Israeli sniper posts image ‘of Arab boy’s head in crosshairs’ on Instagram in move attacked as ‘tasteless’

April 2, 2013 7:08 pm 0 comments Views: 7365
  • Picture was posted on the personal Instagram page of Mor Ostrovski, 20
  • Israeli Defence Force says it will investigate the ‘severe incident’
  • Palestinian website The Electronic Intifada said the image is ‘dehumanising’

An Israeli soldier has sparked fury after posting a picture that apparently shows the head of young Palestinian boy in the crosshairs of a rifle.

The image was posted on the personal Instragram page of sniper Mor Ostrovski but was later removed and his account closed down.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has now promised to investigate,


Ostrovski, 20, serves in the sniper unit and the picture shows the back of a sitting boy in the centre of a rifle’s target.

It has been dubbed ‘tasteless and dehumanising’ by campaigners.

English-language Palestinian website The Electronic Intifada wrote: ‘It embodies the idea that Palestinian children are targets.’

There is no evidence the boy was fired on and it is not clear if the image is genuine. 

The website also published other images from Ostrovski’s Instagram account that show him posing with various weapons.

A spokeswoman for the IDF was quoted in The Telegraph as saying: ‘This is a severe incident which doesn’t accord with the IDF’s spirits and values.

‘The issue was brought to the attention of the soldier’s commanding officers, will be examined and properly handled.’

 The soldier reportedly told his superiors he did not take the picture but found it on the internet.
The Israeli Defence Force said it is now investigating the 'severe incident' and said it will be 'properly handled' The Israeli Defence Force is investigating the ‘severe incident’ and said it will be ‘properly handled’ (file picture)

Breaking the Silence, an organisation of veteran Israeli soldiers, condemned the image.

A member wrote on the group’s Facebook page: ‘This is what occupation looks like. This is what military control over a civilian population looks like.’

It is the latest controversy over images posted on social media by Israeli military.

The Electronic Intifada posted a picture in December of a 22-year-old Israeli soldier licking a knife with the caption: ‘F*** all Arabs their blood is tasty.’

A soldier was also jailed for 14 days in a military prison for posting a picture on Facebook that showed him posing next to a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian.

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