50 Things Only ’80s Kids Can Understand

1. That Muppet Babies is greatest cartoon of all time (sorry, Rugrats).


2. Even though they were brother and sister, you thought He-Man and She-Ra made a hot couple.

Even though they were brother and sister, you thought He-Man and She-Ra made a hot couple.

3. The horror and confusion of finding your parents’ old 1970s copy of The Joy of Sex (where the couple looked like hippies).

The horror and confusion of finding your parents' old 1970s copy of The Joy of Sex (where the couple looked like hippies).

4. “Must-see TV” meant The Cosby Show.

"Must-see TV" meant The Cosby Show .

5. Remembering where you were when the Challenger disaster happened.

Remembering where you were when the Challenger disaster happened.

6. Being scared that you were going to fall into a well like Baby Jessica.

Being scared that you were going to fall into a well like Baby Jessica.

7. Wanting to be as cool as Punky Brewster.


8. Aspiring to one day be as cool as the teens in John Hughes movies.

Aspiring to one day be as cool as the teens in John Hughes movies.

9. Being either “Team Cyndi” or “Team Madonna.”

Being either "Team Cyndi" or "Team Madonna."

10. Remembering to “Just Say No.”

Remembering to "Just Say No."

11. Feeling über-cool when you were invited to ’50s-themed parties.

Feeling über-cool when you were invited to '50s-themed parties.

Also, we are now as far removed from the ‘80s as we were to the ‘50s in the ‘80s.

12. The emotional blow you felt when Optimus Prime died in The Transformers: The Movie.

The emotional blow you felt when Optimus Prime died in The Transformers: The Movie .

13. That it’s OK to pass off your robot maid as your child…

That it's OK to pass off your robot maid as your child...

14. …And it’s also OK to harbor a smart-mouthed, cat-murdering, extraterrestrial alien in your home.

…And it's also OK to harbor a smart-mouthed, cat-murdering, extraterrestrial alien in your home.

15. The joy of collecting Garbage Pail Kids and putting the stickers on your bedroom wall.

The joy of collecting Garbage Pail Kids and putting the stickers on your bedroom wall.

16. Being traumatized by one or more of these movies:

Being traumatized by one or more of these movies:

17. Hands Across America — and even if you didn’t participate you still wore the T-shirt.

Hands Across America — and even if you didn't participate you still wore the T-shirt.

18. That it’s perfectly acceptable to wear neon spandex biker shorts with just a T-shirt to school.

That it’s perfectly acceptable to wear neon spandex biker shorts with just a T-shirt to school.

19. Listening to your “We Are the World” 7-inch…

Listening to your "We Are the World" 7-inch...

20. …and Book and Records…

...and Book and Records...

21. …on your state-of-the-art Fisher-Price record player.

...on your state-of-the-art Fisher-Price record player.

22. Watching this commercial over and over just to see if you could catch the moment when Michael Jackson’s hair catches on fire.

23. Taking that little extra time in the morning to get the perfect peg on your jeans.

Taking that little extra time in the morning to get the perfect peg on your jeans.

24. Your parents still holding on to the Betamax player, even though VHS had won the format war.

Your parents still holding on to the Betamax player, even though VHS had won the format war.

25. These were the soundtracks to your life:

These were the soundtracks to your life:

26. Watching 3-2-1 Contact, but mainly for “The Bloodhound Gang” segments.

27. Always picking the banker and then having your family die on The Oregon Trail.

Always picking the banker and then having your family die on The Oregon Trail .

28. That British Knights and L.A. Gear made the coolest shoes.

That British Knights and L.A. Gear made the coolest shoes.

29. The joy of drinking New York Seltzer.

The joy of drinking New York Seltzer.

30. Square One: It was all about Mathnet.

Square One : It was all about Mathnet .

31. Staying warm in Triple Fat Goose.

Staying warm in Triple Fat Goose.

32. The feeling that you could totally beat the obstacle course on Double Dare.

The feeling that you could totally beat the obstacle course on Double Dare .

33. That Ben Affleck will always be Clement Tyler from The Voyage of the Mimi.

That Ben Affleck will always be Clement Tyler from The Voyage of the Mimi .

34. Sam the Olympic Eagle is the first thing that pops into your head, when anyone mentions the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Sam the Olympic Eagle is the first thing that pops into your head, when anyone mentions the 1984 Summer Olympics.

35. Pee-wee’s Playhouse and a big bowl of cereal was the highlight of Saturday mornings.

Pee-wee's Playhouse and a big bowl of cereal was the highlight of Saturday mornings.

36. The creepy feeling of the skin on your vinyl E.T. doll.

The creepy feeling of the skin on your vinyl E.T. doll.

Via: etsy.com

37. The frustration of having to blow into your cartridges in order to get them to work.

The frustration of having to blow into your cartridges in order to get them to work.

38. The shock you felt when you saw Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The shock you felt when you saw Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

39. That Vuarnet T-shirts were best worn with Z. Cavaricci acid-wash jeans (pegged, of course).

That Vuarnet T-shirts were best worn with Z. Cavaricci acid-wash jeans (pegged, of course).

40. The excitement in the air the day the Berlin Wall came down.

The excitement in the air the day the Berlin Wall came down.

41. Starting your day with a balanced breakfast.

Starting your day with a balanced breakfast.

42. The excitement you got each month when your teacher passed out Troll & Scholastic book order forms.

The excitement you got each month when your teacher passed out Troll & Scholastic book order forms.

43. Don’t forget, you get a free poster with your order!

Don't forget, you get a free poster with your order!

44. Using the library catalog to look for a book and the frustration of not finding the index card you were looking for.

Using the library catalog to look for a book and the frustration of not finding the index card you were looking for.

45. The infectious jingle of My Buddy & Kid Sister:

46. The joy of the first scratch on a brand-new Scratch ‘n Sniff sticker.

The joy of the first scratch on a brand-new Scratch 'n Sniff sticker.

