Islam is fountainhead of Iqbal’s intellect

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Monday, April 29, 2013 – Islamabad—Allama Mohammad Iqbal derived strength and intellect from the Holy Quran and he was fully engrossed in Ishq-e-Habib which was reflected in his philosophy and poetry.

This was the bottom-line of speakers in a function organised by Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC) in connection with a week-long programme on Allama Iqbal held at Aiwan-i-Quaid. The topic was “Fikr-e-Iqbal and Aaj Ka Pakistan”.

Zahid Malik. Chairman NPC presided over the function which was attended by a large of peoplebelonging to different segments of society including intellectuals, students, retired civil servants, educationists and businessmen. Auria Maqbool Jan was the chief Guest.

Dr. Ayub Sabir, an expert on Iqbaliat said Iqbal believed in real democracy and negated other forms of democracy including capitalist democracy. Cautioning Muslims about “glitter” of the West, Iqbal said Islam has all potential to guide Muslims to their goals.

Dr. Naeem Ghani, Chairman Sultana Foundation said Iqbal has given identity to Muslims. There is strong need to build institutions in Pakistan, he said.

Kanwar Dilshad, Executive Secretary of NPC said Iqbal was inspired from Islam and gave ‘Concept of Pakistan.’ He said the forthcoming elections will provide a unique opportunity to the people to cast vote for those who have will and capability to implement Nazriya Islam which isfoundation of Pakistan.

Auria Mabbool Jan, intellectual, columnist and expert of Iqbaliat, who was the Chief Guest on the occasion, said Islam is fountainhead of Iqbal’s intellect.

“Iqbal was totally engrossed in Ishq-e-Habib which is reflected in his poetry and prose”, he said. Referring to his poetic expressions on battle of Tripoli, his dialogue with Allah and renowned poems ‘Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa,’ he said Iqbal expressively showed to the Muslims about his limitless love for Messenger of Allah. He guided Muslims from childhood to last stage of life. He wrote beautiful poems for children inspiring them to lead life according to injunctions of Islam. Auria Maqbool Jan said Iqbal enjoys distinguished place among the intellectuals, poets and philosophers of the world. He generated a distinct thinking among the Muslims. He gave a concept of a separate home-land for Muslims of South Asia. Iqbal negated Wstern concept of nationalism, but he expressed his love for India before partition because the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) had said ‘cold breeze is coming from India.’

Aurya Maqbool Jan said ” Pakistan was created with great blessings of Almighty Allah. This country has a distinguished character among the comity of nations. We owe utmost thanks to Allah for this great gift and it is our religious duty to make it safe and prosperous”.

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