Newsweek names Saudi among world’s top women

April 7, 2013 3:48 pm 2 comments Views: 1250

Prof. Fawziah Al-Bakr of King Saud University has been ranked among the top 125 influential women in the world alongside Hillary Clinton, according to ratings in Newsweek and Daily Beast published yesterday.
The website said the magazine’s honoring comes in recognition of her efforts to protect the rights of women and children.
The magazine said it “honors 125 women who changed the world, drove dialogue and inspired innovation this year.”
Other women in the list include Pakistan’s champion for women’s education Malala Yusuf, who survived a murder attempt by the Taleban.
Al-Bakr, a well-known writer and rights activist, was one of the most prominent Saudi women according to Sayidaty in 2010.
In 2009, she won a prize for outstanding research work from the Vienna-based Women-Without-Borders, an international advocacy and research organization.

Earlier this year, Al-Bakr had won the award for excellence in teaching and research from King Saud University in a women’s education conference organized by the Ministry of Higher Education. Besides, she was nominated for a prize from the Federation of Universities in the Muslim World.
Fowzia Al-Bakr is a member of the editorial board of a comparative education magazine published from The Hague University and head of the advisory committee of the KSU magazine, Afaq.
Her articles and studies have been published in several languages. Al-Bakr is also a member of the board of directors of Al-Watan Arabic daily.

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