Bill Gates invites record-holder Pakistani student

May 25, 2012 3:39 pm 1 comment Views: 1707

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has invited an intelligent Pakistani student Shayan Anique Akhtar who set a world record in Microsoft Professional Certificate programme. According to sources,  Shayan Anique Akhtar, a student of a private school, has scored 998 marks out of 1,000 and set a new world record in the programme and he is scheduled to meet Bill Gates in July this year on a special invitation of the Microsoft founder.

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My Name is Shayan Anique. I am 13 years old. I am study in Class VII at Rangers Public School. My Favourite Hobby is cricket but my main interests in things is Computer, Photograpghy, Astronomy, Science and Also in HD Technology. I love places where is too much greenery and vegetaiton. I like to breath in fresh air.


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