Have You Seen The Daughter of The King of Saudi Arabia?


Don’t be surprised, but the daughter of the King of Saudi Arabia is a beautiful, modern woman, who doesn’t mind going out in public wearing only a scarf on her head and showing a bit of her hair!

Adlah bint Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Al Saoud, is a modern women, who calls for the freedom of women and who believes that “Al Niqab” is more of a tradition, while the scarf is more of what Islam calls for!

Adlah sat in for an interview with the French newspaper “Le Figaro” and shared her views about marriage, Hijab, work for women and social media.

Adlah Al Saoud Photos

Adlah Al Saoud Photos





Adlah is an active woman in Saudi Arabia. She participates in welcoming foreign delegations, she attends plays and events, she poses for photos with young women and men.

Adlah sees that there’s a real problem with underage marriages and calls for setting the rules straight and setting an age for marriage.
She also sees no problem in women and men working side by side, as long as there’s mutual respect and laws that indict harassment.

What do you think?
Does she make for a good model for the Saudi women?
Is there still hope for the liberation of the Saudi woman in her own country?


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  • Koala

    Sadly, this woman is clearly not influencial in Saudi Arabia… She’s a woman in Saudi Arabia after all 😉

    • Sophia Low


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      3. all top events

    • boots

      yes, this is what religion go down, she should have fear of allah.

      • some one

        that was a great answer! thank you brother!

      • Redknex

        ‘Allah ko lauda akbar nay mooh may diya’ aisa kooch bolay aap bhaijaan
        jiskaa jhaat teri maa ka chut maa hai bhadvay bhonsdikay. Kal teri amma
        kaa saath bahut majaa aaya raat ko mere bacchay! Mast leti hai ooh!!! 😉
        😀 😀 😀

    • mike davis

      why sadly?? the women in the U.S. got us Barak Obama….. Saudi has it right!

  • Zubair Khan

    Surprising but pleasing.

  • She looks kind. Soendoro Soetanto.

  • Tim Gorham

    This is most definitely not how she presents herself in Saudi Arabia.

  • Prakash H K

    Is she the one who refused to show her face to the Florida cop when caught for speeding. Then the Saudi embassy tried to browbeat the Florida cops into letting her go? OR the one who refused to pay a $ 1 mn hotel bill in NY and tried to flee?
    Male or female, all these 5000+ “desert royals” are sadly the same: rude, arrogant, totally amoral in character. They should be denied visas to enter any civilized country!

    • dodo

      im really sad to read this but I just wanted to make some things clear, not every Saudi person is the same , I have to say that its not only u that saying these stuff about our country , although its something really rude to do , all I want to say is times changes , people also change , at some point u will realize that’s its not about the bad people , so think again , I know that SA is the best place in the hole world wide .

      • Doc Mansion

        so far all that i ve met in riyadh seems to be like that, maybe they dont mind showing me that because i am a kuffar.

        if u arent like such then u are the first and thats rare.

        • noraxx

          and maybe you’re an ass and you deserve to be treated this way 🙂

          • Kim Sunderlage

            Dr. MJ Mansion … Dr.? I highly doubt that but, if you are, you probably got that degree in the U.S. MJ, do you know what that’s an abbreviation for here in the U.S., where you are responding? Mansion? Do you mean a large tent or are you one of those who live in a mansion and think you deserve it, no one else does though?

          • gomurr

            I don’t believe either you, no noraxx, even understood the comment made by DrMJ. In light of the fact it was addressed to “dodo” perhaps you should read it again read it again, this time using your “reading comprehension skills”.

            Insulting someone, especially when you have totally misunderstood the meaning of their comment as it was addressed, shows not only your immaturity, but complete ignorance.

      • olaolu

        @dodo, I think you are right about SA being the best place in the whole wide world but my dear that’s because its is the center of Islamic religion and resident of the most noble prophet; Are you presently generations following the legacy of the noble prophet?

        • Kim Sunderlage

          Using “my dear” is offensive. You obviously do not even know the other party here.

          • sam

            The only difference about your state from all other
            ,my dear, its that yours is a killing machine, i bet all they think about in their perverted mind is “how am i going to kill this fucker and get his money” i mean even the couples who were once in love or were married think of how to kill their partners or their family to get the big share of the fucking money, you sell your souls for money, so don’t even begin to criticize the fucking safest country in this hell hole we call world, MY DEAR.

          • mike davis

            It is true, the U.S. has become a disgraceful place pushing sodomy, divorce, sex change, pornography.
            Russia is now a Moral country, not the U.S.

          • miriguwa

            “Sam”, obviously you are piece of Islamic thrash trying to sound like an American. Go to faithfreedom(.)org and see for yourself what a “fucking safest country” you slime balls live in. Or are you too chicken to surf it like the rest?

          • gomurr

            What you say about SA may very well be true. That makes it different from our own government, how?

            Look around your own backyard, and wake the hell up!

        • berthamdonovan

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        • jude

          nice place for those people obsses by the poer of darkness but to those people whos follow the truth?this place is really bad nigthmare to coming in…….

        • ScrewSaudi

          Yeah while Gaza was being killed they watched idly by. Fuck the kit and fuck his daughter! Saudi is now full of cowards and spineless mutants. Saudi’s are arrogant and hypocrite. look at your leaders partying in beiruit and those that walk in uk half naked Fuck you saudis and your royal family

      • Snoopy Jnr

        Prakash is obviously an idiot who is incapable of having an reasoned, intelligent debate.

        • miriguwa

          You seem to like a good debate on Islam. I challenge you to go to faithfreedom(.)org and see how intelligent you are at debating Islam. Or will you chicken out like the rest?

          • Soldier with a Pen

            Miriguwa – Would you be reasonable and kind enough to question your judgement and assumption about faithfreedom(.)org that it is impossible to refute? 🙂

            FYI…. Websites like faithfreedom and other similar ones are refuted by 13 year olds. You are living in a water bubble which you are made to think is a castle 🙂
            All you need to do is… question your assumption to start with. (before you assume that i haven’t done so, let me tell you yes I did what i am asking you to)
            Destroy the barriers you have against Islam (which by the way could be the result of your blind assumption and false propaganda), then study the facts with a neutral mind. If your mind still wants you to blindly believe in your assumptions…
            Next step I would suggest is to, come back here and give me your email address and I will reply… and you can pick what ever you want from faithfreedom(.)org and we can have a one on one discussion. (This is to avoid ill-mannered discussions on forums where people start using tricks and abusive language to take the discussion to the position where it leads to nowhere zone.)

          • jude

            no need a debate for us its very clear to us if u believed in jesus,, bcos muslim believed on him as a prophet of god….but the problem is muslim cant believed his words…absolutely bcoz satan denie on him….to all believers i challence you where follow the power of satan?or the the ligth of jesus who guide us tto the kingdom of god

      • Redknex

        ‘Allah ko lauda akbar nay mooh may diya’ aisa kooch bolay aap bhaijaan
        jiskaa jhaat teri maa ka chut maa hai bhadvay bhonsdikay. Kal teri amma
        kaa saath bahut majaa aaya raat ko mere bacchay! Mast leti hai ooh!!!

      • TJLeeWilliams

        You think the world does know the truth about you barbarians? You cut peoples heads off for crimes like “witchcraft”, well, for females you just shoot them in the back of the head. In public. We ought to take that meteorite you worship in mecca, and blow it into a million pieces a mile above Riyadh, along with a thousand tons of bacon. Wait, no that’s a terrible idea. It’s a waste of bacon. PS Your prophet mohammed was an illiterate pedophile. His youngest wife was six years old when he married her, but I’ll be fair. He waited until she was nine to rape her. That’s your idol. That’s who you emulate. Think about that before you go touting how great your “Kingdom” is.

        • hello!every1

          mr. …i’m sorry bt i’hv to say tht ur …knowledge abt the prophet is gravely wrong ..kindly correct $ apply ur presence uf mind !

          • TJLeeWilliams

            Nope. Totally accurate. He married a girl when she was 6, and waited until he was nine to rape her. Unless you think a 9 year old girl was all hot for him, and voluntarily let him do it. Plus, it’s true that he couldn’t read. Your holy book says an angel wrote the book on his heart. And so your space god Allah picked an idiot desert warlord to share the sacred truths of the universe for him, on earth. Space god Allah sure knows how to pick them. Also, a lot of your story sounds plagiarized from earlier religions. What’s all that about? Could it be that the founders of your religion were just total fucking liars, and everything you believe to be true about existence is horse shit? Yeah, I think that’s probably exactly it. You, are living a lie. A lie called Islam. A made up religion among a human history that contains thousands of them.

          • TBrown

            Your right TJLeeWilliams, the whole world knows that Allah is not God Almighty, he is a fallen Angel by name Allah that lives in space, spiritually he covers his face and no one sees him, that’s why Muslims cover their faces. because he is a fallen angel, he hates God Almighty and his chosen people (Christians), that is why Muslims hate Christians and Jews.

          • zahra

            You are kidding? I am a Muslim but never hear these stuffs.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            TBrown, you win the award today for most batshit crazy fairytale.

          • Alexander Becker

            TJ my ‘friend’ I’m starting to like you….but don’t expect any kisses from me ANYTIME soon…just a thumbs up or down depending on your humor……I.e. Thumbs up for you here

          • jude

            a chosen people of satan look at the world now if your not fuckin crazy what all muslims want it to be all fuckin greed..killing inocent people using the name of your god allah think many times its that almigthy?or satan rulled upon all muslim

          • Kamil Arıkut

            You are as ignorant as the muslims themselves buddy, So we are also to believe that Jesus’s mother was fucked by your god from overseas, overskies (or over universes) got pregnant without sex and gave birth as a virgin, thats total bullshit too. thats religions for you

          • TJLeeWilliams

            I’m an atheist. And yeah, it’s funny that Mary got fucked by a deity, and gave birth to a half deity half man mutant named Jesus. Who then became the most famous Rabbi to ever live. The end.

          • Khan

            How was the first man born! you ATHEIST ? if you are so logical thing the answer to this one and then relate it to the son of Mary.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            First, you learn how to speak English, and then we can have a discourse. I have no idea what you’re saying. How was the first man born? Have you ever heard of evolution dum dum? Do you really think some sky deity made a human, and put him on earth, and he was the first man? Your god allah was made up by a rapist warlord because people didn’t have a cohesive regional religion like other groups such as the Jews for instance. The story of your religion is a plagarization of an earlier Judaic version. Basically you were all just wannabe Jews with an inferiority complex so you made up a story just like theres, and poof, Islam was born.

          • Tokunbo pole

            People discussing with you are jobless,because you dont worth to be discuss with.ESAD.

          • abstractheory


          • Alexander Becker

            DUDE you are Sooo f@ckin uneducated I’m sorry I replied to your post above…you’re just a DIPSHIT..Andrew Dice Clay has more wits than you!!! Hahahahahahaha ps. have a nice day NOT!!!!( BORAT style)
            Ps. Let me go in record that I’m an Andrew dice clay fan especially how he SMACKDOWNed CNN!!!!

          • Harry McNicholas

            What first man? Man is descended from lower primates so there was no “first man”. Sorry 2,000 years ago there was no artificial insemination so the story of Mary getting pregnant as a virgin is silly nonsense.

          • Abdullah

            TJLeeWilliams…..Is this what your parents taught you.I request You to please read and understand Quran, if you really want to know about islam. Merely abusing anybodys religion and faith is not correct….. Your muslim brother

          • Megs

            I am a Christian and love Muslim people. They are hospitable, giving, and gracious. I would like to thank you for a kind reply to TJLeeWilliams, even though he was rude to you and so aggressive in his reply. I think that your kindness deserves to be recognized. Your Christian sister

          • Harry McNicholas

            Yes the ISIS would welcome you with open arms and affection Megs.

          • abstractheory

            Megs, you ignorant slut.

          • abstractheory

            I masturbate into the Quran actually.

          • commenter

            ” Nope. Totally accurate ” it seems that you are a major in history. can I ask you why non muslims at that time of prophet Muhammad never criticized him for marring a little girl ? there were lots of Muhammad haters at that time you know? and the prophet’s wife was engaged to a non muslim man before him! lots of non muslims at that time were married to young girls but I don’t see anyone objecting! people at ancient time like pharaohs and ancient romans used to marry young girls at age 12 to 15, e.g. Marie Antoinette one of France queens married at age 14. Why don’t you object about it?
            “Could it be that the founders of your religion were just total fucking liars” yeah right, there are lots of lies in other religions no one wants to admit, like the re-written bible which preachers willing to change according to their needs not caring if it’s truth or lie, and not caring if Christians believe their lies and living with these lies.

          • Faggot Molester

            All religion is just fictional stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 1000 years, idiots worship Harry Potter as their god.

          • Aisha

            Muhammad had 13 wives and nobody objects to it coz he said it was Allah’s will. He married a 6 year old coz he said it was Allah’s will. But for the rest of the examples quoted, they did not claim what they did was right and told others to follow in their footstep. As for the young prositutes, they did it because of proverty, not because they want to, not because of lust. Muhammad had 13 wives and slaves to satisfy him.

