Prince Edward declines appeal for royal homework pardon

May 20, 2012 1:05 pm 0 comments Views: 30

Prince Edward has declined a Belfast pupil’s appeal for a royal reprieve from homework.

The prince was visiting Lagan College on the outskirts of the city in the first engagement of a one-day visit.

During a presentation in the main hall, year eight pupil Michael Hare asked the prince to sign a royal pardon which would have “pardoned all year eight pupils from any homework not done.”

The prince studied the document but didn’t sign it.

Speaking to BBC’s Radio Ulster, Michael said he got the idea from history lessons.

“In history we’re learning about the Normans coming to Ireland and I think it’s Strongbow who gets a royal pardon from the king and that gave me the idea,” he said.

“I started sort of talking to my class about it and they said ‘yes really do it’ and then they sort of pushed me along to it and I said ‘yes I’ll do it’.

Michael said the Prince liked the idea.

“He said this is absolutely great – he was very enthusiastic and he said ‘very tempting, good idea’.

“But he said Ms McNamee (the head teacher) wouldn’t be very happy about it.

“It’s a tiny bit disappointing but I don’t really mind homework.”

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