20 places you wouldn’t believe are real!

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1.Mare Island Naval Shipyard – Vallejo, California

1st pic


2.Naica Mine – Chihuahua, Mexico

Naica Mine - Chihuahua, Mexico

Via: sta-ita-aites.sk

3.Crystal Cave – Skaftafell, Iceland

Crystal Cave - Skaftafell, Iceland

Via: llwproductions.files.wordpress.com

4.Grand Prismatic Spring – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Spring - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Via: upload.wikimedia.org

5.Gullfoss – Iceland

Gullfoss - Iceland

Source: stuckincustoms

6.Berry Head Arch – Newfoundland, Canada

Berry Head Arch - Newfoundland, Canada

Source: alsex_from_ako

7.Hang Son Doong Cave – Vietnam

Hang Son Doong Cave - Vietnam

Source: images.nationalgeographic.com

8.Mount Grinnell – Glacier National Park, Montana

Mount Grinnell - Glacier National Park, Montana

Via: pcgood.net

9.Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Photo: Geysers and mineral pools of Nevada's Black Rock Desert

Photograph by Jack Dykinga/Getty Images

10.Dan’s Cave, Abaco Island

Photo: A diver following a guideline through a cave in the Bahamas

Photograph by Wes C. Skiles, National Geographic

11.Sunset, Mount Everest

Photo: The sun sets over the west shoulder of Everest and Nuptse.

Photograph by Cory Richards, National Geographic

12.Zhangye, China

Zhangye, China

Via: i.imgur.com

13.Tunnel of Love – Kleven, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love - Kleven, Ukraine

Via: i.imgur.com

14.Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Via: cfile25.uf.tistory.com

15.Mt. Roraima, Venezuela

Mt. Roraima, Venezuela

Via: bessingerblog.files.wordpress.com

16.Tundra Trek, Svalbard

Photo: A group of hikers silhouetted against a mountain ridge in Svalbard, Norway

Photograph by June Jacobsen

17.Moravia, Czech Republic

Moravia, Czech Republic

Via: s010.radikal.ru

18.Waterslide, Israel

Photo: Waterslide seen from below

Photograph by James L. Stanfield, National Geographic



Source: photography.nationalgeographic.com

20.Lapland, Finland


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