29 Unintentionally Dirty Autocorrect Mistakes

June 3, 2013 6:45 pm 0 comments Views: 1402

1. Really tired:


2. Back in five:

Back in five:

3. Bad case:

Bad case:

4. Gummy bears:

Gummy bears:

5. Emailed you a pic:

Emailed you a pic:

6. Best hot chocolate ever:

Best hot chocolate ever:

7. Whoa, Ken:

Whoa, Ken:

8. Forplay:


9. Met at a party:

Met at a party:

10. What up daddy-o:

What up daddy-o:

11. Second date:

Second date:

12. My cat:

My cat:

13. Where’s Dad:

Where's Dad:

14. Only what:

Only what:

15. Coming over:

Coming over:

16. Can I borrow some money:

Can I borrow some money:

17. Dad wants to know:

Dad wants to know:

18. I was not flirting with her:

I was not flirting with her:

19. Shower time:

Shower time:

20. Tonight, tomorrow and every night:

Tonight, tomorrow and every night:

21. All I wanted:

All I wanted:

22. Wawa:


23. Holy donkey:

Holy donkey:

24. Worst mother ever:

Worst mother ever:

25. Just shared:

Just shared:

26. How cold is it:

How cold is it:

27. How’s your work day going:

How's your work day going:

28. I will supply the Diet Coke:

I will supply the Diet Coke:

29. My mom gave me some:

My mom gave me some:

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