Netanyahu pushing Obama around on Iran

September 16, 2012 1:35 pm 0 comments Views: 8

I said once before, the more Israel tries to make Iran into the issue, the more it makes itself an issue too.

Netanyahu and his rantings are doing a wonderful job of making sure the Israelis are publicly seen as pushing the war agenda on the Iran issue. Guess they gave up the idea of working stealthily in the background, pushing for a US war as usual on Iran just as they did on Iraq, whilst publicly holding a low profile in order to avoid the blame which will inevitably follow any US attack on Iran. An AIPAC head honcho once said that “Lobbying is like a night flower that blooms in the dark” but I guess chutzpah likes the publicity too much.

So now the question becomes, is there enough institutional gravitas left in the US Government to be able to withstand this pressure and PR war launched by Israel to send US Marines to Iran? Can General Dempsey who was once labelled a servant of Iran by Netanyahu, hold the line and take the pressure? Can the US intelligence analysts resist the constant effort get them to change the NIE’s conclusions to suit Israel more, just as happened in the lead-up to the Iraq war?

Lead on, Netanyahu, lead on.

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