World might lose patience with Israel within 10 years, says U.K. Ambassador

British ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould says anyone who cares about Israel, should be concerned about the erosion of international support.

The British ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould said on Thursday that anyone who cares about Israel, should be concerned about the erosion of international support for the country.

Speaking on Channel 10 news on Thursday evening, Gould  said, “Israelis might wake up in 10 years time and find out that suddenly the international community has changed, and that patience for continuing the status quo has reduced.”

“Support for Israel is starting to erode and that’s not about these people on the fringe who are shouting loudly and calling for boycotts and all the rest of it. The interesting category are those members of parliament in the middle, and in that group I see a shift.”

“The problem is not hasbara. The center ground, the majority, the British public may not be expert but they are not stupid and they see a stream of announcement about new building in settlements, they read stories about what’s going on in the West Bank, they read about restrictions in Gaza. The substance of what’s going wrong is really what’s driving this,” he said.

He also said that there is “growing concern” in the U.K. over the lack of progress towards peace with the Palestinians.

Asked about the BBC Olympics website naming Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine on its Olympics website, he said it was not his place to comment on the actions of the organization.

“It would be wrong for me to try and either explain their actions, for that you should speak to the BBC. But what I would say is this, that Israel is now seen as the Goliath and it’s the Palestinians who are seen as the David,” he said.

Last month, the Prime Minister’s Office was informed that Israel’s page on the BBC’s Olympic website included no reference to the country’s capital city. The raised eyebrows in Netanyahu’s bureau were soon supplanted by genuine anger when staffers noticed that on the page devoted to Palestine on the BBC site, East Jerusalem is listed as its capital city.

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s foreign press and public affairs adviser Mark Regev sent a letter of protest to the director of the BBC’s bureau in Israel, Paul Danahar. In the letter, a copy of which reached Haaretz, Regev writes that he is “dismayed by the BBC’s decision to discriminate against Israel on the BBC’s Olympic website.”

Following Regev’s letter, the BBC altered Israel’s page on the website such that under the heading “Seat of government,” the following sentence appears: “Jerusalem, though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.”

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  • Artur Krejčík

    Propaganda and millions of muslims worldwide promoting it and islam, what would you expect in UK where the muslim vote fraud can occur in London Tower Hamlets ?

  • Ruvy

    I got news for you Brits. MOST OF US IN ISRAEL DO NOT GIVE A DAMN WHAT ANY OF YOU PERFIDIOUS SCUM THINK. You shut the door on the Mandate in 1939, and AT LEAST ONE MILLION JEWS DIED BECAUSE OF YOUR PERFIDY. You think we have forgotten? You think we have forgiven you?

    WE DO NOT NEED YOU. YOU NEED US. I also remind you that AS YOUR HOSTILITY GROWS, OUR DESIRE TO BE NICE TO YOU DECREASES. Ultimately, we have a nuclear force and the day will come when we use it against you if we have to.

  • GD

    Britain will be a Muslim country soon enough….that should be their primary concern. The Britons from a century ago and further must be rolling in their graves seeing how this generation is literally giving their country away.

    • EbN

      So is Canada. I truly think the whaco yanks, and any supporters they can find, will glaze the middle east to a sheet of glass. So be, the Moslems/Isis/whatever, need a licking. Hope I live long enough to see them on camels, camping around a small oasis. Not in Rolls Royces, treating their women like dog t-rds. The party’s over!

      • Blake

        wait until trudeau becomes PM. he will destroy Canada worse than his father did.

  • David Matar

    I’ve already lost patience with the craven Mr. Gould after only ten minutes.

  • Joseph

    But maybe in 10 years time, the world might acknowledge what a big service we have done to humanity by getting rid of a terrorist organization whose only purpose is to eradicate ‘infidels’. We are not asking for a thank you, but at least let us finish the job….

  • exSSNcrew

    I’ve already lost patience with the U.K. tolerating the anti-Semitic racism. I support the Israeli’s on this. The middle east will be peaceful only when the Islamists accept the right of Israel to exist *and* stop sending missiles into Israel.

    • Robert Valence

      Agreed – but there’s also some other components to the Middle East which have no bearing on Israel or rather on which Israel has no bearing. I refer of course to ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Hamas, Hizbollah. Qatar’s rich-mans terrorism. etc. Although the dim-wit American president has attempted to link them, I can’t see peace breaking out within 10 years unless all these parties are destroyed.

    • Laeppis

      Palestine offered a two state solution through UN like a week ago. Israel is in reality not allowing Palestine to exist.

      • Blake

        Palestine is not, and has never been, a country. they are terrorist squatters from Jordan. would you recognize a people who’s sole mission is to destroy you?

  • Dr.Lawrence Prabhakar Williams

    The UK is a thing of the past. No one cares about the UK. In another five years, UK would have a rename with Islamic characteristics with the entire British culture down in the dumps. But Israel would survive and thrive not because of the so-called international support but by the Providence of God.–Dr Lawrence Prabhakar Williams

    • Steve M

      I agree to this point

  • K.I. Haaland

    What about patience with the Palestinian terrorist that celebrates when civilians are murdered. Please stop the injustice against Israel and innocent victims!