47. The stress of pulling the edges off your dot matrix printer paper.

The stress of pulling the edges off your dot matrix printer paper.

48. Getting pumped about the new school year because it meant a new Trapper Keeper.

Getting pumped about the new school year because it meant a new Trapper Keeper.

49. That slap bracelets were both a fashion accessory and a weapon.

That slap bracelets were both a fashion accessory and a weapon.

50. Knowing this was the best part of having a birthday party.

Knowing this was the best part of having a birthday party.

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  • Jojo

    Seriously…#3 actually happened to me..and I read it cover to cover when I was 11….

    • Always

      Me too….the armpit hair was horrifying. As was the instructions telling you how sensual it was to suck on it *shudder*

      It will haunt me till the day I die!

  • Rich

    Except we were not “TEAM” Madonna / Cyndi Lauper. That stupid “TEAM” term is an invention of the 2010’s / those dumb vampire books.

    • Just Ducky

      Actually, it goes back even further than that with Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie…

  • I wish I still had ALL that stuff! (TT_TT)

  • christina

    thanks for the trip down memory lane

  • DakotaCelt

    I will add one more:

    Mall bangs and squanet!

  • Best post ever!!!!

  • Kang

    The only things left out of that list?
    Cabbage Patch
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Speak n Spell

    you’re welcome.

    • Michelle

      Forgot about Lite-Brite, Uno, Connect 4, Operation, Rubiks cube, Pound puppies.

  • Thanks for the memories! How did the world go so wrong, oh, yeah…the music got weird….

  • Great stuff! Flashback material!

  • Ruth

    looking at all of these brought back so many good memory’s wish I could go back to my child hod

  • Gerry M.

    Wow, awesome! What a flash back that was! Great Job!

  • Tequawn

    Very good..I remember alot of that…

  • LOL!

  • terrence

    Muppet Babies sucked: they’d get to wrapped up into their little “fantasy” and suddenly be in grave danger. Then nanny would walk in, and they’d be all “wooooah we’re just in the nursery!”. Later in life I’d recognize this as a “bad acid trip”

  • Fred

    I was a child of the ’70s, and still don’t remember most of those.

  • Joe

    i remember 90% of those… though calling it “tean Madonna” and “Team Cindy” on here pissed me off a little.

  • Marc D.

    No, please don’t be over, I need 20 more of those! That was amazing, GREAT job to whomever put that together!

  • You had me at #1. Fun fact: It wasn’t me who was upset when Optimus Prime died. It was my mom, who actually cried in the theater. I made fun of her then, and I still do. The thing is, it wasn’t because “crying was for babies” or even that I just wasn’t that into Transformers. It’s that even at the age of seven, I recognized the nobility of Prime’s death. I admired him for it a lot more than I was upset by it. Plus, the movie kept going. There wasn’t much point in fixating on that with 2/3 of the story to go!

    I am kinda disappointed, though, that this list doesn’t make any reference to learning the Dos and Don’ts of being a kid from G.I. Joe PSAs. To you younger kids who may not know, at the end of every episode of G.I. Joe was a little PSA in which kids were confronted by various situations ranging from whether to cheat on homework to getting in a car with a stranger with candy. A member of G.I. Joe would always intervene and help the kids make the right decision. And now you know…

    • Natasha

      And knowing is half the battle.

  • This was an awesome little montage here.I remember all those things and even sang the My Buddy jingle out loud, my kids were not impressed. lol

  • Loved the Pizza scented scratch and sniff sticker!


    Thank God I’m a 70’s kid.
    You 80’s kids show clearly why you’re destroying the world your parents and grandparents created. No wonder they call you Gen X. Could you be any more soulless and vapid?

    • DS Bruce Robertson

      What an astronomically idiotic comment to make about a snippet of pop culture. I was born in 1970 and you’re fooling yourself if you think a similar list of 70’s touchstones wouldn’t betray the same American experience. But I’m sure you were knee deep in Hunter S. Thompson and Lester Bangs on Saturday mornings when you were 6 instead of watching Sigmund The Sea Monster and The Great Space Coaster (you know shows with GRAVITAS!). You clearly bought into “The Most Important Person” series in a big way.


    • Happy Cat

      Wow. Could you be more old and miserable?

    • Dr.M

      Hey, man, sometimes you gotta burn down woodstock. on the bright side, at least we weren’t the assholes who created disco.

    • Marcus boring

      Really, do you scream at neighborhood kids to get off you lawn. But hey thank god for disco.

    • JPG

      “The Jackass Who Poops on Memory Lane” will be played by STALLION.

  • Silicon Addict

    You guys missed the swatch craze.

    • Casey

      Nope. We didn’t destroy it; they did, and they’re still doing it. They let themselves be brainwashed with Grapes of Wrath, and this Democrat/Republican mess. They don’t even understand what it’s like to live in the world they created.

    • I still have my swatch phone! It was so cool how you could talk into both pieces at once…..

  • Joanne Serin

    Memories of your childhood – makes me feel so old when your generation does “Remember whens”.

  • O my goodness. Do I remember all that or what. As a teacher I get excited about the book order forms. I was Molly Ringwald in 1988. What I wouldn’t give for that sweet Strawberry shortcake cereal or Smurf cereal. I bought the Transformers VHS for my son to see and The Dark Crystal still gives me the creeps. I bought it on DVD. The 80’s was such a great time to grow up.