          • Harry McNicholas

            So you are saying Mohammed did marry a little girl? He was suppose to be the man of God and did not realize what he was doing was wrong? I thought a man of God was suppose to provide an example of morality? Now you say Mohammed did not and lived the life of any low life immoral person.

          • abstractheory

            So many people kicked him out of their cities. Let’s not pretend he was anything more than a pedophile warlord. And yeah, that was the 7th century. A lot of immorality was happening, but we don’t hold up people who lived during that time to be worshipped like you do your pedophile “prophet” who believed if the man came first, the child would be a boy, and if the woman did it would be a girl. Come ‘prophet”. He was as dumb as the rest of the goat herders. And by the way, I’m an atheist. I think most religions are benign, but Islam is special. Like bone cancer is special.

          • Constipated Chicken

            You people see the age numbers 6 and 9 and immediately assume it was forced and rape. No. Incase you didn’t know, even up to a few centuries ago it was considered normal for girls to wed at a young age. To put it into perspective, Shakespeare wrote ‘Romeo & Juliet’ in the 1600’s; where Juliet was not yet 14 when she received a marriage proposal from Count Paris, a fully grown man. That’s because it was a social norm back then; and of course times have changed.

            “a lot of your story sounds plagiarized from earlier religions”
            Because Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all tied, known as Abrahamic religions. Islam states that religion came as a book thrice prior to the Quran. Two of which are what we know as the Torrah and the Bible today.
            I wouldn’t have been muslim if it stated silly scientific theories. However, Islam does describe the planet as being ROUND, and the fact that we humans are made from components that can be found in water. It compromises with numerious theories, even if human evolution isn’t one of them.

            I respect that you’re atheist. I’m a muslim woman but I am oppressed by no one and I dress modest, not always with a veil. Nobody can force me because it’s my choice. No one in my ancestry has ever been part of a terrorist group. I accept the fact that a large portion of “followers” (they wouldn’t be considered muslims according to religion anyways) are terrorists, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring my religion into the cause just as they use it as an excuse. How do you think I feel? My country’s government is amongst some of the most corrupted in the world despite calling themselves “dedicated muslims” when they’re clearly not. Why? Because they go completely against the religion.

            It’s forbidden to kill other people unless for defence.
            Killing someone will be as if you’ve killed all of the human race while saving someone could be considered as if saving all humanity. Islam prohibits SUICIDE and consumption of things that are harmful to your health.
            It is statutory for muslims to donate and give to charity (as their financial status allows). If everyone donated, keeping only the maximum of what they need to live, there would be enough for everyone on earth to be financially equal.
            Hygiene has high importance, as does mutual respect for everyone (yes that includes to non-muslims too. My best friends are all atheists and we wholefully accept each other). There is nothing that states that women should be kept from education and driving. And believe it or not, WOMAN has priority during sexual intercourse. She deserves sex ONLY when she desires it, with exceptions like menstruation.

            There may be no “proof” that a God exists, but there’s none that a God doesn’t exist either. So it’s a win-win situation. I respect your beliefs, even if you decided to call mine ‘horse shit”. Have a good day, sir.

          • GEORGE ALLENBY


          • TJLeeWilliams

            Yeah, who can’t drive a car if she takes a pilgrimage to her holy land, but yeah, nothing oppressive about that theology.

          • Constipated Chicken

            That is Saudi Arabia’s law, and simply because they “based” that on Islam, that doesn’t mean that Islam ever said such a thing.

            Sorry this is like 4 months late. I’m not active on disqus and just happened to come across these comments

          • Ally Khalid

            Wtf… your mom had a black p…ssy… when u were born…. and was much hairy and a big hole like hall of fame…. thus what speaks about you… sorry pal it jst angered me of ua disgrace comments.. hope no hard feelings… get mi back if u can

          • ddt

            As one who have srrender to GOD will we shud not speak like hypocrite brother..the tongue remember wat rasullah said espesially in this espotic kingship monarch dictatorship

          • Alhena

            before saying anything do counter check ! In Islam, women are encourage to learn as much as they can…in fact our women are encouraged to learn to ride horses & camels (those days) & now motorbike, cars even superjets (In Pakistan) but what happened in SA, most of them are from Wahabian section. They differentiate themselves from us normal Muslim (people call us Sunni but we call ourselves merely a muslim) Their beliefs are little bit different from us thus the way they conduct their life too are quite different …we normal muslims are very humble servant of Allah SWT thus we do not judge anyone…we let it be & trust our Lord, Allah SWT completely without any doubt. You should see Pakistan..now they are the example of how Muslim empire should be…their women are strong..into militaries, in universities etc…we do not sit at home eating burgers, jobless & play dogs in between our legs !

          • Return of the King

            Sister, discussing ignorant causes the reader becomes confused as to who is the real ignorant of the two. I was a ship officer and I happen to have traveled numerous times to the USA, and European ports, 90% of the prostitutes came to this ship offering their bodies were women aged between 11 – 16 years old, YES, from as young as 11 years old, I have seen girls at the age of 14 years old being mothers carrying babies on their arms, the rest of the women were reject, same applies to Thailand, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, USA and Canada are exactly the same, in Thailand, the ship was flooded by girls mistresses from as young as 8 years old, their boss, was trading their bodies for money. In one instance in Seattle, 4 young girls hooked up with 4 fellipino workers, the girl were hardly 12 years old each, they went home to bring their cloths and stay with these workers on the ship, on their return, they found another 4 girls took their places, can you image WWE in reality ?? that was the scene on the dock, one of the girls took out the eye of another with the heel of her shoe, we were just standing on the ship watching a real WWE war between 8 sexually desperate young girls – Mr. USA or whatever the hell you are from, leave other people’s affairs and look at your own dumps, at least our girls as young as they are, they ARE PROTECTED BY MARRIAGE … yours are NOTHING BUT WHORES and most likely you are son of one of those. Who gives a damn about what an DUMP, IDIOT, SON OF REJECT WHORE American trash thinks or believes ???

            Sister, please, elevate your self above such garbage who are born from their mother’s backside, this is why all they have in the drum on their shoulders is nothing but sh…. you know the end don’t you !!!!.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            So you and a bunch of other dirty immigrants fucked dirty immigrant child prostitutes. Sounds about right. What’s that got to do with my people dumbshit?

          • Women are right

            Paedophilia?Is it called?

          • Tokunbo pole

            I think you are a lunatic to have been sleeping with all these under ages.What if you are caught?is what you are doing legal?you are nothing but a criminal.

          • giltedged

            Oh my God . Saudi Arabia is the place to go for enlightened attitudes towards women!!!!

          • ZDB

            Why is that all refugees from Syria and Lebannon, Iraq , Pakistan,Eritrea and other predominantly muslim countries bypass Saudi Arabia if it is such a glorifed muslim paradise on earth and choose the heathen (Kuffir)’s paradise like Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. It beats me.

          • Karen

            So yo witnessed all this and did nothing to help these girls? You didn’t report what was going on to the authorities? Then you are just as much scum as the ones who were perpetrating these atrocities on CHILDREN!!! You scum bag, lowlife, POS!!!

          • Alhena

            well said…at least the girls in Muslims are MARRIED not becomes free cheap pros !

          • Harry McNicholas

            Not all the girls are married. Many have been divorced and they are fair game. My Palestinian pal in SA dated a divorced Saudi woman and they got it on by going out into the desert in his dune buggy. Once a Saudi woman is divorced she has no value.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Well you must of felt bad since there were no camels to screw.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            You’re full of shit. People on this page have already threatened me. You’re not a religion of peace, and you know it. And the burden of proof is on you who makes the outrageous claims that your religion is true, not on me for saying, that sounds like horse shit. You have serious internal issues with Islam you all want to deny to the outside world, but I know it’s there. I took shahada just so I could publicly commit apostasy. I used to be very active in your community, and I know what you are. You may fool those westerners who wish to embrace multiculturalism, because you’re something exotic to them, but you don’t fool me. Not for a second, and I won’t stop working against you until the day Mecca is in flames.

          • Druid55

            Have at it, ignoramus!

          • Alfonso

            Was it hard growing up with your dad also being your uncle?

          • TJLeeWilliams

            No, but it was difficult listening to them in the next room making you try on your sisters dresses, and suck them off every night. Don’t worry Alfonso. I never told anyone about what they did to you.

          • Ally Khalid

            And so did they suck you downward…. pssssss kabooooom

          • Shahid

            Who started the 1st
            World War? Muslims?

            Who started the 2nd
            World War? Muslims?

            Who threw nuclear bomb
            on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims?

            Who kills
            approximately 20 million aborigins in Australia? Muslims?

            Who kills more than
            100million red Indians in North America? Muslims?

            Who kills more than
            50million red Indians in South America? Muslims?

            Who took about 180
            million Africans as slaves and kills 77% of them? Muslims?

            When America takes 1 million
            lives in Iraq for oil –Not terrorism When Serbs rape Muslim women in
            Kosovo/Bosnia –Not terrorism When Russians kill 200,000 Chechen in bombing –
            not terrorism When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land – Not terrorism
            When American drones kill entire family and Afghanistan/Pakistan- Not terrorism
            When Israel kills10,000 Lebanese civilians due to two missing soldiers -Not
            terrorism When Muslims retaliate and show you how you treat us -TERRORISM? IT

          • indian

            did the above things based on religion?

          • Alhena

            spare Shahid coz he merely wants to show that Muslims are harmless…we do nothing to others & yet we are being the main target here juz becoz we are totally different from those who prefer to shape their own god into elephant etc & bow to it.

          • Chitterati

            None of these were based on wild dreams of a long dead pompous illiterate pedophile! no one claims humans is perfect race, but atleast people are free to question and condemn above actions without being accused of blasphemy and having a death warrant issued against them

          • Alhena

            Those are facts ! learn to swallow it with sincerity not excuses.

          • Druid55

            Go along and worship the cows, phallus, rats, etc.

          • Against-corruption

            Thats why you are compensating it right now?

          • Alhena

            We believes this world is juz like a bus stop ! whatever happens in this world is totally temporary…so say whatever you all wish coz we are being promised the eternal land, Jannah !

          • Against-corruption

            If you do the same what the west (USA, UK, Russia…..) did, are you then better than those????????

            Think about it………….

          • Alhena

            The thing is we NEVER DID !

          • Eliyahu100

            who did the Armenian genocide during the 1st world war? Muslims!!!
            who collaborated in the Holocaust of the Jews during WW2? Muslims, among others!!!

          • emcel

            If the cycle of hate won’t stop… then every major massacre of humans will come from Muslims and Christians and the left and right wingers. It seems someone want’s the world to start a world war 3 for their own gains. A hidden organization (Not necessarily illuminati) is engineering countries and economic as well as humans demise for their own gains. Now when americans get to a war they have very good business selling arms. And to think that they have the biggest debt in the world plus a country with numerous criminal related killings everyday. I also don’t think that a learjet (a CIA airforce pilot at that) scion will lie his way just to become famous. Now tell me… why are americans branding all of the people coming out with outlandish claims who worked before for the USA called nutheads when they came with a squeaky clean OUTSTANDING RESUME.

          • Alhena

            who created HARP? then this world is only waiting to reach an end with that machine.

          • Alhena

            show us the recorded facts !

          • emcel

            Not to forget the crusades… I’m not a muslim but I do understand the bigoted higher than thou thinking of americans

          • Dh

            wow shahid you must really HATE Muzzies. but thy are not as bad as you say.yes you are right they started all the wars, yes thy killed 150 mn indians, mostly Buddhist But its only because Islam is misguided, Muzzis can be good too, but they must follow their hearts but old books

          • Fatimah Dean

            Lady, The wars and killings you mentioned have nothing to do with
            religion – those wars were not fought on religious fundamentals or beliefs.
            Do You think Muslims have not killed thousands?? Is it because Islam has disguised and
            covered up its history that you think Muslims have not killed tons of people? Are you aware of the al-Ġazawāt and al-Futūḥāt al-Islāmiyya. “Islamic Fascism” is one name for
            the modern, globalised, violent, terrorist, political form of Islam. In many
            ways the modern globalised terrorist form of jihad is simply a continuation of
            the 1,400 year old jihad of Islam. The two faces of Islamism. Left, the destruction of our prosperity, our
            science, our learning, our culture, our beautiful cities – everything we have
            worked for for a thousand years. Right,
            the institution of a reign of primitive superstitious savagery.

          • PotCallingTheKettleBlack

            fact: Muslim population in Kosovo and most of Bosnia replaced Serb (Christian) population…how does this fit in your view of the world in which you are victims?

          • Alhena

            The thing is once upon a time ago, Bosnians treated Serbs with so much love & affection but one fine day those bastard Serbs decided to stab Bosnians behind their back ! same story goes to Palestinians towards Israel. It doesnt take PHD or Master Degrees to understand all the logics…

          • Lynette Van Oostrum

            Well said!

          • ssd

            Muslim are terrorist s its true I know hard to swallow but its true they are damn mother fucking terrorists muslims

          • ADORA

            Yes they are terrorist and hypocrats as well. They are not happy in their own country and they are begging to go to West and live with Christians or non belivers, and once they get there, they start they get every benefits, leechs;-)

          • Alhena

            Actually it is the West who are licking the feets of those Royals in SA…if not, your jets & submarines cant move even 1 inch !

