A ‘dad’ is the tenth most popular Christmas present for children, survey reveals

May 13, 2013 6:16 pm 0 comments Views: 1012
  • The tenth most popular Christmas list request of children was for a dad
  • The survey also revealed surprising choices including a reindeer and a rock
  • Top of the list however was for a baby brother or sister

He might be used to making miracles each and every year, but even Santa may struggle to make dreams come true for Britain’s children.

That’s because the nation’s childrens’ Christmas wish-lists contain a number of items not always readily available.

Father Christmas has therefore been put in a tricky position, as according to a survey of children’s wishlists the tenth most asked for present this year was for a dad, while top of the list was for a baby brother or sister


Disappointed: Some children could be left feeling a little short-changed today, judging by the survey’s results

Christmas wish: A dad was the tenth most popular Christmas wish-list gift according to the surveyChristmas wish: A dad was the tenth most popular Christmas wish-list gift according to the survey

Expecting parents to expand their brood was closely followed however by a reindeer while in third place was a pet horse.

The survey of 2,000 parents, conducted by Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City also revealed children aged three to 12 were hoping for expensive presents including a car, at number four, and a house, at number seven.

But there was a couple of other gifts in the top ten which were more easily provided, including chocolates at number six and, bizarrely, a rock at number nine.

A total of 17 out of the top 50 requests were for animals but while traditional fish, cats and hamsters did make the list, more unusual pets including chickens, elephants and donkeys were also requested.


1. Baby brother or sister
2. Reindeer
3. Horse
4. Car
5. Dog
6. Chocolates
7. House
8. Snow
9. Rock
10. Dad

Of course however, the latest electronic gadgets also made a strong appearance in the wishlist, with iPhones and iPads both appearing in the top 50 most desired Christmas gifts.

The UK’s mums may be a little upset to hear that while ‘Dad’ came in at number 10, ‘Mum’ only made it in as the 23rd most requested present on their little one’s lists.

Some of the other answers include the moon, a time machine, a pond cover and beetroot.

Unbelievably, celebrities were a popular choice as stocking fillers, with one child asking for Eva Longoria and another wishing Harry from One Direction would come knocking on the door on Christmas morning. 

A pet reindeer was the third most popular desired gift according to the survey
The fifth most popular gift on the Christmas wishlist was a dog

Pets: A reindeer was the third most popular gift on the Christmas wishlist, while the fifth most wished for gift was a dog

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