    • My buddy, my buddy
      My buddy, my buddy
      Wherever I go, heee goes
      My buddy, my buddy
      My buddy, my buddy
      My buddy & meeeee …
      Kid sister, sister
      Kid sister, sister
      Wherever I go, she’s gonna go
      Kid sister, sister
      Kid sister, sister
      Kid sister and meeee

      Oh, that’s a huge spoiler (Optimus Prime)

      • Eric

        My buddy, my buddy
        My buddy, my buddy
        Wherever I go, heee goes
        My buddy, my buddy
        My buddy, my buddy
        My buddy & meeeee …
        Kid sister, sister
        Kid sister, sister
        Wherever I go, she’s gonna go
        Kid sister, sister
        Kid sister, sister
        Kid sister and meeee

      • flocker

        I actually still have the dolls but the my buddy doll still gives me the creeps after closely resembling the chucky doll!!

        • Travis

          Actually, the Chucky Doll resembled the My Buddy Doll … ust sayin 😛

      • Dazzler

        Ugh. The lyric as it relates to Kid Sister is: “Wherever I go, you’re gonna go,” not “she’s gonna go.” Don’t you know anything? You were probably born in 1989… grumble

    • Tiffaney

      Seeing this list gave me chills…It was 3rd – 5th grade all over again…*smiles*

    • Kristin

      I STILL love that Strawberry Shortcake scent!!

      • Stacy

        LUSH Rock Star soap smells EXACTLY like Strawberry Shortcake! That’s why it’s been my soap for 10 years!!

  • James

    THOSE were the GOOD old days, man!!! The 80’s *ROCKED*!!!!! I wish time travel was possible, cause I would go back to January 1, 1980 befiore any other time in history!! Live thru that decade again – near myself, when I was a child – and do all the things I WANTED TO DO, but couldn’t becuase I was too young TO do any of those things!!

  • Marni

    I think I just relived my preteen/teen years! This is just complete awesomeness!

    Molly Ringwald was “the” teen actress. All the girls secretly wanted to be her and all the guys lusted after her.

    Troll & Scholastic! Oh how I miss those!

    I totally forgot about “The Joy of Sex” book. Yes, my parents had one and the pictures were just ghastly!

  • Jessica

    This is awesome. I Forgot about some of this stuff until I saw it and that stupid Jingle for My buddy is now stuck in my head..lol

  • What’s funny is that I wasn’t even born in the 80’s and I remember half, if not more, of this stuff growing up. I had a chairry just like in pee wees playhouse and I had a miniature Jambi the Genie. I had snap bracelets and remember pulling the siding off of matrix paper. I also enjoyed watching The Muppet Babies show too… I scratched and sniffed stickers, looked through the card index in the library, and was excited about scholastic book fairs. I also own the Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth because I enjoyed watching them as a kid… I was born in 1990.

    • Ashleigh

      Right? I’m a ’94 baby, and I remember over half of these.

  • Leah

    So, do you collaborate with Buzzfeed, or is it just difficult to write your own articles?


    • kim

      They just “hit the share button” we all do it when we find something we think is entertaining or funny….

    • What kind of website copies an entire article and then doesn’t even attribute it? That’s not okay.

      • kim

        oh be quiet and sit down and dont ruin it for the rest of the class!

  • Shawn

    I remember most of the stuff on this list, minus some of the music, and fashion stuff. I still remember loosing it when Optimus Prime died. The ups and downs of childhood. lol

  • nate

    only an 80’s baby would be so self-absorbed in their culture, allowing them to think that the muppet babies was the greatest cartoon of all time.

    the greatest cartoons of all time, their time/yours/still today, were the warner brothers cartoons. most famous are the bugs bunny (maybe you heard of them) cartoons, but warner made several other cartoon brands as well.

    the 80’s are lucky to have anything good remembered from them. it was a sparse decade for quality art.

    yours truly,

    a 90’s baby

    • Amber

      Nate…..Warner Brother’s cartoons have been around A LOT longer than any 90’s babies! And the article didn’t say there was anything great about them (just Muppet Babies was great when we were kids), it just said we could understand it! Want to talk about self-absorbed, damn!

    • Nicole

      hahahahaha. The 90’s were great. The best cartoon of all time is Fraggle Rock, followed by the Animaniacs. No one really wants to start a cartoon war, especially in 2013.

    • bostonstrong617

      so you are bashing a decade in which you were not even a thought yet? Kind of hard to take that seriously. in fact it is a bit hypocritical. It is completely a subjective article. but i guess 90’d babies are too self absorbed because you werent spanked or disciplined. go back to your video games.

    • Cat

      Nate, you are confusing 80s kids with 90s kids. It’s 90s kids who think EVERYTHING past, present, and future came from their generation.

      Don’t take things so seriously – my goodness, it’s just a fun little article. It’s just cartoons. Also, I’m an 80s kid who appreciates Warner Brothers much more than Muppet Babies, so let’s not assume everyone from the 80s is a complete waste, k?

    • Lindsey

      Nate, you are so, so, so wrong. Wrong on all counts.
      I feel bad for you- being an 80s kid was great. 🙂

    • Steph

      I was a youngster in 80s, but I have to agree with you. While I admit to watching Muppet Babies, I still watch Loony Tunes to this day and still love them.

      The main difference between those cartoons and cartoons like Muppet Babies is that the ones made in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and even into the 70s were made for adults and contain adult humor. It is brilliant comedy that is funny at any age. Kids love the quirky characters and bright colors, and adults get a laugh out of things that go right over their kids’ heads. I doubt we will see anything that brilliant come out of the cartoon world again in our lifetime. JMHO

      • Sarah

        Nate & Steph,

        Nice job. You are both SO CORRECT. I was born in ’74, so was an 80’s “kid.” Nothing beat out a good violent episode of bugs bunny or my absolute favorites that were directed by the great Tex Avery (full of drinking, smoking, big bad wolves, sticks of dynamite, bombs and that poor wolf who could never seem to get rid of that lil billy billy billy goat [even strapped him to a rocket and launched him to the moon!]. Droopy and Butch were great creations of his as well). And guess what? I am a well-adjusted 38 year old, with steady employment, no criminal record, happily married, don’t own a gun … in other words, I turned out fine. I sure wish they had a Looney Tunes channel that ran 24/7. It would be on at my house ALL THE TIME. Muppet Babies sucked.