          • Alhena

            It is also hard to swallow that your mother dumps you in a dumpster when she feels you looks ugly & dirty. She knew you are mentally retarded therefore useless to take care of when u grew up !

          • ZDB

            Actually Muslims have killed more people than any other religion on earth. We are talking of religion not power-crazy governments. Killed the all christian in middle east or jews in arabic peninsula, million of hindus in indian subcontinent. Started the slavery business in central and east africa. the list is endless. Muhammed personally fought 80 battles with similar savage tactics as ISIS is doing now. They just copied the methods.

          • Mahmood

            Bro, read about life of Mohammad PBUH , as u r mistaken.he fought as per rules and when war was inevitable .thank you.

          • Alhena

            I also can say Christians fucked all their mothers thus they have children from that. Would you feel offended? why accusing something which you are not clear yourselves about Muslims? You say anything you wish without getting the proves so can I..isnt it? (sorry if you feel offended coz thats how I feel when you slandered our Prophet Muhammad SAW (pbuh) when you do not know him personally…you accused him by hearsay without doing your proper research. Next time do not eat burgers & porks too much…they can make your brain retarded !

          • Constipated Chicken

            again sorry this is 4 months late i came across these replies so.. better late than never i guess? lol

            “You’re full of shit. People on this page have already threatened me.”

            I don’t know whether you address me and every other pro-Islam supporters or just me in particular but either way I am not part of the people who have threatened you?? When have I done that? I enjoy debates and I’m not gonna bash you for your opinion?? I’m only here to argue from my side of things. People being vicious and making threats aren’t doing anyone a favour :/

            Also, I’m afraid I cannot address the issues you experienced in the “community” you have been in, because I do not have any relation with such a community myself. I’m from a country where Islam has no real impact on society, let alone law. I only believe in the actual religion itself.

            Yet I cannot say that I agree with forced rituals on non-muslims because they don’t even believe in the religion in the first place. Belief can’t be forced upon you or anyone, something that Islam also says so that’s that.

            I don’t care what society thinks. What you, or those “westerners who wish to embrace multiculturaclicsm” think. If I did I’d be foolishly thinking twice about my religious faith, because this one makes its followers in today’s world have a hard time facing stereotyping and oppression already. Anyways, I’m not here to “fool” you or convert you into anything.
            At the end of the day I’m only here to defend and clarify the truth. Whether you will consider my thoughts or not is entirely up to you.

            “and I won’t stop working against you until the day Mecca is in flames.”

            ???? okay then? I’m sorry but I laughed because it seems as if you think I’m part of some mafia-like organization.
            You don’t sound too nice either, wanting to burn down a city in flames. Sounds like terrorism.

          • ggg

            Ah yeah, you deserve to be threatened. When you start to offend others, enjoy getting it back. Pig kid, go do some fitness or something. Diabetes is coming after you, you just wait.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            As if offending people is a crime. If it were you’d be no less guilty than I jerk off.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            Spoken like a true follower of the religion of peace! HAHAHA! 😀

          • FUTJLeeFingJones

            Go F ur Mother or Sister, that s wt u r good for. U Asswipe

          • TJLeeWilliams

            Hey, wasn’t Muhammeds family incestual? Yeah, his cousin Ali married his daughter. Boy, you muslims sure like to keep it in the family. Did you marry any of your cousins? Is your wife a 6 year old like Muhammeds wife Ayisha? Yes, I think you’re projecting your backwards culture onto mine. If you really think your space god is real then why do you get so angry? If you’re correct I’m going to hell anyhow, so what do you care. You’ll get virgins in heaven and I’ll burn for being an infidel. If anything you should be happy someone like me, someone you clearly hate, is going to suffer so much. But no, you’re upset, because deep down, if you search far enough, you know your whole religion is a fairy tale.

          • 123

            If it’s not okay to marry your cousin then I wonder how it’s ok to marry a person from the same gender. A tleast our religion doesn’t have such immoral stuff.

          • Alhena

            I think you seriously need to see shrink !

          • Ally Khalid

            Hehehe and that means you have now joined the gay community… hahaha i wonder someone penetrating the big mandingo d**k in your Ass. good thing i cant speak ill of another one religion. thus why i find you to be like an irish potato.. pretending to be hard against islam yet very soft agaisnt big mandingo

          • TJLeeWilliams

            Was that english?

          • guest

            You must must be one unhappy sorry ass mf you never knew who your real dad’s was., now you came to know your mom was conceived by someone with the hat on top on their dick and you think it was some Muslim. Get over it and a fn job bitch

          • Alhena

            I dont know about others..Im explaining to you to check your facts before commenting..and please do not cheat when you said you took Shahada. In Islam, we ask the men many times before he really wanted to be a Muslim. We asked them their motives why they wanted to revert. We reject them if they said they wanted to marry Muslim women & some other questionable motives. If you ever did took your shahada, u did it out of hypocrisy not becoz you are sincere with your intention therefore that is why your life is in a mess as of now. Mental tension & out of guilty. I say you deserved it and do not blame it on Islam or Mecca….this is your own wrongdoing.

          • pinar

            well said….thank you…

          • angelofegypt

            Ignore the rude comments. They aren’t worth the time and effort wasted on replying to them. 😀

          • Alexander Becker

            THE WHOLE WORLD will continue to BTCH-SLAP Israel into submission! Read a great book by ex Israeli special forces guy MIKO PELED:” The Generals Son” where he exposes those ZIO-nazis 100 percent..so much so that those pesky but incompetent Israeli HASBARATROLLs here on the internet can come up with no rebuttals except to say in true HASBARATROLL fashion slurs like moron etc..So it’s BEDTIME4Zionazis!!!

          • U know..


          • Harry McNicholas

            Pakistan has a terrible social problem with opium addiction and many other Middle East countries it is hash. Yemen Quat.

          • Lynette Van Oostrum

            I totally agree with you. In my country the Muslims that I know are lovely, well educated people and non of them are terrorists, actually they are very much opposed to all forms of violence.
            I like to add that there are much more proof in the form of ancient writings that on Earth since the creation of man there was a God, even many gods, as opposed to proving that there never was a God or that God don’t exist. However what a person choose to believe is, and should be, his own choice.
            Today we say the God of the major religions is One and the same God, but if you look at what we do in His name, then it becomes not only confusing but difficult to believe.
            If you look at the state of the world today how the rich steals from the poor, how we kill each other for resources, how we kill each other for not belonging to the same region, faith or race then all I can say is that in this very modern times that we live in, we as the people of Earth have still not learned the art of being civilized.
            We are with all our fine trinkets still the same barbarians that roamed the Earth a thousand years ago. With all this death, destruction and unfairness in our world, it is no wonder that many people are beginning to wonder if there really is a God.

          • MastKalandar

            There are quite a few ayats in different shuras that say many things contrary to what you mentioned above. Quite a few ideas are completely contradictory to each other. Now its left to the reader to decipher which one to follow, n thats where all hell breaks loose. A moderate follower stresses on the point of not killing and respecting all religions. but a bigot stresses on the point that anyone who doesnt believe in your allah & prophet is an infidel and that he should be either forcibly made to accept islam, if not then a jiziya to be forced on him and if he doesnt adhere to that, then KILL HIM!
            And Madam, the less I speak about your Hadiths the better!!!
            A hadith called Ghazwa-e-hind categorically states a conversation between ur Prophet and his follower, where in he commands him to attack HIND as in HINDUSTAN (INDIA), and whoever does so successfully wil have his place reserved in heaven straight away and he would also be given 72 virgins to enjoy with! Now my point is simple, I am not bothered about any idea advocated in your hadis as long as it doesnt effect me in anyway. But whats happening is this particular hadith is being used as a jihadi text to indoctrinate Lashkar-e-Taiba & Jamat-Ud-dawa militants and motivate them to attack INDIA and spread mayhem! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY REGARDING THIS??? WHY DOES ISLAM HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT NON-BELIEVERS, ITS JUST NON OF ITS BUSINESS

          • Harry McNicholas

            Since I have been to Saudi Arabia which is the founding location of Islam I can provide the other side. You are required by law to attend prayer service at the mosque 4 times per day. If you do not show up (they take roll call) the religious police are sent for you who beat the hell out of you first and then take you to jail. You do not get out until a large payment is paid. All women in public must be covered. There is no public dancing, no public movie theaters and no woman can travel anywhere alone but must have a male family member with her. No other religion at all is allowed in the Saudi Arabia except Islam. Even the foreign workers are prevented from any religious practices. One poor Buddhist man was arrested for saying some religious things privately but was overheard. He was jailed. Sorry Islam is not a tolerant religion and has no place in a democratic society.

          • Alhena

            if u feel that way, then dont visit SA anymore…sit still like tree in your country.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Actually I do not live in the U.S. most of the year. SA never would I ever visit it again. Sorry no Muslim countries for me.

          • ddt

            May I know wat ur knowledge on islam sharia fiqh etc..because u can never label a muslim as a non muslims without “clear fact’ such as taghut,disbelief in faraz like pillar of islam ect…and also if he she declare by his her mouth that he she is no longer muslim no matter how much bad or killings of people of the book or polytheist without a just cause he is still muslim unless he kill a muslim unjustly then he commit disbelief…jihad is not only defencive ..its also offensiv…the prophet did many battle campaign so did the sahaba …of course it was according to God will and their are rule and laws to be followed before invasion…even imam mahdi will invade and remove bad leaders

          • Harry McNicholas

            It is not by their words ye shall know but by their fruits ye shall know them.

          • Erica

            Very eloquently put.

          • Amelia

            I think there is. Very big difference between a 14-year old girl and and a 6-year old. One is sexually mature the other most definitely is not!

          • ZDB

            clearly do not know your religion intimately – read the Ahadith of Salih and al Bukhari somberly in conjuction with Quran. The meaning of medina an mecca verses.

          • Innovator3

            “..decided to become muslim?” Are not the words “coerced, forcibly converted” etc more appropriate?

          • Peter Jouchmans

            Very few Muslims ” Chose ” their religion but were born into it and strongly indoctrinated into believing implausible things and actually are living in a fantasy world .

          • sojourn

            Babylonian Talmud States:
            “Rabbi Joseph said, ‘Come and hear. A maiden aged 3 years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition.’ Mishnah: A girl of the age of 3 years and a day may be betrothed, subject to her father’s approval, by sexual intercourse. …Gemara: Our Rabbis taught: ‘A girl of the age of 3 years may be betrothed by sexual intercourse.’

          • abstractheory

            Yeah, that’s fucked too. Just like Islam is.

          • Muslim

            TJ Williams you are an arsehole. Why don’t you come and say this out in public when we muslims are having a gathering and let see what will happen you idiot

          • TJLeeWilliams

            Would you show me that Islam is a religion of peace? Yeah, exactly. The concept of fundamentalism in your religion is a myth. You are ALL fundamentalists. Without oil you’d just be a bunch of incestual illiterate desert people, and we wouldn’t have to waste so much money drone striking you.

          • Tess

            You underwent “shahada”, which seems to be the term for converting to Islam, just so you could be an apostate? LOL. Your batshit crazy ass needs to be locked somewhere deep and dark. Why would you think it’s a good idea to even mention that? Did you never learn what the terms “obsessive”, “social cues” and “backfire” mean? Oy, that is uncomfortably embarrassing for you.

            Anywho, for someone who supposedly did that and was involved in the Muslim community, you don’t actually know shit. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is all do to some fucked up fetish. I hope you get the help you need, but I’m pretty sure you’re too busy masturbating furiously to pics of shawls.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            WOW. That is just WOW. I’m not even offended. I applaud your creativity. “Masturbating furiously to pics of shawls.”! hahahahaha. I’ve received some insane comments, but this one is just WOW! But…why would I be embarrassed to shit on a religion when it’s destroying the planet? And what would justify me being locked somewhere “deep, and dark”? Ohhhhh, some fucked up form of theocracy. Like Sharia law maybe? Yeah, what a lovely peaceful religion you have. Please don’t shoot up a parliament building in some misguided attempt at showing the world how much of a victim the followers of your pedophile prophet are. How’s that for not knowing shit Tessalla? And how are you not embarrassed?

          • R-DC

            thanks for your interest in Islam. You seem like an honest critic in the way you reply this thread. You call yourself a free thinker, here are some challenges:

            – you say “sharia law” as if it everyone was supposed to be offended by it. Imagine aliens using the word “humans” by only meaning the negative connotations in it and expecting the listener to have exactly the same interpretation while in reality, humans have also good sides. “Sharia law” also means to not steal, to restitute what you may have stolen, to give to the poor, to respect teachers, to obey one’s parents (except if they call to disobey Allah, like in the case of Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him). You should specify which part you mean as horror, instead of grossly generalizing to scare the uneducated about Islam. This also helps to avoid yourself passing as a hater and an ultra fool.

            – saying shahadah just to make apostasy: I hope you were being ironic and joking. Your shahadah was never accepted by The Most Majestic Almighty if you never meant it in your heart, as deeds are also judged according to intentions, and intentions have to be pure just to serve The Most Magnificent exclusively, as it’s our purpose of life stated in the Qur’an, and the only logical thing to do if we know a perfect God.

