Mexican graphic artist creates a Barbie without makeup

A Mexican graphic designer creates mock up of a makeup-less Barbie to prove “nobody is perfect.”
Eddi Aguirre, a designer from Mexico created a sketch of what Barbie would look like without makeup to illustrate a makeup feature for a magazine.In the sketch, Aguirre depicted a Barbie with freckles, bags over and under her eyes, frizzy hair, shiny skin and braces.

The designer uploaded the project to his online portfolio with the following description:

“An image used in a special makeup feature for the new magazine shows Barbie before and after makeup (nobody is perfect).”

Over the past couple of years there has been a growing initiative to showcase natural beauty. In 2010 Marie Claire magazine had a spread with a makeup-less Jessica Simpson and last week, Mariah Carey joined the many celebrities who tweet makeup-free photos of themselves.

The image of Barbie’s au naturel look has been dubbed refreshing as it reminds people the doll is an unrealistic role model for young girls.

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  • b

    That’s the Bar Bee

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  • kulkarnic46

    What Barbie? In my childhood (around 65 years back), I used to play with a heavy piece of Sangunaria wood (red sandalwood) that was approximately carved to look like a doll. I still remember: how my beautiful doll was my most favorite I bathed it or talked with it often.
    My lovely wooden Barbie was occasionally used for medicinal purposes also.
    My cute Barbie is still with me, and I will be delighted to mail her pics to anybody who loves my Barbie.

    • Danielle Traeger

      no one wants to be sent pictures of your piece of wood.

    • rucks

      i want to see…kindly send on

    • amalmalik

      I would like too see how the definition of buety has changed over time
      But only if u want

  • Splicage

    Having make up on doesn’t mean you have bad skin, spots and panda eyes -_-

    • Splicage

      and no eyelashes

      • Splicage

        and yellow teeth

        • Yugi

          And split ends

  • Barbeque…

    Lol!! Is the crystal meth version of Barbie.

  • Rodrigo_Girao

    Why don’t we talk about how He-Man is an unrealistic role model for boys?

  • Jasha Gutierrez

    wow…is that an insult to humanity? did she really think that humans without make-ups are that…ugly?

    • Lorena

      I think he meant that if you keep using make-up everyday THEN with time everyone would look like that barbie. It’s known that make-up is actually bad for your skin because it can’t breathe, so it’s no wonder why barbie looks bad (we see her all time wearing it).

    • Marie Cherry

      I’d say she looks quite “normal”.

  • Moka Blu

    Wow! Now I can rest knowing what Barbi looks like without make-up. (sarcastic)

    • farhad

      i want your friend

  • Mongo

    if Ken had more than a smooth bump it’d be limp right now.

  • Most pretty girls and women I have known look good also without makeup, sometimes better. This seems to unintentionally enforce the idea that women should never be seen without their full warpaint.

  • Astrid Nuñez

    asco que puto asco .I.

    • farhad

      i want friend with you

  • Silv

    Uhmm why did he make the no makeup Barbie have yellow, different teeth? Pretty sure no one can put makeup on their teeth…