        • Kelly

          They do, it’s a cable channel called Boomerang. My kids watch Loney Toones, Tom and Jerry and all the Hanna Barbera cartoons. They love it.

          • I too am 80 kids and My kids love Looney-Toons And I still find these cartoons more appropriate for my 5 & 2 year old than, say, Sponge Bob Square Pants UGH Something about those subliminal messages sponge bob shows is more violent and damaging (in my own opinion) than the blunt funny violence good old Bugs Bunny Sports. And even at the tender age of 5 my daughter understands it just a cartoon and should not be “tried at home” LOL

    • Kristin

      I think it was a nice thing for the author to make this.. very cool!

      I personally agree that listing the Muppet Babies as “the greatest cartoon of all time” was strange, especially considering all the fantastic cartoons that came out in the 80’s! Thundercats, GI Joe, The Smurfs, He-Man.. just to name a few that immediately come to mind (I wouldn’t even think of Muppet Babies if you asked me to name some of the great 80’s cartoons).
      However, Bugs Bunny was created in the 40’s and the Looney Tunes that ran thru the 80’s actually began in the early 70’s. This list is meant specifically for stuff that came out in the 80’s, which is why THAT one isn’t listed.

      I think it’s hilarious that you talk about how the 80’s generation is so self absorbed in their culture, yet you make sure to let us know that YOU are a 90’s baby. That’s self absorbed! I’m NOT an 80’s baby, but the only reason I’m telling you that is so you know I’m not writing this in defense of myself. I’m writing this because I think YOU’RE self absorbed to think that just because one guy made an 80’s themed list for people to reminisce, you think that makes anyone who grew up in the 80’s narcissistic.

      There’s tons of similar “lists” online for all decades and generations, and they all have great stuff and quality art.. even the 90’s, so stop hatin’ on other people’s childhoods! I’m sure if this was a 90’s list, you’d think it was the best thing ever and blow your load! The reason I think that is because YOU are a narcissistic, self-absorbed brat who took the time to read a list of FIFTY things from the 1980’s, even though you think the decade was garbage and “lucky to have anything good remembered from them” … probably just so you could troll and leave shitty comments to try and ruin other people’s brief moment of happiness as they’re remembering stuff from their childhoods that they might have forgotten about.

      I hope it was worth it for you, because writing this reply was DEFINITELY worth it for me! I love to call out morons who think they’re smarter and cooler than everyone else. Especially online, since most trolls like you only say stuff like that because they’re hiding behind a computer and hence get “online balls”. I’m sure you don’t have any in real life and wouldn’t have the guts to say most of the comments you make online in real life to real people. On the other hand, I do.

      So even though you’ll probably respond to this with some “badass” reply that you wouldn’t say unless you were hiding behind your comp, I know that in reality you’re probably having a hissy fit. So when you’re done wiping away your tears, use that Kleenex to wipe the diarrhea spewing from your mouth and then shut it for good… at least until you have something to say that’s nice, intelligent, or worthwhile to society. Or something you actually know anything about and that you can back up in real life! 😀 XOXOXOXO

      • Jen

        Kristin, you are awesome. Nate, hate to tell you but if you think the 90s were so great (as I do too, since those were my college & grad school years), you can thank the kids of the 80s, 70s, 60s, and earlier for creating all that you loved about the 90s. So get over yourself. Being born during the same decade that “cool” things were created is a pretty lame thing to take pride in. Surely you can come up with something you actually accomplished yourself.

      • I was thinking the same thing, only not as verbose. How can you say that the 90’s were better when you never lived in the 80’s? I had a great time growing up in the 80’s. I wish my kids could have grown up in that era. You didn’t have to worry near as much about the things that your kids were exposed to in daily life. Cartoons were clean, not as much foul language in movies, sex wasn’t as front and center as it is now. All of those things are unnecessary. It makes me sad for future generations.

    • Brandilyn

      I don’t think we’re self absorbed…but even if we were, at least we know our sentence structure, and rules of capitalization and punctuation, which you apparently do not.

      • Grammar Police?

        I don’t think we’re self absorbed…but even if we were, at least we know our sentence structure, and rules of capitalization and punctuation, which you apparently do not.

        If you’re talking about sentence structure etc this should actually read as:
        I don’t think we’re self absorbed…but even if we were, at least we know our sentence structure, and rules of capitalization and punctuation, which you, apparently, do not.

        Note the extra comma’s, which are required in that last sentence as breath or statement breaks.

        • Kayoss

          Grammar Police: You couldn’t be more wrong. Your extra comma’s are just that: extra. I’m an actual editor, not the fake online grammar police.

    • Steph

      Wow, guess only the 90s could produce such a narcissistic, condescending, sarcastic little turd like you. Instead of enjoying the trip back in time, you go and mock all the people born in the 80’s just so you can satiate your need to feel better and smarter than the rest of the people enjoying this article.

      Nice life you have there, boy.

    • joel woelfle

      Tom & Jerry… still makes me laugh

    • RO

      Warner Brother’s cartoons, while funny as a kid before I knew any better) were racist, sexist tripe. Just because something is old doesn’t make it “classic”. Just makes it old.

    • nathan

      dude you just dont know man, the muppet babies was the shit, and nothing after came close, we also had the smurf, and I am sorry your generation will never have the joy we had, all your cartoons were gay!!

    • Crystal

      You don’t ant won’t get it. Of course bugs bunny is a classic, but Muppet Babies was way more interesting. They had personalities and story lines. Not the same cat chasing bird, coyote chasing road runner. Live it and you’d have gotten it.