  • Niall Conneely

    A rational point. The days of the world viewing ‘little Israel’ lost in Arabia are over people see the strongest army in the Middle East as being the IDF. They also see the plan to destroy the major Arab states, Iraq, Syria and lastly Iran.

    • Dallasyaherd

      Israel is not in Arabia fraud. And those days never existed, you always insanely critical of Israel liar.

  • sarahbe

    does he mean that Eurabia – where Sharia law is practiced in the courts, and the English woman are forced to wear hijabs – will lose patience with Israel??

  • Cotto Djalloh

    israel is created by ashke-nazis to be a fascist state where the population are taught to be fascists, jewish fascists!

  • Rafi

    Those MPs did not “lose patience” with Jordan when that country invaded in 1948 and stole and occupied Jerusalem and Judea and Samari (the west bank of the river Jordan). Not at all. Britain actually recognized the land grab, including all the most holy Jewish places like the Temple Mount, as being part of sovereign Jordanian territory. Britain in fact had so much “patience” ( and unbridled chutzpah) as to include the territories, including Jerusalem, in the British Sterling Currency area.
    It is the very notion of Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem that drains the so-called “patience” of some UK MPs.
    That’s just too bad.

  • Rafi

    The capital of Israel is not a “settlement”. Entire Jerusalem neighborhoods are not “settlements”. Areas that were invaded and captured and rendered Jew-free by Jordan in 1948 and liberated in 1967, are not “settlements.
    Jewish Israeli neighborhoods in areas mandated by the League of Nations in 1922 for a Jewish homeland are no “settlements”.
    It is those politicians, diplomats and ever-malevolent media who constantly use the term “settlements” ascribing a temporary nature to Israel’s sovereign capital, who embolden the enemies of Israel, especially the terrorists on our doorstep.

    • Mr. Magoo

      Rafi, everything you wrote are facts, are the real truth, so if the world called by this piece of crap ambassador don’t want to recognize the facts and the truth.
      To the hell with the ones who participate or agree with his idea.

  • rafibez

    Ambassador Gould:
    Your astonishing remarks concerning the “international community running out of patience” demands a response, which however strong, will probably not outweigh the measure of outrageous impertinence and gross insolence your government, presumably, has expressed through you.
    You say of this vague “international community” – though you only represent a very specific part of it, ” …they see a stream of announcement about new building in settlements, they read stories about what’s going on in the West Bank, they read about restrictions in Gaza…”. Yes, Ambassador Gould they do see this. But they do not see the reality. What they see in the media is fashioned in large measure by the giants of global media led by your own BBC whose World Service is finance by your employers, the British Foreign Office. Not one single broadcast of a single event involving conflict in this area is devoid of bias, whether subtle innuendo, unnecessary inference, of outright falsehood. That is what “they” see and hear – “they” being the BBC’s audience of three hundred million people. The BBC’s role in decades of malevolence toward the Jewish state has succeeded in doing incalculable damage both to Israel and to world peace.
    You speak of patience. So, now, let’s talk of patience:
    We had patience when in 1920 individuals in the British administration of this area provoked the Arabs to commit a pogrom in Jerusalem so that you could use that as an excuse to clamp down on Jewish worship and Jewish holy places.
    We has patience when you did this over and over again each time with resulting in Jewish Palestinians dead, and each time using that as an excuse to further restrict Jewish migration, Jewish worship at holy places. We had patience throughout all this while Britain encouraged Arab migration to the area mandated to Britain for a Jewish home, that is, encouraging and facilitating Arab illegal settlers on Jewish-designated land.
    We had patience, far too much patience with the entire “international community” , when in 1939 the last desperate cries went up form Jews facing death at the hands of the Germans, they looked to the territory designated eighteen years earlier by the League Of nations precisely as such a haven, – your very same House Of Commons published the 1939 White Paper finally slamming closed the doors.
    We continued to have patience when during the war years Jewish Palestinians in Jerusalem were prevented from praying at the Western Wall of our Temple Mount, and prohibited from blowing the Shofar at the end of Yom Kipur while Jews were being murdered throughout Europe, lest this would somehow displease the Arabs – those sensitive Arabs for whom Britain had already exclusively set aside the vast bulk of Palestine east of the Jordan river.
    We continued, astoundingly, to have patience when after the German atrocities of WWII had been revealed to the world having been kept secret by fully aware allied governments throughout the war, you once again, wholly illegally, enforced restrictions on Jews, including emaciated stateless Jewish survivors – imprisoning them in internment camps with barbed wire.
    Still, our patience did not run out. It did not run out when, after Israel was founded, Arabs attacked both from the high ground all over the country handed to them by the departing British, and from outside the country the Arab Legion led by the British General Glubb. That campaign was an all out war of annihilation (their term) to destroy Israel. It failed in that respect but it did leave the aggressors in possession of the territories west of the Jordan, and all of the Old City Of Jerusalem – which the House of Commons and the BBC refer to as “East Jerusalem” with a capital “E” as if there is a city with that name.
    We continued to have patience when Britain recognized this act of mass murder and land theft and formally acknowledged Jordanian sovereignty over Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria – the second illegal occupation following Britain’s reneging on its mandated obligations, only this one resulting from armed aggression. Britain too showed immense patience with the new aggressor in formally admitting the annexed territory into the British Sterling Currency Area.
    Unbelievably, yet believably, Sixty-six years later the very same House of Commons voted to recognize the very same territory as belonging to someone else altogether.
    We continued to have patience, as we have done throughout the ages throughout which our continued claim has been stated in public daily, and throughout which no-one has acquired better title. But we accepted the status quo. What we did not accept was, and is, being attacked. So when your allies in Jordan attacked in 1967, again with the published purpose destroying us with our territory already greatly diminished from that mandated to us by the League Of nations, we repulsed that attack and came into possession in an act of self defense of that territory: Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.
    Our patience has not run out. It never will. We will patiently seek peace. We will patiently wait until a generation of Arab children have gone through school without being taught form European-financed books that teach and indoctrinate hatred of Jews and of Israel. We will patiently wait until they have a leader who is a leader, one who is a genuine lover of peace, one who does not call fro a “day of rage” after Friday prayers and who does not preach destruction, but who will be the very first Arab leader in the area who wishes to build. We will make peace.
    And we will patiently continue to build.

