Ireland Leads the Way in Academic Boycott of the Jewish State of Israel

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Dervla Murphy, Ireland’s preeminent travel writer spent a month in Gaza.

Dervla Murphy signing A Month by the Sea: Encounters in Gaza at the Teachers Club.

(DUBLIN) – Dervla Murphy shows us, through her account of life in Gaza, that the deepest wound from the holocaust is the treatment of the Palestinians since the foundation of the Jewish State of Israel. Be prepared to be shocked by Dervla Murphy’s very honest account in her latest book, A Month by the Sea: Encounters in Gaza.

At its Annual Congress on 4th April 2013, the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) became the first academic union in Europe to endorse the Palestinian call for an academic boycott of Israel. The TUI motion, which refers to Israel as an ‘apartheid state’, calls for ‘all members to cease all cultural and academic collaboration with Israel, including the exchange of scientists, students and academic personalities, as well as all cooperation in research programmes.’ The motion was passed by unanimous vote.

‘BDS is a noble non-violent method of resisting Israeli militarism, occupation and apartheid, and there is no question that Israel is implementing apartheid policies against the Palestinians,’ Jim Roche said, and ‘indeed, many veterans of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa have said that it’s worse than what was experienced there.’

‘We proposed this motion as we believe that, as with South Africa, the trade union movement has a vital role to play in helping apply pressure to end Israeli apartheid and occupation. I am proud that the TUI has taken a clear stand,’ Jim Roche said, ‘ and now supports a full academic boycott of Israel in line with the Palestinian call for BDS’ Jim Roche is a lecturer in DIT School of Architecture and a member of the TUI Dublin Colleges Branch.

‘Those that will jump to complain about this motion will have no words of condemnation for the de facto boycott imposed on Palestinian education by Israel, nor for its continuing attacks on Palestinian education, students and educators,’ added Dr. David Landy, a lecturer in the TCD Department of Sociology and a founder member of Academics for Palestine. Their words echoed those of Dervla Murphy whom, after meticulous research, announced with a masterful voice that she believes BDS is the way forward.

In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call.

The TUI decision left me bursting with pride over my countrymen’s stance. Asim, a journalist friend, congratulated me saying ‘Wow! It isn’t without reason that I love those Irish! Call me silly, call me nuts, but whenever I receive information like this, it’s as if imploding Israel took another of its remaining foul breaths before its inevitable extinction. It will be sooner than the most overoptimistic of us can anticipate.’

On 21st March, at the Teacher’s Club, situated on Parnell Square in Dublin’s city centre, Dervla Murphy’s arrival drew a hush over the crowded hall. She’s a determined lady in her early eighties. We have followed her through 48 years of writing bestsellers. We have learnt to trust her judgement and it is no surprise that Dervla Murphy should visit Gaza for she visited Rwanda two years after the genocide there, and Romania two weeks after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Dervla Murphy, Ireland’s preeminent travel writer spent a month in Gaza. Her latest book, A Month by the Sea: Encounters in Gaza, is published by Eland. The book is a must read for all of us — all of us who have been subjected to the massive propaganda machine that is Hollywood and mainstream media. Dervla Murphy has cut through layers of deception and hasbara — propaganda. ‘My view is that I have these things I want to say and I don’t really care if it spoils a pure travel book,’ Dervla Murphy says. A Month by the Sea: Encounters in Gaza has become my favourite book. I am eager for everyone to read it, for its arrival on the bookshelves must be heralded by us as the mainstream reviewers remain resoundingly silent. The same media giants that have courted Dervla Murphy through her 48 years of publishing is throwing a blind eye towards Israeli illegitimate occupation and transgression.

Quotes from her book…

    In one conversation, detailed on page 117, Dervla Murphy is told ‘Our conflict is about land and justice. The Zionists didn’t get rid of us because they were bigoted Jews who hated Muslims. They were secular Jews who had had to drive us off land they wanted to settle.’
    ‘I learn from Dervla Murphy’s book that ‘Israel exists only because Europeans drove some 800,000 Palestinians off land their ancestors had been cultivating for centuries.’ ‘The Zionists always wanted all of Palestine and they continue to play happily withy negotiators while building settlements.’ (From page 91).

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