    • chad

      im a 80s baby but pretty much missed everything bout it cause i was born in 89 and was not till the mid 90s when i was old enough that i got to see all the good stuff that had come in the 80s though i liked the muppet babies i have to say transformers generation one was my prefurred show loved scratchin the stickers the book orders and playing with the slap bands also mario and duck hunt is the shit blowing into cartriges was alright oregon trail challenging lost many a faimly memebers along the way also for those looking to watch some of the shows of old they got the hub which has transformers g1, alf, gi joe and a few others to watch also breakfast club was good to

    • M

      I think the idea here was that in our sugar coated 80’s minds, we thought the Muppet Babies was the greatest cartoon ever. Like everything else on this page, it’s a comment stuck im time. It would be like saying Rugrats was the best cartoon ever, or that any of the cereals in that picture were the best cereals ever though they all tasted the same).

  • Ariel Segal

    I agree w/ 1, 4, 5, 20, 21, 26, 27, 30, 33, 37, 38, 40, 42 through 48 🙂 Yup I qualify. btw 30 years ago Return of The Jedi was cleaning up at the box office. Time flies…

  • Charlie_123

    Great, now they need to make a list like this for boys

  • Joni-Rae

    omg. I actually laughed out loud when reading these! * memories!*

  • Remember all but the voyage of Mimi miss those good days care free and safe

  • Elizabeth

    Even though I was only born at the end of the 80s this all still pretty much applys to me anyhow….somehow. LOVE THE 80’s

  • mary

    Well, I remember some but not all…the eighties was kind of the end of my cultural agenda…having started in the fifties and had a child in 87…some of what she was looking at rubbed off…but she can sure sing every song from the sixties on up…that is something to be proud of..LOL..muppet babies…not sure we watched those…But yah prolly the eighties was the end of innocence as we knew it…the millenia kids have to start over it is year 13 and I don’t see anything but advancement in technology that stumps me now…my telephone skills are over at texting…LOL…

    • TheLadyZeke

      Feel for ya, Mary. I’m pushin’ 50 and I can keep up with the technology. Don’t make yourself old before your time!

  • Mark

    I’m an 80s kid and I think Muppet Babies completely sucks. Most of the others I agree with.

  • Eve

    They forgot Kabangers!!

  • mike golden

    bring back memories for sure…….

  • eric

    Where’s the Beef!!!

  • crazy cajun

    You mean that a world existed after 1979. Sorry I was a kid of the late 60s and early 70s. This is not familiar to me. Guess I am stuck in a time warp where I skipped the last 20- to 30 years. Now I wake up in a new century and haven’t got a clue where things went wrong.

  • Amanda

    My buddy, my buddy
    Wherever I go, heeee goes
    My buddy, my buddy,
    I’ll teach him everything that I know.
    My buddy and me like to climb up a tree,
    My buddy and me we’re the best friends there could be.
    My buddy, my buddy, my buddy and meeee.

  • omg this is so cool it brings back memories…trapper keeprs….i loved those and the stratch and sniff stickers…..the 80’s made kids kids….not like those ppl born in the 90’s

  • Jeff

    this is the first 80s posting that actually made me feel old! i remember it as it if was just 25-30 years ago..

  • Carrie

    What I wouldn’t give to only have to blow on a videogame to make it work again. #Spoiled

  • 80s Kids Rule!

  • JP

    No one ever mentions how popular the slasher horror movies or pro-wrestling was in these 80’s lists. They were huge back then!

  • #42 & #43 – YES!!!

  • Tiffany T

    I was born in 1988 and still remember almost all of this different stuff.

  • they should have added, getting the JCPenny (or equivalent) Christmas Catalog

    • GJB

      I’d immediately turn to the toys and games sections of those catalogs. I’d also be lucky if I got my hands on one before my Mom would.

    • heather

      Or the Brand Names cataloq.

    • Kate

      Yes, I remember the JCPenney Catalog, what I remember more is the Sears Catalog that is also no longer published. I remember how lovely I thought everything was and how i wanted my life to look like that when i grew up

    • Angie

      When my kids were little in the 90’s, it was the Toys-R-Us catalog. They couldn’t WAIT for it!

  • Yes me too. I totally remember all that. I loved the cartoons like bugs bunny and the 80’s seaseme street. I loved the scratch and sniff and the he-man cartoon. I grew up in the 80’s. I loved MTV and playing foursquare and watching American Bandstand. I remember when Janet sang on the show she was so shy and then Madonna sang in the show she did great. Then I remember Romper room where leonardo Dicapro was little and he went on the show to see if the mirror was really a magic mirror and then he was escorted off the set cause he wanted to grab it from the teacher. That was funny! Then the credits rolled. I also remember double dare. I like to watch double dare.

  • Billy

    1. I hated Muppet Babies AND Rugrats
    2. Teela was way hotter.
    3. Never seen that book. Now I can’t unsee it.
    4. Trying to find an argument but can’t. You got me there.
    5. Nope. Don’t remember where I was. Why does it matter where I was?
    Why make it about me?
    6. Nope, I was never worried about that. Who’s Baby Jessica?
    7. I was way cooler than Punky Brewster.
    8. Those whiny bitches? No way! Except for Judd Nelson. He was harsh.
    9. I was actually Team Michael…before the kid-touching.
    10. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that.
    11. 50s theme parties? WTF does that got to do with the 80s?
    12. I thought it was pretty cool actually. Glad they brought him back though.
    13. No it was not okay. it was pretty distubing.
    14. Got me there too. ALF was cool.
    15. I stuck em on the fridge, much to my mom’s dismay.
    16. Didn’t see either of them.
    17. Yuck. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that shirt.
    18. it’s still okay for chicks to do that
    19. Double yuck!
    20. This I’ll cop to…
    21. but, I had a real one.
    22. Never watched that video. I think that’s the point in time where
    I stopped listening to MJ
    23. nah, never did that. i just rolled em up if they were too long.
    24. never had a beta Max.
    25. Some of it, but mostly G N’R and Metallica..
    26. never wated 3-2-1 Contact. i watched Electric Company for the
    Spider-Man segments.
    27. Damn Oregon Trail. I hate you!
    28. Never was into brand loyalty for my clothes.
    29. i hate seltzer. Yuck!
    30. What’s Square One?
    31. What’s that? a life preserver?
    32. And i still can.
    33. What’s that?
    34. Sam the eagle from the Muppets just popped into my head. I don’t know
    what that thing is.
    35. No, that would be Super-Friends and pancakes.
    36. Didn’t have one.
    37. that I did go through.
    38. Nope. Didn’t see it.
    39. might as well be speaking french here. not registering at all.
    40. Couldn’t have cared less.
    41. Mr. T is the only one of those cereals i remember.
    42. Okay I did like these. i remember getting a Transformers book
    43. I don’t remember the poster.
    44. Yep. Libraries are stupid. yay for the internet.
    45. May the writer of those hingles burn in hell.
    46. Joy? more like mild amusement.
    47. Stress? I did that for fun.
    48. pumped? About school supplies? nerd!
    49. they were a toy.
    50. We got a Ninja Turtle cake pan and never used it. thanks for bringing up
    painful memories.

