Blackburn Rovers fans ‘raise £2m for buy-out bid’

May 27, 2012 3:36 pm 0 comments Views: 825

Organisers of a trust set up by Blackburn Rovers fans who want to buy the club say they have been “boosted” by public support.

The trust want to buy the club from Venky’s

More than 500 fans, including Rovers legend Simon Garner, turned up at King George’s Hall to hear plans to purchase the club from Indian firm Venky’s.

Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trust (BRSIT) claims it has raised £2m.

The club, which was recently relegated from the Premier League to the Championship, has not commented.

‘Good of club’
Venky’s, which bought Blackburn in November 2010 in a £43m deal, have previously denied the club is for sale.

The trust’s chief executive Wayne Wild said it wanted to set up informal discussions with the owners but have received no response.

Shares in the venture were offered at the meeting to supporters at £1,000 each.

Mr Wild said it was “an enormous boost” with almost all of those attending pledging to buy shares.

He said: “We want Rovers to be owned by supporters for the good of the club and the community.”

The trust, which was set up three months ago, has set a notional target of raising £10m.

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