  • this European ambassodor’s statement is nothing new… EUROPE has long ago abandon ISRAEL and tried to eliminate the jews time and time again with the BRITISH leading the way… (wanna tell you when did the the mighty Great Britain started to loss her colonies…it started when they double cross the jews with the Balfour Declaration…)
    the truth is, ISRAEL and her people, the jews, is the world’s scape goat…
    it’s just so convenient to blame all the wrongs to Israel and to her people…
    what a shame despite all her contribution to humanity from literature to scientific advancement…. still the world is so blind and sooooo jealous that it can’t accept the fact that this tiny nation, 1% of the world’s 7b people, can achieve so much and add so much to humanity!!!
    I can go on and on but what the heck, those haters out there won’t still accept the truth…

  • Carl Jacobson

    I also think it’s time for Israel to break out on it’s own
    The Israeli economy is strong and they have the most technologically advanced military in the middle east – meaning: they aren’t going anywhere.
    The US economic and military aid is really just a drop in the bucket – it’s meant to make Israel beholden to US interests.
    Israeli should reduce it’s ties to western europe and the US and strengthen it’s ties with the eastern nations: Russia, China, India, etc.
    China and India are growing markets and would love Israeli exports – plus they actually have ties with nations like Iran and can be an effective moderator in nuclear talks.
    Israel doesn’t owe the western nations anything – it fought it’s own wars of survival in 1948 and 1967, primarily without western help.
    I would also caution Israel that all that evangelical Christian support from the US is a Trojan Horse – they are waiting for Jesus to come back and either the jews will convert or go to everlasting hell.
    Does that sound like a true friend?!

    Look East, Israel.

  • Richard Markowitz

    So, Ambassador Matthew Gould, I should commit suicide now to stop the world losing patience with us? No matter what we do or say certain truths are self evident. There never was a country called Palestine. The Arabs who live in Israel and the West Bank are the same Arabs who live in Jordan and other places. Up until 1948 the only creature in the world that was called a Palestinian was a Jew, cynically, by your own people the British. The British were given the Mandate to administer Palestine for the good of the people who lived here. Instead the British stole 78% of the land: the entire piece East of the Jordan River and created an artificial kingdom called Transjordan, now, called Jordan to pay debts that Great Britain owed to the Hussein family of Saudi Arabia. So, I have an idea. Since your country, Great Britain stole most of Palestine, why don’t you make peace with all of the “Palestinian” Arabs and give them land in Great Britain. And by the way, if you are a Jew, read your Bible and learn just who G-d gave this land to. And if you are a Moslem, read your Koran and learn just who Allah gave this land to. If you are a Christian, shame on you for not knowing what is written in the Bible. You are willing participant in the greatest land grab in history.

  • Dawn Yonah

    Matthew Gould (I presume you’re Jewish?): Do you think you’re “warning” us, thereby doing us a favor? You are an embarrassment to the Jewish people. Please read your Tanach, especially if you care about what will happen in 10 years!

  • Blake

    meanwhile Europe votes to recognize terrorism aka palestine

  • Within 10 years the world will realize that it is not exclusively the Western World. Israel is trading more with Asia than USA now, and I will celebrate when it is more than with EU.
    England, who broke most of the Mandate Laws when it should take care of the Homeland for the Jews, has nothing to say. They helped Jordan attack Jerusalem. Invented Jordan on Mandate Land.
    When EU will lack energy I hope Israel will have some pride and not give and give.