          • R-DC

            So, you were never a muslim, and worse, you acted as someone you were not, and that’s universally called a hypocrite.

            – Find people who are qualified who can represent, respond and debunk exactly what you state as negative. For example, Marilyn Mornington is a UK district judge, she has first-hand experience with Western law and Shariah law, she’s one of the many educated and intelligent women who find liberation through Islam. Stop speaking in their name, they’re independent enough to judge what’s right or wrong.

            – Another challenge: should we judge Michael Jordan by taking any random African-American living ages after him, perhaps the worst possible in athleticism and basketball skills, and never ever ever have people take an actual look at the footage of Mike? In ancient times, there weren’t videos and sound, but we have Qur’an and sunnah (relying on testimonies of people that were actually there). Apparently, it’s good enough for billions of people and the universality of Islam cannot be denied.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            You’re a whack job. Your space god sent a meteorite to earth, and you worship it in Mecca. And Shariah law is nothing more than a fascist ideology brought to you by a pedophile desert warlord whose body should be dug up in Medina, stuffed inside a pig, and burned atop a pile of qurans.

          • readandreads

            im sorry, but i think you should learn and know more about our religion, islam and not only judged it just from what you heard. You can’t judge something that you don’t even know well. I hope you will get to the right way someday…

          • TJLeeWilliams

            I know plenty about your religion. I’ve lived in two separate Muslim majority nations, and I know exactly what you’re all about. I’m not some white liberal from the west you can deceive to embrace you in the name of multiculturalism. You have major issues inside of your religion, and you need to speed it forward about 14 centuries. Until you do our civilizations will continue to clash, and yours will continue to get the worst of it. If you continue to choose madness over reason, you will only reap the seeds of madness sown.

          • Alexander Becker

            My theory about you TJ: you DIDNT get the Muslim girl you wanted….and now .ALL this…..USE THE FORCE or CBT(therapy)…. Hahahahah…..what’s eating you????
            Whatever it IS it’s not healthy

          • TJLeeWilliams

            My theory about you Alex: You project yourself or rather your self onto other people. And the behaviorist model is only fit for rats, and pigeons, and used by either very boring, very poorly educated, or very warped psychologists. Or for the military. In any event you sound as though you should spend more time working on what’s healthy for yourself, because you have a lot to work through. Maybe behavioral modification is as deep as you go. Or as deep as you want to. I don’t know. All I know is, I recognize a ticking time bomb when I see one, and I’d rather never hear from you again.

          • kitty

            Is there anything you think is good in this religion, You talk like you hate them and they are humans as well, I am asking because all religion have good things, there have to be something in that religion that so many people follow it and believe that it is good, I am not a Muslim, but I do believe that all religions have something good in them.

          • Just a guy

            says the idiot who thinks all muslims live in deserts

          • Alexander Becker

            Hey britmuslim twit as a supposed Muslim you don’t make threats..especially ones you can’t back up you tuffguyinternet
            You Probablly give anjum choudry BJs haha

          • harriet

            plus, poor Ayisha lost all her hair
            being raped by mohammed made her hair fall out

          • ELLIS

            Learn to write first, and once you have learned remember that thinking precedes writing, that is if you can think without being hurt.
            Check the statistics about the number of pedophiles we have home before accusing our allies about something you heard from fox news.

          • TJLeeWilliams

            I don’t watch Fox News. I’m a free thinking atheist who considers Islam the most oppressive, and far right ideology on the planet. We condemn that behavior. Google Saudi child brides, and you can read from websites all across the political spectrum about the problem. Even from a minority of critics inside the country. This isn’t something I picked up from one biased news source, so to you I say, remember that RESEARCHING should precede your writing.

          • Druid55

            Very ignorant Hagee-style nonsense. Read No god but God, then spew your rubbish!

          • Harry McNicholas

            Strange you don’t look Druish.

          • abstractheory

            Shut your whore mouth!

          • Druid55

            Your sister from the same mother already did that asshole!

          • Druid55

            Actually, I apologize for reacting. You don’t need anyone to illustrate the kind of low-life ignorant you are!

      • Ambientereal

        If it is the best place, please remain inside and don´t pollute the civilized world with dessert dirt.

      • Kaisa Katri Ahtaja

        How could you possibly know that? How many countries have you lived in?

      • miriguwa

        How about letting Saudi women drive for a start. Bloody hypocritical piece of Islam thrash. Go to faithfreedom(.)org and see how Islam will never change for the better. You are right its the “hole” that’s the problem in Muslim countries.

      • Sanad

        You must be kidding, SA is the best place in work!!!! You could have said its the biggest dictatorship the human history ever witnessed!! The issue about SA is not Islam, Islam is only being used to control the Saudis minds, to make them slaves for the royal family over there! For god sake women are not even allowed to drive there!!
        Am a Muslim but am against everything Saudi Arabia represent, they pay money for terrorists like Alqaeda and ISIS then pay more money to US so it sends it’s soldiers to die fighting the terrorists that SA created!!! The royal family over there think it can buy everyone with the oil money which should be given to the people to start building a real democratic free country not a the dictatorship that exists now!

      • Solitary Tree

        these ppl WANT to hate you guys,all these talk of beheadings ,terror,beating women is all booooL$hlT(FAKE REASON TO JUSTIFY THEIR HATE),deep down they know ur better ppl THAN THEY ARE~!!!!

      • RigPig

        Dodo, you’re a Clown! I have worked in many many Countries across this World and I have NEVER seen so many uneducated, ignorant, arrogant people in one place as I have in KSA. As far as it being the “best place in the World” answer me this……. If it is so, then why is there always a mass exodus EVERY weekend for all you “good Muslims” to get to Bahrain……. wouldn’t by any chance be the whores and alcohol in Bahrain would it?

        • abstractheory


      • indian

        dont worry saudis .as long as u have oil…world consider u…..when it dried just think about urselves about worth

        • Abdullah

          Don’t believe any Saudis, they are not muslims, they are pedophiles, they are arrogant, they are living in the medieval . Recently they’re attacking a poor neighboring country. Yea, teach them democracy and women rights.

      • redar

        The best place in the world?..think again! These wahhabist are the core origine of world problems and the most corrupt society in the globe if only a neutron bombe dropped on Saudo and Israel, the world will resume uninterrupted to an era of conflict free interactions.

      • Harry McNicholas

        Yes, especially when the religious police show up and beat the hell out of you for missing prayer time at the mosque.

      • Amelia

        SA is the best place in the “hole” world? LOL, I think you hit the nail on the head with the “hole” part! It’s a “hole” for women’s rights all right!

      • Thabo

        ” I know that SA is the best place in the hole world wide ” because . . ?

      • سيرين براء || Serene

        Dodo why r u sad to read this? What’s upsetting in the article? plus it doesn’t mention us or our country.. it’s about someone from the royal family.. who cares?

    • MSJ

      You know, in my country someone with a name like yours would probably be called an alcoholic gangster.

      • Kim Sunderlage

        Oh, yeah? How do you feel about someone using “Dr MJ. Mansion,” misspellings and all? I think it’s someone who is jealous they weren’t born in the USA and still can’t use the language properly.

        • Reminder

          The world doesn’t begin with the U.S or end with the U.S. Nobody cares what that abbreviation stands for in the U.S. If you are from U.S.A, then you are giving a very bad impression of yourself, and your country to everyone that reads your post.

    • FBI

      What about you? May be you also defaecate in open fields like rest of India? or begging like most of you in Delhi and Bombay? or living on less than dollar a day? Go save your woman who are being raped day in and day out in your India……

      • Atheist Ethicist

        FBI??? just do your fucking job…crime stats under your watch are still a lot more than in India, when India has 3 times more people than the US. Google ‘rapes in the US’ and just shut your trap agent. And get those shades off, you don’t realise it but they look hideous.

      • gomurr

        We all know none of that goes on in the good old US…….

    • Sam

      every country has its flawed citizens, even yours. I mean come on, america is a timed bomb, it’s every criminals’ wish to be there, because they are spared as you call it “A free country” But even with all the fucks that’s been happening there you didn’t wish for them to be “denied visa”; It’s because you’re a hypocritical, fucked up, racist person.

      • miriguwa

        “timed bomb” go and learn your grammar before posting or post in Arabic. Did you go to faithfreedom(.)org?

      • TJLeeWilliams

        I don’t understand your English, but if you’re saying we deny people like you who hate our country visas then yes, yes we do, and for good reason. You’re probably a fucking terrorist, and your prophet was a pedophile, and you are not welcome in the United States. So run along before someone drone strikes you asshole.

    • mike davis

      you are being a bit cruel for some exceptions. They are very nice people.

    • Mohamed Mansour

      Come to UAE and see for yourself how the so called Desert Royals conduct themselves and thier country.. Come and see with your own eyes how in this part of the world expats of over 60 different nationalities are living together in peace and harmony and surrounded by solid proof state of the art security.. Come see for yourself how life outside democracy could be so fundamentally successful and forthcoming to the extent that half of the so called democratic free world is dependent on its annual charities and they don’t even mention it!!!

      • Alena

        Do you know there are some assholes in India who are always to criticize muslim and muslim countries no matter what.

        All I show them is my middle dinger 😛

        • ARay

          I find Pakis with fake identities reading Indian news feeds to educate and inform themselves then they quietly watch pirated Hindi films for entertainment. They hate the jews yet do not realize that every second they use Facebook makes its owner Mark Zuckerberg richer , who is an AMERICAN JEW !! Such is their stupidity !

          • Alena

            The same goes to indian unfortunately

      • prashant

        Sure, with money you can find heaven in Afghanistan as well !! Have you ever looked on how the expats from 3rd world are living on your land. Have you ever seen how cruel are the people from Arab and how disgusting their behavior is for people esp from Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    • Ahmed H. Saab

      You are fuckin sick and disgusting

      • Chitterati

        What is disgusting is your sheer ignorance of a problem, and not just amongst the illiterate class but the seemingly educated ones yourself. What is disgusting about calling a spade a spade…the lady in question indeed was guilty as mentioned, and as for generalising the whole country a public figure does represent a nation…although when it comes to Islamic mindset world harly needs any proof anymore.

    • Delphi

      Well said but why don’t you control your grand thirst for sucking up there’s & the rest of the worlds oil?

    • Shahd

      My friend you belong to one of the most uncivilized & recist community who now only know how to dress from other and you please don’t talk about women right. Do you know

      1. If her husband dies, according to the Brahmin originated
      Vedas, she has to be cremated (sad) along with her DEAD husband. Once today s law forbids this, the society punishes her in following ways:…….
      2. She is not supposed to remarry…..
      3. She cannot wear colored saree or cloth or jewelry …..
      4. She is considered as a curse and is not desirable in the public places and functions. Even she cannot take part in her children s marriage! ….
      5. She has no right to divorce her husband….
      6. She has no property rights
      7. A Hindu women has no inheritance rights
      8. More and more dowry killings are happening daily.
      9. Marriage is allowed within their own caste ONLY (not within the religion)
      10. Mixed marriage is not only forbidden but also discouraged
      11. Child marriage was encouraged

      • Chitterati

        Exactly the kind of attitude of ignorance and one upmanship that spells doom on Islam, though you don’t deser IT but but here’s a reply:

        1. Sati : isn’t mentioned in Vedas or any other Hindu religious philosophy…neither is it exclusive to india, it gained promonine after the foriegn invaders started monster even dead bodies of women after war, to preserve the sanctity of their dead body women would throw commit suicide by fire. It’s been illegal in India for centuries

        2. Not supposed to remarry!!!! Not in Vedas again, perhaps ancient Indians weren’t as intelligent as Mohammed who even dictated the mensutral cycles after which women could remarry

        3. Widows not allowed to wear Colors, did you time travel back a 100 years, Eitherway better than having you body wrapped up in black in scorching summer.

        4. Not allowed in functions ….which version of Vedas did you refer to,was it the one which Osama called Quran hiding in caves!

        5. No right to divorce…atleast you got something partially right. Divorce is disallowed for both men and women as marriage is an eternal sacred bond, not like talaq talaq talaq …and you’re done! Anyway divorce is allowed legally in India.

        6,7 Vedas don’t mention about property rights coz it’s too marialistic …unlike islam where woman is a property herself!

        8. More and more killings…really !!!! please don’t confuse indian with Pakistan !!!!

        9 & 10 …you gotta tell me where you read up about rest of the world , inter ast marriages are frowned upon only amongst the illiterate folks….but Ofcourse you will find that as something to bash us about….considering the incestual sister banging Muslims indulge in.

        11. Thank god you added “was” … Childeren were married in certain segments, but they did stay with their parents till they were old enough to setup a home of their own. Atleast Hindus questioned an archaic tradition and evolved….not something you apes will ever understand.

        Phew….now I regret wasting my time replying to someons who is so brainwashed to believe that questioning a tradition is blasphemy. Someone whose entire life revolves a few 100 years old islam will never be able to respect a religion which has evolved over 5000 years

    • Mongoose

      What a sweeping indictment, Prakash.

    • You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. To group all people in one category in a negative statement is as ignorant and racist as one can be.

