Grin and share it: Former PM Tony Blair alleged to have earned up to £80million since 2007

Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair could have earned as much as £80million since leaving office five years ago.

An interview at the weekend suggests that last year alone he raked in £20million advising business chiefs and foreign governments, suggesting such a vast sum is not out of the question.













Apart from his high-profile peace-making role in the Middle East and work at charitable foundations he has established, Mr Blair runs a business consultancy, Tony Blair Associates, which has deals with the governments of Kuwait and Kazakhstan.

He is also a paid adviser to U.S. investment bank JP Morgan and to Zurich International, a Swiss-based insurance company.

And in the interview with Financial Times editor Lionel Barber yesterday, he said he is paid £2.5million a year by J P Morgan and a lesser amount by Zurich. This is reputedly worth £1million a year.

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  • donr1x

    You would not believe he was once a Labour PM.

    More like a greedy right winger……..he must have scoffed at all the working class Brits who once voted for him.

    • raycathode

      Don’t lefties always scoff at the idiots that vote for them? You’d think the working class would eventually catch on to what politicians who offer them something for nothing are really offering.

      • donr1x

        ray……….take all the working class and they ALL stop work………….the lot!!!

        What do you get??

        Or they boycott say petrol……..what happens.?

        Tony Blair is really just relying on his ability to make speeches and his name………..probably saw Bill Clinton and the mugs who run after his speeches.

  • Fiona Blair

    Yes, Tony is well worth it. Been to his lectures, he’s a smart guy, so is his wife.
    Lawyers both.

  • Farooque

    Looking more like a hungry dog!

  • phildownunder

    HE ENDS UP RICH LIKE MOST WAR CRIMINALS. He should be serving a life sentence for his war crimes with GW Bush.

  • Kirby

    Pretty amusing that the Lib/Marxists seem to think Blair is “right-wing” or conservative only because he sided with Bush on a war.
    There’s far more behind the last two centuries of war that transcend mere political parties in the west. Even the hypocrisy of Marxism (Marx despised the peasants) stand in line with & behind the “party” politics. Get an education then come back and whine about left & right wingers.

    • raycathode

      Yeah, the lefties don’t stop to realize that the guys who got them into almost all of the 20th century wars were lefties – Woodrow Wilson worked hard to get the US into WW1, Roosevelt got them into WW2, Truman got them into the Korean war, Kennedy got them into the Viet Nam war, and Johnson doubled down getting them even deeper into that rat hole. The hated Nixon got them out of Viet Nam, Reagan didn’t really have any wars because he didn’t feel guilty about being an American, and because Thatcher was just as hard to put a fright into as he was. They managed to get the USSR to self-destruct without a shot.

  • A.Alexander

    This dodgy grand turned leftist as the stupid ideology attract the stupid flock,easily ruled. And he have made no personal mistakes(just the state political ones) and earned some money.