    • Steven Powell

      Um – Who cares about whether or not you liked these? You took the time to answer each one. Speaks volumes about your life

    • Alana

      Did you grow up in this country…in the 80’s?

    • T

      So Billy, you are either not an 80’s baby or were so oblivious that you missed and/or didn’t understand anything that was going on in the world around you. Thanks for the useless commentary, dude. Way to make yourself look like an ass.

    • Mar

      Funny that you even took the time to tediously go through all 50 items and negatively comment….loser!

  • Wow Jammell you should remember most of these you are an 80’s baby.

  • 80s baby

    My mom still buys the Wilton cake pans and makes cakes for mine and my sister’s kids birthdays

  • Bruce

    Ok, I admit it, I loved “Hungry Like A Wolf” and I miss much of the 80s. Remember Bougeois Tagg? “Several years ago I said goodbye to my own sanity, but I don’t mind at all”. ok, I drank too much.

  • I got to disagree on #34, on personal grounds. When I think of the 1984 Summer Olympics, I don’t think of Sam. I think of having the honor of carrying the torch for a leg on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

    • stewart1783

      I am sure that was GREAT! you probably felt very patriotic!! something I am sure kids today might miss out one!

      • stewart1783

        they can do that – I tried to delete my initial comment! sorry!

  • Jr

    I have such a problem with #9. There was no “Team this guy” or “Team that girl”. That’s some serious Twilight bullshit. Don’t put that stink on us…

    • Sara

      Well, that’s just not true. They probably didn’t say “team” before it, but I know in Europe you were either a DuranDuran fan or a Wham! fan 😛

    • TheLadyZeke

      I’m a child of the 70s, and I’m with you. Why not just “either Madonna or Cyndi”? Twilight blows.

  • Tom

    I had a friends mother who invented S’mores Crunch cereal. I always ‘rolled’ my pants. Ordered a Ghostbusters book from the troll/Scolastic book club. Couldn’t wait to get to the library so I could play with the computers. PET computers. I decorated my Trapper Keeper with Garbage pail kids stickers.

  • Matt

    Killer Klowns from outer space and Conan the Barbarian were also traumatizing

  • aurjay

    I remember watching the challenger explosion in my class room. It was broadcast live in all florida schools if i remember.

  • Scott Free

    I was born on 1971 and I remember all that stuff and more…. I think the time line is somewhat messed up.

  • Neither Muppet Babies nor Rugrats were anywhere close to the greatest cartoons of all time, no matter how many Star Destroyers are in the closet.

  • Debbie

    You’re forgetting a few things. . . 1980 Winter Olympics & “The Miracle On Ice” . . . The Muppet Show (MUCH better than Muppet Babies). . . leg warmers . . . and you put scratch & sniff stickers, but what about STICKER COLLECTING/STICKER ALBUMS? Puffy stickers? Foil stickers? Stickers in general. 😉

    • Angie

      I STILL have my sticker collection with scratch-n-sniff, puffy stickers, fuzzy stickers, and foil, shiny stickers in it. I also collected some of the pictures of the collectible plates by Lenox of the time that came in coupon books, magazines, and catalogs.

  • Gregory M. Maddox

    Honorable Mention (#51): You attended the New Orleans World Exposition {World’s Fair} during 1984, or else the Knoxville World’s Fair in 1982.

    • Expo ’86

      Or Expo ’86 in Vancouver.

  • Me

    Actually, I did blow into my nintendo cartridges, but you really really shouldn’t have, that makes it worse. By blowing into them (try blowing in a mirror) that puts moisture in the cartridge (some people even LICKED them)

    I found out years later that the nintendo was made really crappily, and there was a chip in it that didn’t work/line up well, they later released a nintendo which was top loading which solved these problems- though way too late for me. When I got my Genesis, I noticed I never had that problem with Nintendo that I was expecting.

  • Twerp85

    What about all the amazing commercial jingles!

    this video has some of the classics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxGz03v1KbY

  • I was born around the #40 “Berlin Wall came down” yet I remember most of these recollections of time… I guess it was during ’92 – ’93 t.v. changed cause I remember He-Man, Muppet Baby’s, nintendo, etc.

  • Lisa

    I think was a great way to remember things from our past. To be honest I still have toys from the 80’s and does my brother. The cartoons were better to watch, the ones today are to much computer animation. The Nintendo we played at the only person’s house in the area. I so wanted to be on Double Dare, my mother thought that show was so disgusting. Where are the great shows for kids to watch and participate on?