  • Victor

    If you have a garden of Roses, you will show the beauty of your garden of Roses to all your guest. So they can admire how much care it took, from a simple seed thru the process of taking care of the rose to a full Bloom garden.
    Soon or later the most conservative country will change at the pace of a snail. This mean, since the foundation of the Saudi Kingdom, it took a century and it will take another century to change.

    • Arthur Vandelay

      Maybe it’s not a rose but a weed. Maybe they cover up their women cause they do not want the world to see how ugly they are.

      • Cipher

        Haha really funny thought !
        There is not ugly women, that’s first
        Secondly, even if it’s a tradition or custom we should
        Respect it.
        And finally, I know why they wear “black sheets” cause I’m
        from S.A. and that’s because religious issues with protecting the
        real beauty !
        You really need to open a book man .. discover a different world : /

        • Kim Sunderlage

          Excuse me? WHO should open a book? I suggest it’s you AND you should read it cover to cover. If you want to come to this country for any reason, learn the language and the culture and follow it. Don’t try to change anyone or anything here. You have no right to try to do so.

          • Reminder

            Neither do you. Your opinion is wasted, nobody needs it. just like your existence. Ignorant human being 🙂

      • noraxx

        and maybe you’re 12 years old!!

        • Kim Sunderlage

          Maybe. Or maybe you’ll turn 12 on your next birthday. I hope you see that day. I hope we see the day you grow up.

      • Yash

        Hey Idiot your mother also ugly thats why your saying all womaens are ugly

        First learn to respect other religious values and others too respect

        I am very sorry for scolding you and involving your mother

        • kailash

          if feel sorry then why brings her mother in discussion. sorry is not a word but realization. what’s her fault?she is also respectable like daughter of saudi king.

        • Kim Sunderlage

          If you’re going to attempt to use it, learn the language first. Such incorrect English only makes you look more stupid than you really already are.

          • Yash

            What ever the language , you got meaning , so start giving respect to other religion.

            I am sorry for involving your mother .

          • Kim Sunderlage

            No, I’m not sure I do get your meaning. Your English is too poor for me to be certain of that.

          • Reminder

            Your existence is too poor for anyone to even take notice of it. Go die.

          • Reminder

            Oh really? Do you even know a single alphabet of His language? probably not. So, HE IS MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN YOU, BECAUSE HE IS AT LEAST TRYING UNLIKE YOU WHO JUST KNOWS JUST TO SPEAK, READ, AND WRITE IN ENGLISH.

    • Laila Muhammad

      as long as change comes thats good…in the west change came fast from the 60’s on….premarital sex abortions std’s..gay marriage……now the results are plain to see….50 million americans on food stamps….most headed by single moms…52 million abortionssince roe v wade…1 in 5 americans now have std men are falling over each other trying to get marriage license to marry their fellow man….the mideast didnt follow the west example of premarital sex and abortions…so today has protected itself from abortions and std’s including aids which has decimated christian parts of africa….they will not accept gay marriage the new kid on the block

    • Kim Sunderlage

      Again, if you’re going to attempt to use the language, learn it first.

  • julián García-Notario Nuño

    Very Beautiful Person

    • justice

      vanda se vande stupid dude

  • Arthur Vandelay

    Saudi Arabia needs to enter the 20th century. covering up their women with a black sheet only makes us wonder How ugly are they???

    • rahil

      In Muslim Society women wear Abaya ( black color cloth ) because we Muslim treats our women like princess and we do not want the people like you to discuss about them. think twice before speak.

      • Kim Sunderlage

        Here, in the US, we’d treat “your” woman as any other. We might even ask her a question such as, “Do you know where the salt is?” If that’s disrespectful, you’re in the wrong country.

        • olaolu

          Kim Sunderlage will you rather have sweets covered or prefer the ones open to flies and maggots?

          • Kim Sunderlage

            That’s just a stupid question/reply, though not unexpected from such backward countries and their people, especially men. Women aren’t sweets. They’re people and they’re just as valuable as any man. You just don’t get it. Treat your women however you want IN YOUR COUNTRY. But if you’re in MY country, speak English, learn the culture, and treat women with the same respect any good man deserves. There are many men who deserve no respect, only some prison time, anger management, and classes on how NOT to discriminate — especially against women. Here in the USA, it IS against the law to discriminate. We fought long and hard for those rights, and we have a ways to go still. We don’t need people like you coming here and forcing your ways on our citizens. If you don’t like that about our country, you can’t leave fast enough and we won’t miss you. BTW, I’m certain it’s not your Mother who taught you how to treat women. It was your father and other such “men,” and I use that term loosely. You’re no man, you’re just lazy and want to be waited on hand and foot. In short, you SUCK! If you’re here in the US, just get out please. Just get out TODAY!

          • Aisha

            What is wrong with you guys? All of you are such an arrogant, judgmental turds! Islam doesn’t discriminate, if a certain culture does that then what does Islam has to do with all this? Get out of your Islam-phobia. I am a Muslim girl, if I CHOOSE to cover myself then why is it pinching you? Isn’t this my right to dress the way I want? Or only your women are entitled to this?

          • crazy

            oooo yeah! another muslim girl i love em, and touching their breasts from her dresses too! aisha may i borrow your breasts for a few minutes?!

          • Dick Johnson

            ” Isn’t this my right to dress the way I want?”

            true, but if I was a woman in Saudi Arabia and I wanted to dress in a bikini would I have the same rights to dress the way that I want? And if not why?

          • Aisha

            Every country has its code of ethics and conduct! Saudis have theirs. Can you go on streets naked in whatever country you live? Wouldn’t you get fined for that?

          • Joseph Flannagan

            Not in Britain – it is NOT illegal to be naked. Everyone enters the world naked and if muslims believe that allah created mankind then you insult him by covering his work.

          • Alena

            And then Allah Said Cover your beauty and protect your body from joseph Flannagan the asshole. Sounds right, isn’t it?

          • Joseph Flannagan

            Your allah made many mistakes and errors in his ” work” – he created humans naked and then says cover up. He creates men with foreskins and then says cut them off. He creates pigs and dogs and then declares them unclean . He created women who have menstruation which renders them ineligible to enter a mosque , touch the koran or to perform prayer , Tawaaf or fasting . He created muslims who cannot even wipe their arse without a full set of instructions and he chose an illiterate and ignorant idiot to pass his message to the world .

          • Alena

            Dude You need to learn science instead of shitting here

            He created human naked because mothers can’t bear the clothes inside her womb.

            The foreskins are the leftover of the body which is not good, just like you left some turds on your ass and that also are not good

            The pigs are created to eat the waste and make the world clean for assholes like you else Mr Joseph have to eat the waste

            The dogs are to protect Mankind, unless the other one is also animal without any brain like you Mr Joseph

            Menstruation is a waste blood which is unclean and if you think those bloods are clean, drink it

            And he chosen an illiterate to pass his message because he wants to show the world that nobody is useless in this world even an illiterate can be the greatest person on earth
            Except few idiots like you 🙂

          • Joseph Flannagan

            Pigs are created to eat waste and make the world clean for assholes ! Well as there are NO pigs in muslim countries that means THEY are the dirtiest and most unclean places. This is maybe why so many muslims have black marks on their foreheads from praying in mosques that are covered in grime and filth !.As to the foreskin being leftover – it still amply demonstrates a design flaw from a being muslims claim to be PERFECT !. Perfection means NO mistakes , NO errors , NO flaws. He created humans naked because that is how nature INTENDED the human body to be and it is then another admission of imperfection to insist on it being covered . Menstruation if not ” waste ” blood – it is the unfertilised lining of the uterus being discarded and rejected so it can be prepared for the next cycle and ( possible ) pregnancy.

          • Alena

            lol If muslim countries has pigs that means Muslim are the dirtiest?? Really?? What a logic dude. If your countries has the highest number of rapist that means you are rapist. WOW Amazing logic idiot. And if you really concerned about the nature, go roam nude who is backing you?? Come on joseph don’t be an idiot and act like a 7. -_- And if your religion allow praying in the menstruation cycle let it be and enjoy your so called religion we are happy with our own religion and we knew what is wrong and what is right for us

          • Joseph Flannagan

            The logic on pigs is YOUR logic. If pigs are created to eat waste and clean up therefore having NO pigs means DIRT. Your prophet’s logic – some of which I already quoted – is also seriously flawed and many of his pronouncements are among the most ridiculous ever attributed to any historical figure. In England it is NOT illegal to be naked and no one – male or female – will be arrested for doing so. Neither is it COMPULSORY so the individual has a choice . All three main religions have restrictions on menstruation as you are probably aware. but even islam DOES allow recitation of the koran at this time but prohibits entering a mosque , performing salah, or handling a koran. If you are happy with islam it demonstrates that you have an uncritical and unquestioning attitude and it seems to me your main method of defending islam is simply to call people bad names. Well that does nothing to convince me that islam is worthy of anything other than scorn and I stand by ALL that I said in my other reply regarding the poverty of islam as a positive , useful , productive or creative entity which ultimately will be strangled by it’s own intransigence.Look at Somalia , Syria , Libya , Iraq , Egypt , Pakistan , Afghanistan etc as examples of islamic cooperation and progress.

          • some one

            so you most read more about muslim countries! guy wake up You’re drowning in a host of anti-Islamic propaganda. Yes Syria , Libya , Iraq , Egypt , Pakistan , Afghanistan are muslim countries, but not all of them. Malesia, indonasia, iran, turkey, lebanon and many other countries are muslim Beautiful countries. and You know what is the main difference between these countries with other muslim countries that you say? with thanks of God no modern american leg enter to these countries. america had entered to many [muslim] countries to make peace and goodness but infact it just make Chaos, war, schism and many things. Iraq was a powerful nation until America entered that. But now the situation has changed drastically.
            Divisions between people, there is no strong military, and many other things in Afghanistan, America’s presence in Pakistan, all the conditions are worse! and guy, you Not ever ask yourself why are different conditions in qatar or SA ?
            Because they are good guys?! Of course not, and that’s what everyone knows. This is due to common interests with America. just it! Otherwise they are arab like people in iraq.
            and about SCIENCE! if you have read some science books
            you must know people like Zakariya Razi who had discoverer alcohol or Ibn sina great scholar of his time they are not arab but they are muslim and of course they are not alone! i know that are a few famous Philosopher in arab countries but you don’t speak about arabs you speak about muslims and all muslims aren’t arab! if you want speak about arabs say, but with their name NOT MUSLIMS!! if you want speak about muslims read more and speak….WITH OPEN EYES!!

          • Joseph Flannagan

            Indonesia , Malaysia , Turkey , Iran , Turkey , Saudi Arabia and ALL islamic countries operate open and intense religious discrimination. There is not ONE islamic country on earth where there is religious equality for non muslims. It is SO easy to blame America for all of islam’s woes but this is shifting the blame . Christians , Jews , Hindus , Sikhs , Buddhists , Atheists , Ahmediyas , Sufis and other sects are severely restricted and persecuted in all islamic countries. Not to mention the killing of sunni by shia and vice versa which happens on a daily basis now. For your information I have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and have also spent time in Malaysia , Indonesia , Sudan , Egypt , Algeria , Senegal and Mauritania. I have seen how islam goes about it’s daily business of oppression and intimidation in imposing islamic ” rules ” on EVERYONE. THAT is what first opened my eyes to islam !. I judge by what I have seen and not just by media reports. Your science references are centuries out of date which is precisely my point. If Razi discovered alcohol then HOW could it have been FORBIDDEN to muslims 200 years before he was born ???. Arab / muslim scientists have been an extinct species for hundreds of years now and it is non muslims who have fuelled all modern invention and discovery !. The example for muslims is mohammed whose ” science ” was warped and laughable. The VAST majority of Arabs are muslims so to try and differentiate between Arabs and muslims is naive and pointless. I have read the koran both Tafsir and non Tafsir versions and I ALWAYS compare the translation with the original version to check for accuracy.

          • some one

            “there is not ONE islamic country on earth where there is religious equality for non muslims” “the killing of sunni by shia and vice versa which happens on a daily basis now” REALY?! And you claim that you have lived in a Muslim country?Then you must be CRAZY! Because even a blind man can feel safe in most Islamic countries, the minimum with living in Saudi Arabia!! In many Islamic countries, other religions live. Christians , Jews AND Buddhists! Someone in Indonesia or Iran or Lebanon or many other Muslim countries, because of religion is not dead and that’s what you do not understand or will not understand! and about the killing of sunni by shia! can i ask you what do you mean? Killing People in Iraq? ha?! If this is the case, I should make something clear to you.

            there are some people [in some countries like iraq] whose killing every one, they have their version of Qoran, their Opinions and they always say they have true islam BUT they have NOTHING! they killing people destroying everything, mosques,Churches and any holy building and they do this works in the name of islam!! Something that is in conflict with our teachings. then you see these [ with your OPEN eyes!] and tell yourself: what’s wrong with this guys?! they are killing themselves?! CRAZIES!!!.
            BUT it’s not the TRUTH! those people aren’t muslim not shia and not suni they are people who we call them khavarej! they are people whose made after american enter to their lands. They are made by your government to Muslims become busy killing each other and then your media show this and just say: “see!, this is truth, they are muslims!” your goverment had come to some muslim countries to make peace but in fact he had just FUCKED UP! you can search! see what happen to iraq after america’s enter and what was iraq before 2003, in 1991 or 1979 or 19??. after your country’s enter to any country even in non-muslim countries like VIETNAM all things become Worse than ever before! Do not say you’re not impressed with anti-Islamic propaganda. IT’S A JOKE!
            This sentence: “the killing of sunni by shia” is all anti-Islamic propaganda. there is no war between sunni and shia! it’s just what you want!, it’s just a war between your trained dogs and muslims! I SAY THIS TO YOU from an islamic country which it is’t many far from Chaotic lands, countries like iraq, From a country which peoples live Together with out any treat! and be sure i’m enough close to our Chaotic Neighbor lands to see the truth, minimum more than YOU!

