroes, have to be defended for folks to believe something is true? “We need evidence beyond the reports of victims” comes the hue and cry of those living in a la-la land of the brave. I am ever grateful and appreciative to those who keep our country safe. I am NOT appreciative to those who use whatever the cause they are fighting for, to satisfy their depraved and sadistic practices. Where is it written that when we capture someone we can torture, rape, kill and further humiliate people who are not even involved? Please do not tell me that other countries have done this…I am talking about America!

  • Om Feras Salem

    Yeah, the pictures r fake ( thy seem to be of another crime ) but th crime of the 14 year old is real, first of all she was not in prizon, they raped her in her homre, tortured her n her family then killed them all nd burned them to cover it up, but the locals knew the crime, those soldsiers did it for fun n when they were aware of their awful crime they decided to exterminate those innocent people, so sad that this family was so innocent nd had nothing to do with the war, they were local farmers, they even killed a 5 year old or month ( cant remember ) babyboy along with dad nd mam n other family members. Zhow do i know this, i saw a detailed report about it also the whole story nd the pictures of the little girl r on wikipedia ( the arabian version ) she is so younng wearin, they r a simple, poor n innocent family, those soldiets should be killed too, because they didnt just rape but killed all of them n they were on duty, i wonder if they had done it to an american family? What would have happened then?? Hmmmmm

  • christine harrity

    There is no justification for these abuses of power. People are not the “spoils of war.” This has to end.

  • peacemaker

    muslims do one thing and its all over the news , american do so much shit and crime and no one speaks about it . wake up world .

  • Johny

    Those guys deserve to be subjected to exactly what they did to that girl. That would be a just punishment. Let’s see if after that, are not they who request the death penalty.

  • islam

    American dogs that’s what they are will burn in hell him and all in his country race and his religion ,

  • islam

    fucking bastard cause his white bitch sisters start fucking at that age of 16 what they parents teach them that they must have sex from small that’s y they call you people white pigs cause you dirty like a pig, and now a innocent Muslim child 14yrs old only you want to rape her hope they rape a bitch in your family your dog

  • Fast Amir

    fkin bas turding yankee dogs…….rot in hell…..

  • Guest

    Patrick you sick, twisted narrow minded motherfucker, you call this a Dutch porn movie, look at the gírls face. Does she appear to be enjoying it? No it is obvious that she has been forced into it. For you to even justify this , you must be dilusional…WANKER…1 picture saids a thousand words. This pic is definitely rape.

  • cherrybomb

    I am totally disgusted. I don’t care what man, what country, what war….I am completely disgusted and abhorred by men who rape. Give me the sword and I will strike vengeance upon thee with furious anger.


    Why are these vile scumbags face’s blurred out, and not this poor girls – hasn’t she been through enough, without her identity being shown Worldwide??

  • Frank Blunt

    I thought Muslim men were not fond of ‘rape reporting’ ?

  • At least America brought Iraq McDonald’s and ummmm.. peace and liberty. And if you dont agree with me then you dont love America.


    What a shame, America! Such things should never happen or allowed to happen. Punish the BUMS who did this or others who need to be brought to justice!
    Bernard Fernando

  • Dave P

    This is probably a hoax. Do these soldiers have names, or shall I just presume that some Anti-Americans didn’t fabricate some fake uniforms?

  • Harry Krishna

    yeah these are the cunts “defending” your country. fuck these hideous monsters, i hope they burn for this.

  • Samael Crimsonblood

    Somehow I knew this was happening. It happened before and there is nothing to stop if from happening happening again. Abraham Lincoln once said “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” I know not all of the Army is at fault but they didn’t do anything to stop it, only cover it.

  • Qanni Katifa

    Rape isn’t about sexual gratification, rape is an act of violence!

  • Hawkeye

    He’s President Obama. Not Mr. Obama. Have some respect for the office.

  • Guest


    Wow, im so surprised to read all of your comments! They are all so foolish!

    First of all, saying that muslims is the problem is generalising billions of muslims into one group. So asking the question “whats wrong with the muslims” when looking at why the US is in war with only muslim countries just blew my mind… Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh are all muslim countries and not in war, in fact, women are continuously getting better life conditions, and theese countries are experiencing positive progress.

    Second of all, “I lived in the land of Rasul’ullah for a couple years. So, I learned all about Islam from the source, the True Islam, fii al balad al haramain.” – Patrick Klocek

    Wtf dude… this doesn’t make you an imam …!! You may learn a lot about islam but because of your lack of insight in the religion i assume you learnt based on the culture from a particular country, and as you may or may not know, different countries interpret Islam differently. Besides I have needier heard about a country who claims to be “the true source of Islman” … C’mon dude…

    Third of all, american soldiers put into war zones, killing and raping innocent people or non innocent people should be discussed, wether it happens moderately or not! People should be aware of these kind of incidents!

  • Anon

    These pictures are still images from a Turkish porn movie, not of an actual rape.

