Only the rich benefit from this Budget

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Life for the vast majority isn’t going to get better – and for many it will get worse

Budget: Cruel cuts will bring little relief


The Budget that Chancellor George Osborne will announce on Wednesday has been leaked more than any previous one, so we already have a good idea of what will be in it.


In these historically tough times, the only people to benefit are going to be the rich. It seems they will have their taxes cut from the 50p rate and there won’t be a mansion tax imposed on houses worth more than £2million.


For the rest of us, there will be little if no relief from the misery inflicted by cruel cuts imposed to pay for the billions lavished on the banks after their greed threatened to destroy the economy.


Today’s Sunday Mirror/ComRes poll shows how unpopular these decisions by Mr Osborne will be, as well as his refusal to peg petrol duty. But he and David Cameron don’t care.


They are even going to penalise nurses, teachers and other public employees outside the South of England by holding down their pay, which will widen the wealth gap even more.


The coalition’s policies aren’t working, as almost everyone suffering from them could tell the Government. What is needed are the sort of ideas Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls recommends in this paper today.


What matters most with the Budget isn’t the politics or gimmicks, like lengthening Sunday opening hours. It is the harsh reality that life for the vast majority isn’t going to get better. And for many it will get worse.




Cruel insult to nuclear vets


For 60 years Pita Rokaratu suffered because of the damage inflicted on him when he was forced to witness nuclear tests while serving in the Royal Navy.


He died last weekend, just days before the latest cruel insult to the men who have never been compensated for having their lives wrecked.


The Supreme Court threw out a claim from Pita and other vets, saying it had taken them too long to bring a case. Yet it was only in 2007 that scientific evidence was conclusively produced.


Every other country involved has had the decency to compensate their nuclear veterans. It is only in Britain that there has been a succession of governments so shameless, cheap and uncaring to totally reject the claims of its vets.


Is this country really so morally bankrupt that our rulers will use every trick to avoid taking responsibility for what was done to those young men? It shames our nation to treat them so pitilessly.




Say ta to your ma


What job is unpaid, has no days off, no pension and no union representation? No, not the Coalition’s latest exploitation of the unemployed. It’s the job of a mother, of course.


This is their special day. When the kids they wait on and care for throughout the rest of the year have the chance to say thanks.


So pamper your mum today. It’s the least she deserves.


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