          • Joseph Flannagan

            Please feel free to try and refute anything that you say is anti islamic ” propaganda” .

          • some one

            you are doing anti-Islamic propaganda right now! all you do it’s to show muslims stupid peoples!
            Yes, razi had discover alcohol many time before islam but he was from a land which is islamic now! so it show peoples are people! i mean if razi was an iranian Scientists [whose they are muslim now] in our time they can have another razi! And if not, you say islam will not let any body become another razi because islam is in CONFLICT with science?! it’s childish idea! But even if it is, what about Ibn sina great scholar of his time? mohammad samir hosain ? zabir ibn hayyan? abu yusuf? abu reyhan al-biruni ? what about iranian muslim Scientists in NASA in U.S?! they are not muslim?! when i told you READ MORE! i offer it to understand something about muslims, Unlike what you think or you want think, muslims are not stupid! and this Wrong view of islam it’s what we call “anti-Islamic propaganda”. of course all muslims, like every other people in the world, don’t have same mind and all of them and all of their races aren’t clever [ it’s what i try to To tell you before] but one race is NOT all!! even for a famous one!
            GOOD LUCK AND OPEN YOUR EYES MORE [if you have!!!]

          • Joseph Flannagan

            It is because my eyes are wide open that I can see very clearly that islam is a backward and regressive ideology. It is without any doubt whatsoever unscientific and any islamic discoveries and contributions to medicine , mathematics , physics , chemistry , astronomy and science in general were HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO . Today islam is more interested in barbarity , killing , torture and violence than it is in ANY scientific pursuit. Who kills Polio vaccinators ?? – muslims do and muslim children are the ONLY ones now affected by this terrible disease. Where did the current outbreak of Ebola Virus occur – Guinea which is a muslim country . Which was the LAST country on earth to have Smallpox before it was eradicated by NON MUSLIM vaccine ?? – It was Somalia another muslim country. Why does 25 % of the population of Pakistan shit in the street or in a field ???. – and yet they have nuclear weapons ( invented by NON MUSLIMS ) . The Iranian scientists in NASA are there because they FLED the islamic regime in that country and in the USA they are free from the restrictions imposed by religious fanatics. Also many of these scientists are non muslims !!!!.

          • some one

            HAHA!! that was really funny! i don’t will speak again about countries like pakistan, witch become different After they were strategic for America [like iraq] Because it seems it’s useless! but i want remember you that Give nuclear weapons to Pakistan by America occurred at a time when Pakistan government was a dictatorship and Events of this type is One of the reasons for the backwardness of the nations like pakistan.
            but NOW! i want speak about my country. first a little about our PEOPLE. kord, azari, gilaki, lor, fars, and some others are our national ethnic AND Among them are three indicators. Nu.1 about 99% of our people are muslim and we have a few other Religions . Nu.2 they have high IQ [ many more than other muslims Especially arabs] AND important one Nu.3 we live together with peace with out any treat any conflict. and i say this Because I’m an Iranian. you say pakistan have nuclear weapons invented by NON MUSLIMS, so pakistan with Thanks to America and countries like it have Non-peaceful nuclear energy now and it had Non-peaceful nuclear energy when it was [ and it is] Unsafe! but now about my country what has change? nuclear weapons is good for an Unsafe country but it’s not good for us?! of course NWs are Dangerous BUT for every one! and every iranian [even our goverment] know this an we said this many time: nuclear weapons for NOBODY peaceful nuclear energy for EVERY ONE ! BUT america don’t want we Achieve nuclear energy peaceful or Non-peaceful!
            this is your president speech: “Stop your nuclear power, or we mobilize the world against you” You know why? Yours coloniser governments want us to remain undeveloped and will always remain your in need. Work in many Asian and African countries have repeatedly have DONE! And it looks appropriate for your media. Stole our money, so we’re accused of backwardness! but we iranian,simply shall not surrender. we built natanz Nuclear facilities, fordo and arak, We have continued to build the Bushehr And our enrich , we have twenty percent! and some body say we have suport of russia but i answer Twenty years after the completion of a plant that does not help! It’s also an embargo, like the others! and russians help us to complete bushehr nothing else! my friend all i want to say it is: Backwardness, is the only thing that your Governments Need to make sure that they are always first and we will need them and make sure they will do anything to Achieve that go! this is what make us Backwardness more than ever more than before but even now [unlike what you say about iranian in NASA] we have our best scientists in OUR COUNTRY We win Prize for the best America’s best solar car with our young clever scientists and it is for THIS YEAR!! not in history!
            GOOD LUCK! some one from [ISLAMIC] IRAN

          • Joseph Flannagan

            SCIENCE ?????- How about mohammed’s version of science then ?.I am NOT idiotic enough to believe anything he propounded as only someone as uncritical and unquestioning as a muslim could possibly place ANY credence in his ramblings. He stated that dipping a fly in your drink carries the cure for disease. Water cannot be contaminated even by carcasses or discarded women’s sanitary wear. Cutting your nails on a Wednesday can cause Leprosy and other equally absurd claims . And islam has contributed nothing of use or value to science for centuries while the non muslim world has been the creative and inventive and discovered the internal combustion engine , electric power , nuclear power , printing , computers , the internet , X-rays , organ transplants , antibiotics , jet propulsion , powered flight , vaccines , telephone , television , film , cameras , microwaves , the light bulb , refrigeration , reinforced concrete , cellophane , food canning , aspirin , blood grouping ,cell cloning , lasers as well as treatment and cures for virtually every disease known to man and THOUSANDS of other items. Meanwhile has languish din backwardness , ignorance and even the recent wealth of the Middle East is due to an accident of geography and geology and NOTHING to do with islam. Arab muslims were sitting on top of the oil for centuries and had NO idea what it could be used for until non muslims invented machines and processes that required it !!.

          • ciao!

            You just don’t make sense.. Purely emotional instead of logical..!!! No shame in admitting that,.

          • Alena

            I am totally logical all you need is to open your eyes instead of wasting time on internet 🙂 Good luck with our logic :p

          • Coffeee is not helping

            Oh my f***ing gowd!!!! It was not brain washing, It was brain blasting 🙂

          • Ciao


          • alexyn

            We`re not talking about naked here, just about regular western clothes. It`s normal that whenever u travel/immigrate to another country, u try to adapt to the customs. You find western clothes offensive, even when they are worn by a western person in your country, but yet you demand the right to wear your clothes in any western country, without caring if that would offend me. You want freedom to express your religion, but you don`t give others the said freedom. Seems like you people think you`re better than everyone else. News, you`re not! If a person wants to be treated with respect, and have his rights respected, then he/she should probably respect others too.

          • some one

            it’s every human rights, that dress what ever they want but some of people forget this that their dresses are not the best and it’s not modernism. humans have their opinions and can dress what ever they want. for different humans are different modern opinions and it’s what they don’t understand! you and other muslim girls have they rights and it’s not important what think some people about you your believes are important and other muslims have believes you it’s what is important! i don’t know where are you from, but where ever you are ! الله يحمي لك

          • crazy

            “I am a Muslim girl” really?! i love muslim girls they are very beautiful. i love kissing their faces and sex with em they have amazing breasts even under their dresses! aisha may i borrow your breasts for a night?!… PLEASE!!

          • Joseph Flannagan

            It certainly is your right to wear what you wish BUT there are millions of muslim women who are FORCED to cover and wear abaya or hijab. Many women have been ” honour killed ” by their families for being too westernised or too un-islamic. There are many documented cases like this. Also I would LOVE to see ANY muslim woman ” choose” not to cover herself in Saudi Arabia where this princess is from. Even foreigners and non muslims ARE forced to conform whether they like it or not – even young kids !!!.

          • rio

            I’m an American living in Saudi Arabia. Ex-pats do not need to cover their heads. Women must wear abayas–the black “dress” over their clothes when they are out. At home, anyone may wear what they want. Many women find empowerment through wearing the niqab, as I understand it, and it is part of the culture. I haven’t seen any evidence that domestic violence is more common here than in the US, where it is often related to alcohol abuse, which isn’t a factor in SA. No one agrees with all of the aspects of any culture…there are things to be admired here, as anywhere. And there are things that need attention, as anywhere. American women are forced into many roles by a patriarchal system constructed by men to serve the interests of men. Don’t fool yourself by thinking equality can be legislated. Prejudice and sexism can’t be stopped by laws.

          • Guest

            Aisha, the guest did not mention Islam. Read his post again, you brought Islam up. Are you self- conscious?

          • alexyn

            Hmm..I`m also a woman, if i CHOOSE to wear shorts and t-shirt in a muslim country, i don`t have the right to do so, but you HAVE THE RIGHT to wear whatever you want wherever in the world you want. How`s that for double standards?

          • mike davis

            We cant discriminate?? Really? I thought Universities can discriminate on admissions based on race….. yes??

            Affirmative Action discriminates based on ones race.

            Honey, you have been brainwashed by TV

            Get an education.

      • kailash

        but even show off of just toes are illegal as the same men find themselves out of control. contradicting statement.

      • Kim Sunderlage

        A princess is beaten in your country? A princess is married off to more than one man in your country? A princess can’t go out without an escort? Is that because even men in your country can’t trust other men in your country? A princess is forced to have a child every year and they’d better be males? Oh, yeah … we’re all clamoring to be princesses in your country — NOT!

        • Reminder

          Kim, behave yourself. If you do not have anything nice to say, then clearly it’s time for you to zip-it. If your women choose to walk around in bikinis, have kids before marriage, abandon their kids for boyfriends, have 100’s of boyfriends and clearly find it hard later on to decide whose kid they’re giving birth to, are raped by YOUR men, and oh they even dress up the way their country men want them to – barely covered, ready to show their skin anytime and all the time. And the most amazing part? Women in USA suffer more violence! they are beaten by their so-called boyfriends, husbands, and treated less than animals.

          • Kim Sunderlage

            … and that’s not true of your country? It’s true of any country. What I don’t believe in is a society, or religion, where men dictate what women do or wear. I don’t believe in arranged marriages, especially those who marry off their daughters as young as some countries allow. I believe women all over the world should have the same choices as men, should make the same money as men doing the same jobs. I don’t believe women should have to cover their faces and only leave the house with a male. That’s oppressive. That’s never a good thing. Women ARE equal to men, but too many men, for whatever reason, will never believe that and choose to keep their women hidden and treat them like second-class citizens.

          • some one

            who said this to you “muslim women should go out with a man”? this is not in every muslim countries, for example in lebanon women can work as a man work they can go out, They can bring money and do every thing they want! or in iran, conditions are much better they have women in top officials for example marzieh afqam foreign ministry spokesman or others. even in iraq womens are in parliament of iraq and in a law parliament must have 3 Legislatress! but i agree that some countries like S.A should be better but not be converted to a non-muslim country. the laws can change and be better. i know in your countries with media and your government anti-Muslim propaganda that you have, you can not get a full view of the Muslim countries and Islam please don’t talk influenced by the media and your government they change truth and then show them to you. with more reading about muslim countries, you can see better every thing!!

          • mtbpalinny

            Degenerate pigs..

      • Dick Johnson

        Your “prophet” was nothing more than a sick and twisted degenerate pedophile who ran around the Arabian peninsula chopping off the heads of anyone who didn’t agree with him. Piss and blisters be upon him (Mohammed).

        • Stephen

          dick as ur name rightly suggests u are no more than a dick.
          what do u know about my prophet ,our prophet!
          u are an asshole who will come to the know reality once u die.

          • Mohammed. Umair

            Mr. DICK as it is said, having little knowledge is dangerous. If you’ll get to know the reality about our prophet (may peace be upon him ), and the difficulties he faced just to make the world understand the words of god, how cruel hearted you may be, you’ll end up crying and asking forgiveness from allah(The forgiver)
            Once, peek inside your own collar, if you know so much about Islam, then you must be having a clear and vast knowledge of your own religion,
            where is it written in your holy bible that Prophet Isa (p.b.u.h.),whom you called Jesus Christ, is the son of god?
            when did he, a human, asked you to worship him?
            why did you started worshiping a human who has never said, that what you convey to your children.

            please explain Mr. DICK with references

          • Reply

            Bible is the complete conduct of life and people like you follower of pagan god allah and devil Mohammad have no right to even take the name of bible on your filthy tongues, i really feel pity for you how devil mohammad deceit all of you that Jesus is not son of God,
            Better accept it, learn about it before you end your pathetic life.