  • Bob

    I remember almost all these things, though I didn’t necessarily like that many of them– particularly as I was not a TV or movie buff. But OH, I thought I was the only one on the planet who had parents that owned a book called, “The Joy of Sex”– found it in the attic one day. That was a very, very disturbing day in my life! The pics inside… ugh. I’d be a better person not having seen that! I was pretty sure then that it had belonged to the people who lived there before us… and they just forgot to pack it…

  • aguyinatl

    How could you forget knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe

  • stewart1783

    LOVE IT!!! my favorite childhood smell is this – the Halloween plastic bucket. Once filled up with candy and you drop it on the floor to investigate what you got, the bucket smelled so good!!!!!! I am strange, but I love it!!!!

  • stewart1783

    what about Units (women clothing) or Ronald Reagan?

  • Stephanie

    OMG, Trapper keepers were so cool back then. LOL. I remember most of that stuff. I still have the whole set of the garbage pail kids trading cards. IN good condition too.

  • somebody else

    My absolute favorite things of the 80’s were Jello pudding and gelatin pops, Rainbow Bright cereal and reading rainbow.

  • Aaron

    Seriously? No mention of Miami Vice?

  • Mike

    I was born in the 80’s and only remember about 3 or 4 of these… The rest we didnt really have in UK…

  • Aimee

    I always wanted to do Double Dare, just as long as I didn’t have to do Pick-It. That was gross.
    Also, calm the eff down, everyone. It’s a neat list that’s sole purpose is for people to look back and remember all the fun they had growing up. Every decade had something cool about it, so chill out!

  • The 80’s rock, but what about Billy Idol?

  • Will Boyer

    Wow have the times passed! I miss the 80’s. Trapper Keepers! Mr.T cereal! All man..

  • DEFINITELY not my generation, I barely Know few things

  • Chris

    *sniff* Optimus, no…

  • Kim

    Do you remember the Monchichi dolls and commercials?
    Monchhichi Monchhichi
    Oh so soft and cuddly
    With a thumb in your mouth she’s really neat
    Fun to wiggle his little feet
    Ya! ya! ya!
    Ya! ya! ya!
    Happy happy Monchhichi!
    (child voice over: I love you Monchichi!)
    I had one of these! 🙂

  • Sean Stormcrow

    “That Muppet Babies is greatest cartoon of all time”

    PLEASE go die in a nuclear meltdown, you retarded mongoloid asshat.

  • Ron

    Micro machines!

  • Emily

    80’s chunky plastic charms were a huge thing! I never see them even mentioned, but anyone remember them?

    Also didn’t punky Brewster have a cartoon for a bit and there was a leprauchan?

    I dunno I don’t think anyone remembers how awesome the muppet babies cartoon was. Shirt tales and the get along gang were also favorites.

  • TheLadyZeke

    These things are not of my generation, but I knew them well, as a young mother. My little girl would always be excited when it was time to watch “Cobby Show” – nearly sliced her wrist open with a slap bracelet – adored “Pawa Abool” – and screamed her head off at the opening scenes to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Poor girl couldn’t take him being beat up so badly. She’s 27 now, and my grandson’s the age she was when all of this was new.

    Time passes quicker, the older you get. I still feel like that 20something young mom.

  • Kendall

    I disagree with the first one – Ninja Turtles was the best cartoon of all time. 😀 And is it bad that I don’t remember any of that other stuff (even though I was born in 1987)? I remember The Cosby Show but I was more of a Full House person. And The Labyrinth traumatized me when I was in high school. *shudders* I had lots of those Book and Record things, only they were cassette tapes for me, not records. But I played them in the same cabinet we had the record player in. 🙂 Ugh, how did we survive the nightmare of doing research in a library without Internet? Scratch ‘n Sniff stickers were awesome! lol Dot matrix printers, we still have one of those where I work. But I remember when I was really little and we still had one. Slap bracelets, I had those in the 90s. Actually, most of the things I do remember were from the 90s…lol

  • Travis

    What about the WWF rubber action figures….

  • Jopet

    I think starwars is missing in this list

  • Parker

    You forgot H.R. Pufnstuf…

  • Thundercats, HO! Best after school cartoon show in history! Shnarf Shnarf. And yes, I experienced almost every item on this list as well. The 80’s really was a great time to grow up and be a kid.

  • OMG! This makes me so miss the 80’s. There could be a whole ‘nother list about being a teen/early adult in the 80’s. Yuppies, Wall Street, jeans with the knees cut out of them…
    Only a couple on this list that don’t apply to me…

  • Tom

    Three words for you….Dukes.of.Hazard.

  • Dave

    Forgot to mention Santa Bears – people were crazy for those things. Had our car window smashed out in December in Minnesota because a thief wanted the Santa Bear in the car. Great list, this brought back a lot of memories, good and bad. For the record, who cares if this was shared, linked, cut and pasted – it was still enjoyable to read. Almost as fun as the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books we would order from Scholastic…

  • OMG I had at least 30 I could relate to, that was so much fun and way cool gotta try it!!!!! Flashback………to the 80’s! 46 and 48 for sure..

  • OMG what a totatlly fun thing to do ……… i can totally relate to at least 30 of these things on the list especially 46 and 48!!!!!!!!!!

  • omg what a flash back

  • Michelle

    Wait, I guess I would be an 80s kid. I came of age in the 80s, even though I was born in 71. I was 10 in 81 when I became aware of Duran Duran, Wham, Air Supply and Journey. I hated Muppet Babies but He Man and Shera, yeah.

    What about Scooby Doo? Wasn’t that 80s too. And all the Hanna Barbera cartoons. I liked those. Missed the 80s.

  • paul

    and one more thing always wondering how the trolley made it to make believe land after leaving Mr Rogers living room 🙂

  • Iz

    Muppet babies? You gotta be kidding me. STAR BLAZERS was the greatest cartoon of all time.

  • I seriously appreciate your content of your blogs, they are wonderful in content, beautiful in pics and useful of ways.

  • Expo ’86

    What about MTV, you know, back when the “M” actually stood for Music?

