More than half of Americans have NEVER traveled outside the country – and a third do not even own a passport

May 27, 2013 6:56 pm 0 comments Views: 2601

More than half of Americans – 54per cent – have never traveled outside the U.S., and 35per cent admit that they do not even own a passport.

According to a survey of 2,105 Americans, conducted by CouponCodes4u, 41per cent of travelers who have never been abroad feel that everything worth visiting is in the U.S.

And when asked if they would be more likely to travel to other countries if they could afford to do so, 49per cent said that they would – while more than a quarter, 26per cent, said they would still stick to local vacationing spots.


The grass isn’t always greener: 54per cent of Americans have never traveled outside the U.S., often because they feel America has everything to offer; and 35per cent of Americans don’t even own a passport

The survey was conducted to determine how many Americans were planning on taking a vacation this year, and where they intended to go.

While 56per cent said that they did indeed plan on going on a trip, more than half – 53per cent – said that it would be within their home state.

Only 15per cent of respondents said they planned on vacationing abroad this year.

Of those who said they would remain in their own state, 22per cent admitted that they had never ventured outside its borders before.

Mark Pearson, chairman of CouponCodes4u, said of the results: ‘What struck me by the research was just how much money played a factor into American travelers’ decisions when it came to vacationing either within the state, out of state or abroad.’

Indeed, of the respondents who said they were vacationing in their own state this year, 31per cent said their decision was due to financial reasons.

However, 15per cent of that group confessed they wanted to stay local because there was nowhere else in particular they wanted to visit this year.

Of those who said they had never gone abroad before, 34per cent said that since all their friends and family members are nearby, they feel no need or desire to go elsewhere.

And five per cent of those who had never been abroad admitted they feel the world is too ‘unsafe’ to travel in.

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