Japanese Company Nuts About Creating Cat Sushi

May 20, 2013 5:20 pm 0 comments Views: 85


A peanut company has come up with a rather nutty ad campaign.

Japan’s Tange & Nakimushi has created a series of photos of cats made into sushi along with a video explaining their inventive, and bizarre, history of “sushi cats.”

In the video, the company explains that “sushi cats” can be traced as far back as early cave paintings and were good luck charms.

From the website, which is partly in English, it also appears Tange & Nakimushi have created an app for their sushi cats campaign entitled “keko sushi.”

Still confused? Apparently the company thought you would be, as they also created an explanatory haiku.

The company writes, “We know the rule of Sushi — fish on top of rice. On the other hand, we know the rule ‘cats eat fish.’ Cats sit on rice, where fish is supposed to be — why? Contradiction and mystery in this world is always center of the cryptic questions among Japanese zen monks.”

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