    “Yo Muppet Babies, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Alvin & the Chipmunks had the best cartoon of all time…best cartoon of all time!” -Kanye West

  • Kevin

    Only thing’s I would’ve loved to see on the list was Dyno-Riders, Micro Machines, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, Birthday parties at McDonald’s/Hardee’s and The Land Before Time. Other than that, great!

  • Kevin

    Oh yeah, also MTV when it actually used to be Music!

  • No. 12 – Absolutely. And even though it was expected, that didn’t make it sting any less.
    No. 42 – Note the “Dune Storybook” ad on the upper left and the text, “You saw the movie – now relive the adventure…” It should have just said, “You saw the movie?”

  • Ricardo

    And the best thing about the 80s? The music! I’m gonna put on some Duran Duran right now!

  • Davey

    The best cartoons of the 80’s were Thundercats and Voltron! Everything else paled in comparison.

  • Jenn

    1 – watched as a little kid sometimes, but preferred “Jem and the Holograms”
    2 – What siblings on what planet were these two based upon??? NO brother & sister on Earth are THAT friendly towards each other…
    3 – Never heard of it, thank God…
    4 – Watched occasionally, but not really interested in it.
    5 – Sitting in the hospital in Fort Hood.
    6 – I honestly knew nothing about this story until I was an adult.
    7 – LOVED Punky Brewster! I thought she was awesome! She was just like me. Now my daughter likes that show, too! 🙂
    8 – Really cool movie, but there’s NO WAY kids could actually get away with that in real life… Schools make their teachers STAY IN THE ROOM with detention attendees.
    9 – Liked their music in the 80’s, but not their looks. Cyndi has mellowed her appearance, but Madonna is still out of control. I preferred the Bangles and Journey…
    10 – ALWAYS said “HELL NO” to drugs…
    11 – Never went to a 50’s party, but no loss there… did go with a friend to an 80’s party a few years back as Paula Abdul. 🙂
    12 – sorry, missed this episode…
    13 – Liked this show… Always hoped that they would make her real one day…
    14 – that thing always gave me the creeps…
    15 – EEEEWW! GROSS!!! Those things made me sick to my stomach!! (Of course, so did the Cabbage Patch Kids)
    16 – Don’t really remember “Return to Oz”, but the other two are STILL favorites of mine. 🙂
    17 – I remember it, but never did it or have the shirt.
    18 – LOVED those things! Just not in solid neon colors… they HAD to be black with stripes on the sides.
    19 – Not on vinyl, but I still listen to this song from time to time. Hey, it’s a great song.
    20 – Never had them…
    21 – had it, but never used it.
    22 – First saw the commercial in a video clip on the movie “Jacksons: the American Dream”
    23 – This was a huge PAIN IN THE ARSE to do… I preferred wearing the zipper-leg jeans so I didn’t have to mess with rolling them.
    24 – I can’t remember when my parents finally got rid of that thing… I think they may still have it. LOL
    25 – Bon Jovi, Paula Abdul, Footloose, Debbie Gibson, and Janet Jackson – yes. The others, only CHOICE tracks from some earlier albums… And George Michael’s “Faith” – I liked that song, mostly because I remember Wade Hunter performing it at a school talent show, dressed head to toe like George.
    26 – never watched it.
    27 – never played it.
    28 – LOVED wearing those… BOTH of them. I had a pair of LA Gears in white with blue accents that I wore for volleyball (school colors) in high school. I miss them…
    29 – never tried it
    30 – never saw it
    31 – Don’t remember those…
    32 – would’ve LOVED to be on that show!
    33 – is that REALLY Ben Affleck???
    34 – Actually, the first thing that pops into MY head when the Olympics are mentioned, regardless of year, is the five-ring logo, as well as the current security issues of the events…
    35 – DESPISED that show! I always thought he was just really creepy and psychotic… guess I was right.
    36 – Never had one… Wouldn’t want one. They’re not cute enough to be a doll…
    37 – Never had one, but I remember having to do that with the Atari from time to time… And my son does that with his old Nintendo 64 cartidges, too.
    38 – Never saw that.
    39 – Never heard of that brand
    40 – lived in West Germany while it was still up, but missed seeing the fall… 🙁
    41 – I don’t remember ANY of these cereals…
    42 & 43 – I always looked forward to these!
    44 – I used to help reorganize these for the school librarians.
    45 – I remember the dolls, but don’t think I had one… unless they had one named “Jenny”.
    46 – I liked the smell of them, but always thought smelling scratch-n-sniff stickers made people look like they were high (sniffing books, binders, etc)
    47 – The sides of this stuff drove me nuts… I hated the perforated edges.
    48 – Still had one of these a few years ago… They were great. I had the ones with the rainbow and hearts in school, as well as some with Lisa Frank designs.
    49 – these were uncomfortable.
    50 – Wish I could find the standing Care Bear one…

  • Random

    Except for the slap bracelet and Berlin Wall, I have no clue about the rest. But of course I didn’t grow up in the US. The website is worldobseronline. The article should say 80s American kids rather than 80s kids.

    • Andrew

      Pretty much my reaction too! I knew the He-Man She-Ra thing though, even though I seldom saw the show.

    • Erika Fiore

      Funny enough, I’m Brazilian, never been to US, but Screamed and laughed at the memories of most of these.

  • B

    Funny, I’m Nigerian grew up in Nigeria and I can still relate to more than half of what ‘growing up in the 80’s’ was all about, it really just depends on what you were exposed to growing up

  • Olivia

    I like it……..YEs I grew up in America and yes I know every single one 😀

  • Kim

    Born -85 in europe.. Could relate to 5… Felt more like “-70’s kids”

  • Muad’dib

    Ya’ll just jelly you didn’t grow up in the us in the 80s.

  • Lisa

    Omg Yess to all except the transformers one! My dh had to explain that one XD Though quite a few seem more early 90s