World might lose patience with Israel within 10 years, says U.K. Ambassador

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British ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould says anyone who cares about Israel, should be concerned about the erosion of international support.

The British ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould said on Thursday that anyone who cares about Israel, should be concerned about the erosion of international support for the country.

Speaking on Channel 10 news on Thursday evening, Gould  said, “Israelis might wake up in 10 years time and find out that suddenly the international community has changed, and that patience for continuing the status quo has reduced.”

“Support for Israel is starting to erode and that’s not about these people on the fringe who are shouting loudly and calling for boycotts and all the rest of it. The interesting category are those members of parliament in the middle, and in that group I see a shift.”

“The problem is not hasbara. The center ground, the majority, the British public may not be expert but they are not stupid and they see a stream of announcement about new building in settlements, they read stories about what’s going on in the West Bank, they read about restrictions in Gaza. The substance of what’s going wrong is really what’s driving this,” he said.

He also said that there is “growing concern” in the U.K. over the lack of progress towards peace with the Palestinians.

Asked about the BBC Olympics website naming Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine on its Olympics website, he said it was not his place to comment on the actions of the organization.

“It would be wrong for me to try and either explain their actions, for that you should speak to the BBC. But what I would say is this, that Israel is now seen as the Goliath and it’s the Palestinians who are seen as the David,” he said.

Last month, the Prime Minister’s Office was informed that Israel’s page on the BBC’s Olympic website included no reference to the country’s capital city. The raised eyebrows in Netanyahu’s bureau were soon supplanted by genuine anger when staffers noticed that on the page devoted to Palestine on the BBC site, East Jerusalem is listed as its capital city.

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s foreign press and public affairs adviser Mark Regev sent a letter of protest to the director of the BBC’s bureau in Israel, Paul Danahar. In the letter, a copy of which reached Haaretz, Regev writes that he is “dismayed by the BBC’s decision to discriminate against Israel on the BBC’s Olympic website.”

Following Regev’s letter, the BBC altered Israel’s page on the website such that under the heading “Seat of government,” the following sentence appears: “Jerusalem, though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.”

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  • Artur Krejčík

    Propaganda and millions of muslims worldwide promoting it and islam, what would you expect in UK where the muslim vote fraud can occur in London Tower Hamlets ?

  • Ruvy

    I got news for you Brits. MOST OF US IN ISRAEL DO NOT GIVE A DAMN WHAT ANY OF YOU PERFIDIOUS SCUM THINK. You shut the door on the Mandate in 1939, and AT LEAST ONE MILLION JEWS DIED BECAUSE OF YOUR PERFIDY. You think we have forgotten? You think we have forgiven you?

    WE DO NOT NEED YOU. YOU NEED US. I also remind you that AS YOUR HOSTILITY GROWS, OUR DESIRE TO BE NICE TO YOU DECREASES. Ultimately, we have a nuclear force and the day will come when we use it against you if we have to.

  • GD

    Britain will be a Muslim country soon enough….that should be their primary concern. The Britons from a century ago and further must be rolling in their graves seeing how this generation is literally giving their country away.

    • EbN

      So is Canada. I truly think the whaco yanks, and any supporters they can find, will glaze the middle east to a sheet of glass. So be, the Moslems/Isis/whatever, need a licking. Hope I live long enough to see them on camels, camping around a small oasis. Not in Rolls Royces, treating their women like dog t-rds. The party’s over!

  • David Matar

    I’ve already lost patience with the craven Mr. Gould after only ten minutes.

  • Joseph

    But maybe in 10 years time, the world might acknowledge what a big service we have done to humanity by getting rid of a terrorist organization whose only purpose is to eradicate ‘infidels’. We are not asking for a thank you, but at least let us finish the job….

  • exSSNcrew

    I’ve already lost patience with the U.K. tolerating the anti-Semitic racism. I support the Israeli’s on this. The middle east will be peaceful only when the Islamists accept the right of Israel to exist *and* stop sending missiles into Israel.

  • Dr.Lawrence Prabhakar Williams

    The UK is a thing of the past. No one cares about the UK. In another five years, UK would have a rename with Islamic characteristics with the entire British culture down in the dumps. But Israel would survive and thrive not because of the so-called international support but by the Providence of God.–Dr Lawrence Prabhakar Williams


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