  • Cotton_Candy

    My goodness these soldiers should be shot dead and I mean it. I am aware we are at war but you have no right raping anyone.Would you like someone rape your daughter or any female family member and do them the thing you scumbags did to this baby then you guys turn around and murder her, a 5 year old baby and her family. I do hope your family meet the same faith one day soon. YOU ARE HEARTLESS SCUMBAGS.

  • Kevin Gamble

    lies propaganda lies propaganda lies propaganda lies

  • Zach Alam

    A small number of criminals disguised as us military not only rapes people the invade they rape their own soldiers. Look up stats on us military rapes of female us soldiers. Let me guess patrick. They are lying. The problem is soldiers are not held accountable they think it’s a brotherhood that outsiders shouldn’t have a say in. On the contrary they are paid by the taxpayer and we must demand accountability. We will get it. Finally us congresswoenn like kristen Gillibrand are standing up to the stupid military bro code. She is and will be changing the private trials. U guys may get away with all your rapes now but not for long. We are watching. Be very careful. We will publicly humiliate and ruin the rapists lives later if we have to. This patrick idiot thinks rape is ok by some if it happens to the women by others. Also he thinks muslim people should not have the right to speak to him and hold him accountable for anything because they are all not worthy by virto of being born to muslim parents no matter who that person actually is. Basically this is an example of a double standard of law and justice. The guy patrick doesn’t realize that his comments are merely an example of how these cover ups continue. Everyone else is lying except for the accused rapists. Riiiiigght. Hey Obama is trying to protect the accused actually so that more terrorists don’t emerge out of getting pissed off due to pictures and stories. On The Other Hand SOME Soldiers Are Hateful ENPUGH To Bait IN MORE TERRORiSTS. Spin that! U won’t win for long. Justice may not happen for all but eventually things will come out thanks to social media and the ability for a person with a phone to stir up public outrage. So Keep defending accused rapists, u r totally making our point. Oh and BTW please don’t respond to my post unless ur angry little head just can’t help it. U r way to biased and that makes ur arguments incompetent. If u wanna do something productive patrick look up what the stats are for “reported” rapes of female us soldiers by us soldiers. I personally have heard stories from my friends who served how egregious and negligible the miktary system is for dealing with accused rapists. These criminals should be removed from the military and jailed so they don’t contaminate our military and flaw the decency n
    honor we should exercise.

  • AL House

    I remember these pictures from when I was in the Marines. I used to have the whole set but I traded them for A-Rod’s rookie card and a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

  • LucifeL MartelL

    I sincerely hope someone leaks those photos… When people will see it then it will stay in their conscience a bit longer ….

  • Adessa

    So where are these photos an data? The one picture posted as the cover shows a woman wearing makeup are you telling me prisoners are allowed make up and I am supposed to belive this?

  • Seema Sophia Kapoor

    They went to a country and destroyed it and called them terrorist. USA is the real terrorist. bastards

  • emeraldeyes24

    What is described above is ISIS! How is this not condemned by the World Court. There is nothing that ISIS, the Nazis and every other horrific regime in the past 100 years has done that American military haven’t done. They are like dogs and should receive the death penalty!

  • Terrence S M Popp


  • Natasha Burke

    What most people and more so Americans have no idea who is running/handling their country and them , White House is run by Zionist Jews who hold duel citizenship, CONGRESS, Home Land Security, Federal Reserve, Military, CIA, Police, Courts, Media , the list goes on and these Zionists are known for their hatred of all gentiles. it is time that the American people take back their country because these evil beasts that do these things in wars come from the Zionists that run America .

  • Matthew Rhucroft

    Absolutely appalling. They should be highlighted, disciplined and measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Disgusting men.

  • Mary Frie

    How are we to show the world how to act when we have American Soldiers who act this way. It is a disgrace. Sometime I am horrified by things in other countries thinking it could not happen here. But this American did not act like an American in my estimation and in this case.

  • Rob Bear

    Our faulty images of maleness and manhood. The ones we get for years and years as we grow up.
    Enough to make someone cry.

  • Mohamed

    i know for sure that the intelligence community’s loved to rape many young girls in Iraq Afghanistan…

  • wayne

    Wbailey85 fuking sick bastads they should all be hanged watch out the people are coming obama should be hanged for justcoving it up

  • sameer ahmed

    Harami amereca

  • traveler25

    This is Army strong, USA, USA, USA!

  • Tath_Ngui

    The world needs a Nuremberg-like trial for the American state and its army. It needs this yesterday. The moment we open our mouths to cry about the holocaust, let us address the holocaust that has gone unpunished in our midst. These are not just crimes against humanity, these are a stain on the human soul. Shame is too weak a word for this.

  • Sandra DeNicola

    This is neither surprising or shocking to me because a culture of war and killing of people literally warps the human psyche. It will unveil the most inhumane and depraved of minds because the mind literally caves in under the pressure. The fight /or flight syndrome with no reprieve results in rampant debauchery, savagery and literally a loss of one’s mind , honor and sense of self.

  • Britney