13 Examples Of Americans Being Awesome After The Horrible Tornado In Oklahoma

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The massive tornado that hit Oklahoma was a tragedy, a reminder that sometimes we can’t know or understand disasters that strike. But the toughest times bring out the best in people.

Volunteers and first responders rushed to the scene, people around the country showed their support, and people worked through the night to help victims.

We’ve found some of the tweets, images, and stories that document some of the amazing responses to the tragedy.

The University of Oklahoma is offering free dorm space for families who’ve lost their homes

Searchers kept going house to house and looked for survivors throughout the night

PHOTO: Searchers continue going home-to-home in the dark in Moore, Oklahoma


Volunteers rushed in huge numbers to the Red Cross office in Oklahoma City

Flooding over with spontaneous volunteers in our OKC office. Thank you to those who have come.

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A teacher gets reunited with one of his students
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One woman, midway through an interview with CBS, heard and rescued her dog from the rubble of her home

Woman dog reunited

A rapidly growing Facebook group has been set up for people to post photos of things like pictures or documents they’ve lost so they can be returned, in addition to other information and offers of donations.

Facebook Oklahoma

staff at one moore, Oklahoma daycare kept students calm, covered, and singing “You Are My Sunshine” during the tornado. None of the students were harmed, even though the building was nearly destroyed

Oklahoma Tornado picture

Thousands helped publicize The Red Cross’s efforts to help family and first responders know who was safe.

Search teams broke through the debris to rescue trapped pets

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Responders found a knocked over flag during their search and rescue mission, and raised it over their efforts.

Responders pull children from the Plaza Towers elementary school. The AP photographer who took the photo describes the scene here. The rescue was quick, quiet, and efficient, despite the devastation. 


Moore Oklahoma school tornado



Here’s the American flag, raised where Plaza Towers used to be.

A woman, reunited with her child after the tornado, carries her across a field.



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