Bomb squad shut down Mormon temple after finding ‘suspicious package’… which turned out to be candy man left for his girlfriend as part of treasure hunt

March 30, 2013 8:32 am 0 comments Views: 473

Bomb squad police rushed to a Mormon church after a suspicious package was reported on the premises – but it turned out to be nothing more than a bag of candy.

The supposedly worrying object marked ‘Army’ was found in the grounds of the temple in St George, Utah.

But a man later confessed he had left it there for his girlfriend to find as part of a treasure hunt.


Alert: The Mormon temple in St George, Utah was shut down by a bomb threat over the weekend

Officers were called to the complex, the oldest continuously operating temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Saturday afternoon.

They had received reports of a package hidden near a gazebo in the grounds.

Members of the bomb squad shut down the streets around the temple and would not let anybody leave the area for nearly three hours

However, someone approached the officers and confessed that he had put the package in the temple as part of a treasure hunt he had organised for his girlfriend.

He said it contained candy and a letter asking her to attend a dance with him.

Danger? The package turned out to contain candy and a love letter left by a man for his girlfriend (file photo)Danger? The package turned out to contain candy and a love letter left by a man for his girlfriend (file photo)

When police verified its contents, they were satisfied that it posed no danger to the public and withdrew from the area.

Officers took no further action over the package.

Jared Saxton told St George News his daughter was visiting the temple when police arrived around 5.30pm.

‘Some men in badges came in and told them that they could not leave the building until something outside was resolved,’ he said.

‘The men were guarding all the doors, and would not let anyone out until around 8pm.’

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