          • A.M.Izzath

            Just for the comment of the Kings daughter no one can get the reality of the women in Islam.If any one really want to get to know about it just go the biography of the great women s which ALLAH say in the Quran. Example, Aashiyah’
            wife of Fiawn,

        • some one

          and who the fuck are you?! just a monkey with a damaged mind .mohammed came to animals like you become a man and show them the way but But some of them insisted on remaining animals And remained! like you. It is not strange monkey like you don’t understand his way, but if you don’t know him just Shut Up!

          • Jeffrey Jones

            Your “prophet” MoHAMmed was a paedophile, a violent murdering, thieving schizophrenic. No wonder all you Muslims are so bent.

          • Muslim and PROUD

            Hey u respect our prophet just like we respect u.i live in Bahrain a Muslim country and half of my friends are nonmuslims. They have never disrespected my religion u should be ashamed, but don’t worry I will never bring myself DOWN to you level. U will feel sorry the day you die!!!!!!!!

          • Guest

            Sure jeffrey, because you knew him so well i shall take your word for it and ignore all islamic documentation of his character and life, right?

          • non Muslim opinion

            Fuck u I am a non Muslim that is married to a Muslim. We have lived happily for years and you have no right to say that about Muslim community you are the murder and thieve. Fuck u and the day you were born you motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • mtbpalinny

            You are the bitch at home .. mofo!

          • some one


      • Sadiq

        Nice to hear from you that Muslim treats women like a princess but only your women and the other races are treated really bad. They are being maltreated, rape and killed in other part of MIDDLE EAST.

    • Laila Muhammad

      why should they have to impress you…..spank your money on something else

      • Kim Sunderlage

        Laila, do you mean “spank your monKey on something else?” Just curious.

        • Laila Muhammad

          yep thanx for the correction

          • Kim Sunderlage

            This 30+year former city desk staffer always says the typo will always happen in precisely the wrong place.

    • salman

      Nuns also ugly???

      • Arthur Vandelay

        all the nuns at my elementary school were extremely ugly.

        • Kim Sunderlage

          Art Vandelay? From Vandelay Industries? Hello, fellow Seinfeld fan. Aren’t you glad he and the crew are back on late-night re-runs on FOX and TBS?

        • Kim Sunderlage

          Anyone who calls another ugly, is guilty of it themselves.

          • Reminder

            so nobody should call your NUNS ugly, but you can insult our women? DOUBLE STANDARDS RETARD.

          • Kim Sunderlage

            I never called nuns ugly and I never insulted your women. Perhaps some of my comments insult some men, the ones who treat women as beneath males just because they are women. No, no double standards here. BTW, “retard” is NOT an acceptable term either. You are showing your true colors and they’re not attractive. An open mind is.

    • Kim Sunderlage

      Art Vandelay? From Vandelay Industries? Hello, fellow Seinfeld fan. Aren’t you glad he and the crew are back on late-night re-runs on FOX and TBS?

    • some one

      She is a beautiful Muslim woman, like other Muslim women, but what separates her from other women that her beauty had given to anyone!
      Islam is Twentieth century is not wearing a piece of cloth or relationships with several people or sharing their beauty with all! hijab, effat and Full Coverage is muslims 20th century which is not in your century!
      this is your wrong, Muslim beauty is created from her soul, is not created by beautiful appearance!

      • Kim Sunderlage

        Why are you afraid to identify yourself? Could it be because you know your views are not welcome here and neither are you? If you don’t like our country, leave. You can’t leave soon enough. And take any children you may have with you. You shouldn’t be allowed to come here, educate your children, then take them back to your country and teach them your backward ways about women.

        • some one

          hold on! hold on!leave your country?! Who do you think you are? shouldn’t be too different. from 99% who work like a dog for 1% or from 1% who people work for them like a dog! Whoever you are be sure i’m not enough stupid to come your fucking country And enjoy the hospitality of people like you who think they are the best and every one want to live with them and the best people in the world don’t like live with them! but if you think i’ll give up my must Wealthy country, my Opinions, seven-digit salary And my children will grew up with your beliefs You are wrong! Muslims would never forget their opinions for cheap things, whoever it’s not his way that’s better to live with like you because he has no place here! Kim Sunderlage from madison, wisconsin get it and FUCK YOUR SELF!! 00i00

          • Kim Sunderlage

            I’m simply saying that if you wish to live in the US, your views and opinions are fine … just don’t push them on the rest of us. I say the same thing to the natives who believe their religion is the only one on the planet and try to push it on others. I don’t hate anyone’s beliefs. I just believe if someone wants to be here, they shouldn’t try to change it or the people. I don’t believe any ONE view, religions, etc. is the be-all, end-all. Keep it to yourself and you’ll fit in just fine … in my book anyway. Other Americans don’t think any foreigners belong here and that’s just stupid. But no one wants any holy wars or jihads here. Just like you, I don’t believe you’re wrong or bad somehow just because you identify with Muslim beliefs. I only believe it’s wrong to chastise or try to change the beliefs of another. I also happen to believe that if you want to move to another country, learn the language, the culture. BTW, we don’t ALL use cuss words. And, isn’t that against your religion?
            Now, I’ve had my say. I won’t respond to anyone using aliases again. If you can’t use your true name, why do I even bother reading your responses or even try to explain, again, what I mean? But, go back and re-read my posts. I NEVER said you’re not allowed here or not to hold your religion close to your heart. I did say, however, if you choose to come here, learn the language and try to learn the culture. I NEVER said you must believe in all that we do or don’t. That’d make for a pretty boring society. I hope you understand that I hold no ill will toward those from other countries or religions such as Muslims. Indeed, I welcome them and I’d welcome you, just as long as you don’t use your beliefs to try to change our country … which really isn’t any better than any other. .

          • some one

            i’m sure that People with healthy mind never will forget who they are! be sure Neither I nor any muslim else don’t want war or Conflict with another people with different beliefs. like what you said we just want any body know that hijab or other our Opinions are our 20th century and we want to All respect that,like what you want just it! your 20th century is for you and it’s not the best. we believe the god as we believe her religion teachings. As the west 20th century, has good things for you,for muslims had some bad things. Poverty, death, explosion, instability, chaos and other things among the Muslims is the legacy of West 20th century! if you want know more you can search “iraq war” or “afghanistan war” i’m sure that You will understand the meaning of 21st century better which isn’t good even for you no just us! all i want it’s To respect each other and respect each other’s opinions and don’t think we and our beliefs are the best in the world! every beliefs are good as they are for their believers.
            and kim if it’s important for you my real name is “ehsan” and that’s mean goodness but i use this second name to don’t forget that I’m like the other person,some one from others!

          • bella

            hey guys! i’m just wondering…is it the 20th century or the 21st century..????

          • some one

            yes bella! it’s 21st century. but simply like what kim said, i use 20th. perhaps it’s because kim Thinks muslims are lagged than more AMERICANS!!

          • mtbpalinny

            They are in the 15th century. you idiot !

          • mtbpalinny

            Fuck you ! you horrible muslim son of a bitch !

          • some one

            you know what, in my country are many men that say “Americans are stupid they can’t understand any thing” and every time that i listen to them’ then i say “humans can understand and Americans are human” but now, with thanks to this site I revised my beliefs. it’s not more than two modes, all Americans are stupid and they aren’t human or you are not american!! like every other Stupids, who can’t believe every humans have their Choice and this is their modern century, i have just one thing to say for you, Shut up and keep your beliefs to yourself!!!

          • Prince

            and who the fuck are you? an american ass hole!! and i should say another american ass hole! what do you people think about yourself? you are nothing! you are just animals who walk in streets, naked yourself and in other side enjoy from another ass in street then go to bed and if you were lucky you can fuck a bitch! it is you american life in 21st century! i lived seven years in your fucking country, you have nothing to honor it! a big ass is just thing you have! you need us, you need our oil, gas, money and many other rich lands and things! and ANIMAL don’t forget there are many child in your 21st century that don’t know their parents and it seems you are one of them! an horrible american SON OF A BITCH!!!

          • paoman

            Maybe you didn’t integrate yourself well into the country. This is the same problem to my Muslim friend. Actually I just feel sorry for you because in your heart is full of hatred.

          • mtbpalinny

            No one asked you to either come or stay here. Go F yourself you terrorist pig !

        • Reminder

          Are you the President of USA? i guess, NOT. you shouldn’t be allowed in your own country. People like you ruin the reputation of a beautiful country like USA!! Moron.

        • random guy

          why you are so care about showing outer beauty? if they want to cover their beauty and keep it just for their husband, so what? is that bothering you? prevent you to have an eye climax from peeking women? holyfuck u just an ass. where is you country anyway? i’m pretty sure won’t come to your country where all the perverts and all assfuckingshit are around the road.. why don’t you’re the one that educate your fucking mind and your children and just stay in your shell, don’t teach anyone about your silly idea cuz u don’t have a life, if you do, maybe you have such a pathetic life. feel bad about you sorry

          • mtbpalinny

            You people despise all other religions and cultures. How dare you cover your women from head till toe and comment about us ? What an Evil religion with sick customs .. Yuck !

      • mtbpalinny

        Utter BS .. You people belong to the 15th century..

        • British Son

          are you crazy? why you make 3 posts just in 1 day? you can’t say your words in one post?!!

          • mtbpalinny

            i’ll say it in as many words as i want.

    • jas

      MR Arthur,
      How come you say ugly, If some one watches your wife or sister legs and breast do you enjoy saying i am in 21st century let them enjoy i will enjoy too?? Brother Ask your inner heart do you really want your wife to be exposed.

  • B Basu

    Royal daughter can’t change her society. After all good, bad, moderate, terrorists -all muslims draw inspiration from the same source. She will be dragged out.

  • Mlk Sheikh

    Is she the only daughter ? If not, How many wives the king has got.

    • Laila Muhammad

      clinton had 4 mistresses…sen john edward had 2 mistresses…..french president has a mistress and another mistress….men in power feel free to engage in adultery….bible kings 11 1 ‘solomon had 300 wives and 400 concubines david had 99 wives jacob 4 wives’

      • kailash

        and who had fourth wife aged just 14years old and who used to extremely hate him and he was found dead on her body? pls.

        no dirty talks. by the way the graceful face speaks of the kind nature of the daughter of saudi king though no doubt cruel arabian culture creates hates, produces terrorists through out the world

      • Reply

        you can give as many references as you want , but no one had a wife of 9 years old, that is just so pathetic and unimaginable and SICK

        • Laila Muhammad

          issac married rebecca when she was 3 yrs old according to jewish midrash talmud codifies sannhedrin 55a 55b ‘jews may marry 3 yr olds sleep with 9 yr olds’….western countries did not change age of consent from 10 yrs old until 1858…..oy vey

        • mtbpalinny

          Pedophile !

  • Jiji

    Isnt judging someone elses culture and way of life considered racist? if saudis look at what “foriegn” women wear they would view them as whore like. not because a minority is following their own rules then they should be judged. all cultures have their flaws, but as a global community we learn and respect each other. and Prakash, if what youre doing isnt stereotyping i dont know what is. as you said there are 5000+ and im sure havent met them all. only negativity reaches the media. when successful and down to earth princes and princesses are deemed uninteresting. if youve met all 5000+ then you can give such a vague statement! Go on adelah, show the world we can be as “civilized” as they are!

    • Kim Sunderlage

      If you don’t know the language, ask a native speaker for help. If you refuse to learn the language, get out and go back home.

      • Abdul

        I had been living in US for 15 years, got three masters from
        Ivey league schools, worked for some very famous firms, and I am a Muslim. I moved back to Qatar couple of months ago.
        Let me share my experience.

        I do admit there are a lot of bad things in Muslim countries,
        though Quran and other Islamic books teach us that men and women are partners,there is very high regard for mothers in Islam, a lot more than fathers,daughters are considered blessings, wives, equal partners, yet Islam has always been used by Muslin men for their own advantages. You would frequently see a number of quotes taken out of context from Quran by men just to oppress women.

        However, there is a very strong social and family network in
        Muslim countries, because of how they offer prayers, men go to Mosque five times a day, in other words, socialize with others five times a day, and women have their own ways of socializing several times a day. That is one of the reasons, number of Muslim psychopaths (please leave Muslim fanatics for now, that is another discussion in itself), serial killers, child abusers, illegal
        drug users is extremely low in Muslim countries as compared with the number of such people in the western world. Depression and other psychological illnesses are rare; we do know such illnesses are very common in North America and in Europe.



        • mtbpalinny

          Are you kidding me ? 3 masters from ivy schools in the west and you have not evolved ! OMG you have the gall to compare us to your backward society and put us down ?? Arent’ OBL, Saddam Hussein, Al bashar, the suicide bombers, the 911 hijackers all psychopaths ?
          you, like the rest of your breed, are a sick “human” being !

  • (fake detector)

    Other kings daughters are held captive

  • Laila Muhammad

    she is cool….working to help all saudi women…the 12 million women in saudi are not representative of the 800 million muslim women worldwide who work go to school and drive and travel…no moreso than the haredi orthodox women [deborah feldman book unorthodox] who must show theie underwear to rabbis at mikvas[baths] after menses so he can determine if they are now clean enuff to resume sex

  • Anti Religions & Politics

    All freedom is just for this fucking family. This a kind treater for people to think ” Oh thanks God, now we have a hero”. But she is an asshole just like others from sheiks family.

