Outlandish on their new album: ‘We are just three guys who love hip-hop’

June 3, 2013 5:25 pm 0 comments Views: 22


You were here last year performing as part of the Dubai International Film Festival. How was it playing to film lovers?

Islam Bachiri: It was a great experience. We come from different continents – Africa, Asia and South America – and met up in Denmark. We love to play to people from different cultures because that was how we grew up in our neighbourhood in Copenhagen.

Warrior is your sixth album. Is it challenging to remain fresh so deep in your career?

Waqas Ali Qadri: It is always a challenge when putting an album out because you are trying to renew yourself. You are telling the same story from a different angle. I believe the gold is within – it’s just a matter of being patient and being at the right time and place.

How would you describe the album’s new sounds?

Bachiri: I don’t know if it’s a new direction musically but as human beings we develop and grow. You get a family and you lose someone; all these things have an effect on you and, in turn, the music. It is always personal. But we do like to keep things organic and we use different musical elements from around the world. We have a track on the album called The Start and it is inspired by a Bollywood song. We also have a song featuring the sitar and a hard hip-hop beat.

Some fans label you as performing Islamic-inspired spiritual music. Where do you guys see yourself?

Bachiri: We are just three guys who love hip-hop. Of course, two of us are Muslims. People like to put labels on you but we just talk about ourselves and what we go through, the good and bad.

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