Is Omar Borkan Al Gala The Dubai Man Kicked Out Of Saudi Arabia For Being ‘Too Handsome’?

Earlier this month we reported on the three men who were ejected from Saudi Arabia by religious police for being “too handsome”.

A local newspaper explained the men had been targeted amid fears “female visitors would fall for them”, and they were swiftly deported to Abu Dhabi.

Now Jezebel claims to have lifted the veil on one of the trio, and we reckon those religious police were onto something…


Without further ado, meet Omar Borkan Al Gala, a photographer, actor and poet from Dubai.

Though he has not yet confirmed he was indeed one of the infamous three, Al Gala has modestly posted a link to the original news report on his Facebook page, along with such musings as: “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” Sigh.

We’ve messaged Al Gala to ask what it’s like to be so “really, really ridiculously good-looking” that you’re thrown out of a country, and we’ll get back to you if he responds (and once we’ve had a lie down…)

Speculation initially highlighted by Sky Dancing Blog suggested Al Gala was attending Riyadh’s annual Janadriyah Festival when the incident occurred.

omar borkan al gala

True to his roots: Looking pensive in the company of a camel

Emirates 24/7 states the three men in question were delegates at a stand promoting the UAE, which had attracted the attention of the religious police due to the unexpected presence of a female Emirati artist.

A spokesman for the UAE delegation issued a statement confirming: “Her visit to the UAE stand was a coincidence as it was not included in the programme which we had already provided to the festival’s management.”

Arabian Business, which has also fingered Al Gala as being one of the trio, points out the strictly conservative Sunni Muslim society prohibits women from interacting with unrelated males.

Out of pure journalistic curiosity we’re looking forward to checking out the other two chaps too.

omar borkan al gala

Not just a pretty face: Al Gala in ‘athletic’ garb

derek zoolander

‘There must be more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking’: Derek Zoolander

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  • seddiki_seddiki

    Wow, they should not have ejected him for this.

  • Ryan

    this is a fake story.

    • nfw

      Why’s that?

    • Khaled El Gendy

      That’s a true story mate 🙂 People here are ridiculously stupid.

      • John

        Fuck you asshole .. Its not true .. I live in UAE

        • Chamie

          >three men who were ejected from Saudi Arabia
          >I live in UAE
          Come on! UAE≠ SA

        • Luis Casas Galvan

          yes you are stupid, hahaha

      • Ellis Brownhill

        Y’all need brains

      • Passingby

        Your answer represents yourself … no hard feelings 🙂

  • meryleeweisman

    None of these men are particularly good looking. BTW, does this site post ANYTHING real?

    • mohamedali

      lol have u seen ariel sharon and netanyahu

      • Savance

        This doesn’t take place in Israel.

        • Adam85

          He is replying to Miss “Weisman” genius.

  • Reem

    Bullshit, Saudi guys are way more hansdsome

  • ibra

    I am from Saudi Arabia, and believe me there are many guys in my country who are way much good looking than Omar and they have not being kicked out of Saudi Arabia. This story maybe is a fake story, may not!

    Maybe Omar used his beauty to work something that agents islam law, for example picking up girls, or having parties with drinks.

    in my opinion, Omar is a nice guy and this story is made up. Do not judge fast.

    • Deepak S

      very nice comment,

    • mockingbird

      There are many…wow

    • Ron

      Knowing the Wahabite religious police, this is very possible.

      • Passingby

        You are just raciest

      • paaaaagal

        FAKE 100 %

      • ddt

        The term wahabi is used by certain iranian,iraqi and yemeni shia who hate arabs ..thisall started when syke picot divided the middle east and abolish caliphate and britain and us were and still responsible for turmoil in middle east ..

  • Mongo

    I was once ejected from a Walmart for being too good looking.

    • Fahad Nasser

      It shows.

      • Munita

        Hahaha love your answer looool

    • Hend

      hhahahaahaha LOOOOL

  • sara

    It is well-known that the best Plastic Surgeries in the World make a Big Difference when Gulf Oil Millionaires step inside their doors …..

    • sara

      It shows….. not of the semetic Arab but of the good work that Plastic Surgeons can do to the Arab Semites……

      • Passingby

        what’s up beautiful ugly 🙂

  • DD

    WTF? He’s just looking like Conchitta Wurst, that could be the raison to be kicked out yes!!!

  • Rozzici

    He is certainly one of the most handsome men i have seen apart from my husband

    • gudnaija

      have you seen me? send me your email so that i can forward my pics

  • Kostas S

    He seems gay to me

    • Ellis Brownhill

      Aaand whats wrong with that?

      • Chamie

        Aaand who said it was said because of it being wrong? Also it could be wrong in eyes of Saudi Arabians.

        • GuiltyGear

          its cuz if they think outta the book, bam its blasphemy and thus either kicked or stoned or hands cut off or the neck w/e that helps wolfs keep the sheep in line

  • sara

    Firstly, is it true what they say about the Saudi young men that they spend a lot of money at the best Plastic Surgeries in France and Italy because looking at them it does show the hallmarks.. but certainly not that of the true and auhentic semetic Arab…….

  • Cornea

    So do they behead someone for being too Ugly?

  • JustinMurta

    This story is actually bullish*t.. This guy came to Vietnam where I am living and was exposed as the fraud he is. Can’t believe people are still reporting and feeding this dumb f*cking con-artist.

  • wsurfs .

    He’s gorgeous..!! Delicious..!

  • Anatole Pushkin

    Maybe they found him gay.
    He should be thankful he was only kicked out of Saudi.
    Gayness is not allowed in places where they take their faith very seriously.

    • yusuf

      in malaysia ,the guy who practictising sodomy will be sentence to prison for many years..

  • J.R.

    Looks like he is gay. Kicked out for homosexuality…

  • Rockboy Magnetico

    That is the reason why I don’t go to Saudi..I might be deported for being too good looking. Way off the charts level of good lookingness..

  • sanjeev

    i also went to Saudi Arabia first all the women fell for me but when I turned all the men chased me.

    • rajesh khanna

      saale gandu shakal ke

    • mohammedo

      believe me no one will look at ugly indian here in saudi arabia.

      • kill bill

        May be they chased him coz they wanted to bugger him..

    • jaykayDX

      Maybe they chased u because they thought you stole their handbag?

  • sam samall

    I was once reject from Hoolywood for being too attractive, too. :-p

  • Fawzie Alhassan

    I guess I am way too handsome so I have been refused visas to Saudi huh?

  • zee

    Well, he really is a very good looking man….

  • Hend

    What a lie !! We have no idea who he is .. I tried to google him and found more lie story like what you wrote here. I edit it though 🙂

    Is he even near the handsomeness area? I don’t see that I am sorry !

    and the story is fake .. it’s logically not accepted.

    • NevermindIwillfindsomeonelikey

      I think because he is gay

  • regolo gellini

    They are really crazy these ragheads !

  • ike

    well, we cannot include the English or Jews in this conversation as they are born ugly

  • Striker


  • Why did they worry? He is gay.

  • Shabzcli911

    lol from the comments i read,,,,white ppl r getting.

  • joolz

    I bet Saudi Arabia don’t kick out beautiful women….

  • Passingby

    I blame the readers who just digest anything posted!

    There are way more handsome folks than this guy!

  • احمد ابراهيم

    that is not true

  • burkk

    He is unbelievably handsome………

  • peter

    hahaha – perhaps religious police members were not so good looking…

  • burky87

    Too handsome? I don’t know. But too photoshopped – for sure! lol

  • 670huntress

    Now that’s what’s up!

  • Did you notice he is wearing eye-liner?