    • mike davis

      you are probably either brainwashed or a jew or both

  • sentinel

    and yet another ‘misinterpretation’ of Islam. So, its only a scarf now??

  • drbhelthi

    The foto presents her fotogenic face.

    I wonder what she is like, as a real person, behind the faked smile for the camera?
    Daughter of the king of Saudiland, who is an accomplice of George H. W. Bush, who is an affiliate of the NAZI-CIA. This woman a model for Saudi females? Not according to history.

    • Kim Sunderlage

      Don’t make yourself look even more stupid: Learn the language before you attempt to use it? If you don’t like the way the USA works, why are you here? Why do so many try to get here? If your country and culture is so great, how come we’re not clamoring, including breaking laws, to get into your country?

      • drbhelthi

        You are just a bit confused.

    • Kim Sunderlage

      Do you know what the word “foto” means in some African countries? It is NOT a word in English. An accomplice of G.H.W. Bush? So what? He’s history.

  • mort

    IT IS ARABIA . It doesn’t belong to the house of Saud.

    • Kim Sunderlage

      … and nothing belongs to women there either.

  • Fiza Malik


  • bhaskarmudam vbr

    where she is king’s daughter or not is none of our business. anybody would like a liberal saudi and more cosmopolitan saudi where in all regions follow their path and ideals and mix up with all the people across the world..

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  • Nadia Kasim

    Just because she is a daughter of king of Saudi, it doesn’t mean she know all the Islam rules. By showing her hair, it is approve that she does not know and doesn’t care the Allah rule. The Islam rules do not from her father, the king of Saudi. Islam rules is from Allah. so not just because she dare to open her hair (her aura which is suppose to be covered), meaning she can change Allah rules. Allah rule stay as it is, muslimah (do not care who she is) should cover her hair. not just because she is daughter of a king meaning she got special treatment from Allah and she can bargain to Allah, and she can choose which Allah rule she want to obey, and she think she got VVIP ticket to enter Jannah by showing her hair????? She thinks she can change the rule in Al Quran just because she want to look modern???? Even Prophet Mohammad’s do not bargain to Allah about the hijab for his wives and his daughter. So who is the daughter of king saudi compare to all Prophet’s wives (The mother of the believers) and Prophet’s daughter. She want to open her hair, or her legs or her body or she do not wish to wear anything at all, that is her problem, she will face Allah later on when she die and take her own responsibility to her decision want to be “modern”. So don’t relate to Islam rule from her action. Daughter of king of saudi is not a representative of Islam rule.

    • mtbpalinny

      Consider yourself lucky to be posting this backward opinion of yours. You’d have been on a camel or in a tent with a dozen other wives of your owner If it were up to your dark religion …

  • Nadia Kasim

    The best women in Islam that Allah have guaranteed them Jannah are: Khadijah (Prophet’s first wife), Fatimah (Prophet’s daughter), Maryam (Prophet Isa’s mother), and Asiyah (Fira’un’s wife). So this king saudi’s daughter’s name do not include in that list.

    • mtbpalinny

      You people will remain in darkness forever.

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  • dongszkie

    seing her bahaving like that ,with the vision and attitude, I see good sign and hope for the Saudi women’s imancipation. .current situation suggest its still a long, long, to go to be realized,though.

  • Scam Buster

    Hello “Miss” Nigerian “Stella Sandra Dickson” from Pakistan. The thread is about a Saudi Princess but you had to butt in to attempt your scam game, lazy man! Who do you think will fall for a scheme from such a shallow mind as you obviously have?

  • Ruza

    Well, I suppose she can be an example, but a weak one. Islam is in desperate need of reformation and the Middle East needs a “cultural reformation.” I’d like to share my experience with a Kuwaiti students back in the early 70’s when I was in college. I found them to be “drunk” with the freedom afforded them in the U.S.A. They had a great deal of money which they constantly threw around. They had a dreadful attitude toward American females and would constantly harass us on the street. A group of my friends experienced a carload of them following them one evening. They kept on yelling at them until one woman mustered up the courage and kicked the car door and screamed at them to “get the f**k away.” One actually tried to grab me as I was doing research at the library. I reported him to security. What I really should have done was to kick him in his “crown jewels.” All in all, I had a very bad impression, which was sad because I had sweetly naïve and “romantic” idea of the culture. Now, when I see a male of that “extraction” coming my way, I cross the street.

  • valwayne

    Wouldn’t she be beat by the religious police in Saudi Arabia if she went out in public without being covered head to foot including her face? She would be if she dared to drive? And does she have to be accompanied by a male relative or can she show her face and because she’s the daughter of the king while average women in Saudi Arabia are treated worse than cows?

    • Alena

      Womens are safest in Gulf countries.
      Go check your facts ass hole -_-

      • TJLeeWilliams

        Bullshit. The statistics are manipulated by the corrupt governments in the “Gulf countries.” You’re just as bad as Africa, or India.

        • Alena

          The fact is everything that is in favor of Islam is indigestible to you, and whatever shit is in favor of you guys is extremely authentic, accurate without any manipulation lol :p
          Dude get a life -_-

        • some one

          what do you know about Persian gulf countries? in all Muslim countries Womens have their Choice to cover or uncover themselves! is that really hard to understand?! they are free to make their Choice!!

          • Disc

            Yeah, right. Write; “Muslim women punished” on Youtube and watch how much freedom they have.

          • some one

            i don’t need your Youtube. i live in a muslim country right now. and be sure i will not believe any kind of anti-islamic propaganda! those videos are a few parts of some islamic countries and a few of their people. every countries have good and bad people but in Youtube you just see what is wrong, a part of some countries which you believe it is for all of islamic lands! guy i live in non arabic muslim country. be sure i will condemn any kind of Deprivation NOT honor it or defend it!

          • abstractheory

            Free to do it or not leave the compound you lying cunt.

  • hariharan

    Indian Christian ladies working in Hospitals may put an end to their job if Saudi ladies get freedom !!!

  • TM

    Great PR. Nothing else.

  • mike davis

    Yes, a very beautiful woman indeed

  • dr maqsood

    the king of sa has given up following islam . he wants to show west that he is libril and by the way they are not contractor of islam .kings daughter does not have right to teach any body else that what islam says

  • H Sridhara

    Good. More such modern and liberated women are needed in society.

  • mtbpalinny

    Beautiful woman, God bless her soul .. Wish more ladies take that ugly rag off their heads and come mingle with the rest of us.

  • Rebecca Miller

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  • mo2men

    That is NOT how you wear the scarf/hijab. For a daughter of a king in a country where the Niqab is dominant, she is giving the normal Hijab a bad image. It’s not a fashion accessory, it’s a uniform by God made to cover the hair and protect the modesty.. This Half hijab style which I see many muslim women do is completely misrepresenting the true Identity of a Muslim woman. It due to lack of knowledge about their religion, and choosing to customize things in it as they see fit, which is a huge Sin..if only but they knew.

  • Josh4950

    why are we allied with kings? aren’t we calling for democracy everywhere? let’s solve our problem first! What is America doing?

  • nyomanindradjaja

    i want sex with prety woment

  • ARay

    How many children does the king have ??

  • Kamil Arıkut

    Complete bs PR photos. I dare her to go out on the street like that in Saudia, they will lynch her and rape her body.

  • Luci DeLon

    you’re funny warriors with all your pro’s and con’s 😉

  • Smorad

    She makes a great example of what all Arab women should be like. Hopefully Saudis allow women to be as free as her, but again you gotta be a royalty!

  • Alexandru Amoq

    Just fine.

  • Vestias

    I love you daughter of ther king of Saudi Arabia

  • Amyb

    Constipated chiken 🙂 tjleewilliam 🙂 and many others… by fighting on this page and giving your particular example will never show the true picture… we all know its not about islam but humanity and its degenration.. if we are still fighting over being muslim or being christian, which one is better n good.. then we actually dont know any thing about our religion.. Both bible and quran gives the same message of God that love and humanity is the higest of all…if we follow it we are true christans and muslims if we don’t than ….. its for us to decied.. however we should acknowledge that some serious offence is also going on in the world in the name of religion.. the only way we can change that is by learning the basic that is Being a good human first…God is Beyond religion…if we dont know that then.. what have we learnt….
    we need to do some serious introspection here…

  • mm

    World is evolving. Threat to the planet from within and outer space should occupy our minds rather than narrow divisions based on gender, religion and race.
    Of late religions are heading backwards to the medieval periods. This is the way some people help themselves to power & money.

  • mohanam

    World is evolving. Threat to the planet from within and outer space
    should occupy our minds rather than narrow divisions based on gender,
    religion and race.
    Of late religions are heading backwards to the
    medieval periods. This is the way some people help themselves to power
    & money.

  • Badrudin

    sodomize,rape,polygamy and talak propessed by religion is the order of present day .

  • Delphi

    All this rancor & also much civility.

    Different countries religions & peoples have their own ways, some good, some bad & no one peoples have a monopoly on goodness & rightness.

    Live & let live.

  • ham

    I advise that lets not use this platform to abuse islamic values. islam is the true religion.

  • Krishna iyer

    having worked and still living (with family) in the middle east and gulf region with 25+years; I can vouch that the female gen-next of the royal families and other influential families that matter are emancipated more so because of their exposure through education in the west and travel all over the world. This is good for the countries they represent through progressive and development agenda – a good and positive sign for posterity.


    Surah Al-Faatihah

    the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;

    Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

    Master of the Day of Judgment.

    Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.

    Show us the straight way,

    The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray…..Amiin

  • Mongoose

    It is to hoped that she has some influence at home. However, she probably will not be able to do much to create change as long as the royals need the help of the conservative clerics in order to rule.

  • ian

    I would love to screw this saudi princess in her royal pussy hole and asshole

  • firoz khan

    looks beautiful ………

  • ian

    I want to screw this princess very hard and very often in her royal pussy hole and poop hole

  • yadin

    Just can’t understand how she gets away with her life style knowing Saudi Arabia is the most conservative and fanatic when it comes to their religious belief and tradition.
    Just lately, a woman was beheaded in the public square for adultery.

  • Chris

    In the meantime 99% of the other women in Saudi Arabia can’t even drive. That royal family doesn’t practice what it preaches.

  • Lily Zali

    In Islam, covering one’s aurah is obligatory. Niqab is not just a tradition, but it is called sunnah.
    I’m a muslim, i wear hijab and proud of it.
    To those Muslim haters, stop reading the Quran like you would read Harry Potter. Every words in the Quran were revealed in relation to certain events.

  • murthy

    all leading women / women / female join together to have a meeting once in a month to solve all issues faced by the women

  • yoyo

    So she’s allowed to walk around exposing her hair and face, while other women in saudi have to hide both? Royal family that espouses Saudi values and laws, yeah right!

  • indiots


  • Axel Angel

    idiot very shame and embarasment daughter king saudi arabia

  • ahmed nazmy habel

    “Al Niqab

  • Rabindranath Das

    This is nothing but…media obsession…nobody interested in…terrorist promoters…

  • ssiddiqui

    Mr. Prakash you are highly prejudiced and your facts are from biased newspapers. If you lived in KSA the you wouldnt make remarks as you have. Before you start pontificating please also shed some light on immensely rich Mutths and temples in India that are used to horde gold from poor and that keeps Devdasi’s to serve your lecherous Brahmin’s lust and then have the gall to call it serving your hundred billion hideous looking statues that idiot minds like your call gods. You are the only people who make gods from your own hands with mud on which you piss and shit. Your suggestion that Saudis should be denied visas should only be considered after stupid ass holes of RSS/BJP have been converted into fertilizer on which your mother cow can rub her tits everytime she needs a bull. Go back to Varanasi and clean the toilets of mahants because your intellectual level seems to be suitable only for that. However sniffing the holy shit of over fed mahants may lead you to your paradise, where you will be changing the tampons of your Brahimin mothers and sisters.

  • Nana

    Does Islam mean Arab? or does Arab mean Islam? Be careful about this. There spanned 14 centuries. If you based on people stories, then there are many versions of stories. Go back to the Holy Book! Read it without a priory. But, remember don’t judge American from British view, even they have the same language, but both have different thought, so that why they have different culture (this is just an illustration, if you want to read the holy Book). I just want to give you the clue, because I see the discussing gone to many directions. But this message just for them who want look for something for their life. For them who believe that they have gotten the right way, just go on your way. Each person in this world take the responsibility by his/her own. Islam never command to force someone to believe. If you found a Muslim like that, then he opposed the rule. Bye

  • Jacque

    When human being rely on ancients books, written by ancient people to dictate who they live their lives, then we end up with ISIS and Saudi Arabia.

  • Alhena

    She can very well wear scarf, hijab whatever but she should not say HIjab is a culture & scarf is Islam..it is very clear in Islam, women has to wear hijab that covers the hair, breast & the shape of the body…& if they wish to cover their face, that is their right ! no one is forcing these ladies to be little extremes. I do not understand why westerners wanted us to be like them…that we have to follow their lifestyles then only we are considered human & civilised. I dont see standing naked like animals on some beach are civilised…