Grin and share it: Former PM Tony Blair alleged to have earned up to £80million since 2007

July 7, 2012 12:44 pm 5 comments Views: 18294

Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair could have earned as much as £80million since leaving office five years ago.

An interview at the weekend suggests that last year alone he raked in £20million advising business chiefs and foreign governments, suggesting such a vast sum is not out of the question.













Apart from his high-profile peace-making role in the Middle East and work at charitable foundations he has established, Mr Blair runs a business consultancy, Tony Blair Associates, which has deals with the governments of Kuwait and Kazakhstan.

He is also a paid adviser to U.S. investment bank JP Morgan and to Zurich International, a Swiss-based insurance company.

And in the interview with Financial Times editor Lionel Barber yesterday, he said he is paid £2.5million a year by J P Morgan and a lesser amount by Zurich. This is reputedly worth £1million a year.

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  • donr1x

    You would not believe he was once a Labour PM.

    More like a greedy right winger……..he must have scoffed at all the working class Brits who once voted for him.

  • Fiona Blair

    Yes, Tony is well worth it. Been to his lectures, he’s a smart guy, so is his wife.
    Lawyers both.

  • Farooque

    Looking more like a hungry dog!

  • phildownunder

    HE ENDS UP RICH LIKE MOST WAR CRIMINALS. He should be serving a life sentence for his war crimes with GW Bush.

  • Kirby

    Pretty amusing that the Lib/Marxists seem to think Blair is “right-wing” or conservative only because he sided with Bush on a war.
    There’s far more behind the last two centuries of war that transcend mere political parties in the west. Even the hypocrisy of Marxism (Marx despised the peasants) stand in line with & behind the “party” politics. Get an education then come back and whine about left & right wingers.


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