The heartwarming moment cyclist buys homeless man rummaging for food ‘anything he wanted to eat’ in random act of kindness that has moved thousands on YouTube

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The cyclist stops when he sees a homeless man rummaging through a bin in central London looking for food

A cyclist spotted a homeless man rifling through a bin for food and offered to buy him ‘anything he wanted’ in a random act of kindness which has moved tens of thousands across the globe.
Lewis Dediara was cycling through central London when he saw the desperate man foraging through rubbish for something to eat.
All the man wanted was some crisps and milk, but a video of the exchange has been viewed around the world as it was filmed on a camera mounted on Mr Dediara’s cycling helmet.

Mr Dediara, 47, posted the two-minute clip on YouTube, where it has been watched more than 60,000 times.
He decided to wear the camera on his helmet to film careless motorists after he was knocked down while commuting to work.
The cyclist, a telecommunications supervisor originally from Nigeria, said he was ‘astonished’ by the response to his video.

In the clip, Mr Dediara can be seen chaining up his bike after he left a branch of Boots on Regent Street.
He spots the man, dressed in a shabby black t-shirt and jeans, rooting through a bin.

The cyclist offers to buy him something to eat.
The man walks into the shop and picks up some crisps and a pint of milk, which is paid for by the well-wisher.

In the clip Mr Dediara says to the man: ‘Are you hungry sir? … Tell me what you want. Go and pick whatever you like … I’ll buy it for you, get anything you want.’
He then asks: ‘Is that all you want?’ when he picks up the goods.
Mr Dediara started filming his daily commute in London after he was knocked off his bike for the second time by a motorist two and a half years ago.
He uses a head-mounted camera and further cameras on his handlebars and back seat to film drivers on his YouTube channel.
He told the London Evening Standard: ‘I was on my way to fly a kite on Parliament Hill and I stopped at Boots.
‘I saw this man standing there – he was clearly hungry. When I saw him rooting through the bin I couldn’t just leave him there.
‘I come from a family where we are raised to help others when we see them suffering.
‘I should have bought him more than what he wanted. Next time I see him I’ll buy him a burger.’
Mr Dediara said that he posted the clip online because ‘sometimes London is a place where people don’t take the time to care for others.’
‘It is in my nature to help people,’ he said.
Mr Dediara wrote on YouTube that ‘there was no way’ he was going to allow the man to eat from a bin.

He was by praised by other visitors to the website, who suggested that more people that should follow his example.
One viewer, registered under the name LeslieSalls, wrote: ‘Awesome…more people should be like you!’
Another, named ‘patricksab’, posted: ‘The world would be a better place if there were more people like you.
‘I don’t have the words to explain how grateful I am that you were the light in that man’s day. ‘
A third poster, ‘dmarfish’, wrote: ‘Good for you!!
‘Spontaneous random acts of kindness help make the world a better place.’


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