Cotton buds are bad for your ear

January 8, 2013 6:20 pm 0 comments Views: 381

Cotton buds should not be inserted into the ear canal. Inserting a cotton bud into the ear canal may cause wax compaction, ear-drum damage and/or increase the risk of infection by damaging the skin in the ear canal.

Most people who purchase cotton buds use them for cleaning their ears, ignoring the warnings above. This is a group for such people, and especially for those who even use the cotton bud to provide pleasure when their ears are already clean- enjoying the vagal reflex

Those suffering from itchy or painful ears are advised to visit their doctor rather than try to fix the problem themselves.

Ignoring the warning and using cotton buds risks perforating the eardrum, causing bleeding and temporary hearing loss even damage to middle ear bones causing permanent deafness.

Wax is actually a beneficial to the ear, self cleansing mechanism that contains protecting antibacterial and lubricating properties. Any excess wax if present is pushed out of the ear canal naturally, helped by the chewing motion of the jaw.

Therefore, it should not normally be removed and naturally migrates out of the ear itself. Occasionally wax builds up in the ear, especially in hearing aid wearers and needs to be removed.

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What can one do to get rid of the wax?

Use olive oil / or wax solvents to soften the wax, and see an ENT surgeon, he will remove it by syringing or suction cleaning using an operating microscope.



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