Growing army of e-grandparents: Half now send emails regularly and a quarter own a laptop

December 28, 2012 4:51 pm 0 comments Views: 255

Half of Brits now keep in touch with grandparents and elderly relatives by text message, email and even Facebook, a study has revealed.

Instead of picking up the phone, many are now using social networking sites to update their relatives,  with nearly a quarter of grannies claiming they are regular users of Facebook.

Meanwhile, nearly one in twenty youngsters claims to have grandparents on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Nearly a quarter of UK grandparents now own a laptop and one in 20 regularly communicate with their grandkids on Skype or instant messenger according to the poll.

One in ten even owns a top-of-the-range tablet computer.

Half can competently text, 46 per cent are avid email users and 15 per cent send messages flawlessly on Facebook, according to a study conducted by film company Twentieth Century Fox to mark the launch of film Parental Guidance.

Of the 500 grandparents polled 78 per cent of them described themselves as fairly competent when it comes to online communication.

And a further 35 per cent felt that it was important to have a presence online to keep in touch with family.

Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga said: ‘It’s great to see that grandparents are moving with the times and keeping in touch with grandchildren via modern means.

‘Grandparents play a huge part in young people’s lives and it’s important to be able to keep in touch – whether it’s via Twitter, Facebook or old fashioned methods.

‘Many people over a certain age may shy away from embracing new technology so it’s encouraging that increasing numbers of grandparents are in touch by using the latest technology.

Post from Grandma: A quarter of young adults stay in touch with grandparents by text, email, Twitter and FacebookPost from Grandma: A quarter of young adults stay in touch with grandparents by text, email, Twitter and Facebook

‘We hope to see many more adopting new technologies and encourage younger generations to take the time to teach their grandparents about these things.’

The study found two thirds of young people said the average grandparent was more tech savvy than they were five years ago.

Dr Ros Altmann of Saga added: ‘The stereotype is that grandparents are a bit out of touch with technology and are behind the times. Increasingly nowadays, that simply isn’t true as grandparents are regularly in touch with their grandchildren via modern media.

‘Grandparents play a big part in bringing up their grandchildren so it’s inevitable they will want to keep in touch when the kids grow up in to young adults.’

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